How To Make Brakes On A Trailer To A Tiller

Dump trailer for tiller

How To Make Brakes On A Trailer To A Tiller

In order to make your trailer a trailer, when designing the frame, weld ordinary door hinges. “drops” to beams 1 and 2 (shown in the photo below). To avoid tipping the body during movement and loading, it can be secured by welded a latch (for example, a door) to the edge of the frame. Such a trailer is ideal for such trailer models as Neva MB-1, Neva MB-2, MTZ, Oka and other models of well-known manufacturers.

Hitch and seat

Upon completion of the main work, after fastening all the main components of the structure, you can start assembling the remaining parts of the trailer. The most important are the hitch and the seat.

The hitch can be made from 3 pieces of pipe and a trailing mechanism (in our case, this is a tee, designed specifically for the tiller hitch unit). This hitch is bolted to the frame. The hitch device is shown in more detail in the diagram below. The seat can be welded on a regular one, for example, from an old car, or you can equip the front of the trailer with a seat-tool box. Its dimensions will depend on the overall trailer design. The main thing is not to use boards that are too thin and to securely fix the box.

Wasp installation

The wheel can also be made independently. For this, a steel rod is taken at least 1.07 cm in length and 30 mm in diameter.

The length should be considered and adjusted based on the dimensions of the trailer body. Wheels can be selected from old gardening equipment, from a handcart, motorcycle, moped or car. it all depends on the dimensions of the future product. Diagrams of 2 options for fastening the wheel chassis Shown in the figures below.
A single-axle trailer has a significant drawback. a shifted center of gravity. Because of this, the body may overturn, the load in it, or it will completely lead to equipment breakdown. For a large wheelbarrow designed to transport large loads, a two-axle structure should be designed. The main fixings and parts will remain the same as for the single axle bogie project.

How to make a trailer for a tiller with your own hands?

Theoretically, a cart for a tiller can be divided into such basic units. wheels, body, frame, hitch. Before starting work, you first need to think over the design to the smallest detail, calculate the dimensions and create drawings. Also pay attention to such points as the connection of solid assemblies and parts (quarrel, screwing, riveting), the connection of moving assemblies (bushings, bearings, hinges, here), seat design (simple or adjustable), body functionality (dump truck or static), footrests (platform or footrests), etc.

After you have decided on the project of the future trailer and selected the necessary materials, you need to clean the blanks from rust and dirt, if necessary, cut them off and fit to the drawings, fasten them. Upon completion of the work, it is advisable to paint the trailer.

The step-by-step work on a homemade cart on a tiller is as follows.

Trailer body

The body is made of wooden planks or metal lettering. For additional strength, stiffeners should be provided on the sides and bottom. In wooden bodies, the corners are reinforced with metal corners. It is recommended to make the tailgate on hinges for the possibility of opening (the tailgate will be especially useful for dumping units).

Assembling the frame for the trailer to the tiller

The simplest option for making a frame is to connect a piece of pipe or metal profile to the wheel axle.

This option is suitable for a small trailer, to the frame of which a ready-made body will be attached. For a more reliable and powerful design, you need to weld the frame from round and rectangular pipes and corners.

How to make a trailer for a tiller yourself: Step by step instructions

Tiller is a very useful and multifunctional technique for a private household. With its help, you can perform various work on the land. But also with its help you can carry out the transportation of considerable goods. And for this you need a tiller cart. There are many ready-made trailer models on sale. But their cost and quality are not always satisfactory. How to make a high-quality trailer for a tiller with your own hands, while spending a minimum of money and effort, we will tell you in this article.

How to make brakes on a trailer to a tiller?

Brakes for the trailer to the tiller are required Based on safety requirements. After all, it will not always be easy to stop a loaded trailer, especially if there is a slope on the way.

To equip a trailer with brakes yourself, you must first acquire a tool and find such parts from an old motorcycle:

  • Drum from brakes;
  • Brake pads
  • Spokes from the wheel;
  • Quarrel;
  • Pliers.

Brakes need to be done on each wheel, so that when braking the trailer is not carried away.

