How to remove the carburetor on a STIHL 180 chain saw

How to Reassemble and Reassemble a STIHL 180 Series Chainsaw

Before you disassemble the clutch, you must remove the drive sprocket. To do this, carefully remove the washer from the slots on the shaft and remove the sprocket and needle bearing. Using a high head for 19, you must unscrew the clutch. It has a left-hand thread, so it unscrews on the side of the guide bar and not on the back of the STIHL 180.

After unscrewing and removing the clutch, you should immediately remove the deflector plate and the oil pump actuator, it’s easy to do, t. к. they are put on the shaft without any fastener.

To remove the carburetor, it is necessary to have a head for 8 and an extension cord, with which it is convenient to unscrew the nuts fixing the carburetor and the air filter. Before dismantling the carburetor, it is necessary to disconnect the ignition wire and the air damper rod from the engine control lever and remove the lever, only after that the air filter and carburetor are removed.

The STIHL muffler 180 is fastened with two nuts, which can be unscrewed by pulling it towards you.

The coil is attached to two screws, to remove it you just need to unscrew them.

Reassemble the STIHL ms 180 saw is easy enough, the main thing is to stick to the following algorithm:

  • Install the piston on the connecting rod, the arrow on the piston should look down the STIHL 180 chain saw, and on the left side of the piston is the side of the crankshaft, which is designed to install the flywheel;
  • Carefully insert the piston back into the cylinder, the place for the coil mount should be on the side where the flywheel is mounted on the crankshaft;
  • Install the bearings, oil seals, and circlip on the shaft and lower the complete assembly into its seating in the cylinder;
  • Next, degrease the place of installation of the crankcase and the crankcase, then lubricate the sealant and install it in place, tighten the four screws fixing;

To reassemble the STIHL 180 saw after you have reassembled the engine, follow the reverse sequence of disassembly. It is important to treat the process carefully and do not forget to install the rods on the carburetor, and connect the ignition wire.

You can watch the STIHL 180 disassembly video below, it’s made for inexperienced users, it shows the whole process in detail.

Often knock out the ignition switch? A little trick to get around this issue.

STIHL chain saw air damper repair and rpm malfunction. Do it yourself by watching this popular video clip.

How to do the whole set is done? The reason of the breakage. The machine does not start up well, it does not reach revolutions as intended and shuts down. The wizard will show you how to solve these problems step by step.

The wizard will show you how to solve the STIHL chain saw oil supply fault.

The reason your STIHL STIHL chain saw 180 is broken. No throttle or idle speed adjustment and the engine doesn’t start right away. That can be fixed of course. A technician will show you how to solve the problem in your home workshop.

Let’s look around the chainsaw and find the cause of the problem. The carburetor is clogged and the gasoline supply is out of order. A frequently occurring problem with this chain saw model. Repairing and fixing it together.

Your chain saw has been running for hours and broke. What to do? Demonstration of replacing the piston group on a chainsaw Sterm (made in China). Piston cross-section 43 mm and 45 mm.

After two years of use, the chain saw is not a problem. The carburetor is broken. Failure is familiar? You will learn how to solve it without helping others by watching this video.

Disassembled clutches are presented to you. What is the clutch made of, and in addition, what are the most frequent defects occurring in these parts?? If you’re curious, here’s a video review.

How to repair a STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw for yourself: basic instructions for solving malfunctions

The STIHL 180 chainsaw is an all-purpose implement. one that is extensively used in the garden. It is used for cutting firewood, pruning trees and other greenery.

STIHL 180 chain saw often has a damaged oil system. Find such a malfunction can be on the dryness of the working chain or the presence of leakage.

The solution to this problem should begin with a painstaking inspection of the hose where the oil flows. Also the hose connection to the fittings can be inspected.

During the inspection and repair of the oil allowing accounting (soft) you also need to clean the filter. Often its contamination leads to poor oil flow.

Chainsaw Kalibr BP 2600 18 U. Technical specifications, preparing the chainsaw for work

If there is an oil leak, it means that there is a leak in the system. Immediately it concerns the hose and oil ducts. In most cases, such malfunctions appear at the end of mechanical damage to parts of the accounting system.

How to adjust your chainsaw clutch?

