How to put the bit in an electric screwdriver

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How to remove the bit from an electric screwdriver

What is an electric screwdriver?? In essence, it is the same drill, but an electric screwdriver differs from it in that it has a slower rotation speed of the chuck and, at the same time, a higher torque.

Another difference is that while a drill can change the rotation speed smoothly, an electric screwdriver usually has “fixed” chuck rotation speeds. This is connected with the “slipping” chuck function of an electric screwdriver: when the screw is tightened, the chuck stops rotating even though the motor is still running. This feature allows you to not tear the slots and not “drive” the screw inside.

Different speeds are designed for specific jobs and materials, as well as a “drilling” mode. Just like a drill, an electric screwdriver has a reverse function. The design features of an electric screwdriver allow them to perform a wide range of works: screwing and unscrewing screws and self-drilling screws, screws and nuts, drilling of soft materials.

The use of an electric screwdriver, for example, in the manufacture of drywall partition walls or furniture assembly, increases speed of work many times over. Therefore, an electric screwdriver is rightly considered one of the most common tools in the kit of any craftsman.

The designs of all screwdrivers are about the same. They are quite light and have a “pistol grip” designed for one-handed operation.

How to work properly with a cordless electric screwdriver

Naturally, the most striking feature of a cordless electric screwdriver is its mobility in operation. It can be used in places where there is no electricity or limited access to it. The screwdriver will be indispensable in various types of assembly, furniture assembly and other works. The presence of a second battery pack allows to work with the electric screwdriver constantly, using one and charging the other. When using any tool it is necessary to remember about safety precautions, as well as its proper use, which will be discussed below.

To start working with a screwdriver you need to fully charge the battery, no matter if it is a Makita or an inexpensive Chinese tool. It is good if your electric screwdriver has a battery charge level indicator to make it easy to use the battery. To start charging, plug in the battery charger. the green indicator light comes on. the battery has a special groove, thanks to which it can only be inserted in the charger in the correct way, thus protecting the battery against polarity reversal. The battery should be inserted snugly so that the charger and battery terminals are firmly connected to one another.

After inserting the battery into the adapter, the red LED lights up to indicate that charging is in progress. Once charging is complete, the color of the LED will change to green. After a full charge, put the battery back in the screwdriver. So. you can get to work. It’s worth noting that the color of the LEDs may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but the process is always the same.Torque adjustment

The special feature of the cordless screwdriver is the torque adjustment ring. This feature avoids overtightening or over-torquing of the screw. Thanks to a special mechanism, the chuck stops when the screw has been driven and the motor continues to work. The drill mode can be adjusted with the thumbwheel. In all other regulator positions the clutch will start to slip with a certain amount of force. The motor rotation speed selector (if equipped) allows for two speeds of lower or higher speed.

absolutely essential in an electric screwdriver. The switch is used to change the direction of the chuck’s rotation. In the central position the switch blocks the operation of the start button. In the other two positions, the chuck will rotate clockwise and counterclockwise, allowing for screwing and unscrewing. This key is always located above the start button so that you can change the chuck rotation direction with your thumb and forefinger without using your other hand.

wrenches can have a keyless chuck plastic or metal, which greatly simplifies the process of installing the bit and its removal, but many models have a chuck under the hexagon, t.е. allow a bit or tool to be inserted directly without screwing it in. To secure the drill bit or bit in the quick-action chuck, insert it into the electric screwdriver as far as it will go and tighten the chuck by hand. It is also possible to hold the front part of the chuck and pull the trigger and the chuck will unscrew.

Can I drill?

The tool can be used instead of a drill only if such possibility is specified in the technical data sheet of the device.

But soft materials like drywall can be drilled with even a low-powered electric screwdriver.

For this purpose, instead of a bit, a drill bit for working with gypsum plasterboard must be inserted into the chuck.

To pull out the drill bit or other bits, it is necessary to unscrew the chuck by hand or with a wrench. You must also reposition the sleeve to the correct position; the drill symbol is usually displayed in this position. Set the nozzle to the marked surface at right angles. Do not twist, because this makes it difficult to move the drill and increases the diameter of the hole being drilled.

