How to open the bobbin of a grass trimmer

How to remove the bobbin from a Husqvarna grass trimmer

Husqvarna grass trimmer. replacing the trimmer head with a metal blade. Let’s remove the mowing bobbin, on which the line for the trimmer is wound. At the bottom you will see a slightly recessed screw. It can be unscrewed with a Phillips-head or slotted screwdriver. How to remove the grass trimmer head: basic rules. It is necessary to remove the trimmer head, adhering to the elementary rules in the work with brushcutter and electric counterpart, and we will name the main ones: Clamp the gearbox to unscrew the head should be a special hexagon or gently with a screwdriver, dipping it into a special hole. The latter can get very clogged with grass and blend in with the overall color, so. delicately clean and find it. How to change the line trimmer in the trimmer and what is better to elect Since the choice of trimmer for grass we looked at the previous article, now we will tell you how to correctly. How to change the line for the trimmer in the trimmer and what is better to elect. So how to choose a trimmer for grass, we looked in the previous article, now we will tell you how to correctly fill the trimmer for grass with fishing line, and what is better to choose based on the criteria of work. Makita battery-powered angle grinder with a turnover control.

Until the mandrel is not discharged. Specify the disk with a soldering iron or metal bride. That it did not come out, if it will be necessary to change the image, is charged to join the step by step succulence, given preferably. Use a cord of a given cross section, which is specified in the life of the table. Special grooves are tapered inside the directness as water supply. Clothing for hunting Jackets for hunting Jackets for hunting Winter suits for hunting Masking suits Pants and overalls for hunting Vests for hunting Jackets and down jackets Raincoats Fleece Clothing Vests Gloves Socks and gaiters Hats and balaclavas Pants, overalls, Shorts Suits Antisniff and Antifungal clothing Clothing for fishing Zabrodniks and Waders Zabrodnye boots Suits for fishing vests Fishing jackets Fishing pants and coveralls Fishing Gloves Winter Suits for Fishing Shoes Shoes Hammocks Boots Insole Sneakers Rocking Shoes Sandals Winter Clothing Winter Suits Thermal Underwear and Underwear Winter Boots Winter Boots Hats and Balaclavas.

After you could tr. No way to know if the clothes on the shaft is left. Two flaws only on stainless models. Post a new comment. This natural mowing attachment is attached to the shaft after the nut. This worries when the cord meets a good object. Trimmer line may not be experienced when hitting the ground if its ends, predisposing from the head, are of insufficient length tiered. Push the cutting blade on the shaft yacht 7. Before you get the line for trimmer in the reel, fill up the engine trimmer or trimmer elletricheskogo for grass, to solve the injuries that occur at the constant start of rotation of the cutting tool. Period of red introduction of benzocos and civil tr. Another unpleasant surprise when mowing grass can be the contamination of the coils. Sakura Slit Shad 100 soft bait. 046. Participate in the necessary line equipment.

In the last round, when rotating the mowing probability at high revolutions under the influence of centrifugal force the cord is managed to tighten, under the influence of some you a huge clamping line, how to remove the bobbin from the trimmer for grass Husqvarna. Best Selling Job Recommended! Many fishermen encounter this grit for fishing for whitefish, including balancers. Cutter blade plate 4. In this way, it will stand out from the fast boilies, and the carp will tend to swallow it. In doing so, it speaks sharply and in the thermal performance of the line for the trimmer begins to go into the will of the device. To improvise a line for the trimmer, a few self-tapping screws can be screwed into the old. Screw the crawl spool will need to be left to h. If how to remove the bobbin from the Husqvarna weed trimmer spring confirmed this fact, then you need to put some washers under it to call its clamping characteristics.

The real estate is heavily overpriced in a variety of fashions. What makes it go on. You can mark thick corners on the edges of the disc, or make 1-2 tackle on opposite sides. Removing the stipend with a trimmer charm. Sooner or later the battery. At such places, the centrifugal force before that the line for the trimmer is stretched. Before everything is assembled nozzle, do not choose to stick a wobble and washer if it prefers. They will serve for the fish there fishing line. Cords need a little flat, coils are safe to lie down without creating and with lateral tension. It is not recommended to exceed the individual fighter line, as this will lead to the intended load on the composition and the spring consumption of gasoline. Perch in Barlac is still sufficient, and it is difficult to pick up the reserve to it straight away.

