How To Replace A Fuel Hose On A Husqvarna Trimmer

Gasoline trimmer. a fairly simple and effective device for mowing grass. By design, it occupies a middle position between the hand-held device, as it is held on weight, and wheeled, since it is driven by the engine. It is mainly used in cottages and suburban areas, so when a breakdown occurs, getting to the workshop or service center is not always possible.

How To Replace A Fuel Hose On A Husqvarna Trimmer

Do-it-yourself trimmer repair

Do it yourself repair of lawn mowers, if it is not connected with the replacement of the entire assembly, is quite possible.

Apparatus design

The essence of the device is to transmit torque from a power drive. gasoline, electric or battery, to a cutting tool. a knife or fishing line. The transmission mechanism is a shaft located inside the rod. In devices with a curved shaft, its role is played by a steel cable.

The rod is fixed to the drive gearbox. two- or four-stroke. When turned on, torque is transmitted to the line or knife along the shaft.

The most difficult part of the device is the motor. Damage to the shaft, belts, cutting tool is referred to as mechanical damage, but repairing the engine of the lawn mowers usually causes difficulties. Part of the malfunctions associated with contamination of engine components can be eliminated independently. It is better to entrust a specialist with the replacement of spare parts or tuning.

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Engine failure

Damage can be associated not with damage to the motor, but with the occurrence of obstacles in its operation. Before proceeding with disassembly, simple damage should be ruled out.

  • Overheating. if the failure occurred after 15 minutes of continuous operation, then the reason is most likely in elementary overheating. However, an increase in temperature can be caused by clogging of the starter grille or cooling fins with grass and dirt. The lawn mowing repair video demonstrates how to eliminate a failure. cleaning the grilles and replacing the filters. In the photo. filter replacement.
  • Gasoline is not only a matter of being in sufficient quantity, but also of sufficient quality. Trimmers run the AI-92 and it is highly undesirable to use gasoline with a lower octane rating. This leads to a fast clogging of the carburetor, its rusting, and to breakdowns much more serious.
  • Air filter contamination. Cleaning is a standard trimmer care routine. In the country, the filter is washed with gasoline and installed in place. In more suitable conditions, they are washed in water with detergents, dried and fixed back, after being wetted in the fuel mixture. In this case, repairing the Husqvarna or Stihl lawn mowers is no different from repairing damage on the Chinese trimmer.
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Video: How To Replace A Fuel Hose On A Husqvarna Trimmer

But if all of the above techniques are used, then you have to start disassembling the motor.

Candle replacements

One of the most common causes of failure is contamination or damage to the spark plug. a crack in the housing. In the latter case, the spare part just changes.

  1. Work is carried out with the engine turned off and cooled.
  2. The high voltage cable is disconnected.
  3. The candle is twisted with a special key and inspected.
  4. Candle deposits indicate poor fuel quality. Spare parts can be cleaned with uyat alcohol, brake fluid.
  5. If the candle is defective or damaged, it is replaced by a new one: it is inserted into place and tightened with a key.

In some cases, the details can only be used with the same models. But, for example, repairing the Stihl 130 lawn mowers in 90% of cases allows replacing new parts with old-style elements.

Starter breakdown

The trimmer is started as follows: when the cord is tensioned, the flywheel dog engages with the teeth of the starter coil, and then, with more energetic tension, it starts the motor. With too sharp a start, a punch by the dogs leads to the destruction of the coil.

The second most common cause is a break in the flexible shaft when the coil is jammed or when the grate is clogged with grass and dirt.

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do it yourself do-it-yourself starter repair excludes. The module is sold as a finished unit, and is simply replaced by a new one.

Carburetor Repair

  1. First of all, the device is inspected from the outside for fuel leakage. Then the fuel hose is purged, since often the cause of the failure is its clogging.
  2. If everything is in order, check the gasket between the engine and the carburetor and change if necessary.
  3. Use a special device or a medical tonometer to check for leaks. If the pressure decreases, then the carburetor needs a lawn mowing repair.
  4. On their own, as a rule, it is only possible to disassemble and clean the device. The module is cleaned with gasoline. The nozzle and channels are cleaned with compressed air. With very severe clogging, a thin copper wire is used.

Setting up the device is a rather complicated procedure. If, after assembling and checking the carburetor, the trimmer starts, but then stalls, this is a sign of a failure in the settings.

Do-it-yourself lawn mowing repair on video is presented on the example of Husqvarna and Stihl devices.