How to properly start a single-axle tractor

Basic rules and peculiarities of starting a motoblock

A single-axle tractor is quite complex and expensive machinery, consisting of various mechanisms that start working when you start the engine. At the moment of starting the motor, the nodes of the unit are subjected to a considerable load, so you should follow certain rules for starting the engine of a motorized tractor. How long the single-axle tractor will last depends on it.

Before starting the motoblock and beginning work, a number of procedures should be followed:

  • Check the oil level in the tractor engine (in general it is always advisable to do this before starting work). Some models are equipped with built-in sensors, and in case of a lack of lubrication the machine simply will not start. But most rotary cultivators do not have such sensors and may break down.
  • Check the availability of fuel. The machine should be filled only with quality fuel that is suitable for this particular model. For example, two-acting engines should be filled with a special mixture, the proportions of which are indicated in the engine manual. If a single axle tractor is equipped with a diesel power pack, you have to take into account the time of the year when refueling. Using summer type fuel in sub-zero temperatures can lead to failure, both of the engine and the entire fuel system. Fulfilling these recommendations will increase the service life, and will increase the efficiency of application of the equipment.
  • Check that it is fastened correctly and that the throttle and clutch levers move smoothly. Shifts should be such that you feel them during operation.

The instruction manual is always included with each tool. This document gives the main recommendations for the maintenance and use of the equipment. Before using the machine for the first time, check the operating manual thoroughly and then start using it as intended.

How to start a single axle tractor with a petrol engine

Preparation prior to test drive

When carrying out a brief test run of the engine, always check the oil level in the engine crankcase, gearbox and air filter.

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To start the engine normally during operation refer to the instruction manual of the single axle tractor.

  • Completely free the single axle tractor from the packaging and place it on a level, horizontal and hard surface. Remove the gearbox breather plug (4) from the transport sticker or plug.
  • Set the steering wheel (3) of the power tiller and secure it. Put on gear lever (8), fix it. Check the reliability of the attachment of all components of the power tiller and the operation of all controls.
  • Unscrew the dipstick (7) and check the oil level in the engine crankcase. If necessary. add 10W30, or 15W40 engine oil.
  • Open the fuel filler cap (5) and check that there is petrol in the tank. If it is too low or nonexistent, fill the tank with petrol (A-95 or A-92). Close the fuel filler cap.
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Warning!The engine oil is toxic and hazardous. When filling the tank, use caution and fire safety measures.

Trial run of the engine

Starting the engine can be difficult in sub-zero temperatures. If this is the case, keep the single axle tractor in a warm room for 2 to 3 hours before starting it for the first time.

But since engine exhaust fumes are toxic, DO NOT start the engine indoors!

Press in the emergency stop lever (2) and secure it with the clip (9).

Turn the hand throttle lever (1) to ¾ of its maximum position on the steering wheel.

properly, start, single-axle, tractor

Set the gear lever (8) into neutral.

Open (to the right) the fuel cock (10), make sure there is no fuel leakage.

Push the choke lever (11) to the “Closed” position (to the left).

Take hold of the recoil starter grip (6) and pull slowly until you feel resistance. Smoothly return the recoil starter grip to its original position.

Pull the recoil starter grip vigorously, pulling the cord all the way out. Smoothly return the recoil starter grip to its original position.

If the engine fails to start on the first try again.п. Repeat 6 and 7 until the engine fires.

Pull the starter cord to its full length in one motion and immediately return it to its original position to avoid damage to the ratchet mechanism!

After 5-10 seconds after starting the engine, set the recoil starter lever (1) to medium speed. Smoothly set the choke lever (11) to the “Open” position (to the right). You only need to let the motor run for a minute or two to check if it operates correctly.

To switch off the engine, squeeze and release the lever (2), then immediately close (to the left) the fuel tap (10).

Starting a power tiller with petrol engine

To start the single-axle tractor after a long standstill with a gasoline engine, it is necessary to activate the valve, through which the fuel supply is made. The choke lever must also be activated (set against the START mark) and the clutch must be disengaged. After that use the hand starter to pump the tractor (pull the rope forwards several times with a sharp movement).

In the next step activate the ignition and pull the starter rope sharply several times. After starting the engine, you must activate the choke lever (set in “Work” mode). Note that the single axle tractor may not start at the first attempt after a long period of standstill. This is due to the fact that the parts and components of the unit need to warm up properly.

To start the engine without the starter motor

Quite often it is the starters that are the first to fail. This can happen at the most inopportune moment. To avoid wasting time and money on a complete replacement part, you can start the engine without it.

