How To Put The Disc On The Stihl Trimmer

How to put the disc on the trimmer correctly. How to mow with a trimmer (with a metal knife)

First walk around the site.
A) to find:
– the boundaries of the area where you will mow with a trimmer;
– where are plants in the grass that cannot be cut (flowers, bushes, seedlings)
b) to determine the starting point (you need to start mowing with the trimmer from the lightest area, in order to create an open space so that when moving into larger grass you can better see the mowing area)
c) to determine the direction of cutting with the trimmer (depending on the presence of ditches, slopes and slopes of the grass)
d) to determine how to cut with a trimmer:
– in folds. If the area is flat with flat grass (so that there are fewer transitions)
– with the transition back to a clean place, when Mowing lodged grass (its slope should be directed forward)
– Cutting across a large slope (it is much easier to cut across a slope with the trimmer than going up and down a slope).

We put a metal knife: weed or hay. Protection, i.E. Knife guard, obligatory (without additional protection for the trimmer head)
– in order to mow with a trimmer, you must assemble in order: a driver chuck, a metal knife (you need to put it without skewing), a support cup, fastening flange and screw a nut (left thread)
– insert the locking pin and turn the metal knife to lock the output shaft of the Husqvarna gearbox;
– tighten the nut with a wrench with a force of 3. 5 kg / m;

When mowing with a metal blade trimmer, you must set:
– speed of movement of the knife, depending on the irregularities (so that the trimmer mows cleaner and faster)
– working delight of the disc: between 8 and 12 o’clock (when moving the knife to the left)
– reverse (can be working, cleaning or idle)
– gas (by load)
– flat: blade angle and mowing width (more)
– cutting height (to make it easier to mow with a trimmer or to make it cleaner)
– where to go (along the ditch, along the slope of the grass, on the site)

11 o’clock) and to the right with an inclination of the handles to the right (sector

1 hour), and take your time. So that he mows with a trimmer neatly and does not “dig” the ground;
– during work (and turns), do not forget to look around!:
1.To notice the gestures of others, turn off the engine and remove the headphones,
2. So that children, animals, spectators and assistants do NOT come closer than 15 m. When a metal knife collides with a stationary object in the grass, the trimmer or lawn mower (lawn mower) can be strongly thrown to the side or turned back, and the maximum speed of the metal knife is 10,500 rpm. And he is able to cut off an arm or a leg,
and also, when mowing with a trimmer from under a metal knife, various objects (rubble, glass, debris) can fly out and ricochet.

How to mow with a trimmer (more about the mowing technique).

Engine speed when trimming with a trimmer is set depending on the load on the engine. the thicker the grass and, naturally, the heavier the engine, the bolder you need to open the hole (throttle valve in the carburetor diffuser).
Try to keep the engine operating speed constant while trimming (slightly above average). or less gas. only depending on the total engine load. It is not necessary to completely release the throttle (and immediately accelerate again) with each sweep of the streamer. So the clutch will not burn for long, and it can overtake the edges on the drive shaft. And the overall wear of the trimmer (lawn mowers) increases dramatically.

We find out the parameters of the site before mowing with a trimmer:
(To know which knives to take, how much fuel and time you need)

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It is not recommended to put metal knives on electric scythes, since the design features make their use dangerous for the user. This is explained by the curved shape of the rod, the absence of stops on the handles, as well as the high rotation speed.

Plastic knives should be used on the gooseneck trimmer for safety reasons. Their purpose is mowing soft grasses, dead wood. Whereas metal discs do an excellent job with tall, dense, hard shoots, bushes, as well as tree shoots.

Rules for replacing knives with a grass trimmer

If the trimmer disc is used regularly, it needs to be removed and sharpened from time to time or replaced with a new one. This part can be made of metal or plastic, have a different number of blades, but the replacement process remains the same. over, this procedure is similar for equipment from different manufacturers, be it Carver or Huter, but minor differences are possible. Changing the knife to a trimmer is quite simple, if you follow the safety precautions and know the correct procedure, the description of which can be found in the user manual. The entire replacement process step by step, as well as the method of self-sharpening knives, will be described in this material.

Lawn mower disc features

Knife discs are produced in plastic and metal, as well as in various shapes to perform diverse tasks.

  • Two-, three- and four-bladed knives with pronounced blades are used for mowing grass and tree growth. However, they are not suitable for making hay, as they grind the shoots, chop them several times.
  • The massive four-blade discs are designed not only for clearing the ground from grass, but also for mowing hay. They prevent repeated cutting of the shoots, thus making them suitable for harvesting for the winter.
  • Discs with cutting edges around the perimeter are relevant for beveling reeds and reeds. Such knives are very heavy. this is a necessary quality to cut thick stems.
  • Professional saw blades for brush cutters and lawn mowers for cutting small trees and bushes.

Plastic knives are used as an alternative to metal discs. They do not need to be firmly fixed in the head, but they rotate as a result of the action of centrifugal force. The strength of plastic knives is high, so the service life is quite long.

