How to remove a blade from a saw

Stone disc

Models used when working with bricks, tiles, granite and other hard materials. The cutting edge of such products often has diamond soldering, which allows you to quickly cope with any material of any density..

When a saw is working with such a tool, it is imperative to take breaks so that the nozzle cools down. Wet saw blades have no teeth and are soldered all over the edge.

Wet saw blade, for marble

The diamond layer can be up to 5.5 millimeters in height. Such rigs are used in the professional field for long-term operation. Cooling takes place due to the supplied liquid.

For metal

This model is used to work with metal, including pipes, profiles, fittings, and so on. Differ in the type of material they will process.

If a blade is used in a saw design without liquid cooling, then there will be slots in its body, which will compensate for the discharge temperature.

Scope of use and basic parameters

Circular saws, small and medium-sized in terms of cutting depth, belong to the class of hand-held equipment, which has sufficient maneuverability and convenience. At the same time, such circular saws have low power, therefore, they do not differ in high productivity..

Saws with a large cutting depth are more professional equipment, therefore they are used in small enterprises, woodworking workshops.

How to Remove a Stuck Circular Saw Blade

Circular saws are one of the most demanded tools on the market. It is the depth of cut that is the main parameter that people pay attention to when buying a product..

You should never rush to make a choice, the same cutting depth is not an indicator that the selected tool can cope with the task.

The second main indicator is the power of the power unit inside the saw structure. The performance of the product depends on this parameter..

In third place in terms of the main parameters is the rotational speed of the disk for circular. Sawing solid materials is necessary with a tool that has this indicator as high as possible.

Circular saw blades: the right choice and application

  • Classification of circulars
  • Scope of use and basic parameters
  • How to make a circular saw blade?
  • What circular saw blades are?
  • Stone disc
  • Circular saw blade
  • For metal
  • On plastic
  • How to choose
  • How to remove a snap

Circular saws are a hand-held tool that can be used to make cross and longitudinal cuts in various materials. The main structural element of such a tool is a metal disc with cutting teeth at the edges..

What circular saw blades are?

In production and in everyday life, discs of different types are used. They differ among themselves not only in the material of manufacture, the position of the teeth, but also in the scope of use..

All products on the market can be divided into 4 types:

On plastic

Such equipment is used when working on plastic, fiberglass or metal-plastic. The teeth on such products have a negative sharpening angle, so you can make a neat cut even on a small-sized part. Some rigs of this type are used as a disc on laminate, chipboard or fiberboard..

Saw blade for plastic, laminate, aluminum

During work, sharp equipment must be used. A damaged or already blunt tool becomes the cause of jamming in the product, and, accordingly, the motor is blocked..

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The maximum use for the saw should not be allowed to be exceeded, this applies to a greater extent to the rotation speed. In order for the equipment to last longer, you need to constantly clean it from the remnants of the sawn material.

Classification of circulars

All circular saws on the market can be divided according to their purpose..

Among them:

  • Models used for cutting metal. (Also used in miter saws);
  • Used for cross-cutting wood;
  • Circular saws for timber rip;
  • Models used for cutting panel materials, including laminate.

Any circular saw can belong to models of different cutting depths.

Among the huge assortment offered by manufacturers, four types stand out:

  • Small saws with a cutting depth of 4 to 4.6 centimeters;
  • Average cutting depth with a distance of 5-5.5 centimeters;
  • Large cutting depth from 6.5 to 7 centimeters;
  • Professional-grade saws with a cutting depth of 6.5-14 centimeters.

How to choose

Not everyone knows how to choose a product so that it copes with the task with a high quality.

In order to choose the right disk for a circular, it is important to know the basic parameters that will need to be guided in the process of work..

