How to make an angle grinder from an angle grinder

Convenient and practical. making a cut-off machine from an angle grinder with your own hands

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Angle grinder. a very useful and versatile tool. With its help you can cut metal, stone, tile and, of course, grind surfaces, but sometimes it is much easier and more accurate to perform these works with a stationary machine. Fortunately, you can make a cutting machine from the angle grinder with your own hands.

Materials and tools

The easiest way to make a self-made cutting machine from the angle grinder and grinders, which can use circles of different diameters. Choosing the used angle grinder, it is necessary to remember that models that can work with discs with a diameter greater than 150 millimeters, are versatile in use, and such a machine will cope with the processing of various sized lumber. Optimal power output of the angle grinder is 800 watts or more.

Bed and bracket is easiest to perform from a metal angle, which is welded or riveted. The quality of fixation of the angle grinder should be given due attention, because later in the processing of materials is the available mount has an increased load, which can lead to breakdowns pendulum mechanism.

Making a machine with their own hands

Before proceeding directly to the construction of the machine you should choose the components to use and drawings of the cutting machine with their own hands from the angle grinder. The simplest variants imply the presence of the following elements of design:

The frame is made in the form of a steel frame, welded from profiled pipes. Working platform-table can be made of sheet metal, the thickness of which is not less than 3 millimeters.

To the made plate mount the bracket, on which mount the pendulum plate with hinges.

You can easily find the necessary drawings bed for the angle grinder with their own hands, which will greatly simplify the manufacture of such equipment.

To fix the workpiece to be processed, one or two stops are installed on the platform of the pipe cutter, which will ensure the immobility of lumber and metal products when they are cut with the cutting wheel. Some models of trimming machines imply the presence of a rotary device with a protractor, through which the cutting disc can be rotated to any angle, which allows the complex processing of parts.

In the metal platform in the place where its saw touches the cutting wheel, it is necessary to make a small cut, the width of which should be equal to twice the thickness of the cutting wheel of the angle grinder

The presence of such a kerf will greatly simplify the work with the tool, eliminating damage to the unit in case of careless handling of the angle grinder pendulum mount.

In the future there is the possibility of upgrading the made by your own hands of the angle grinder facing tool, including the replacement of the used angle grinder or installation of additional fasteners for the work pieces. The latter allow for the most precise processing, including the manufacture of the same size wooden or metal products.

It is not difficult to make an angle cutter and a cutting machine from an angle grinder. You only need to pick up the quality scheme of execution of such equipment, which subsequently will be assembled and the desired machine

The easiest way to perform such a machine is from the angle grinder, which is attached to the pendulum and the base from a metal angle. With such simple equipment you can process wood, cut lumber or work with various metal blanks.

Equipment description

Cutting machines are the simplest design with a rigid and fixed frame, which is made of lumber or welded angle and a movable head with a working body of the circular saw. With equal success such a machine can cope with the trimming of battens, block house, planed boards and thin logs, which allows you to use it for cutting firewood.

Today you can pick up various types of cutting machines and stationary grinders for metal cutting, which will differ in the power of the electric drive, their design, purpose and a number of other characteristics. The simplest models, which are made on the principle of raising and lowering the circle, can be easily assembled on their own.

Such units, made by their own hands, are not inferior in terms of functionality to industrial models, while they have compact dimensions, perfectly cope with all the functions assigned to them, and the manufacture of such equipment is not particularly difficult.

Advantages and disadvantages of homemade units

Planning to make your own hands a cutting machine from an angle grinder, you should try to assess all the advantages and disadvantages of such equipment. The advantages of homemade machines are as follows:

  • Affordable cost.
  • Simplicity of used components.
  • mobility of equipment.
  • The possibility of making a machine with a different design.

Of the disadvantages of handmade metal cutting saws note only certain difficulties with fixing the workpieces during cutting, which can lead to a deterioration in the quality of processing wood and metal products.