Before starting the installation, remove the cables from the brake drums and thread them. Slide the grooved drums onto the hubs and secure at the back. Close the space between the ribs of the discs using the spokes. Place the drum on here and secure with the bushings. To prevent displacement of the part, weld a piece of angle to the axis.

After securing the drums, pull the cables to the control point. The place of control is done similarly to the parking brake system of a car (handbrake) from improvised means.

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We also offer you to familiarize yourself with. Which shows the device of a homemade brake for a trailer to a tiller:

How to make a dump truck?

The dump trailer for a diesel tiller will become an indispensable assistant in any farm. It is very convenient to transport goods in it, which can be easily unloaded in a matter of seconds. It is absolutely easy to make such a structure with your own hands.

over, a homemade trailer can be even better, since it will be made in accordance with all the necessary requirements.

It is best to start making a trailer from the body, or rather, from its frame. The side walls can be welded from shaped pipes. The entire frame is made of similar pipes. You can check the connections for squareness using a regular construction square.

It is worth noting that when welding, you first need to slightly “stick”. When it can be seen that everything is assembled correctly, it will be possible to weld more tightly. It is very good if the welded seams will be ground using an “angle grinder”.

The tailgate is best made removable to make it even easier to unload the cargo. For its fastening, ordinary door hinges are suitable, and for closing. latches

On the front board, as well as on the side boards, you need to weld small pieces of pipe, which will become the stands for wooden or metal boards. The final stage is the sheathing of the frame with the selected material (wood or metal).

Next, you can start making beams. It can be made from a professional pipe or you can take a ready-made.

After that, you can make a drawbar from shaped pipes. They need to be firmly welded to the beam. In total, you get a triangle-shaped structure. Reinforce the structure in the corners with metal gussets, the thickness of which will be at least 4 mm. In front, under the hitch, it is necessary to weld a metal plate with a thickness of more than 8 mm.

The latches should be inserted into the pipe cut and welded. This ensures a solid connection. The opening takes place by means of a lever, which can be attached to the seat. You can connect it to the latch using ordinary wire.

It remains to attach the wheels with the axle. Practice has shown that it is best to take a ready-made axial structure right away. Depending on the capacity and dimensions, a two- or four-wheeled trailer can be made.


Before starting the construction of a trailer, you should carefully consider its purpose. The dimensions of the device largely depend on this. In this case, the parameters of the trailer must coincide with a certain tiller, so that it is convenient to use them together. The following types of trailers are distinguished by the power of tillers:

Tillers with a capacity of up to 5 liters. From. Go well with trailers on the same axle. The body of such devices has a maximum dimensions of 1 by 1.15 meters and is considered light. Medium trailers are suitable for tillers from 5 to 10 HP. From. The dimensions of such devices can be 1 by 1.5 meters or 1.1 by 1.4 meters. They are designed for the carriage of goods weighing from 300 to 500 kg.

For cultivators with a capacity of 10 liters. From. It is best to use a body with two axles. Its dimensions will be approximately 1.2 by 2 meters. In such a trailer it will be possible to transport goods weighing up to 1 ton. These are the ones that are considered heavy.

A simple trailer consists of the following basic components:

Carrier consisting of several parts;

Comfortable body with a frame;

Wheels of a suitable size.

The carrier includes such parts as a body for the unit responsible for turning, a drawbar made of a pipe, a footboard frame, a stop made of a pipe, ribs for rigidity, overhead parts in the form of strips. Parts are connected, as a rule, using a welding machine. The greatest load falls on the place where the drawbar meets the swivel unit. It is this that needs to be well strengthened with the introduction of stiffeners.

The frame is most often made of steel, or rather, rods (pipes), the diameter of which is not less than 3 cm. Connections on the frame are made with the introduction of a quarrel, kerchiefs, spars, supports at the corners, a longitudinal hinge body. Each frame should include a number of features determined by the terrain where it will be used: for example, pits, bumps and much more.

The body can be made of either metal or wood. It can be solid or made of rods.

In order to make a wheel, you should use a steel rod. It should be about 3 cm in diameter and about 1.07 m long. These parameters are best suited and DO NOT allow the wheels to protrude beyond the trailer body. As for the wheels, they are suitable for almost any technique. The main thing is that they fit the design in size.