To drill a concrete or brick wall, tile, you need a tool with a high rotational speed (from 1200 rpm) and high torque. Screwdrivers with an impact mechanism cope with the task more effectively and quickly.

To polish a car body, headlight or other surface with an electric screwdriver, you need additional attachments. polishing wheels. Made of cord or leather circles are used for pre-cleaning. Felt nozzles are used both for cleaning and for final polishing.

  • The surface to be polished is washed of dirt and dust;
  • dried;
  • Apply the abrasive compound to the polishing wheel;
  • Work on all parts of the surface to be polished by smooth, even strokes, without applying undue pressure;. Felt tips are used for polishing.

In the process, the wheel is periodically cleaned of residual paste with a clean rag. Polishing takes a long time, the battery can be discharged. If the device becomes too hot, switch it off and wait for a short period before resuming work.

Safety precautions

Before using a screwdriver, be sure to read the safety precautions in the instruction booklet that comes with the tool. Often this tool is used in the workplace. As a rule, the instruction “How to use an electric screwdriver” should necessarily be in the occupational safety acts. All safety precautions must be observed to prevent accidents when using a screwdriver. Do not trust the tool with people who do not know how to use the screwdriver and cannot follow safety procedures. For example, for children, the elderly, sick people and people under the influence of alcohol.

Wear protective clothing and goggles before using this tool. Remember that any tool, no matter what it is, is source of danger.

Tips for use

To work effectively with an electric screwdriver, you need to set the torque correctly. When working with soft materials (drywall) switch it to minimum mode, when drilling or screwing fasteners into hard surfaces switch it to maximum. Before changing modes, you must turn off the unit and wait for the motor to stop completely.

To avoid dust flying into the eyes when drilling the ceiling, you can put a plastic or paper cup on the drill. It collects all the dirt and makes it easier to check the work progress.

Important! Domestic electric screwdriver models are not designed for intensive use. If you run the tool for too long, it can overheat and cause the motor to burn out. If the housing becomes too warm, you must immediately turn off the device and wait for it to cool down.

Types of bits for an electric screwdriver according to their function

The shape of the bit’s core depends on what it is for. There is a distinction between heads according to this feature :

  • professional drill bits;
  • spring-loaded and magnetic;
  • With the “plug” design;
  • For drywall;
  • with an anti-vandal slot;
  • for nuts and bolts.

Specialists advise to buy bits as a set. Sold individually, they cost more.

Many fasteners can be driven with these bits. Approximately 400 screws can be driven in and tightened with them, and the bit remains in serviceable condition afterwards. Professional bits are made of high quality metal. Products are protected by a special coating.

This kit usually contains a torsion bit for an impact model of an electric screwdriver. It differs in appearance. The torsion product has a very narrow area between the slot and the shank. It has a special flexible insert in the form of a spring. torsionally positioned. Due to this structure, the torx bit is used when it is necessary to screw into a material with a non-uniform structure or very dense material. Self-drilling screws are used in this application. With this type of head you can sink a self-tapping screw into the metal, including the cap.

The nozzles, which are designed for drywall sheets, have a stopper. It prevents material damage during assembly. Drywall is a fragile material, so screw in self-tapping screws should be without strong pressure.

The bits that can be used to tighten and unscrew nuts and bolts have a special shape. The working part of these bits has a hole. These bits are made in different sizes. If screws and nuts with large flats are to be driven, then an electric screwdriver with high power is needed.

electric, screwdriver

Sockets that are equipped with an anti-vandal slot also have another name, snake eye. The shape of such tip is adapted for a fork spanner.

Bit with fork-type construction refers to a kind of antivandal slot. In appearance, it looks like a flat head, but it has a slit in the middle. These elements are made of quality steel. they are distinguished by their robustness and durability.