Among the main parameters, we highlight:

  • Disc diameter. It can range from 13 to 50 centimeters. The larger the diameter, the larger the workpiece can be machined by the tool.
  • Landing diameter. This size is always indicated in millimeters and the product is selected according to it in accordance with the size of the saw. Among the most demanded tools for wood, sizes with an indicator of 16, 20 and 22 millimeters, for an angle grinder 22.2 millimeters, and for end equipment 20, 22, 24 and 30 millimeters.
  • The number of segments. It can vary from 10 to 150 pieces. The accuracy of the cut will depend on the number of teeth, the more there are, the better it is..

It is worth paying attention to the thickness of the tooling, especially if it is supposed to work with dense material. For products with a greater thickness, the cutting ability lasts longer. If it is necessary for the tooling to eat less material from the product, then it is necessary to choose a thin disc..

What you need to know when choosing miter saws

It is better to take on the market products from well-known manufacturers who have already established themselves as consumers. Such equipment will not let you down, but their only drawback is their cost..

Features of operation

The rotation speed will have to be selected experimentally for each material and disk. After making the cut, notice the edge. If it is torn, then the disc is spinning too fast. With the correct speed, the cut edges remain straight. But in general, you need to keep in mind that the more teeth there are on the disc, the lower the speed is needed. Too much speed is bad, not only because the edge is uneven, but also because the motor is overloaded. And this can disable him..

During operation, you need to periodically inspect the disc. Resin can accumulate on it, and dust adheres to it. All this increases the load on the motor and negatively affects the quality of the cut. If you notice any contamination, unplug the saw (by pulling out the plug) and remove the contamination..

Choosing a saw blade tooth shape for different types of material

When working with hard parts – ceramic tiles, slate, other similar material, the surface can be moistened with water. Some of them can be poured with a little machine oil. This will reduce the amount of dust, and it will also be easier to cut..

Some models of hand-held circular saws can be used on sawing machines. In this case, they have holes on the platform into which bolts are inserted. The tool is suspended on the table top from below, only a part of the disc is released into the slot. It turns out a circular saw.

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Engine is warming up

The machine may become extremely hot, for example, when using it intensively, when cutting hard wood or using a saw blade with a large number of teeth, when the load on the engine increases significantly. Also cause overheating of the motor, malfunctions associated with the stator and armature windings, which are eliminated only in the service center..


Interskol DP-1600 costs only 4,900 rubles. This applies to semi-professional circular saws that allow the operator to work with a guide. Among the additional functionality there is a smooth start. The cable length is 4m.

The number of revolutions per minute is 4800. The disc diameter is 190 mm. Before purchasing Interskol DP-1600, you should pay attention to the fact that the equipment does not have the ability to adjust the speed. The device weighs 5.5 kg. It cannot maintain constant RPM under load. For some consumers, the overall dimensions are important, in this case they are equal to 348 x 263 x 240 mm. The maximum cutting depth is 45 mm, which is correct if a 45 ° angle is observed.

Shaft jammed during operation

This malfunction can occur when, for any reason, the stopper is pressed while the tool is running. It is designed to secure the shaft when changing tooling and should be used after the motor has come to a complete stop. Otherwise, the stopper rod will break and debris will enter the engine, causing seizure. There are often cases when this leads to deformation of the armature shaft. Also, a consequence of pressing the stopper can be a split in the gearbox housing, the fragments of which can damage the gears and cause them to jam. To solve the problem, you will need to replace the armature, stopper, drive (large) gear of the gearbox and its housing.

remove, blade

In some cases, the gearbox can jam when the bearing is completely destroyed..

Tool disassembly

Almost all malfunctions of electric circular saws cannot be eliminated without disassembling the device partially or completely. Complete disassembly of an electric hand saw using the example of the Interskol unit is performed in the following order.

  • Unscrew the angle and depth adjusting screws attached to the foot of the machine.
  • Press the gearbox shaft stop button and use the hex wrench to unscrew the bolt holding the saw blade.
  • Pulling the lower guard to the side, remove the circular disc.
  • To remove the support sole, first unscrew the fasteners on its underside..
  • Next, using two screwdrivers, remove the Sieger ring, which locks the rod on which the sole turns, to change the angle.

