How to remove a blade from an interskol saw

The gear case is very hot

Rapid heating of the gearbox occurs if the shaft bearing has become unusable, on which the gear is fixed and the equipment is attached. In this case, in addition to heating, you can replace the appearance of extraneous noise in this unit of the device. It is necessary to disassemble the gearbox and change the bearing. Also, the gearbox will warm up if there is not enough lubricant in it or it is completely absent.

The saw stops during operation

In most cases, engine shutdown is caused by worn-out electric brushes. When the contact between the brush electrode and the collector lamellae is broken, the unit turns off.

How to Replace the Blade on a Miter SawA Quick Fix

Often, when buying brushes for this device, you come across products with a short conductor connecting the electrode to the plate. This conductor is located inside the spring and does not allow it to fully unclench. When the electrode wears out to a certain length, then pressing it to the collector stops, since this is prevented by a short conductor. If, while inspecting the brush, you find that it is not yet worn out and the spring does not expand, then the part should be replaced.

How to repair a circular with your own hands

A circular hand saw is a fairly practical tool with which you can quickly cut a piece of wood of any length and width along or across, cut any sheet material on a wood basis. In addition, after changing the equipment with a circular saw, you can cut plastic, metal corrugated board and corrugated sheet. Despite the simplicity of design and high reliability of this unit, it is susceptible to damage, like any power tool. But in most cases, you can repair a circular saw yourself at home.

Brushes are burning

Strong sparking from under the brushes is caused by excessive wear, when the spring can no longer press the electrodes against the collector with the required force. To replace the brushes, you need to disconnect the motor cover or remove them through special holes in the motor housing (depending on the model of the electric saw).

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DIY circular saw repair

When starting to repair the unit with your own hands, it is not necessary to disassemble it completely to find out the reasons for the breakdown. Some malfunctions are characterized by specific symptoms, by which you can determine the problem and already purposefully disassemble one or another part of the device.

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Tool disassembly

Almost all malfunctions of electric circular saws cannot be eliminated without disassembling the device partially or completely. Complete disassembly of an electric hand saw using the example of an Interskol unit is carried out in the following order.

  • Unscrew the angle and depth adjusting screws attached to the foot of the machine.
  • Press the gearbox shaft stop button and use the hex wrench to unscrew the bolt holding the saw blade.
  • Pulling the lower guard to the side, remove the circular disc.
  • To remove the support sole, first unscrew the fasteners on its underside.
  • Next, using two screwdrivers, remove the Sieger ring, which locks the rod on which the sole turns, to change the angle.

Insert a screwdriver into the gap between the body of the shield and the sole, then push it aside and remove.

  • In the next step, unscrew all the fastening screws located on the upper casing of the unit.
  • Also remove the screws holding the movable saw guard.
  • Disconnect both protective covers from the saw.
  • Using an open-end wrench, unscrew the bolt holding the riving knife and remove it.
  • Unscrew the stem holding the movable casing mechanism and disconnect all its elements.
  • Next, disconnect the unit’s gearbox by unscrewing 2 screws.

    How to Remove a Stuck Circular Saw Blade

  • When the mechanical part of the device is disassembled, you can start disassembling the electrical part of the device. Unscrew the fastener holding the engine cover and remove it.
  • Removing the cover reveals two electric brushes. If they need to be completely disconnected from the engine, it is recommended to use a marker to mark one of them, as well as the place from where it was taken.
  • Next, you should unscrew the screws with which the motor housing is attached to the gearbox housing.
  • After unscrewing the fasteners, disconnect both nodes.
  • In the detached part of the motor housing, you will see the stator coil.
  • Next, you should unscrew all the fasteners from the handle of the unit. But before disconnecting it, you need to remove the rubber pad by prying it with a screwdriver.
  • Removing one half of the handle, you will see the soft start module and the start button.

    This concludes the complete disassembly of the circular saw.

    The device and principle of operation of a circular saw

    A hand-held circular saw differs from a miter saw in the absence of a bed with a rotary table, as well as in the placement of the handle. But in general, both models are similar in internal structure, principle of operation and do not differ in the complexity of the design. The following figure shows the device of a hand-held circular saw.