Bits with magnetic tip and spring clip are designed for work in hard-to-reach places and on the ceiling. The bit retainers hold the bit in the adapter. Magnetic tip guides it securely into the screw notches, prevents the bit from slipping, and the screw can be driven in deep. Spring-loaded nozzle allows you to work on fasteners that are at different angles and in hard-to-reach places.

bit types for an electric screwdriver according to their application

The shape of the bit’s working part determines what it is designed for. According to this feature differentiate the heads :

  • professional;
  • spring and magnetic;
  • with “fork” design;
  • for drywall;
  • with anti-vandal slot;
  • for nuts and bolts.

Experts advise to buy bits as a set. They cost more each piece.

Many fasteners are screwed with these heads. They can screw in and tighten about 400 screws, and after that the nozzle remains in good condition. Professional bits are made of high-quality metal. The products are protected by a special coating.

This kit usually includes a torsion bit for the impact model of an electric screwdriver. It differs in appearance. The torsion product has a very narrow gap between the slot and the shank. It has a special flexible insertion in the form of a spring. that works for twisting. Due to this design, torsion bits are used when screwing into materials with a non-uniform structure or high density. A self-drilling screwdriver is used. With such a head, you can sink a self-drilling screw into the metal as a whole, including the cap.

Sockets designed for drywall sheets have a stopper. It prevents the material from being damaged during assembly. Drywall is a fragile material, so screw in screws without strong pressure.

Bits, that can be used for screwing in and out nuts and bolts, have a non-standard shape. The working part of these heads has a hole. These bits are made in different sizes. If screws and nuts with large flats are to be driven, then an electric screwdriver with high power is needed.

Bits that are equipped with an anti-vandal slot also have another name. snake eye. The shape of such tip is adapted for a fork spanner.

Bit with fork-type construction relates to a type of anti-vandal slot. They look like flat-heads, but they have a slit in the middle. These elements are made of quality steel. they are distinguished by their robustness and durability.

bits with a magnetic tip and a spring clip are designed for work in hard-to-reach places and on ceilings. Locks keep the bit in the adapter. The magnetic tip firmly fixes it in the grooves of the screw, prevents the nozzle from slipping, and the screw can be driven deep. The spring bit allows working with fasteners that are at different angles and in hard-to-reach places.

Designation varieties

The application variant is determined by the shape of the working part of the bit. According to this principle they are classified into the following types:

  • for bolts and nuts;
  • with anti-vandal slot;
  • with fork-type construction;
  • spring and magnetic;
  • for drywall;
  • for professional use.

The first type allows you to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts. They are distinguished by the non-standard shape of the working part, which, unlike other samples is not convex, but has a hole. The advantages of these bits include a wide range of sizes.

electric, screwdriver

The variant of anti-vandal slot is also called “snake-eye”, as the shape of their tip is adapted for a fork wrench. Models with the “fork” design are a variation of the previous type of bit. Similar in appearance to the flat head variant, but with a slit in the middle. They are made of high-quality steel, so their advantages include durability, strength.

The spring clip ensures a secure fixture in the adapter. And magnetic tips provide good grip with fastener notches, prevent slippage of the head. Such variants guarantee comfortable tightening of screws, self-tapping screws in hard-to-reach places, on the ceiling covering. The presence of a flexible spring allows you to screw fasteners at an angle greater than 90 degrees.

Nozzles for drywall are distinguished by the presence of a limiter, which prevents damage to the material when performing installation. Experts recommend avoid strong pressure when screwing in screws, because plasterboard is very fragile.

Professional bits are characterised by reliability, high durability and long working life. Made of high-quality metal, specially coated. They are the right choice for a large number of screws and fastenings. If you fasten more than 400 screws with this bit, you won’t need to replace it.

The set of professional samples includes a torsion bit for an impact electric screwdriver. In appearance, it is distinguished by the narrow area between the shank and the slot. Also in the design is present a flexible insert in the form of a spring, working on twisting. This design feature allows a self-drilling screw to be driven into hard materials (e.g. into a self-drilling screw with a head in metal).

Experts recommend buying different versions of tooling as a set, as buying them one by one will cost more.

