How to make an angle grinder from an electric screwdriver with your own hands

What can you do with a gearless angle grinder

an angle grinder without a gear is a fairly powerful electric drive with a value rarely less than 0.5 kW. Such a device can be used in homemade machines for the production of various types of mechanical processing (stripping, cutting, grinding, etc.).

Important: do not throw away the emergency gearbox, but modify it by removing all unnecessary parts, for example, on a lathe, leaving only a part of the housing with the bearing assembly. This design of the drive shaft will maintain its rigidity when transferring the load. Further, instead of the drive gear, the angle grinder is fixed with a drive pulley of a suitable diameter and, using a belt drive, torque is transmitted to another driven pulley sitting on the working shaft. The working tool is set according to the nature of the work performed.

The option of using high speed electric drive of the angle grinder is effective when performing engraving work. Here, no intermediate mechanisms are required to set the working revolutions, but only the problem of how to connect the flexible shaft used in engraving technology with the shaft of the electric drive should be solved. Preserving a part of the gearbox housing with a bearing installed in it (! The replacement process of which is presented in a separate article) is an important condition for the operability of the structure.

Make your own cordless grinder at low cost

For outboard motor

The gear ratio of the angle grinder gearbox allows the propeller to give the required rpm for efficient operation. Electric motors from many household devices are suitable for the production of a homemade boat motor. In the following video, an electric motor powered by a car battery through a long shaft in a pipe and a gearbox connected to it transmits the rotation of the propeller.

The angle grinder gearbox is not intended for work in the water element. It is imperative to revise it. Firstly, make a seal at the spindle outlet from the gearbox, and secondly, plug the place from where it is necessary to remove the fixing mechanism of the angle grinder from turning when changing the tool. Such measures do not guarantee 100% water penetration into the gearbox. However, a more frequent change of lubricant will make it possible to work out the gearbox of an angle grinder as a unit for a boat motor for a rather long time.

On a chainsaw, how to use an angle grinder as an attachment and other options

The various possibilities of the angle grinder attachments to perform technological operations (cutting, cleaning, grinding, polishing and others) are reduced to zero in the absence of power supply. The angle grinder only works when electricity is available. However, in outdoor conditions there is a device in the form of a chainsaw, on which the attachments of an angle grinder can be installed. For which you should perform the following steps with a chainsaw:

  • remove standard chains and tires from it;
  • install a pulley instead of an asterisk;
  • put the belt on the pulley and press the cover;
  • tension the belt using a special device.

The following video shows the installation of an angle grinder with a cutting disc and the tools used for this.

ways to use the angle grinder gearbox

The angle grinder consists of electrical and mechanical parts. During operation, the electric drive may burn out, if the gearbox is in good condition. The opposite option is possible. the gearbox parts (cracks appeared on the housing, the gears are worn out, the bearing units are out of order) have critical damage, if the electrical part of the angle grinder is working properly. Some craftsmen do not write off the entire angle grinder in such cases, but try to find an application for its serviceable part. The most inventive after buying a new angle grinder find the use of a whole previously operated angle grinder in other mechanisms where an electric drive and a gear transmission are required.

E-bike / motorized

If you are tired of pedaling a bicycle. an idea with a drive from an angle grinder in the next video. Here the author installed the angle grinder on the frame, and on the spindle installed the drive sprocket for the chain drive to the driven sprocket on the rear wheel. The power source is a rechargeable battery, which works in tandem with an inverter voltage converter from 12 V to 220 V. The bicycle handle is mounted with an electric drive rod through an inverter converter that regulates the speed at partial load modes on the bicycle. The original solution to stabilize the preservation of the operating mode of the angle grinder using an elastic element in the form of an elastic band requires a more detailed revision of this unit. In a stationary mode, this design is efficient, but in “combat” conditions, a lot of improvements will be required, especially in terms of adjustment in transient modes.

Homemade products, what you can do with your own hands, where to adapt the gearbox

A significant number of mechanisms operate at the speed of the shaft after the gearbox of the angle grinder. Therefore, there are more options for using the angle grinder gearbox for the operation of other devices. Together with non-standard ways of using a whole angle grinder for homemade products, the masters of technical creativity create interesting compositions. Some are presented by the authors in specially filmed videos.

