How To Put The Spring On The Trimmer Starter

How to Install Spring Starter Lawn Mowers

Do-it-yourself starter repair with a gas drill, lawn mowers, trimmer

We will now consider a more widespread case when the breakdown is not so serious and will show how to repair the starter with our own hands, if the cord breaks off without any destructive consequences or does NOT wind up due to the fact that the spring inside just flew off, out of engagement. At the very least, at first I want to believe in this. But in order to find out whether it is or comments, it will be necessary to disassemble the starter.

Starter repair for lawn mowers, trimmers

It may not seem so easy to insert the starter spring the first time, but everything comes with experience. With a little practice, you can easily wind the spring into the pulley in a maximum of a minute.

The starter spring is wound. It remains only to assemble the starter and charge the spring to the desired value

How to replace the chainsaw starter spring?

In order to replace the old spring in the disassembled starter, you must proceed in the following order:

  • Before installing the chainsaw starter spring, you will need to remove the mechanism holder. This should be done very carefully so as not to break the part;
  • Then you need to look inside the clip. In it, you will see a spring wrapped around a C-shaped element. To remove the spring, fix the upper part of it with your finger and pull the starter handle slightly aside;
  • After removing the old spring, you need to wind up a new part. At the same time, try to avoid kinking and twisting of the new spring element;
  • To collect the chainsaw starter spring, you will need to act as carefully as possible, otherwise an equal incorrect movement can lead to unwinding of the part;
  • After you have managed to fully insert the spring into the starter, you must carefully fix the clip.

At the last stage, all that remains is to assemble the chainsaw starter and try to start the tool. It is possible that you will have to do 10 to 20 jerks. This is necessary in order for the spring to finally fall into place.

Installing the pulley (black in this photo), look through the hole in it so that the spring hook falls into the groove on the starter cover

Then, if there is a spring under the screw, we first install it, and not forgetting to put washers on the bottom and top of the spring.

Carefully insert the cup with the Usyk into the grooves of the coil and tighten the screw.

Make sure that the club that is on the spring does not fall out. Why is it important? The fact is that the spring scratches the plastic cup with its end, as a result of which the latter wears out and begins to press the screw more tightly against the coil. Replacing the lawn mower starter. For this reason, a situation may arise that is very similar to a spring break, the handle is pulled out of the starter, but does not come back. However, loosen the starter screw this problem disappears. It is simple to fix such a starter malfunction: just pick up a spring of the same diameter, but a little longer, or put an additional washer. If we just loosely tighten the screw, then it will twist and fly out, and this will already increase the likelihood of the spring breaking, since the pulley will not fit snugly enough to the starter housing.

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We screwed the coil to the body, now we need to tighten the spring. Before this, it is necessary to remove the starter handle from the rope in advance. Starter device for lawn mowers Interskol MKB 4325. If the knot is too strong, then you can simply cut it off or try to untie it, for example, using a pair of pliers. This is done so that after you have cocked the spring, you can thread the rope through the hole in the starter cover. The other end of the rope must be secured in the reel even before it is inserted into the body, the rope must be wound onto the pulley before tensioning the spring DO NOT do this after.

Before charging the spring, estimate how many revolutions of the coil the rope should be wound. Let’s say the length of the rope in the starter of the Ada GroundDrill-5 motor drill corresponds to 5.5 turns around the reel. In this case, we make at least 6 turns of the coil in the direction opposite to the direction of winding.

So let’s get started. DO NOT reel, insert the rope into the groove in the reel specially designed for it. Replacing the lawn mower cord. Everything is ready, we proceed to tensioning the spring. To do this, rotate the coil counterclockwise in the direction opposite to the direction of rotation of the coil when winding the rope. It is more convenient to do this not in the knees, but pressed the starter with one hand to the floor, and with the other, turning the reel directly by the rope attached to it. If experience is not enough, then you can rotate the pulley itself with both hands, but the rope will get in the way, which can create additional inconveniences. Starter device for Husqvarna lawn mowers. After the required number of turns is made, threading the end of the rope through the hole in the starter cover, we put on the handle, securing it with a knot. It is more convenient to do this together with a partner, so that the end of the cable does NOT accidentally wind up inside the starter.

By the way, on your own, you can make some modifications to the design of the starter in order to more reliably fix the end of the spring inside the coil. Here, whoever has enough imagination for that. Now I will explain why this is needed. It often happens that the spring in starters of this type, after the first such self-repair and installation of the starter on the unit, flies off again after a few jerks. The hook does not hold in the coil groove. And this is despite the fact that the coil almost snugly adheres to the starter cover and the spring there certainly does not have to hang freely up and down, and even more so until the spring leaves its engagement. It turns out that when the cable is pulled, the spring pulls out, pulls it out of the groove. In this case, you can do the following: cut out a narrow strip of metal, which, in thickness, could fit tightly into the groove of the coil along with the spring hook itself. So the hook will not dangle freely in the groove, which means it will not be so easy for it to break out.