What electric screwdriver to choose.

Characteristics, selection parameters

Electric screwdriver. a universal power tool, used for screwing fasteners and drilling not very hard materials: wood, plastic, plasterboard, thin sheet metal, etc. Unusual use of an electric screwdriver. drilling holes in the ice in winter fishing and mixing not very thick building mixes.

Electric screwdriver is considered a multipurpose tool, as it finds application in different types of work: repair, decoration, grinding surfaces, assembly of furniture and various structures, work with drywall, wood, etc. The device can be used both indoors (in the apartment, in the cottage, in the garage), and outdoors.

The 20 Mini ELECTRIC Screwdriver!

The design of any electric screwdriver is the same: an electric motor with a gear that transmits torque to the spindle and tooling, a certain type of chuck and an electronic control system. There is also a torque control clutch and a rechargeable battery (for cordless models) which supplies power to the tool. Choosing the right tool for your needs requires thoughtful consideration. What electric screwdriver to buy for home or professional use, will prompt our article.

Overview of popular screwdriver manufacturers

In the question of which electric screwdriver to choose to work at home or at the facility, an important role is played by the manufacturer and brand name of the equipment. As a rule, users want to buy tools of a well known and proven brand and not to overpay for the quality. The choice of the best brands was influenced by feedback from real users.

Bosch is a German brand that produces high-quality and reliable equipment that has been tested for several generations. All models are equipped with durable motors with high torque. The classes of the tool are divided by color: in the green case. household tools, in blue. professional. The range includes both cordless and corded models.

electric, screwdriver

Makita. Japanese brand of professional equipment for construction and repair work. One of the favorites, along with Bosch, among master builders and ordinary users. The products are distinguished by good power, increased operating life and years of reliability.

DeWALT. brand from America, is considered one of the best in the line of screwdrivers. The equipment is characterized by multi-functionality, quality and powerful motor and safe use due to reduced vibration. There are network and cordless screwdrivers in the lineup. Actively used in the professional construction industry.

“Interskol”. domestic brand of electrical equipment, produces a budget line of screwdrivers and other tools for construction and repair. Inexpensive models are versatile and productive enough to handle the load. Interskol equipment is mainly used for domestic repair or as a spare tool for professional repair. STANLEY line consists of cordless and cordless models with 1 or 2 batteries.

STANLEY. old brand of construction equipment, there are professional and amateur line. New technologies are used in production and technical properties of tools are improved each time. High class quality and ease of use have long been appreciated by users around the world.

PATRIOT is another American manufacturer of power tools and various special equipment in the segment of affordable products. Even professional models have a relatively low price compared to other well-known brands. The tools use motors that are robust and reliable enough to withstand considerable loads.

Metabo. a well-known German brand of special equipment in the branded dark green case. Wide range of cordless and mains screwdrivers. The cordless tool uses the most powerful LiHD technology (4 to 8 Ah), which ensures high power operation for a very long time.

Domestic and professional screwdrivers

Before you choose a drill electric screwdriver this or that model, you need to determine the amount of work. If you need a tool for constant work over several hours, it is better to pay attention to the professional version, and for small household works (hang a shelf, assemble new furniture) you can buy an inexpensive household version.

electric, screwdriver

Used for tightening screws, bolts and nails. Has a modest technical indicators: low torque, relatively low battery capacity, but affordable. Used in home minor repairs or as a replacement tool in addition to the main tool.

Professional screwdrivers

productive and powerful. Screws fasteners and can drill holes in wood, plastic, thin and soft metal. Usually have a 2 or 3 speed gearbox for optimal working conditions, the torque of these models reaches values of 130 N∙m. Generally equipped with quick-change system for bits. Also professional models may contain a brushless motor, which has higher efficiency and smaller dimensions. expensive than the household, but pays for itself through constant use.

Power and cordless electric screwdriver

All wrenches work with electricity, the only difference is its source: network models are powered through a cord and a socket. Cordless wrenches have a removable rechargeable battery that is charged via a DC power source (also via the socket).