How To Change Circular Saw Blades

Insert a screwdriver into the gap between the body of the shield and the sole, then push it aside and remove.

  • In the next step, unscrew all the fastening screws located on the upper casing of the unit..
  • Also remove the screws holding the movable saw guard..
  • Detach both guards from the saw.
  • Using an open-end wrench, unscrew the bolt holding the riving knife and remove it.
  • Unscrew the stem holding the movable casing mechanism and disconnect all its elements.
  • Next, disconnect the unit’s gearbox by unscrewing 2 screws.

  • When the mechanical part of the device is disassembled, you can start disassembling the electrical part of the device. Unscrew the fastener holding the engine cover and remove it.
  • Removing the cover reveals two electric brushes. If they need to be completely disconnected from the engine, it is recommended to use a marker to mark one of them, as well as the place from which it was taken.
  • Next, you should unscrew the screws with which the motor housing is attached to the gearbox housing.
  • After unscrewing the fasteners, disconnect both nodes.
  • In the detached part of the motor housing, you will see the stator coil.
  • Next, you should unscrew all the fasteners from the handle of the unit. But before disconnecting it, you need to remove the rubber pad by prying it with a screwdriver.
  • remove, blade

    Removing one half of the handle, you will see the soft start module and the start button.

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    This concludes the complete disassembly of the circular saw.

    Additional benefits

    The operator can adjust the tilt angle from 0 to 45 °. Additional customer benefits include high structural reliability and a lower shell designed for protection. It hides the disk in an idle state.

    remove, blade

    The main handle has a rubber gasket to ensure that the tool can be held securely and gripped during operation. The Interskol circular, according to the owners of the house, is excellent for various types of carpentry work. It has a fairly compact size and also provides protection against accidental activation.


    A distinctive feature of monolithic discs is the large number of teeth. Working with such a blade, it is much easier to get a clean cut. But it is worth noting the poor ability of these cutting wheels to keep sharpening and the need for periodic divorcing of the teeth..

    Sharpening metal is not difficult, but a large number of blades slows down the process.

    How to change a circular saw blade?

    The new canvas must be installed in the following sequence:

    • Clean the pulley and protection from accumulated dirt, sawdust.
    • Check the correct direction of the saw teeth in accordance with the arrow on the guard.
    • Put the blade on the pulley and lower the lower protective shield.
    • Install the retaining washer and screw in the bolt. Tighten it again with the recessed locking spindle.

    Removing and replacing the disc on a circular saw

    Due to the competition in the market, the choice of electrical tools is constantly increasing, and prices are becoming more affordable. Now women are happy to give them to men on February 23rd, or relatives and friends for their birthday. Almost every second household man has his own circular circular saw.

    Over time, the circles fail (dull or break), they must be replaced depending on the material with which you need to work. For example, you cannot cut wood with a metal cutting blade. Therefore, the ability to correctly and quickly remove the disc, put a new one is necessary for everyone.

    How to remove a blade from a circular saw?

    To properly remove the canvas, you must adhere to the following sequence:

    • For your own safety, be sure to disconnect the power cord from the mains or remove the battery
    • For a more convenient replacement, it is required to install the tool on a flat, hard surface
    • To start unscrewing the bolt, you must press the locking spindle, which blocks the rotation of the disc when unscrewing
    • Unscrew the bolt using the special wrench included in the kit
    • Pull out the bolt and remove the washer holding the saw blade
    • Move the lower guide arm to raise the guard
    • Remove the saw circle

    Washer for circular saw?

    A flange or washer holds the disc securely in place. On various saw models, both a flange separate from the bolt and soldered to it is used.

    The main function of the hold-down washer is to evenly press the saw blade against the pulley. A correctly installed washer must sit symmetrically on the circle.

    The main and main rule when replacing a blade on a circular saw is to completely disconnect the tool from the power supply. To avoid accidentally injuring yourself with the saw teeth, it is best to wear gloves..