When preparing, it is necessary to take into account that the scheme includes a number of subtleties. An important point is the presence of not only main, but also auxiliary nodes. It is also important to choose in advance the method by which the knots will be fastened.

How to make a trailer for a tiller with your own hands?

The tiller is a very convenient device for working in small and medium-sized farms. It is especially convenient if there are many useful accessories to it. One of these is the trailer. Indeed, due to such an addition to the tiller, its capabilities, as well as efficiency, increase. In total, the number of works that will be performed manually is immediately reduced.

First of all, a tiller is needed for the processing of land plots. However, a trailer and other accessories can make it even more practical. over, the simplest model is easy to make and you can assemble it yourself. This device is suitable for any household.

How can you make a two-axle trailer?

Single axle trailers are more common, but they have some disadvantages. In particular, this is their center of gravity. Indeed, in the event that the setting of the body is incorrect, then the load will be filled up. It can also lead to an increase in stress at the point of adhesion, which in the end will ruin it. This can be avoided by placing the center of gravity strictly above the axis.

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You can remove this drawback, as well as increase the carrying capacity, using two-axle trailers. They are made up of main blocks and nodes, just like single axis models. Their only difference is four wheels and two axles. over, wasps are made in the same way as in trailers with one axle.

Materials and tools

To create a trailer for a tiller with your own hands, you may need the following tools:

Hammer or sledgehammer;

Ruler or measuring tape;

Fasteners (bolts, nuts, and so on);

Depending on what materials will be used for the future trailer, the set of tools may vary somewhat. However, most of them are irreplaceable when creating additional equipment for a tiller.

First of all, when choosing materials, it is worth considering what the trailer body will be made of. The cheapest material for it is wood. For example, you can use boards with a thickness of about 0.2 cm. It should be borne in mind that they need reinforcement at the corners with metal overlays. It is convenient to fix such a body using support frames made of timber and bolts.

Wooden trailers are best suited to transport bagged loads. In this case, the sides of such a device will be non-folding. It is advisable, before you finally choose what the body will be made of, calculate the load, and also estimate what goods will be transported in it.

You can also make a body from metal sheets, the thickness of which is from 1 mm. This material is the most versatile. It is quite easy to make it durable with a primer and painting.

The corrugated board is also suitable for making a trailer. However, it should be borne in mind that this material needs additional stiffening ribs.

To make a wheel one, you can use a steel rod about one meter long. This length will allow you to place the wheels on a homemade trailer Most correctly. Also, a VAZ-2109 beam is suitable as an axis. A good option is to use the entire rear axle, including the wheels.

Wheels from any equipment can be used as wheels. The only condition is that their size matches the technique. For example, tube wheels or Zhiguli wheels are a good option for a trailer. You can also use wheels from garden equipment with a radius of 40.6-45.7 cm. Wheels from the Ant motor scooter would be a good option.

How to make brakes?

Parking brakes of vehicles are often used for trailers. They are able to stop the cart smoothly, without jerking. In addition, with such brakes, you can leave it in places where there is a slope. In fact, such brakes do everything the same as on a car.

The parking brake on the trailer can be activated using a pedal or a special lever. This braking system includes a reliable braking mechanism as well as a mechanical drive. Thus, when the pedal is pressed or the lever is operated, the actuator transmits the force to the brake mechanism. The drive consists of 3 cables, one of which is connected to the lever or pedal, and the other two to the wheels.

These brakes can be easily adjusted with a special nut. This small item allows you to adjust the length of the drive.

How to make a trailer for a tiller with your own hands, see the following.

How to make brakes on a trailer for a tiller photo. Homemade reliable trailer | Topic author: Yuvaraja

For industrial needs, freight vehicles are made of various carrying capacities. As a rule, a small-tonnage vehicle is used as an intra-plant one for transshipment of goods between objects. medium carrying capacity, and for intercity (“long-distance”) transportation. powerful sit-on tractors.

All this is presented in the household subsidiary farm, but, so to speak, in miniature. For example, even a wheelbarrow is suitable for transportation within the farm. For delivering goods from afar, you can hire a truck. But when transporting heavy loads over medium distances, a wheelbarrow is unproductive, and a truck. unprofitable. And later, for my courtyard, I decided to make a trailer, moreover, such that a tiller could be used as a tractor for it, and, if necessary, a passenger car.