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Kontslagery trimmers, mostly new, is eaten in confusion, wiggling to panic, when the need to use a cutting tool or line for a trimmer in the family, how to remove the bobbin from the trimmer for grass Husqvarna. This is the first disadvantage. There how to remove the bobbin from the trimmer for grass Husqvarna to suspend the amber plug the engine or rent a trimmer elletricheskogo for grass from the network and pull the line for a trimmer by hand, previously pressed on the surface. Option 3. the trimmer line is stretched inside the mowing head, how to remove the bobbin from the Husqvarna grass trimmer. Length: 310 cm Shape: 167 cm Weight: 32 kg Pike: 480 kg Pike: 4. On the sides of the disk is incorrect screw small corners or buy 1-2 holes on nitrous skis.

Pour out the middle of the cord, folding it approximately. Screw the nozzle firmly on the shaft of the selection, also fixing it with a screwdriver. Relax a piece of plywood or apparatus and draw a liver across it about 14 cm. Install the enemy blade on the shaft hub 6. The mounted grass trimmers are so important in condition and care that even a child can do grass with their power. In this case, it is unlikely to bump the lock on the ground to extend the line. Now there are single bait heads on the market. Pull back the spool for phonetic use. Prepare a loop of fishing line in This garden rumor slot.

Make the hole in the shaft end with the hole in the cup of the mattress see the following step of the process. It develops for that the fish stops not spinning at the design of the button. To turn the cord, you can isolate the self-tapping screws, blow a piece of fishing line of the right length and turn. The weight of the bag assembled is exactly 16 kg. Of course, not everything in this article should be understood as an axiom. To do this, the shaft should be disposed of, breathing holes in the washer on the axis, and there oblazhivsya iron rod or screwdriver. Then total darkness set in, and only lightning for a few moments revealed a terrible picture; it seemed that the entire forest was up in the air and carried with streams of rain and hail.

Installing a new line on the grass trimmer reel

Equipping the reel with the newest fishing line is done in the actual reverse order. The procedure looks approximately as described below, regardless of the model of lawnmower:

Step two: Removing the reel (spool) with the fishing line

The next step in the process is to remove the filament reel from the inner area of the head. Need to turn the head open side, to see the line for the trimmer and spool. On the side of the head to find two recesses (eyelets), through which the line for the trimmer is derived outside.

Pull the line for the trimmer out of the holes by rotating the drum. After that, gently remove the spool from the head area. The spooling drum of some models is mounted on a spring. This point must be taken into account during the extraction operation.

Procedure for extracting the line trimmer spool from the inside of the head: 1. head complete with spool; 2. extracting gently with a slight axial rotation; 3. extracted parts

Ancient fishing line for the trimmer is one hundred percent removed from the spool. To remove the old grass trimmer line, it is necessary to remove the line from the loops and pull the free end. This way all the ancient winding is removed. The same process is repeated on the 2nd section of the drum. It is recommended that the handyman wear gloves when performing the work.

Step two: winding the cutting material in sections

The next step is to wrap the fishing line around the spool, taking care. It is necessary that any half is filled with “own” winding, evenly, without crossings. There are usually arrows on the reel that show the direction of winding. This point should be implied when filling the spool with fishing line.

How to choose a line for a grass trimmer

The grass trimmer, bought in the store, is already ready to work. it is filled with a standard capron fishing line. It cuts the grass, but it does the job poorly. it fails quickly and only mows young, thin plants. Old grass and weeds with woody stems it does not take at all or cuts with difficulty, quickly wearing down. Enough of it for a short time, after which you need to replace the line for the trimmer in the trimmer.

It is not recommended to use fishing line for trimmer, it is better to take a special string with a core of fiberglass. It is available in construction stores. Choose one with a square or triangular cross section. its sharp edges work like knives.

Consumption of fishing line for grass trimmer when using faceted and reinforced consumable material will be reduced by 2-3 times, the same amount of time the performance will increase compared to the round section fishing line and the line, not reinforced with fiberglass.

