How To Properly Attach A Disc To An Angle Grinder

How to unscrew the disc (nut) on an angle grinder, if bitten, jammed, does not unscrew &# 128249; How to unscrew the disc (nut) on an angle grinder, if bitten, jammed, does not unscrew

Why bites the nut on the angle grinder that holds the disc

I will say, perhaps, a well-known truth. It bites nuts more often on angle grinders with a disc size of a significant size, say, 150-180 mm or more. The thing is that the resulting torque, in the case of a disk impact at the time of the start of cutting, is much greater than for a disk, say 125 mm. As a result, by inertia, the nut tightens so tightly that it is very difficult to break it in the usual and usual ways. Now about the special methods.

How to unscrew the disc (nut) on an angle grinder, if bitten, jammed, does not unscrew

An angle grinder, or as it is called more popularly and in a popular way, an angle grinder, nowadays an irreplaceable and very useful tool. Without it, neither here nor there! And if it suddenly fails, then you have to dodge in every possible way, look for alternatives and think about restoring the instrument. At the same time, it is impossible to use an angle grinder for its intended purpose because of a kind of simple lining when the disc does not unscrew. Rather, the nut that holds this disc is not unscrewed. Here you can break the wood, namely, bend or break the key, damage the lock button, break the case, but still not unscrew the very unfortunate nut. So, we will immediately warn you, if it is not too late. If you suddenly do not unscrew the nut holding the disc with a key, then you need to change tactics. And it is precisely the cardinal method of unscrewing that our article will be devoted.

How to unscrew the disc nut of an angle grinder (angle grinder) if it is bitten

So, if there is no way with the key, even if you insert it and hit it lightly with a hammer, then we begin to use something more serious.

The first thing you can try, but again without fanaticism, is to take a rod, insert it into the holes on the nut and, using a hammer, move the nut in the direction of its untwisting. The main thing here is not to break the button and not to rip the holes, as here

how to properly attach a disc to an angle grinder

The second thing that many advise is to warm the nut. We warm up the nut. As a result, it is a little, but physically still has to expand. Resizing may or may not help

The third method is the most effective, and oddly enough, one of the safest for the angle grinder itself.
We take and break off the edges of the disc along the nut.

Next, we use a thin metal plate or another disc (thinner), and maybe a second angle grinder with a disc. In this case, the broken disc must be turned either with a plate or a disc. We try to sharpen the disc so as not to damage the nuts holding this disc, because they will still be useful to us. So we sharpen the whole broken circle until we grind it off and the nut is unscrewed.

This business is 4-5 minutes, no more.

If you will be using a second disc or metal plate, it is best to insert them in a vise to hold them. Since it is dangerous to hold such objects with your hands. This is the most effective method!

How to remove a hardened disc from an angle grinder

Applying new nuts solves the problem of removing the disc, but what to do with an already eaten disc? Even if the disc was installed correctly, it is not always possible to remove it. Practice suggests different ways to solve the problem. You can clamp the retainer and hit through the extension on the nut holes in the direction of untwisting. This option is only possible with a working latch. But the retainer may not withstand such a solution to the problem and break.

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The second method is more logical. Under the clamping nut and the lower support washer there is a gearbox shaft with turned chamfers. They put on the lower support washer. A standard wrench cannot be installed very narrowly there. But you can take a regular open-end wrench for 17 and grind it on both sides.

The turned key will go into the gap, set on the shaft chamfers and fix it. Now any nut will be unscrewed with any wrench, and the disc or its remains will be removed from the angle grinder.

How to unscrew and correctly place a disc on an angle grinder

This simple operation sometimes baffles even experienced locksmiths or users of an angle grinder. The reason is that the disc is fixed with a special nut. The nut has 2 or 4 holes, into which a special key is inserted. This key was always included with the purchase of an angle grinder. Perhaps he is now included in the kits.

According to the instructions for the angle grinder, you must press the lock, which is located on the back of the gearbox. When the shaft is fixed, unscrew the nut with a special wrench and change the disc. But it is difficult to unscrew the nut if it is not clamped. And it clamps it with such a nut almost always. Attempting to unscrew the disc will break the retainer behind the gearbox.

What way out of the problem is offered by experts and amateurs

  • Install a newspaper gasket under the nut;
  • Install a gasket from a plastic bottle under the nut;
  • Replace the nut with a different design.

What is a newspaper gasket. This is a nut-sized paper washer. It is put on the installed disk, and a nut is screwed on top. This piece of paper was a sticking point, because the safety inspectorate has always broadcast about the harmfulness of such a decision.

The representatives of the safety authorities treat the installation of gaskets made of any other materials in the same way:

  • Cardboard;
  • Paronite;
  • Gaskets from various plastics;
  • Rubber gaskets of various thicknesses.