How to adjust the clutch on a chainsaw? It is more correct to speak of repair, since the carburetor usually lends itself to adjustment, not the clutch. When we talk about adjusting the clutch, it is fundamental to consider two aspects:

  • Chainsaws of some models, including German, Finnish, Swedish, have a special washer, it can be placed between the motor and sprocket or between the drum and sprocket. This washer must be carefully removed and later put back, in the case of replacement replace an identical;
  • the spring is not subject to compression, so if it breaks, the part is considered as fragile and must be replaced by a new one. Lack of working spring will result in lack of oil on the chain.

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How to unscrew the clutch on the chainsaw with their own hands:

Also see STIHL MS180 Disassembly video

Good evening, I have the following problem. STIHL ms180c saw, worked a little, last time sawing trees, the engine stopped working.then stalled. did not do anything, 0, disassembled, blew, cleaned, carburetor, assembled, half a turn started, worked fine, picked up speed, stalled, and again 0, replaced the plug. ignition coil,0,disassembly.carburetor, clean, blew, reassembled, started. and worked again, ran out of gasoline, I poured a little, poured the gasoline, all again 0, the candle is wet, the spark is, tell me. how to solve this problem, described in detail, to be clearer, maybe someone has faced this problem.Thanks in advance.

Hello, and when you unscrewed the spark plug, did you try? if there is a spark? Sometimes there is a spark and everything seems to be fine, but the saw does not start. I had almost the same situation on another make. Turns out there’s no compression. I replaced the oil seals and it still works, like in the second year. Another problem is the filters. changed them? A bunch of different answers each time, so you don’t have to worry about it, try the service, if it is too expensive, then.

Handle removal

Disassembling the STIHL 180 begins with removing the handle, which is attached to the chain saw by three rubber buffers. To remove it, it is necessary to remove the plastic plugs from the internal cavity of the shock absorbers, and then using a strong screwdriver, first press out the upper shock absorber, then the one closest to the rear handle.

At the back of the handle is installed throttle trigger, which through a wire rod is connected to the carburetor in order to disconnect the rod from the throttle trigger, you must unscrew two screws and disassemble the handle.

When the handle remains on one shock absorber, it is necessary to unscrew the body of the chainsaw from the inside of the handle and, breaking to the side, remove the body from the last rubber.

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STIHL MS 180 HOW TO adjust carburetor STIHL chainsaw MS 180

How to adjust the STIHL carburettor

ms180 what rpm min and max? And also a similar video about adjustment on my.

Adjusting the STIHL STIHL MS 180 carburetor

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The MS-180 with my own hands. Useful articles about chainsaws.

How the STIHL 180 carburetor works: Construction and principle of operation

The major components of a STIHL 180 chainsaw carburetor include the following:

  • fuel pump (with internal diaphragm);
  • main (diaphragm) chamber;
  • diffuser;
  • throttle and air valves;
  • needle valve;
  • fuel jets;
  • nozzle with valve;
  • speed adjustment screw at idle speed.

The principle of operation is as follows. The sump of the chainsaw is connected with the fuel pump in the carburetor by a special channel. Due to the alternating stroke of the piston, a vacuum is created in the engine crankcase. which in the fuel pump raises the diaphragm and opens the valve to deliver fuel to the carburetor.

Fuel then passes through the filter element (screen) and through a special channel into the main chamber. In this chamber is a control diaphragm, which regulates the flow of fuel by pushing on the rocker arm, which in turn lowers the needle valve.

For raising the control diaphragm is responsible for the vacuum generated in the diffuser of the carburetor by turning the air, throttle flaps. As soon as the engine is started, the mixture must be depleted. Lower the choke, the pressure in the nozzle is minimal and the diaphragm collapses.

Fuel flows from the main chamber to the nozzle with the check valve or through the nozzles at idle (when the throttle is closed). There, it mixes with the intake air and the ready mixture enters the engine cylinder. Check valve prevents air from the diffuser to get into the main chamber.

Peculiarities of flushing in an ultrasonic bath

If you are wondering how to flush a chainsaw carburetor without disassembly, there is only one answer. no way. An ultrasonic bath is useless in this case too, because in the process of cleaning it is necessary to provide a free drainage of impurities from the channels. If the carburetor is not disassembled, then these contaminants will simply have nowhere to go, and the result of such cleaning will simply be useless.

Some owners of gasoline tools look for various flushing liquids and additives in the fuel mixture, hoping for their effectiveness. All these preparations and concentrates are simply useless, and if you really want to make a highly effective cleaning of the carburetor, then you should use a special ultrasonic bath. Even if your neighbor has convinced you of the effectiveness of such concentrates, then imagine the picture when all the contaminants enter the cylinder. Naturally, it will not lead to anything good, and as a consequence. At speed, you’ll need to disassemble and repair or replace the internal combustion engine.