Disc sharpening

Regardless of the quality of the disc, over time it becomes dull and begins to chop grass poorly. If the knives are still new, and replacement is impractical, you can sharpen them yourself.

To sharpen discs, you must:

  • Disassemble the trimmer, remove the knives;
  • Carefully inspect the disc. if cracks are found, it is better to replace the part with a new one, since its further operation is unsafe;
  • Bent blades can be carefully driven out with a hammer;
  • Given the size of the disc, you need to choose the right file for metal, this will provide more convenient work;
  • Sharpen all upper cutting edges of the discs at an angle of 30 °;
  • Reassemble the trimmer in reverse order.

To sharpen the disc, you can use an emery machine at low speeds, set a grinding wheel with a medium grain size. With such a tool, the process will move much faster. For safety, you need to wear gloves on your hands, and a protective mask or goggles on your face.

So, for mowing grass on gasoline and trimmers, plastic and metal discs of various shapes and with a different set of blades are used. They are chosen in accordance with the type of work performed and the size of the cultivated area. If the blades on the mower are dull, it is easy to sharpen them or change them yourself. Despite the simplicity of the procedure, you need to be careful and remember about safety, so as not to injure yourself through negligence or damage the equipment. A more detailed description of replacing the knives in relation to a particular trimmer model can be found in the operating instructions or on the manufacturer’s official website. For clarity, the general scheme of the process is shown in.

How To Put The Disc On The Stihl Trimmer

Trimmer disc installation procedure

Attaching the blade to the trimmer is easy. For this, a complete wrench is used that disconnects the cutting attachment and a pin that blocks the gearbox. The procedure is as follows.

  • First of all, the electric trimmer should be disconnected from the network, the petrol trimmer should be simply turned off. Detach and move the protective cover to the side.
  • Next, you need to combine the holes on the gearbox and the shaft in order to insert a pin into them and block the drive.
  • If a spool with line was used, it must be unscrewed clockwise.
  • Then you need to find a nut to twist the knife.
  • The next step is to install the knives. Trimmer owners often wonder which side they put the disc on. This must be done so that the marking with numbers and letters is on top.
  • Then you need to put a boot on top, and above it. a fixing nut, which must be tightened tightly with a wrench.
  • The last step is to install the protective cover.
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As you can see, the procedure is very simple and the same for many brands, whether it is Stihl or Husqvarna.


The number of blades is important when solving diverse tasks. So, two or three pieces are enough to chop the grass. To prepare hay, it is necessary that there are from four to eight blades on the disc. To destroy small shoots of trees and shrubs, instead of blades, the disks should have a large number of small teeth.

Disk selection criteria

You need to choose a plastic or metal knife, taking the area of ​​the site, which is planned to be processed, as well as the type of trimmer. electric or gasoline. The number of blades will depend on which growth needs to be removed with the tool. You can choose the desired shape of the disc, the number of blades and the material of manufacture using the instruction manual for the device. Usually it prescribes which cutters are recommended to be used to solve certain problems.

When is the use of knives relevant?

When using lawn mowers in summer cottages, the fishing line is the most popular attachment. It has a low price, is suitable for different trim heads, and is safe to use. The disadvantage of using a fishing line is that it is convenient only for mowing low growth. In the second situations, the string will immediately clog, regardless of whether a petrol or electric trimmer is used. In addition, vegetation is wound around the spindle, which creates significant resistance on the shaft and leads to its breakage. It can also cause the piston system to fail in lawn mowers or to burn out the motor in trimmers.

Therefore, for mowing tall or hard vegetation, various attachments are used. So, for harvesting tall and coarse grass, thin shoots of trees and shrubs, it is better to install and use a disc. This nozzle clogs much less often, which contributes to the greater wear resistance of the equipment.

The best trimmers

Trimmer Huter GET-400 on Yandex Market

Trimmer STAVR TE-1700 on Yandex Market

Trimmer Makita UR3502 on Yandex Market

Trimmer Stihl FSE 81, Stihl (48090114119)

The STIHL FSE 81 electric braid with a power of 1000 W. Ideal for artificial turf care and mowing in small areas, mowing near hedges and clearing seedlings near stairs and paths.

Power consumption: 230 W
Engine type: electric
Full length: 1.53 m

  • Characteristics
  • Description
  • Instructions and details
  • Delivery
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Power consumption: 230 W
Engine type: electric
Full length: 1.53 m
Handle height adjustment: yes
Noise level: 93 dB (A)
Cutting element: AutoCau C 5-2 mowing head
Weight: 4.7kg

The STIHL FSE 81 electric braid with a power of 1000 W. Ideal for artificial turf care and mowing in small areas, mowing near hedges and clearing seedlings near stairs and paths.
The sample is equipped with a very powerful electric motor with high torque. The device has the ability to electronically adjust the speed of rotation of the cutting element. The main features of the STIHL FSE 81 electric braids include: an adjustable semiautomatic head (AutoCut) with two threads. The AutoCut C 5-2 system provides easy and safe winding of spare yarns. To protect the tree bark from damage, a Limiting wheel is used, the position of the handle is also adjusted, there is a soft handle that reduces the effect of mechanical vibrations, the cable length limiter eliminates the possibility of accidental power disconnection.
The compact dimensions and low weight of the STIHL FSE 81 electric braids provide maximum, comfortable operation.