But there is a solution that does not contradict the safety requirements, and allows you to install and remove the disk normally. This is a special nut that consists of two nut elements and a pressure washer. The use of such a nut does not require any shims, because the disc does not jam with it.

If there is no special key at hand, then the craftsmen offer to do without the key. This does not mean that you can do without a key at all, but use a gas wrench or other device. To do this, clamp the retainer, clamp the nut with a gas wrench and unscrew it. This way you can replace a jammed disc, but this is a very inconvenient operation for one person.

There are also suggestions to clamp the disc with your hand and unscrew it. Perhaps, but it is unlikely that it will be possible to replace broken disks. It is better to use keys that are designed for removing and installing disks.

Some foreign companies producing power tools, such as Bosh, produce an angle grinder with easily removable nuts. They securely fix the disc on the tool shaft and can be easily and quickly removed for disc replacement.

How to change the disc with and without an angle grinder wrench?

Angle grinder is a universal power tool. It can be used to cut steel profiles and wood, process concrete and stones, carry out grinding and roughing work, sharpen hacksaws. And for each operation a certain circle is provided. For example, a thin cut-off wheel for an angle grinder cannot grind the surface, it will break quickly. How to properly place the disc on an angle grinder when grinding and breaking a wheel or changing to another type of work?

According to the operating manual, replacing the disc with an angle grinder should be done as follows.

  1. Unplug the power tool cord from the socket.
  2. Press the spindle rotation lock button.
  3. While holding the stop button on the angle grinder, unscrew the flange nut with an open-end wrench. Turn the wrench for an angle grinder in the direction of rotation of the disc. If it is difficult to press the button with one hand and use the key with the other, ask someone close to you to help you.
  4. Remove the old disc from the spindle shaft.
  5. Install a new disk.
  6. Fix it with a nut by hand or using the same universal wrench. At this moment, you need to hold the stopper with your other hand. Do not overtighten the nut.
  7. Plug in the angle grinder for 30 seconds at maximum speed. If the disc rotates freely, without beating, without touching the protective casing, you can start working.
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An open-end wrench must be included in the scope of delivery of the angle grinder. Cheap angle grinders often go with poor quality wrenches. It can quickly break (however, this happens with tools from leading manufacturers). In the end, the key can simply be lost. In this case, how do you fit the disc to the angle grinder correctly without having the right tool at hand?

How to change a disc to an angle grinder without a key?

Method 1. Use the gas key. Grasp the nut with an adjustable pipe wrench and loosen it carefully, without applying great force. Disadvantage: you can crush the nut, break the rotation lock.

Method 2. Make a homemade wrench for the angle grinder. To do this, you need a long nail (at least 100 mm). It is necessary to cut off the cap, the point and give the nail a U-shape. It should be bent so that the tool legs fall into the holes in the flange. If the nut is tightened tightly, insert any metal bar between the posts of the nail and, grasping it with both hands, rotate the structure in the direction of the circle’s movement. At this time, you need to press and hold the spindle lock button. The method is safe, but it takes time and additional tools, a hacksaw, a vice, a hammer.

Method 3. Tapping with a chisel. Before changing the disc, you can treat the spindle shaft with WD-40 fluid and wait at least 15 minutes. Then place the tip of a thin chisel at an angle to the hole of the flange nut and gently tap the entire surface of the hole with a metal hammer. Sooner or later, thanks to gentle tapping, the nut will slip off, and it will be possible to unscrew it manually. The disadvantage of this method is that you can damage the holes and spoil the flange.

Method 4. Heat the nut. If it is difficult to unscrew the nut of the angle grinder by hand, you can heat it up a little with a gas burner or autogenous machine. Unscrew the flange with gloves so as not to burn yourself. This is the most risky of the proposed methods. It is possible to overheat the bearings and oil in the angle grinder gearbox.

Finally, I would like to mention several important points regarding replacing the disc with an angle grinder.

  1. The angle grinder must be fitted with a suitable size disc. It is necessary to strictly observe safety precautions and in no case remove the protective cover in order to put a disc of a larger diameter. When choosing a disc, you need to take into account the model of the power tool, its power, spindle speed.
  2. Due to the disc rotating at high speed, work hardening forms on the guard of the angle grinder. Therefore, when changing a disc, remove and clean the casing.
  3. In some models of grinders, washers are provided so that the disc does not jam between the flanges. At least the support flange can be fitted with a rubber washer. Instead of factory hardware, you can cut cardboard, rubber or plastic spacers. You need to use 2 spacers: between the support flange and the disc, between the disc and the nut.
  4. Do not forget: if the circle rotates clockwise, then the nut is also unscrewed clockwise and tightened counterclockwise.
  5. If you don’t want to buy a new wrench, install a Bosch quick-locking nut on your angle grinder, it can be easily unscrewed by hand.