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    The unit includes the following main elements.

    • Upper protective casing with an opening for ejection of sawdust.
    • The housing, which houses the electric motor and the start button. Some models of electric saws can operate on rechargeable batteries. In this case, the battery pack is also located on the case.
    • Lower (movable) protective cover that automatically closes the cutting element after it leaves the workpiece.
    • Saw blade. Fastened to the gearbox shaft with a nut or bolt.
    • Parallel stop. Allows you to make an even cut without the use of additional devices.
    • Base plate (base) of the unit. Thanks to it, the tool is installed on the workpiece or tire at different angles.
    • Depth adjuster. It can be used to adjust the overhang of the saw blade relative to the base plate.
    • Sole angle adjuster. Allows you to tilt the unit for cutting at an angle.

    This tool works according to the following principle. Mains or battery power is supplied to the start button, which breaks the circuit. When you press the start button, the current begins to flow to the electric motor. Below is the wiring diagram of the unit.

    The electric motor starts and transfers the rotary motion through the gearbox to the saw blade. The unit is installed using a soleplate on a workpiece or a guide rail, after which the process of both longitudinal and transverse sawing is performed.

    Engine is warming up

    The machine may become extremely hot, for example, when using it intensively, when cutting hard wood or using a saw blade with a large number of teeth, when the load on the engine increases significantly. Also cause overheating of the motor, malfunctions associated with the stator and armature windings, which are eliminated only in the service center.

    Reviews Makita 5008MG

    It works very well, but if the whole day is heavy. I do not like the backlash in the mount to the platform. it is very difficult to do exactly 90 °, it “walks” a little. Another tip: do not take discs thinner than 2 mm to it. I bent 1.8 m under non-critical load. But it works quietly, cuts well.

    Even laminated chipboard can cut well. The chips are very small and easy. The disc in mine is not parallel to the edge, and there is no adjustment. I took it under the installation on the table, so it bends the platform under its own weight, I have to strengthen it.

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    My Makita is a great machine. I put a two-story frame house with her. Nothing loosened and did not break, but dismissed fifty-centimeter boards along all 6 meters. The only thing that I still don’t understand is why the backlight is.


    A distinctive feature of monolithic discs is the large number of teeth. With such a blade, it is much easier to get a clean cut. But it is worth noting the poor ability of these cutting wheels to keep sharpening and the need for periodic divorcing of the teeth.

    Sharpening metal is not difficult, but a large number of blades slows down the process.

    DIY circular saw repair

    When starting to repair the unit with your own hands, it is not necessary to disassemble it completely to find out the reasons for the breakdown. Some malfunctions are characterized by specific symptoms, by which you can determine the problem and purposefully disassemble one or another part of the device.

    Shaft jammed during operation

    This malfunction can occur when, for any reason, the stopper is pressed while the tool is running. It is designed to secure the shaft when changing tooling and should be used after the motor has come to a complete stop. Otherwise, the stopper rod will break and debris will enter the engine, causing seizure. There are often cases when this leads to deformation of the armature shaft. Also, a consequence of pressing the stopper can be a split in the gearbox housing, the fragments of which can damage the gears and cause them to jam. To solve the problem, you will need to replace the armature, stopper, drive (large) gear of the gearbox and its housing.

    In some cases, the gearbox can jam when the bearing is completely destroyed.


    Interskol DP-1600″ costs only 4,900 rubles. This applies to semi-professional circular saws that allow the operator to work with the guide rail. Among the additional functionality there is a smooth start. The cable length is 4m.

    The number of revolutions per minute is 4800. The disc diameter is 190 mm. Before purchasing Interskol DP-1600, you should pay attention to the fact that the equipment does not have the ability to adjust the speed. The device weighs 5.5 kg. It cannot maintain constant RPM under load. For some consumers, the overall dimensions are important, in this case they are equal to 348 x 263 x 240 mm. The maximum cutting depth is 45 mm, which is correct if a 45 ° angle is observed.