On an electric screwdriver

The screwdriver, which the author of the following video uses, already has to work at maximum loads when threading on the M8. The use of a reduction gear from an angle grinder increases the amount of torque, and allows you to cut threads in more comfortable conditions. Here, a burnt-out angle grinder is used, where the rotor is cut to a length that at the same time allows you to securely fix the end from the cut shaft in the chuck of an electric screwdriver and firmly fit the plastic case of the angle grinder on it. For a more thorough connection, the electric screwdriver with the angle grinder body is fastened with clasps, while the gearbox bearing of the angle grinder fits into its seat. Drilling and tapping with prepared tooling for such work does not require any additional effort.

Unique Tool with Angle Grinder and Drill Machine | DIY TOOL | angle grinder idea

The man is in the kitchen. it is strong!

Did you know that an electric screwdriver can do much more than you expected? Of course, its true purpose is to drill holes and tighten fasteners. But the most creative owners have come up with a whole list of other uses for this device.

A real man not only perfectly owns both of these devices, but can also make one of the other. In this case, the time spent will be no more than five minutes. There are some tips.

All that is required for such a “modernization”. remove the drill chuck and insert the whisk from the mixer into the vacant socket. If the whisk is not at hand, an ordinary fork will help out.

This rework will be a real salvation when the knives of your meat grinder are hopelessly dull. So, to create an electric meat grinder from an electric screwdriver, you will need:

  • old manual meat grinder;
  • electric screwdriver;
  • metal bolt without a head with a hexagonal top.

Next, you just need to get the shaft out of the old meat grinder and insert it into the electric screwdriver along with the screw. As a result, you will get a really powerful high-speed unit.

ways of non-standard use of an electric screwdriver at home

The cordless electric screwdriver really is almost the main tool in every home. With its help, tasks are performed around the house, in the garden, in the garage, etc. It is also much more convenient than network models, since it does not require constant connection to the mains. In this case, the “charge-discharge” cycle is not eternal, whatever the rating of the device.

Universal tool

An ordinary electric screwdriver will become a real godsend not only when performing your direct duties. drilling holes and tightening fasteners, but for many other tasks. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

Sharpening knives with an electric screwdriver

How to sharpen a knife if there is no familiar bar and show the class? In this case, you can improvise and use a conventional electric drill. To sharpen a knife with an electric screwdriver, you also need a glue gun and sandpaper.

  • cut a small strip of sandpaper and attach it to the drill sleeve with a glue gun;
  • put the electric screwdriver on a flat surface and fix it with a vise;
  • turn on the tool at minimum speed and run several times with the side of the knife on the sandpaper;
  • turn the knife over and slide it over the rotating sleeve a few more times.

Drill attachment for grinding

Construction work often requires specialized tools. But in the case of rare use, the acquisition of unnecessary devices is unprofitable. In this case, your electric screwdriver will again become a faithful assistant, or rather, special attachments for a drill, expanding the capabilities of this tool.

The most popular is the grinding attachment for the drill. With its help, you can perform a wide range of related work.

According to the shape, the following types of grinding attachments are distinguished:

  • cup. to remove old coating and corrosion;
  • disk and plate. differ from the cup by the direction of the bristles. They have Velcro, which allow you to fix the abrasive material on them. The most convenient are plate nozzles, since they allow you to adjust the angle of inclination and follow the contours of the product;
  • petal. with their help you can handle holes and hard-to-reach places, since the product can take any shape;
  • end. for working with glass, metal and wood.

We cut metal with an electric screwdriver

No matter how it sounds, you can cut metal with an electric screwdriver. For this, a special scissor attachment is used for cutting metal. The advantages of using such a nozzle over manual scissors are:

  • minimum cutting radius;
  • the possibility of obtaining round holes;
  • high-quality edge that does not require further processing;
  • elimination of deformations;
  • saving.

The disadvantages in this case are noise during operation, limitation on the thickness of the processed materials, difficulty in performing an even cut.

In general, such a cricket nozzle will be the best solution for a home craftsman.

Safety engineering

When performing any work with an electric screwdriver, do not ignore the safety precautions:

  • to avoid electric shock, do not touch grounded objects while the tool is running;
  • check the drilling sites for hidden wiring;
  • do not touch the rotating parts of the tool and do not try to stop them manually;
  • connect the tool only to a network with a suitable voltage;
  • do not turn on the tool until it comes into contact with the material;
  • immediately before work, make sure the workpiece is motionless;
  • do not wear loose clothing or jewelry before work. they can get caught in the moving parts of the tool.

Remember that following simple safety rules will save not only your health, but also your life.

How to make an angle grinder from a drill?

Hello everyone! In today’s article I will tell you how to make an angle grinder (angle grinder) out of a drill, so that it can not only drill, but also, for example, cut metal.