The main thing is that when changing the disc to an angle grinder, do not violate safety precautions and perform all manipulations with the tool turned off from the network.

How to place the disc on the angle grinder correctly?

In order to correctly place the disc on the angle grinder, it should first be noted that the disc is installed on the spindle of the angle grinder using a special clamping flange with M14 thread. Let’s take a closer look at how to remove a disc from an angle grinder. In order to unscrew the disc from the angle grinder, the flange must first be removed. Especially for such purposes, manufacturers complete the angle grinder with a special open-end wrench. It has a specific shape. The pins located on the arms of this key are inserted into specially provided holes on the flange.

To unscrew the flange, we fix the spindle. To do this, we clamp the latch, which is usually a button on the top of the case. When pressed, the cotter pin is placed in the hole of the driven disc of the gearbox, and this in turn prevents it from rotating. Next, we insert the pins of the key into the specially provided holes on the flange, pressing the latch, you must simultaneously turn it counterclockwise and move the flange from its place. If the manipulations were successful and the flange succumbed, you can unscrew it by hand and put it aside.

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Now let’s dismantle the disk. Often, in the process of intensive work with the tool, a kind of plaque from small particles of metal and abrasive material forms on the inside of the protective casing. For optimal, stable and durable operation of the angle grinder, remove the bottom of the flange and clean the casing with a steel brush.

How to remove or replace a jammed disc from an angle grinder?

How to remove a disc from an angle grinder. An angle grinder (hereinafter referred to as an angle grinder), popularly referred to as an angle grinder, is probably the most popular inventory that is present in the arsenal of almost every master, regardless of his qualifications.

This tool is actively used in abrasive processing: cutting, grinding, cleaning workpieces from stone, metal and many others. It is widely used in areas such as construction, woodworking and other similar types of work. Like any other tool, the angle grinder is also divided into several classes.

This refers to the following: household, semi-professional and pro-class instrument. This classification is determined by the power resource of the tool, its performance, the presence of certain additional options, material and build quality, etc.

Consumables for an angle grinder, in addition to various types of cleaning brushes, are cut-off wheels and a variety of grinding discs. Types of accessories for angle grinders: how to make the right choice?

Method # 2 remove the disc from the angle grinder

This method involves the use of the famous VD-40 grease.

It is probably like an electrical tape, applicable in all cases of life.

You need to spray the flange, wait about 5 minutes and try to unscrew it with a wrench.

How to properly attach a disc to an angle grinder

Which side to put the discs on the stone, diamond or grinding wheel? The first two views have an arrow-shaped rotation indicator. Such discs are installed taking into account the direction of rotation of the rod. And it will not work to install the grinding wheel by confusing its sides: it simply will not perform its function, that is, it will not grind.

Instrument safety

Diverse work requires compliance with safety precautions when working with an angle grinder. The tool is dangerous. When performing operations with various materials, sparks, abrasive particles, metal fragments and a broken disc are possible to fly out, which is why the rules of work must be strictly observed. The angle grinder can be pulled out of your hands as a result of a jammed or broken disc. It is necessary to follow certain rules before starting work, during its implementation and at the end.

Before working with an angle grinder, you must:

  1. Protect body parts. To do this, you need to wear protective clothing, a mask or goggles, a respirator, gloves, in some cases you will need earplugs.
  2. Remove flammable objects and substances from the room. They should not be near the worker and along flying sparks.
  3. Check the disk for functionality. To do this, you need to scroll it with maximum speed.
  4. Fix the material to be processed using special devices or install on special supports. It is strictly forbidden to hold it with your feet or hand.
  5. Secure the protective cover of the angle grinder (install and adjust).

In the process of performing operations, it is necessary to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Hold the angle grinder securely in your hands;
  • Be outside the plane of rotation of the disk;
  • Wait until the disk stops spinning completely, and only then start replacing it;
  • Disconnect from the power source after work and during breaks in work;
  • Protect eyes and face with glasses and a mask;
  • Work only in protective gloves.
  • Wait until the disk rotation stops;
  • Put the angle grinder with the disc up;
  • Disconnect from the power source;
  • Make sure that there are no sources of ignition in the room or facility.

Choosing the right drive

  • Model;
  • Diameter in mm;
  • Thickness in mm;
  • Bore diameter in mm;
  • Work angle;
  • Number of revolutions per minute;
  • Rotation speed in meters per second;
  • Circle characteristics.

All these data are indicated on the label along with the logo of the company that produced it. In addition, the speed limit and safety recommendations can be indicated in the form of a colored bar in the form of pictograms.