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You can ask a question online through “Online Help”, ICQ 603787510, Skype, leave a request for a “Callback” or email us, in search of instructions or details.

You can ask a question online through “Online Help”, ICQ 603787510, Skype, leave a request for a “Callback” or email us, in the search.

We deliver the purchased Trimmer Stihl FSE 81, Stihl (48090114119) in the following areas:

Transcarpathian, Sumy, Crimea, Kiev, Odessa, Donetsk, Lvov, Volyn, Rivne, Vinnitsa, Lugansk, Cherkassk, Poltava, Kherson, Khmelnitskaya, Chernivtsi, Zhytomyr, Kharkiv, Zaporozhye, Nikolaev, Chernigov, Ternopil, Dnepropetrovsk, Kirov.Frankovskaya.

You can buy and deliver Trimmer Stihl FSE 81, Stihl (48090114119) in the following cities:

Sumy, Romny, Reni, Bar, Torez, Artsyz, Balta, Shostka, Shatsk, Busk, Yuzhnoe, Glukhov, Buryn, Lutsk, Kiliya, Ratno, Sarata, Akhtyrka, Brody, Goscha, Izmail, Donetsk, Zugres, Stryi, Odessa, Putivl, Lviv, Lebedin, Litin, Kodyma, Konotop, Smila, Sarny, Uman, Savran, Teplik, Soledar, Khorol, Sambor, Exactly, Ugledar, Ananyev, Shpola, Bolgrad, Bryanka, Gaisin, Gadyach, Dubno, Zhovkva, Rozhische, Lubny, Lokachi, Krolevets, Kotovsk, Korets, Kovel, Kanev, Izyum, Slavyansk, Ruzhin, Avdeevka, Svatovo, Kherson, Turiysk, Tulchin, Bershad, Khotin, Khartsyzsk, Happiness, Khust, Trostyanets, Radekhov, Alchevsk, Chutovo, Belyaevka, Shchors, Shakhtersk, Shishaki, Valki, Gnivan, Gorlovka, Ostrog, Gorokhov, Vinnitsa, Orzhitsa, Dimitrov, Enakievo, Zolochev, Drabov, Ivanichi, Zhashkov, Zhidachov, Ovruch, Mlinov, Nemirov, Luhansk, Mena, Malin, Ladyzhin, Kurakhovo, Lyuboml, Lyubeshov, Lyubar, Lipovets, Kivertsy, Kirovsk, Kazatin, Ilyintsy, Ichnya, Zmiev, Rubezhnoe, Popasnaya, Berezno, Canopy, Turnip, Tyachev, Pyriatin, Anthracite, Tokmak, Artemovsk, Chernukhi, Chigirin, Chuguev, Chudnov, Shargorod, Varva, Globino, Volnovakha, Dzerzhinsk, Druzhkovka, Drohobych, Zhmerynka, Orekhov, Olevsk, Poltava, Talnoe, Rovenki, Stakhanov, Lysyanka, Nezhin, Merefa, Lutugino, Luginy, Mashevka, Mashevka Manevichi, Lokhvitsa, Karp, Kakhovka, Kamenka, Ilyichevsk, Zenkov, Cherkasy, Slavuta, Kharkiv, Romanov, Berislav, Chaplinka, Truskavets, Razdelnaya, Chernobay, Yasinovataya, Bakhmach, Shumsk, Borzna, Borovaya, Vizhach, Veseloe Gradizhsk, Grebenka, Vatutino, Gorodishche, Dikanka, Dobropolye, Dokuchaevsk, Derazhnya, Debaltsevo, Elanets, Ochakov, Zhytomyr, Ovidiopol, Tomashpol, Novoazovsk, Skadovsk, Novopskov, Mirgorod, Netishin, Nedrigailov, Kupyanskaya, Lozovan, Lozovan Kryzhopol, Kramatorsk, Kotelva, Krasnopolye, Krasnodon, Kitsman, Dogs, Kalinovka, Kalanchak, Irshansk, Irshava, Karlovka, Izyaslav, Gemini, Sverdlovsk, Sokiryany, Popelnya, Polonnoe, Uzhgorod, Tsyurupinsk, Amrosimakivkhovka, Cherkhovka Chernivtsi, Belozerka and Berdichev, Berdyansk, Borshchev, Glybokaya, Volochisk, Volchansk, Gorodnya, Dubrovitsa, Dunaevtsy, Zastavna, Zbarazh, Zborov, Zdolbunov, Nosovka, Sosnitsa, Perevalsk, Radivilov, Priluki, Primorskopol, Narodichi, Kremenchug, Kostavna, Mankovka. 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