How to make Powerful Electric Screwdriver

But first, I will try to dissuade you from this case. Why? Well, because I believe that each tool is intended only for its own business and trying to give it the functions of another, firstly, does not provide a 100% replacement, and, secondly, it almost always leads to unsafe operation.

If we talk specifically about our case, then most drills give out a maximum of 3000 rpm, while for working with a small disc, grinders reach 11000 rpm. That is, the sawing will not be as effective.

As for safety, it is worth remembering that the cut-off wheel for an angle grinder is surrounded by a protective casing, thanks to which sparks and fragments cannot fly in all directions, and it also protects if the disc is suddenly clamped and it breaks. There is no way to adapt the casing to the drill, so safety will be at risk.

If the above reasons do not stop you, then read on.

angle grinder from a drill

Actually, the easiest way is to take some kind of adapter, which on the one hand can be clamped into the cartridge, and on the other, it should be possible to fix the disc.

There are two options here. The first one involves using a spindle from an old angle grinder, which at one end has an M14 thread, where you can attach a disc, and the second end is in the form of a rod, which can be well clamped in a chuck.

The only problem here is finding this spindle. You may have an old broken angle grinder. You can also contact any service center for servicing the power tool. perhaps they have an extra one and they will sell it to you.

Another option is to purchase a grinding disc designed for both of these tools. It has an M14 threaded seat. It is mounted on an angle grinder by simply screwing it onto the spindle. But it is attached to the drill using the adapter included in the kit, which is the same as in the previous paragraph, only without a washer and nut, which in this case will have to be looked for separately.

Well, further actions become clear. We take the adapter, clamp it into the cartridge. And then we attach the cutting wheel to it. So the angle grinder is ready for you.

Well, I hope you succeed. The main thing when working with such a device is not to make sudden movements in order to avoid rupture of the disc. Well, it’s worth working in tight work clothes and goggles. But still, my advice to you is to buy the best inexpensive angle grinder.

The first option is using a drill

This option is pretty straightforward. For example, you need to build a small grinding wheel, which will later be installed in the drill. Take an old or broken disc and mark an even circle on it using a vernier caliper. Cut out the resulting shape. In the center, you need to drill a hole and insert a bolt with a diameter of 6 mm. Put on the washer at the bottom and secure everything with a nut.

make, angle, grinder, electric

The same bolt that we inserted in the center of the circle will become the axis of rotation of the entire disc. The bolt fits into the socket of the drill and clamps tightly. The deed is done, now feel free to grind your details.

A cutter for cutting small parts is not difficult to build. Take the metal stopper found on the glass bottle and make a hole exactly in the middle. The same bolt with a diameter of 6 mm can be used as an axle. Unfold the edges of the cork and cut off the jagged teeth. Better to do the markup.

A cutter like this will work well if you load it into a drill. The device can easily cut small pieces of wood or plastic.

How to make a DIY mini angle grinder

An apparatus like a small angle grinder is needed when the engraver deals with small details, for example, in the production of souvenirs. And yet, how to make a mini angle grinder with your own hands? There are two options for this.

The second option is a complete self-assembly

How to make a mini angle grinder with your own hands from start to finish? If such a difficult task is set, then first you need to decide what will serve as an electric drive for the device. Power can be supplied from a small motor from various devices such as an electric toy.

Based on how much power you need the mini angle grinder, it can be made in two directions. In the first version, the mains power supply will be used, and in the second case, the device will become completely autonomous due to the use of batteries or a small battery.

Such devices will have a different appearance. A stand-alone device will require an additional battery compartment.

It is easy to use a PVC pipe as a body for a mini angle grinder. In the case when the pipe is larger in diameter than the engine, you can wind electrical tape around it and attach it to the body using a glue gun.

Ordinary plugs can be used as plugs, which are put on the same PVC pipe. A through hole is made in the front plug for the shaft, and in the rear plug for the wire. On the case, you need to install a power connection connector. a switch button.

If you can fix a collet clamp on the shaft, then such a homemade product will be the ideal solution. The reception will ensure the use of standard burs and non-standard cutters and discs. In the case when the installation of a collet clamp is not possible, then the cutting tool and the shaft can be connected using a double contact from the electrical block.

In the same way, a case is made for a self-made miniature angle grinder that works in stand-alone mode. In this case, when installing the battery, do not forget about the equipment of the battery pack. The wires from this unit are connected using a switch that will be installed on the unit body.

In both cases, on mini grinders, assembled by hand, you can use homemade tools or standard, industrial drills and burs.