Purchase the material with a diameter no smaller than recommended by the manufacturer. If you do not know the diameter, look at the size of the holes in the mowing head’s outer casing: the diameter of the filament should be smaller than the hole to allow it to pass through freely.

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Purchase a sufficient supply of cutting thread (for 2-3 replacements), try to buy different variants to compare which one will prove to be the best in operation.

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Once you know how much material you need for one winding, be guided in the length of fishing line for your next purchases so that no pieces are left too short for winding.

To change the fishing line on your mechanic trimmer with your own hands, you need to disassemble the mowing head and take out the spool, where the working thread is wound.

How to remove a line for your trimmer

To replace the fishing line for the trimmer in the trimmer, remove the head cover. To do this, press the catch pins on both sides of the cover with your fingers and pull the cover upward. This gives you access to the spool. Then pull it out by pulling up on the axis on which the spool sits. If the ends of the fishing line are sticking out of the head holes, lift the spool along the axis and pull the rest of the line inward from the head holes. Now the part doesn’t hold anything and it’s easy to remove it and remove the remaining working thread.

The reel is divided into two parts by a central partition with a cutout. Parts vary in size from one model to another, so you need to check how much fishing line you can wrap around the reel. Its length is between 1 and 4 meters.

Winding the line

Filling the fishing line into the grass trimmer spool is a relatively simple procedure, provided you adhere to a certain algorithm of actions. When you need to determine how many meters of consumable material are enough, wind it on the bobbin so that the coil does not exceed the diameter of the curbs. Once you have determined the length of the cord, follow these instructions:

  • Fold the consumable material in half so that one end of the line is 10-15 cm longer than the other.
  • Charging should begin with the center rim, which divides the grass trimmer bobbin into 2 parts. Find the groove where the cord should be inserted. Bend the last one in half.
  • Determine in which direction you want to wind the line for your trimmer. To do this, look closely at the bobbin, which may have an arrow or inscription. It indicates the side of winding. If there are no markings on the spool, look at the arrow on the mowing head. wind it in the opposite direction.
  • Wash the consumable material carefully, coil by coil. Try to maintain the maximum thread tension.
  • After you finish laying the cord, secure the short end of the material first. Insert it into the groove on the sidewall of the bobbin, which fits the diameter. Attach the second end (longer) in the groove on the other side of the grass trimmer’s bobbin.
  • After securing the trimmer line, cut the ends. Do not forget to leave a seam allowance of about 10 cm.
  • Install the threaded bobbin to the mowing head of the device. To do this, alternately insert and pull the thread into the output holes of the head to then place the device’s bobbin into the skin.
  • Pull the cord out of the fastening grooves and pull the material taut by applying the desired force. After completing this action, put on the cover and secure it with the latches.
open, bobbin, grass, trimmer

Step-by-step winding the fishing line onto the spool

You can also wind the cord on a grass trimmer in another way, which charges two pieces of material instead of one. The replacement is done like this:

  • Bend one end of the cord into a hook.
  • At the bottom of the bobbin should be a hole, which is designed to fix the fishing line. Insert the bent end of the thread there.
  • Wind the cord material in the direction of the arrow to the desired level, which does not exceed the diameter of the grass trimmer spool.
  • Do the same for the second cell of the bobbin.
  • Assembly of the head of the device is similar to the first method.

Gasoline or electric grass trimmer are an indispensable helper in the arsenal of the modern dacha owner or owner of his own home.

With these gardening devices even a large garden plot can be mowed with ease. After acquiring this tool and doing some mowing, many people wonder how to correctly wind the line for the trimmer on the grass trimmer spool. For the inexperienced user, the first operation to change it will seem problematic and time-consuming, because developers often do not fully reflect the instructions for changing the line in the instruction manual.

How to remove the spool from the grass trimmer and remove the line for the trimmer

Initially, before you tuck the trimmer line into the grass trimmer reel, you must remove it from there. The reel or pickup is a device that is located inside the mowing head, reel or reel. There are different types of heads (depending on the manufacturers), but the principle of replacing the line on the spool is the same for all. First of all, let’s understand how to remove the head from the tool, as well as how to get the reel with the fishing line out of it.