The trailer is single-axle (two-wheeled), with a classic layout and a very simple design, to the same materials used for the construction of the trailer. Of those that the artisan always has in stock.

The frame of the trailer is combined with the frame grille of the body (it turned out, as it were, a load-bearing body: one can be distinguished into another rather conditionally). The frame is formed by two spars and a pair of traverses (front and rear crossbars). Five more crossbars located between the traverses can be structurally attributed to the grill platforms. Traverses and cross members have small cantilever spars;. upper straps.

The spars are made of rectangular pipes 60×30 mm. All the other parts of the frame and body frame listed above (traverses, cross members, pillars, strapping) are made of a steel square pipe with a section of 25×25 mm.

The front and rear sides of the body are the same. They are made of folding (this allows you to transport long loads on a trailer), and then their frames, although they are all made of the same 25x25mm square tube, are made separately from the general body frame. 1-wheel (from the car “Moskvich-412”, 2 pcs.) 2-spring (from the car “Moskvich-412”, 2 pcs.) 3-signal lamp (purchased product, 2 pcs.) 4-frame spar (2 pcs.) 5-side board (2 pcs.) 6-wing (steel sheet s1, 5, 14 pcs.) 8-Locking device (4 pcs.), 9-drawbar, 10-drawbar; 11- bridge beam (channel # 5, 2 pcs.), 12-tailgate hinge (4 pcs.), 13-wheel here (steel 45, circle 30, 2 pcs.) 14-stepladder with spring washers and M12 nuts, 4 sets.) 15-backing plate (steel sheet s5, 2 pcs.) Fig. 2 Frame and body frame of the trailer (front side frame not shown):

2-beam drawbar (pipe 60×30, 2 pcs.);

3-traverse (pipe 25×25, 2 pcs.);

4-spar (pipe 60×30, 2 pcs.);

5-spring fastening eyelet (steel sheet s5, 4 pcs.);

6-side board post (pipe 25×2, 8 pcs.)

7-upper side board strapping (pipe 25×2, 2 pcs.);

8 lower side rail (pipe 25×25, 2 pcs.);

9 upper harness of the rear (front) side (pipe 25×25, 2 pcs.);

10-lower harness of the rear (front) side (pipe 25×25, 2 pcs.);

12-crossbar (pipe 25×25, 5 pcs.)

The platform grille is closed on top with 2 mm duralumin lettering, which forms the floor of the body, and the sides are sheathed outside with thick Zhestyes. steel 0.8 mm. The floor is pulled to the grill with M5 screws with countersunk heads, and the side sheathing is neatly (points) welded to the straps and uprights.

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The beam of the bridge also has a tubular rectangular cross-section: it is welded from two identical sections of channel inserted into one another. Two wheel axles are previously welded at the ends of one of them. The gaps between them and the channel of the beam at the end were covered with steel sheet plates.

A beam of connections with frame side members by means of two springs used from the old Moskvich-412 car; 13-inch wheels were taken from the same machine.

Roma (Sripati)

Andrey (Malhara) took this drawing as a basis.

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Tiller brakes. A very important part that can save life sooner or later. So neglect.

Mini tractor, self-made garage and everything around it! | Topic author: Alexander

Bone (Nabeela) This roll brake began to produce them about 20 years ago, they mainly go on two tonar axle trailers

Gray (Tzur) If it is planned only for the tiller then use the principle of handbrake brakes. Why does he need a hydro brake like a car with cylinders.

Anatoly (Chronos) Most likely a cylinder however. Medium-sized trailers are usually equipped with electromagnetic brakes, driven by a brake light. That is, instead of a piece of iron, there was an electromagnet like a starter selenoid. If interested, I will tell you more about the principle of work.

Eugene (Mujtaba) here is another system here the drawbar should be with a spring when the car brakes the trailer on it the spring rolls up the spring compresses pulls the cables and they are pads and braking occurs

Gray (Tzur) Yes, just like we have.

