How to mix oil and gasoline for the weed trimmer

Algorithm of action

Fuel quality increases when the components of the mixture are mixed correctly. The operator is faced with the question of how to dilute in what sequence. As you start mixing, make sure that the containers are clean. A small slurry can stop the flow of fuel to the carburetor. You should fill the fuel tank from a special container with a filtering device.

The order is as follows. Half of the available gasoline is mixed with the volume of the specified amount of lubricating fluid. This is followed by the process of stirring.

When the components acquire a homogeneous consistency, 50% of the remaining fuel is poured into the partially diluted gasoline. This is how it is recommended to dilute fuel for the grass trimmer.

The quality of the fuel is improved by mixing the components in the right way. The question arises how to dilute, in what sequence. Before mixing, make sure the containers are clean. A tiny particle can stall the fuel supply to the carburetor. Fill the fuel tank from a special container with a filtering device.

The order is as follows. Half of the available gasoline is mixed with the volume of the specified amount of lubricating fluid. This is followed by the process of stirring.

When the components acquire a homogeneous consistency, in the partially diluted gasoline, pour 50% of the remaining fuel. This is the recommended way to dilute fuel for the grass trimmer.

How to dilute petrol with oil

How to dilute gasoline for grass trimmer oil so as not to clean the candle

For some people it is very easy to dilute petrol with oil for trimmer or chain saw. But not everyone can do it right. If you pour oil into the gasoline just “by eye”, the consequences will be sad.

The grass trimmer will most likely start to smoke when it cuts the grass, and then it will shut down. And what to do? How to avoid this and dilute petrol with oil properly?

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First of all, it is worth noting that the gasoline suitable for gasoline technology is 92 or 95. As for the oil, you need to choose only two-stroke and quality oil.

Before filling the gasoline saw, dilute the gasoline in a 5-liter canister. A water bottle is suitable for this purpose. It is convenient to use, because you can easily install a funnel in the neck.

The ready mixture of gasoline and oil can be stored for no more than 3 months (pure gasoline is stored less). Dilute the fuel in an amount that is enough for several applications of the grass trimmer. In general, prepare:

  • Gasoline and oil suitable for two-stroke motors with air cooling system;
  • A metal canister and a container for mixing
  • respirator;
  • gloves.

Adding oil to gasoline

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  • Pour 1 liter of gasoline into a container of suitable volume and add 1/2 of the required amount of oil.
  • Mix cautiously, at a decent distance from sources of open flame.
  • Add the rest of the oil to the fuel and mix it again.

How to fill the grass trimmer

General recommendations for filling the grass trimmer with a two- or four-stroke engine:

  • Position the fuel tank so that the lid is on top, then pour in the required amount of fuel.
  • Do not overfill the fuel tank. This can lead to one problem: overflowing into the intake pipe and fuel filter, combustion of fuel, or engine damage.
  • Try to pour the mixture so it does not spill. You can do this with a watering can.
  • If you do spill fuel, wipe it off immediately. Dispose of cleaning material, do not put it on the ground. it is a fire hazard.
  • Start the unit after the fuel canister has been put away for more than 10 m.
  • If there has been a long break between mower use, be sure to drain the remaining old fuel.

How to dilute gasoline with oil for grass trimmer?

Technical specifications on the trimmer for grass contains references to the recommended fuels and lubricants. In this case, the octane number of gasoline brand specified, but in part of the oil is a lengthy explanation of the need to use a product of a particular manufacturer. To be sure, it is pointed out that only when these recommendations are met does the company extend the warranty. What is this: a marketing ploy or oils from other manufacturers do not meet the requirements? The answer can be found in this article.

What two-stroke engine oil should be

There are a number of requirements that modern manufacturers of oils for two-stroke engines should comply with in the process of creating their product, here are the main ones:

  • The oil should dissolve well in gasoline.
  • It should have a minimum of ash. Ideally, it should be completely burned in the valves. But such a result is very difficult to achieve in practice.
  • 2-stroke engine oil should have good lubricating properties.
  • The grease must have corrosion protection properties.
  • The oil that is added to petrol must have a certain temperature tolerance.

There are now two of the most common oil standards for two-stroke engines. These are 2T and TC-W3. The color of the lubricant is usually blue or red, so it is unlikely to be confused with any other product.

Two-stroke engines can be either air- or water-cooled. The last option is characteristic of the more powerful members of the line. There are special lubricant modifications with reduced viscosity. It is needed for low-temperature applications.

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Why you shouldn’t overfill your 2-stroke engine oil you can find out at

Gasoline and oil proportions for the grass trimmer

Gasoline mowers. quite common tools, used by owners of garden and homestead farms for mowing grass and making hay. common names for tools are the terms “grass trimmer” and “lawnmower”. The main difference lies in the design of the motor. the expensive segment of the devices is equipped with four-stroke models, and the cheap ones. with two-stroke models. The latter option has advantages, including low weight, ease of use, as well as low cost.

The most important condition for the two-stroke models is to prepare a fuel mixture based on the manufacturer’s formula of gasoline and oil. The simplified design of the motor does not provide a separate channel for lubrication, so engine oil is added directly to the gasoline. If the correct proportions are not maintained, this can significantly reduce tool life and even lead to tool breakage. Let’s understand what composition is required for gasoline trimmers, how to properly prepare the mixture and what it can affect.

Why grass trimmer oil is mixed with gasoline

The two-stroke engine has a simple yet extremely efficient design:

  • The piston performs a working stroke every other cycle;
  • The cylinder is lubricated by oil dissolved in gasoline;
  • combustion products are removed by compression, without a special mechanism.

All this led to the creation of a family of small engines, successfully adapted to domestic and professional equipment:

Due to the peculiarities of design, it was possible to achieve the desired fuel consumption only on small engines with power in the range of 15-20 liters. It is especially good that this figure looks in the range of 1 to 5 liters.с. Here the low weight and dimensions of the engine are fully in line with the gasoline consumption.

As the size increases, the area of the inlet and outlet ports increases. The process of gas removal and deteriorates. It was therefore necessary to move to a more efficient system for combustion of the gasoline mixture, which would include the presence of forced engine maintenance systems. Four-cylinder models have taken over the palm of the hand from high horsepower engines. By combining them into multi-cylinder designs, special systems related to the formation of the fuel mixture, lubrication, etc., What has had a favorable effect on gasoline consumption.

Why mix gasoline and oil

When the parts are mated, they are lubricated because the mixture consists not only of a combustible component, but also of a lubricating component. This is why the use of clean fuel is not recommended. The engine will run, but in the absence of lubrication, the piston system will quickly fail, failing.

Thus, mixing gasoline with oil for two-stroke engines is imperative for reasons:

Correct Way To Mix Gas and Oil For a ChainSaw, WeedEater String trimmer. Easy 2 Cycle Oil Gas Mix!

  • Increase the service life of the internal combustion engine;
  • avoiding the formation of scoring elements of the piston group;
  • Avoiding jamming of mechanisms, engine parts in case of overheating;
  • Ensuring effective lubrication of the rubbing parts;
  • To prevent all sorts of breakage when working.