How to Mow with a Line Trimmer

Mowing the lawn is the main way to give the grassy area a well-groomed appearance. Not wanting to mow an ordinary scythe manually, the modern owner acquires a mechanical scythe or trimmer. If the choice fell on the trimmer machine, the question arises, how to gently mow the grass so that it does not damage the trees and shrubs (if any).

Features of the trimmer with fishing line and cord

Trimmer. the machine is more delicate than a full-fledged electric or benzokosa. A trimmer that works not with cord but with fishing line is an even more delicate device. Cord. essentially a wire. can damage the lower part of the trunk of young trees, turning into a root, which can not be said about the fishing line. With thick stems of weeds. for example, who started tillering weeds. the fishing line may not have time to cut all the weeds.

Manual and automatic grass mowing modes have differences. Trimmer automation throws fishing line at each motor start.

Despite the obvious convenience, on uneven and non-standard areas, mowing grass in one place and moving to another, you restart the motor. The way out is the transition to semi-automatic control: the trimmer in the working part has a separate button that is easily pressed when the drum head contacts the ground. The fishing line will immediately eject from the cutting part.

The length of the fishing line should not be more than 15 cm in working condition. A longer fishing line will get tangled, a smaller one will not mow effectively. The optimum diameter of the fishing line is 2-3 mm.

Trimmer preparation

If it is raining or has just ended, you can get an electric shock when cutting wet grass. Before turning it on for the first time, make sure that you assembled the device correctly — some models come unassembled. Accurate assembly will protect you from injuries, and the unit itself. from failures and sudden breakdowns. Trimmer assembly instructions are described in the user manual.

When using a trimmer charge the battery (if the device provides for autonomous operation). Lubricate the mechanical gearbox with lithol or solid oil. If the battery is not in the device circuit – Connect the plug to the outlet and get into work.

Preparing a benzotrimmer for work

Pour gasoline (or diesel) into the tank without overfilling it. Two-stroke trim motors require mixing gasoline with motor oil (not car) in a ratio of 1: 32-1: 50. You need to know which oil in what proportion mixes with gasoline specifically for your model. In four-stroke trimmers, you will need to pour oil and gasoline into different tanks. again, according to the instructions.

Check if the cutter (fishing line or cord) is suitable for work. Before starting work, hang the device on your shoulder. all trimmers assume a belt.

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Grasp the handle of the device as instructed. Some trimmers feature a double handle that resembles a bicycle handlebar. Now follow these steps:

  • close the air damper;
  • turn on the ignition circuit using the key or button;
  • if there is a booster mini-pump on the carburetor. pump a little fuel into the engine by making 3-5 presses on the rocking lever;
  • pull the starter cord until significant resistance to its movement appears;
  • pull the cord sharply up to 5 times.

The engine will start. When mowing the grass, use goggles or a helmet with a net to prevent the grass from flying out towards the face.

Correct mowing of young grass

To make the device work with maximum efficiency and last several times longer than the warranty period, mow the grass correctly, observing the following recommendations.

  • Do not lower the coil (drum) of the device under the very roots of the weed. the distance to the ground is at least 5 cm.
  • When mowing higher grass, mow its top first. Mowing the grass close to the root without removing the upper part of the stems will lead to tangling of the fishing line, stopping the drum before its forced shutdown.
  • Do not mow the grass against the drum stroke.
  • Mow the grass near the walls or fence of the plot, used as a decoration, without mowing the trimmer drum too far. This will save the engine from overload.
  • Every 15 minutes of operation of the trimmer, it is necessary to allow the engine to cool. it takes at least 20 minutes.

But gas trimmers have a large temporary supply. 50 minutes to work and 20 minutes to break.

Mowing tall grass using fishing line

For thick stems of grass (weeds), a more powerful trimmer with thick fishing line is used. However, in areas where large weeds grow, the soil is often uneven. Clinging to clods of earth, the trimmer motor will brake sharply. By abusing this, you can easily damage the engine. Having mowed the upper tier, you will see where the grass reaches its greatest length. in deeper places. Focusing on such "height differences", you will equalize the "mowing" of the lawn, bringing its appearance closer to the ideal.

how to mow with a trimmer with fishing line

Mowed grass is suitable for both hay and lawn feeding. At the same time, the course of mowing the grass is easier to plan, and the process will go faster.

Tips for mowing tall grass are as follows.

  • The engine should not be overloaded.
  • If the line gets tangled on uneven ground or in tall grass, turn off the engine immediately.
  • When using gasoline or diesel as an energy source, wet grass cannot be mowed.
  • You need to move the trimmer directly in front of you and to the left, because the mowed grass falls on a previously processed sector. Thus, the upper tier of the grass stand is cut off. The lower layers cough when you have already gone in the opposite direction.
  • If the cultivated area is very large. mow one conditional zone after another, into which you divided the territory before work.
  • Move precisely on the outside so as not to trample the grass, making your result inconspicuous.
  • The cut lines should be parallel to each other. This will allow you to easily bypass the trees found on the site, while overloading the motor is excluded.

Subject to these recommendations, the grass will not scatter around during work, and the process itself will be simplified and accelerated significantly.

See how to mow grass with a trimmer correctly.