Bone (Nabeela) This is on the brake when hitting a car, braking occurs

Alexander (Lubomierz) Thank you for your participation, the brakes were from ZAZ, now I think I’ll complete it. Another group was prompted to produce the Malyshev plant in Kharkov.

Vasily (Gabr) This is a trailer for a ZIM ATV. It came with it and then it was sold as a car trailer.

Eugene (Mujtaba) where did you get?

Vasily (Gabr) From that I took that this trailer was produced from me 15 kilometers away at the branch of the Malyshev plant.

Eugene (Mujtaba) Did you identify the brand of the trailer by the hub? Well done

Eugene (Mujtaba) but if something such hubs were put on Kurgan trailers, Balashovsky, Tonarovsky trailers, there may be some other ones (I don’t know anymore), but these are all auto trailers

Vasily (Gabr) I didn’t seem to answer you, and it’s like the owner said before who let him out, so I’ve found out!

Vasily (Gabr) Trailer PGU350 plant named after Malyshev.

Homemade trailer to the tiller compilation

Also, we present. Which shows how to make a trailer for a tiller with your own hands on the experience of people who have coped with this matter.

Seat cover and trunk

upholstery (artificial leather) 2. foam rubber; 3.- hinge loop (2 pcs.); 4. base (plywood / fiberboard s12) 5 edging (aluminum profile) 6. trunk box (letter (steel) s1.5) 7 side liner (wire with a diameter of 3mm) 8. drawer wall, rear (letter (steel) sl, 5 ).

Tiller trailer drawings

Conventionally, the trailer can be divided into several main units: carrier, frame, body, wheels.

The carrier includes several parts connected by welding. The main load here is taken by the joint of the drawbar with the body of the swivel unit, therefore this place is reinforced with 4 stiffeners.

Running unit

semi-axis; 2.- bearing 206 (2 pcs.); 3. oil seal (felt ring) 4. semi-axle housing; 5. spacer sleeve; 6. stopper (screw М8, 2 pcs.); 7. spring ring, persistent; 8. here is the trailer (pipe 49×4.5) 9. frame.


body of the swivel unit, 2. drawbar (pipe 49×3, L1850), 3. footboard frame (corner 25x25x4), 4. stop (pipe 58×4), 5. stiffener (s4), 6. pad (strip 25×4).

The frame is made of steel elements: pipes, rectangular and circular sections, angles and bars. They are welded together, and form a structure (frame), the design features of the frame are due to the countryside, where, when driving, the road is replete with irregularities, holes, etc.

For the wheel axle, a steel rod with a diameter of 30 mm is used, which is connected by welding, a gusset with spars and a longitudinal hinge housing, and corner supports. The length of the rod is 1070mm, the length is chosen such that the wheels do not protrude beyond the body contours.

DIY trailer for the tiller

A trailer for a tiller, a necessary thing, and sometimes even necessary in a private household. In this material, we will consider how to make a trailer for a tiller with our own hands, focusing on the drawings and descriptions for them.

In the diagram below, a homemade trailer for a tiller, capable of transporting a load weighing more than 400 kg, but first things first. The trailer is equipped with a driver’s seat, it is unpretentious in operation and quite easy to manufacture.

Trailer body. choose the material of manufacture

The body of the trailer is made of boards, 20mm thick, for greater strength, at the corners it is reinforced with metal plates. The body is attached to the frame with three support frames made of 5050mm timber and bolts.

This cart is mainly intended for the transport of goods in bags, so its board does not fold back.

Also, the trailer body can be made of various materials at hand, sheet metal, at least 1-1.2 mm thick, corrugated board, boards and even plastic. Any material is suitable for the body if it meets your tasks and requirements. Here you need to calculate the load, the type of cargo transported, etc.

Swivel trailer

case; 2. bearing 180205E (2 pcs.); 3. axis; 4. the drawbar of the trailer; 5. washers; 6. nut М20х1.5; 7. cotter pin; 8. spacer sleeve; 9. fork of the hinge node of the tiller.

Carrier swivel assembly

Console, 2. Anthers, 3,6. bearings 36206, 4. housing, 5. spacer sleeve, 7. spacer sleeve, 8. washer, 9. nut М20х2,5, 10. oiler, 11. drawbar.