The ultrasonic channel cleaning is the most effective, but even taking this factor into consideration, there is no talk about a full recovery. It all depends on the extent of the blockage in the mechanism.

You also need to know in detail how to perform this procedure correctly. In particular, it is necessary to calculate the flushing time, as well as the temperature. The principle of flushing the chainsaw carburetor in the ultrasonic bath is as follows:

remove, carburetor, stihl, chain
  • Remove the carburetor from the chainsaw, and disassemble it
  • It is necessary to disassemble the carburettor with the purpose of deeper penetration of the cleaning fluid into the channels
  • The carburetor is placed in the container, except for small parts and rubber membranes
  • Pour into the tank a special liquid Ultra Red, which is mixed with water
  • Turn on the device for an appropriate time interval of 10-15 minutes

After completing the procedure, you will need to blow the channels with compressed air, but carefully. Then assess the quality of flushing, and only after that perform the assembly of the mechanism.

Adjusting the carburetor on a STIHL STIHL 180 chain saw

Usually, special screws are responsible for the quantity and quality of fuel entering the diffuser, by adjusting which we change the fuel channel cross-section. The carburettor on the STIHL 180 chain saw has no need for these two screws to facilitate operation.

The channels are designed so that the optimum quantity of fuel reaches the nozzle at all engine speeds. The LD screw is used to adjust the air flow to the idle speed nozzle. What is used to change the engine RPM.

To adjust the carburetor on a STIHL 180 chain saw, you will need a flat-blade screwdriver and an electronic tachometer (optional). The adjustment algorithm is as follows:

  • Check the air filter. Replace the filter element, if necessary.
  • Turn the LD screw counterclockwise up to the end and then unscrew it 2 turns. Note the threads are on the left! Screwdriver hole on the carburetor housing for accessing the screw. Start the engine and warm it up for 5-7 minutes.
  • Turn the LD screw slowly clockwise to adjust the idle speed at will. There are two possible situations: The engine rpm at idle speed is very low. Engine won’t hold idle. Turn the LD screw until the saw starts to rotate and then turn it 1/2 turn back (the chain should stop).
  • The saw just keeps turning to idle. In this case, slowly turn the screw counterclockwise until the chain stops, then turn it another 1/2 turn in the same direction.
remove, carburetor, stihl, chain

If the chain continues to idle after adjusting the carburetor, take your STIHL servicing dealer to your dealer.

The following video shows how to check the carburetor on a STIHL 180 chain saw with the electronic tachometer.

Throttle choke

Tuning the carburetor on a STIHL saw Tuning the carburetor on a chain saw. Or how not to pay for repairs! Owning a chainsaw makes life a lot easier, even for the amateur, and in some professions this tool is virtually indispensable. However, like any machine of relative complexity, a petrol chain saw requires regular servicing. Because of untimely or not the best quality maintenance.

How to Adjust the Carburetor on STIHL Lawn Mower 3 Grass cutter carburetor adjustment do in home conditions, lawn mowers, as well as all gasoline tools for the garden, is not difficult in service technique Fixing, adjusting without the help of others is possible and necessary. For example, adjusting the carburetor of a lawn mower at home conditions is a matter of 5 minutes. The carburetor from the lawnmower is a node in the power system.

How to Adjust the STIHL Fs 3 Lawn Mower Carburetor lawn mowers, like all lawn and garden tools, are not complicated machines. To fix, adjust without the help of others is possible and necessary. For example, adjusting the lawnmower carburetor yourself is a matter of 5 minutes. The carburetor from a lawnmower is a node in the power system. In the personal computer, as well as all carburetors, goes.

The throttle valve is installed in the carburetor body and is responsible for increasing the flow of fuel consistency specifically in the engine cylinder. When the throttle is pressed, the throttle plate opens slightly, increasing the flow capacity of the channel and the fuel from the carburettor cavity rushes into the cylinder in a larger volume.

Combustion of a larger volume of fuel increases the amount of energy generated, which affects the power and speed of the processes. The choke is installed on the shaft passing through the whole body of the carburetor. At the outlet of the shaft from the housing, there is a mount for the throttle cable and next to it there is a cone-shaped adjusting screw responsible for adjusting the idle speed. Of course, by tightening the screw we can slightly adjust the position of the shaft and the choke attached to it, thus increasing or otherwise decreasing the idle stroke by opening or otherwise decreasing the choke.