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A metal plate tightly inserted into the gap between the spring hook and the groove walls will securely hold the spring

Another solution to the problem: drill small holes in the coil on both sides of the groove and, insert the spring hook, fix it with a thin wire threaded through these holes. But here you need to manage to make sure that this wire does NOT touch the inside of the starter cover when rotating and does NOT slow down the pulley. Alternatively, loosely tighten the screw or replace it with a similar slightly longer one. Starter device for stark lawn mowers. You can think of an option with installing some kind of gasket between the lid and the coil.

Does your power tool starter design differ from the above? Faced another malfunction, or do you know the best way to repair a starter yourself? Ask questions, share your experience with other joint efforts, we can solve the problem of frequent starter breakdowns once and for all!

How to assemble a starter?

The most important thing in the process of self-repair of a starter is to assemble it correctly.

After the spring is fully wound, you need to carefully turn the coil over and insert it into the starter housing so that the second spring hook enters the housing groove.

The Brovchenko family. Installing the spring in the recoil starter lawn mowers.

How to install a spring in a recoil starter for a petrol trimmer? At home, this can be done. To me

Typical breakdowns and repairs of the chainsaw starter

The appearance of various malfunctions of the starter leads to the inability to start the chainsaw. The most common starter breakdowns include:

  • The starter pulley is completely broken or cracked;
  • The spring has burst;
  • Starter rope broke.

To fix each of THESE faults with your own hands, you will need certain tools. You must have a set of screwdrivers and a spare cable with you. You need to remove and inspect the starter for a chainsaw in the following order:

  • To find the cause of the breakdown, the starter will need to be removed from the chainsaw. To do this, unscrew the screws with a screwdriver, with which the protective cover is held with the starter attached to it;
  • After removing the cover, you must carefully unscrew the screw by means of which the starter is attached to the protective cover;
  • Then you need to try to smoothly start the starter. To do this, remove the spring and clamps from it;
  • Further, a coil with a cable is removed from the inspection starter.
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As a result of inspection, you can find a number of typical faults. These include:

  • Various damage to the pulley in the form of tears or cracks, mainly in the rear of the part. They interfere with the normal operation of the entire starter;
  • Damage to the starter spring, easy starting. In such cases, not only the spring itself, but also the place of its fixation can be faulty. This is the most vulnerable part of the spring;
  • Damage to the starter flywheel dog.

In any case, any defective part must be completely replaced with a new part.

How to put a spring on a chainsaw starter?

Place the starter spring in the desired groove. It’s not easy even for an experienced user. First, the spring should be twisted to the previous diameter and installed in the cavity of the drum hub.

The outer end of the spring is fixed to the limit lug, and the outer end with a screwdriver should be positioned opposite the hole in the lock. The loop in the inner end of the spring is aligned with the hole with a screwdriver, after which the disc is lowered.

Rotate the disc to check if the ratchet dog has come into place. Next, the ratchet itself is assembled.

After installing the spring, you need to adjust its tension. How to wind the starter spring tension the spring. Starter handle like. To do this, a cable is inserted into the groove on the circumference, and a return spring is twisted around it. After removing the slack, it is better to inflate the spring an additional few turns to ensure the required tension of the part.

How to Pull the Spring Chainsaw Starter

How To Put The Spring On The Trimmer Starter

Chainsaw starter. Learn to self-repair

Any chainsaw requires a starter to quickly start. With accelerated cranking of the crankshaft of the tool, the fuel-air mixture supplied to the engine is compressed NOT its subsequent ignition. How to replace the spring details of replacing the chainsaw starter dogs how to tighten. Therefore, the normal operation of the chainsaw starter determines the performance of the entire mechanism.

Chainsaw starter repair. With your own hands.

How to make a starter on a chainsaw yourself? How to bend the spring on the chainsaw starter? How to wind a spring.

Chainsaw starter: device, breakdowns and DIY repair

In the design of the chainsaw, the starter is responsible for the proper starting of the engine of the tool. Over time, owners of chainsaws are faced with the need to repair this important unit. And, the sooner it is possible to eliminate the malfunction, the less other important parts and mechanisms of the tool will succumb to wear.

Chainsaw starter repair

With frequent starts of the chainsaw, some parts of the starter are constantly subjected to dynamic loads. As a result, the cable may burst, several teeth of the ratchet crumbled, and the shaft. Will crank at a much slower speed. Therefore, revision and even repair of the starter. Operations sometimes carried out several times per season.