Area of application of cutting machines

Cutting disc machines are widely used in metalworking, mechanical engineering, woodworking and furniture industry enterprises. The units have also found their application in the household: they are used as a convenient tool to perform various works in the workshop and garage. Cutting machine is convenient to use for a variety of tasks:

  • Cutting metal profiles into sections of the required length;
  • cutting sheet metal;
  • Getting a large number of the same type of blanks in a short time;
  • Ceramic tile cutting;
  • Cutting parts at any angle, obtaining cuts of required length, depth, and so on.

With the help of a homemade cutting machine you can solve a wide range of problems

The advantages of disk cutting machines are ease and simplicity of use, high speed and accuracy of cutting, the ability to replace the cutting disc in minutes.

Thanks to the relatively low cost, the universal units have a fast self-sufficiency, so it is advantageous to use them in small production facilities and small shops.

In the household, the cutting machine is not used regularly, so the purchase of a factory-made tool is not rational. It is better to make a special bed for the angle grinder. This will increase the versatility of the angle grinder, turning it into a small-sized cutting machine.

make, angle, grinder

Clear thing, will have to do), well done!

make, angle, grinder

A cherished thing. Drawing available or at least the overall dimensions

Just below is a link to the author, there is a detailed description.

Saw a lot of factory fixtures and adapters, but that’s all class

Thanks for the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, but I must say the idea is not my own, found here and then on the YouTube channel.I bought the drawings from the author. (The price is just symbolic, do not be greedy and support the author) True made of junk that was on hand, so there are deviations from the drawings.Made all without using a turner.Here’s the author’s channel Here’s a detailed description, you can figure it out without the drawings. I decided to all the same with the drawings, so that fewer alterations in the process was.

Add the “safety guard” on top. to make the disk “open” when you tilt it and close it when you lift it up. All you have to do is bend the casing, weld it, and a spring on top

I thought they would be mostly interested in what assembled the axle)))

make, angle, grinder

Well done! the hands are right.For. similar are on the market, are not expensive, I have from the market.

Lay out the blueprints! And the implementation is really cool and simple! Well done!B that it would be worth it to repeat? You can do it without painting and assembly?

I’ve been making one since the summer. got carried away with the idea, it was interesting. Wasted a lot of free time, I’m a bit busy with other things.

That’s a nice realization. Looked at all sides with a critical eye. neither add nor subtract. Great, congratulations.The only thing I would add is a lightweight tin screen in front of and at an angle to the post to divert sparks to the right side, but I suppose that screen will not be necessary

Maybe, but later. Probably also the table extensions, there is room for them.

Great implementation. Looked at all sides with a critical eye, you can neither add nor subtract. Great, congratulations.The only thing I would add. a lightweight tin screen in front of the rack and at an angle to it for the diversion of sparks to the right side, but I suppose that the need for a screen and will not arise

I realize the sparks are flying back. But in doing so, some of them can hit the vertical wall of the rack and after that fly back, towards the sawyer. Not fatal, but unpleasant. Angled rack screen will direct sparks to the right.

Rack aside, but maybe operation will show flaws. Thanks.

That’s a great realization. Looked at it with a critical eye from all angles. can neither add nor subtract. That’s great. Congratulations.The only thing I would add is a lightweight tin screen in front of and angled to the rack to divert sparks to the right side

The modular design is also convenient in that you can quickly make under any angle grinder. You just do the mounting bracket and that’s it.

I’ll have the drawings available for everyone to see. The design has the right to life and many want to repeat itespecially me))))


The design is complete, is a tube to which a plate with holes for fixing the angle grinder is welded, it is also a lever (handle) for raising and lowering.

The end of the tube on which the angle grinder is mounted is connected via a swivel shaft to an angle that is fixed to the work table or simply to the floor. the same part is equipped with a spring to facilitate the lifting of the lever.

The easiest variant of making a homemade machine

The main difficulty, with this version of the device for the angle grinder, is the correct fixing of the tool. The saw (disk) must be lowered and lifted by a trajectory strictly perpendicular to the base (angle with a pivoting shaft) and only in one plane (no backlash).