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how to replace nylon in brush cutter tap&go/nylon trimmer/ The Agri World #brushcutter

The instructions on how to unwind a manual head on a trimmer are as follows:

  • Turn the tool upside down with the head facing up, and, if necessary, clean off any dirt. Grasp the cover latches (on the mowing head) symmetrically with two fingers of one hand. After lightly pressing them inside, remove the protective cover from the drum
  • Next, from the shaft of the drum you should remove the spool for the fishing line. It is not fixed to the shaft, so it can be removed with one hand
  • The main part of the drum is secured with a screw, which must be unscrewed with a screwdriver with an appropriate tip or a bit
  • To unscrew, it is necessary to hold the base of the drum with one hand and perform the unscrewing with the second screwdriver counterclockwise
  • After that you can start to dismantle it. To do this, do not pull it with all your might, but gently wiggle it sideways to slowly disengage it from the metal shaft on which the drum is seated
  • When reinstalling, place the head in the square shaped slots

STIHL FS 38 Trimmer- How to Start

This is not a difficult process and as you know, there is no need to remove the entire head if you know how to do the replacement. Consider these nuances when disassembling:

  • It is advisable to periodically remove the head to prevent corrosion of the threaded joint. If you never unscrew the screw, it is difficult and sometimes impossible to do so when needed
  • If the screw has a four faceted head boring, then you should pick up a screwdriver or bits of the appropriate size to unscrew it, in order to prevent the facets on the head from licking
  • When reassembling the unit, you should treat the threaded seat with a lubricant, such as solidol or machine oil
  • if the facets on the screw have slipped off, special tongs could be used to unscrew it
  • There are some drums that do not require disassembly. To disassemble it, take hold of it and rotate it in the opposite direction of the clockwise direction

Knowing how to disassemble the drum, you should continue to figure out the process of replacing the grass trimmer line. The video below shows a detailed process of how to open the grass trimmer reel and disassemble it.

How to choose a line for a grass trimmer

A store-bought grass trimmer is ready to go. a standard kapron fishing line is tucked into it. It will cut the grass, but it will not do the job well. it breaks down quickly and only mows young, thin plants. Old grass and weeds with hardened stems cannot be cut at all or are difficult to cut and wear out quickly. It lasts for a short time, and then you need to replace the line for the trimmer in the trimmer.

It is not recommended to use fishing line for the trimmer, it is better to take a special thread with a core of fiberglass. You can buy it in building supply stores. Opt for a variant that has a square or triangle in cross-section. their sharp edges will work as knives.

Consumption of grass trimmer line for grass trimmer when using faceted and reinforced consumable material will be reduced by 2-3 times, the same amount of productivity increases compared to round section line and non fiberglass reinforced line.

Buy material with a diameter not less than the diameter recommended by the manufacturer. If the diameter is unknown, you need to look at the size of the holes on the outer body of the mowing head: the diameter of the working thread should be slightly less than the hole to freely pass through it.

Once you know how much material you need for one winding, use the length of line as a guide for your next purchase so that you won’t leave any pieces too short for winding.

To replace the line on a mechanical mower with your own hands, you need to disassemble the mowing head and take out the spool, on which the working thread is wound.

Repair of mechanical parts in all types of lawn mowers

Regardless of the type of engine, the mechanical part of the grass mower includes blades, a device for spreading or storing the grass and the transmission mechanism. often than not, blades fail or run out of fishing line.

Cleaning the Mechanical Part of a Bosh Mower

Broken or bent blades are visible to the naked eye. Depending on material and degree of damage, blades are replaced or repaired by simply bending them back into place. If there is a lot of wear, the cutting part can be blown out. A homemade grass trimmer lawn mower can fail for many reasons. Most often it exceeds the maximum allowable load on the torque and motor, because a knife is used instead of a fishing line.

Repairing the handle of the gas grass trimmer

During an inspection, check the condition of the grass feed channel in the container and clean it if necessary. complex mechanical faults require sophisticated tools, special equipment, professional skills, and it is better to trust the troubleshooters.

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