Adjusting the carburetor on the STIHL 180 chain saw

Normally, the quantity and quality of fuel supplied to the diffuser is controlled by special screws, by adjusting which we change the cross-section of the fuel duct. But on the STIHL 180 carburetor that we use, these two screws are missing to make it easier to operate the saw.

The channels are designed in such a way that the optimal amount of fuel reaches the diffuser at all engine speeds. Here the LD screw is responsible for adjustment of air flow to the idling speed nozzle. Changes in engine rpm by changing the filter element.

To adjust the carburetor on a STIHL 180 chain saw you will need a traditional flat-blade screwdriver and an electronic tachometer (optional). The adjustment algorithm is as follows:

  • Check the air filter. Replace the filter element if necessary.
  • Screw the LD screw all the way in counterclockwise direction and then back it off in 2 revolutions. Warning, left-hand thread! To access the screw a screwdriver hole is provided on the body of the saw. Start the engine and warm it up for 5-7 minutes.
  • Turn the LD screw slowly clockwise to adjust the idle speed arbitrarily. There are 2 possible situations: RPM is very low at idle. Engine does not idle. Turn the LD screw until the saw starts to turn and then turn the screw 1/2 way back (the chain should stop).
  • The saw spins at idle speed. If this happens, turn the screw slowly counter-clockwise until the chain stops, then turn it another 1/2 turn in the same direction.

If after adjusting the carburetor, the chain continues to turn at idle, take the saw to your dealer for service.

The video below shows a detailed carburetor adjustment of a STIHL 180 chainsaw with an electronic tachometer.

STIHL 180 chain saw carburetor repair

The following are the major problems with STIHL 180 chain saw carburetors.

  • No gasoline in the carburetor. The most common cause is a fuel pump failure. The carburettor diaphragm is leaking or cracked. This is due to material fatigue from prolonged use. As a result, under vacuum in the engine, the diaphragm does not rise and does not open the fuel channel with the valve. You can replace it with a spare one from the repair kit by disassembling the carburetor.
  • No petrol may be coming from a clogged filter element (mesh) in the line between the fuel pump and the needle valve. This can be also cured by replacement of the valve from the repair kit.
  • The carburetor overflows. It is not difficult to guess that the problem is in the main chamber. Dirt particles get in the cavity between the needle and the channel, i.e.е. the valve doesn’t close the channel completely when it is necessary and the chamber is flooded. Very often the diaphragm ceases to perform its functions due to stretching (natural wear and tear). As a result, when lowered, the diaphragm does not raise the needle all the way up, and the fuel continues to flow. The main diaphragm is also in the repair kit. It is not difficult to replace it.
  • STIHL chain saw 180 chain saw owners often have trouble starting after a winter break. In this case the valve in the nozzle is jammed. The manufacturer recommends that before putting the chain saw into storage, the remaining gasoline should be burned off in the carburetor. Gasoline tends to evaporate and if stored for a long time, engine oil remains in the carburetor, in contact with which the nozzle valve begins to stick to the body. As a result, no fuel enters the nozzle. Since the nozzle is not in the oil patch kit, you have to break it out and flush it very thoroughly. It has to be done very carefully.
  • If the idle speed nozzle or the injector is clogged, it is enough to blow it out with compressed air. Or rinse it in gasoline, which is helpful in 90% of cases. But no needles or wires should be used, t.к. there is a risk of changing the passage section, thereby changing the flow capacity of the nozzles.

A frequent problem with the STIHL 180 is that the throttle linkage is loose, which causes it to twist and play, resulting in erratic engine response.

So, you have decided to remove the carburetor and make a diagnosis. The order of removal is as follows:

  • Pull the throttle trigger and move the choke lever down. Twist off the latch and pull off the chain saw cover.
  • We unscrew both nuts of fastening with a socket spanner on 8 and remove an air filter with the case.
  • Remove throttle linkage of the carburetor.
  • Disconnect the cable from the control lever
  • Pull out the engine control lever from its place. At the same time disconnect the air damper rod.
  • Having pulled the carburetor towards itself we remove it from the pins. Don’t forget to disconnect the fuel hose.

A more detailed and illustrative algorithm of carburetor disassembly from a chainsaw is presented in the video.

To disassemble the carburettor on a STIHL 180 chain saw, it’s pretty straightforward. 1 bolt on the fuel pump cover and 4 bolts on the main chamber cover. It is enough to change all the necessary components in the repair kit.