To start the power tiller without a starter, it is enough to perform the following steps:

  • Remove the broken part;
  • Find a strong rope about a meter long (can be removed from the broken starter);
  • In the place where the starter was, you will find a round metal part. There is a hole in one of its walls. Thread a rope through it and secure it with a knot;
  • Wrap the cable around the part several times, so that the rest of it is about 40 cm.

This is how to replace the starter. To start the engine, pull the rope sharply, pulling it out fully. The wire should not stay in the part, so this procedure will have to be repeated each time you start it up. Never wrap the cord around your hand or other objects. If the machine is wintered in cold, wet conditions, or damp or wet conditions, you could be seriously injured.

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Starting the power tiller after winter

Such machines tend to start badly after the winter. First of all, the ability of your power tiller to work after winter is affected by the conditions of storing it during the cold season. If the machine is parked in a cold and wet garage over the winter, it could cause serious problems.

Before starting your power tiller for the first time in the season it is recommended to change oil and fuel. Before you start your power tool for the first time in the season, change the oil and fuel. It is also recommended that you read the instructions again to make sure that all the proportions.

There is a big probability that the single-axle tractor will not start immediately. This is normal, you need to let the parts warm up well. You should also warm up the single axle tractor after starting the engine. The fuel may have thickened over the winter, so it is best not to use the machine intensively right away.

If the engine does not start, it is worth doing the following steps:

Preparation step

So you have your new power tiller to take care of your vegetable garden, orchard, or even your homestead. The first thing to start with is to check the oil level. Even if you are sure that it is enough or you were assured in the store that it is filled in completely, you still need to check. If you do not have enough oil you can ruin your engine. Also, the car may not start, if the oil was filled a long time ago and had time to spoil. Some engine models like Subaru and Lon Chin have a special sensor which tells how much oil is in your machine.

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After that you need to fill up the fuel. Your owner’s manual will tell you what kind of gasoline is right for your power tiller. You can also check this information with salespeople. Another important point concerns two-stroke engines, where petrol needs to be diluted with oil in a certain proportion.

Only after that you can proceed directly to the inspection of the whole tractor. That is, you must check all the nodes of the connection, the mounting of the handlebar and wheels, the clutch and throttle cables, and so on.

Starting the machine

Immediately before starting the single axle tractor, you must check and adjust all connections, first of all clutch, throttle and reverse, as well as fixing the steering wheel. Properly adjusted connections should move gently, smoothly, but with little effort at the beginning of the movement.

To start the gasoline power tiller with a hand starter you need to open the gasoline faucet, the lever on the choke should be on Choke, turn off the ignition and do 3-5 strokes of the starter. Then switch on the ignition and pull the starter again. As soon as the motor has “come to life,” the choke lever must be switched to RUN. On gasoline scooters with electric starter all much easier: just turn the ignition on and you can start immediately, because when you press the starter button electric starter itself starts to pump gasoline in the carburetor.

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Slightly more difficult to start the diesel single axle tractor. The engine’s start system is initially blocked and needs to be pumped by vigorous twisting of the starter motor until it starts.

If the engine is equipped with a manual starter, you can pump in another way: open the fuel tap and consistently open all the connections, until the fuel appears from them. It spilled a little of it. close connection and open the next one, repeating everything from the beginning, and so step by step we get to the nozzle.

When starting the diesel manually you need to open all the taps, set the gas to the middle position and press the decompressor. Hold it with your finger, pump it several times and then gently pull it to return it to its original position. After that, press the decompressor again and immediately pull the starter to start the engine.

When buying, be sure to demand that the seller tell you and show you how to properly start your future single axle tractor. This way you will not only become familiar with all the nuances of starting it, but you can also make sure that your single axle tractor works.

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Many owners have noticed this phenomenon when trying to start the machine. Why does it kick in the hand when you start a single axle tractor and how to avoid it? This phenomenon usually indicates early ignition. This is a common problem with motorcycles.

Early ignition is the result of contacts worn out during operation. To fix it, you need to reconfigure the starting system.

Another reason for a kick in the arm could be bad gasoline. Drain the fuel and replace it with another, remembering to respect the proportion with the oil. It may be necessary to flush the tank additionally. When dust and dirt accumulate in it, the gasoline gets clogged, which leads to irregular operation of the motor. To understand for sure that it is the fuel that affects the operation of the equipment and provokes kickback when starting the engine, it is possible by the spark plugs. After unscrewing it, you should examine it for carbon monoxide and soot. If there are combustion products in abundance, it is clearly an indication of low quality gasoline (provided that the plugs are changed regularly).

Important! In any case, the single axle tractor, like any machine, requires maintenance. All basic recommendations are specified by the manufacturer, so you should carefully read the manual and follow all maintenance measures for the machine.

properly, start, single-axle, tractor