Angle Grinder Sliding Cutting Jig // Kızaklı Avuç Taşlama Standı

1.2 Cutting machine for precision work

A more complex version of the device from the angle grinder, which allows you to do precise work. To make it, the following components will be needed:

  • a metal angle bar;
  • profile tube (rectangular or square);
  • metal sheet for the table (a variant with plywood or chipboard is possible);
  • channel
  • shaft;
  • two identical bearings;
  • a small diameter tube;
  • spring;
  • starting relay;
  • foot control.

Before you begin, you should make a plan diagram with parameters that fit the specific conditions of placement and the type of work to be performed. It can be copied from a ready-made device from the angle grinder, available on the market, or study all the proposed options posted on the Internet and choose the most suitable.

First the frame must be made, which consists of two frames connected to each other on a pivoting shaft. In this way, they can be folded up like the cover of a book. A sheet of metal or a sheet of plywood (chipboard) is laid on the bottom frame. The upper frame should have mounts for fixing the angle grinder, which will reliably hold it in a stable position under any loads.

A clamping device must be provided to secure the workpieces to be machined, when working on wood or metal. That can be a normal clamping clamp. It must be welded to the bottom frame.

Example of a home-made machine for precision work

For easier lifting of the upper frame, as well as for autonomous fixation in the upper position, a sufficiently powerful spring should be installed, which will be able to lift the weight of the upper structure (frame with angle grinder).

For measuring and setting precise parameters, the ruler with a retractable stop is suitable. This gives you confidence in the work being done.

To keep both hands free to turn the machine on and off, we recommend you install a foot pedal (switch). For this, a low-voltage relay (12V) is connected to the angle grinder. Such a measure is necessary for increased safety and ease of operation.

1.3 Milling machine

An angle grinder is a very versatile tool. In an acute need to make a milling machine from an angle grinder with your own hands will not be a cumbersome affair, as the design is very simple and does not take up much space. In this case it can be used for milling work on metal not regularly, but as the need arises.

  • A metal plate with a thickness of at least 3 mm;
  • A piece of rectangular section profile tube with a length of 20-25 cm and a width of not less than 5 cm;
  • Two metal angles;
  • fasteners.

Every craftsman always has his own workplace. As a rule, it is a table or workbench, located in the room in which you can carry out noisy work (garage, shed, etc.).д.). Exactly such a table is needed for a device that will allow to carry out milling work on metal.

Cutting machine from the angle grinder made by our own hands

On the edge of the left near corner of the work table is installed bent at right angles plate for fixing the angle grinder. The principle is that the fixed tool must protrude over the edge of the table exactly as much as required by the disk for free rotation.

For this purpose, a medium-sized disc is selected, and in the future without moving the angle grinder mount, you can not use a larger or smaller diameter.

Cutting machine from the angle grinder: how to make a handy tool with their own hands

Without the angle grinder. angle grinder. can not do nothing in the garage or on a private farmstead. The unit allows you to cut a metal profile, peel a weld or remove rust from the surface of workpieces and parts, has a low price and incredible ease of work. There are also disadvantages to the grinder, one of which is the unstable quality of the cut and the risk of skewing the cutting disc when using. Eliminate annoying shortcomings can be made by making a special frame with their own hands, which will turn the hand-held tool into a real cut-off machine. This will increase the speed and achieve a precision that can only be obtained on commercially made equipment.

Factory-made metal cutting machine for fixing the angle grinder can be bought online. But they are often made entirely of dural alloys and their durability is not worth hoping for. Backlashes appear very quickly, and it is quite difficult to make an accurate cut, especially on hard metal. At the same time, the price of such a unit is quite high. for the same amount of money you can make a machine yourself with much better indicators.

Stationary cut-off saw from the angle grinder. the device is universal and does not require compliance with certain standards in the manufacture. You can develop your own version of the machine, but the proposed principle of the cantilever pendulum frame, on which the angle grinder is fixed, seems optimal for both amateur and professional work. Metal-cutting machine is much safer than a conventional angle grinder. the threat of biting the wheel in the cut, pulling the tool out of his hands and warping the workpiece disappears.