After disassembly the carburetor should be washed in gasoline, and the channels and jets should be blown with compressed air. Under no circumstances should the carburettor be blown at high pressure and assembled. Otherwise you might strain the diaphragm or the diaphragm. The carburetor will no longer work properly.

In order to assess the condition of the mesh-filter and diaphragm, the following sequence of actions should be performed:

Everything must be clean under the diaphragm

There must not be any dirt on the diaphragm either

in total 4 screws should be unscrewed

The carburetor repair kit for STIHL 180 includes a cover gasket kit, diaphragm and diaphragm, needle valve, rocker arm with axle and spring.

Reliability of Chinese carburetors bought on Aliexpress

The 21st century has made it possible for people to shop over long distances. It’s very convenient. order a product at one of the sites and in a few weeks you have it in your hands. One such service is Aliexpress. There you can buy a variety of products, including carburetor for your saw from China. But what a quality of this product? Surprisingly, but not worse than domestic. In most respects, they are close to their Russian counterparts, so this purchase will not disappoint chain saw owners. Comparatively cheap and of high quality. you will definitely like it!

In conclusion, I would like to say that the proprietary STIHL carburetors produced by the subsidiary STIHL are probably the most robust and reliable. If you want your tool to work properly for a long time, you should take care of it. Don’t forget to clean the air filter and lubricate the chain with verified oil. If you store the STIHL chain saw for a long time, always remove any gasoline and chain oil from the fuel tank.

Have fun working with wood and don’t let your metal friend get into any more trouble!

Assembly of STIHL MS180

In this video we show you how to change the piston assembly on your STIHL chain saw

After the piston in the cylinder is locked, you can unscrew the flywheel nut. The threads in the nut are standard, so turn it to the left. After loosening the nut, you don’t have to take it off all the way, just unscrew it until its upper edge is flush with the tip of the shaft, after that a soft-metal mallet is placed on the nut and a sharp blow is made on it. Thus, the flywheel from a sharp blow comes off the shaft and you can easily remove it without the help of additional tools.

Adjusting the chainsaw carburetor with your hands

To independently adjust the regular carburetor, the chainsaw owner will need a Phillips or a flathead screwdriver. as well as the hand-held tachometer.

To adjust the carburetor of a chainsaw. The basic device of its carburetor has spring-loaded adjusting screws.

Depending on the brand-manufacturer of the chainsaw, the marking of its adjusting screws may vary. However, in order to set the carburetor on the chainsaw correctly at first. it is always possible to follow the same algorithm:

  • The operator should first find in the saw’s instruction manual the exact angles for gradually turning the spring-loaded adjusting screws. Immediately afterwards turn them on the used chainsaw with the motor switched off according to the instructions in the manual. If this is not done the operator risks breaking the motor of the tool;
  • Then the chainsaw used in the household must be set firmly on a flat, stable surface. At the same time, the bar and the factory chain must initially be directed away from the operator;
  • Then the saw’s internal combustion engine should be started and given at least 10 minutes to warm up;
  • Then you need to find the correct position of the L screw. To do this, the operator must turn it slowly clockwise and counterclockwise until the motor runs quietly and without slack;
  • If this causes the chain to start turning, then it is necessary to find the position of the T screw where the chain will stop in place:
  • Next, a tachometer must be connected to the engine cylinder. Then you need to start turning the H screw. As soon as the rev counter coincides with the instructions in the manual, you can let go of the revolver.

Advantages and disadvantages

Zama carburetors are very reliable and easy to use. The STIHL 180 has a carburetor on the STIHL chainsaw, which does not have a knob for adjusting the mixture quality and quantity as we are accustomed to. One screw makes the adjustment much easier.

The membrane carburetor has no major disadvantages. With this carburetor, the chainsaw works in any position. When sawing laterally, vertically, etc.д.

Despite the aforementioned pluses, the carburetor is sensitive to fuel quality. In addition to clean air from the air filter, the carburetor requires cleaned fuel from the gas tank. But this is not always possible, which is why it must be cleaned and blown out at least every six months.

How much does a new carburetor cost?

Average The question is whether these carburetors are original. In online stores

STIHL 180 chain saws are in high demand in Russia, primarily because of their reliability. The carburetor is no exception, and is also quite reliable and unpretentious. Adjustments or repairs to the carburettor are only required after long periods of use, at least 5 to 7 years (at average load). Tuning itself is made easy by STIHL engineers and is the first chain saw with only one screw for adjustment.