How to screw the line onto the spool of the grass trimmer video

Fishing line. varieties and the possibility of replacing with other material

The grass trimmer cord can be of different diameters (from 1.2 to 4 mm), and you need to choose it depending on what kind of vegetation you want to mow. the thicker the line, the coarser the grass it will cope with. Experienced users recommend using a 2 mm line, which is versatile.

The shape of the line can be round (for juicy grass) or with sharp edges in the form of a square or asterisk (for beveling dry grass). The second type is less durable and wears out faster than a round cord.

One of the popular questions regarding the operation of trimmers is whether it is possible to replace the special cord for mowers with other materials, for example, metal or steel cables and strings, wire, etc. You need to know that the installation of such items is not recommended, because with them the grass trimmer turns into a dangerous technique. During mowing, pieces of wire or metal will constantly break off and fly in different directions, risking injury to the worker. And if they accidentally touch their limbs during work, a serious injury is guaranteed.

For trimmer owners who are interested in whether it is possible to use fishing line, we answer. this is allowed, but it will tear and wear out much faster, which means that it will require frequent replacement.

Changing the line to a disc

Depending on the type of vegetation covering the garden area (lawn) and requiring removal, the line changes to a disc. This is necessary, since the cord is used only for grass of a small height, and if you need to mow tall growth, tree shoots or bushes, instead of a string, it is better to use metal or plastic knives-discs. It is very easy to install them correctly, the detailed process is usually described in the owner’s manual and is similar for trimmers of different brands, be it Al-Co, Oleo-Mac, “Patriot” or other brand equipment. To change the fishing line to knives you need:

  • block the shaft and remove the coil by turning it clockwise;
  • put the knife on the sleeve;
  • install the fixing cover and tighten the nut in a counterclockwise direction, and then tighten it with a wrench.

You can read in detail how to change a spool of line to a disc in the instruction manual of the device.

How to remove the line

To replace the line in the trimmer, remove the head cover. To do this, use your fingers to press the tabs of the tabs on both sides of the cover and pull the cover up. Access to the coil will open. After that, pull it out by pulling up on the axis on which the coil sits. If the ends of the line stick out from the holes of the head, then lift the spool along the axis and pull the rest of the line inward from the holes of the head. Now the part does not hold anything and it is easy to remove it and remove the remaining working thread.

The coil is divided into two parts by a central baffle with a cutout. For different models of braids, the parts differ in size, so you need to check how much fishing line you can wind on the reel. Its length varies between 1 and 4 m.

Line winding

Threading the line into the reel of a grass trimmer is a relatively straightforward procedure, provided you follow a specific procedure. When you need to determine how many meters of consumable is enough, wind it on the bobbin so that the skein does not exceed the diameter of the sides. After deciding on the length of the cord, follow the instructions below:

  • Fold the consumable in half so that one end of the line is 10-15 cm longer than the other.
  • Start charging from the center board that divides the grass trimmer bobbin into 2 parts. Find the groove where the cord should be inserted. Bend the last in half.
  • Determine in which direction you want to wind the line. To do this, take a closer look at the bobbin, which may contain an arrow or an inscription. She indicates the side of the winding. If there are no markings on the reel, then look at the arrow on the mowing head. wind in the opposite direction.
  • The consumables should be washed gently, turn to turn. Try to stick to the maximum thread tension.
  • After completing the lining, secure the short end of the material first. To do this, insert it into a groove on the side of the coil that fits in diameter. The other end (longer), attach in the groove on the other side of the grass trimmer bobbin.
  • After securing the fishing line, cut off the ends. Do not forget to leave allowances of about 10 cm.
  • Place the loaded bobbin onto the mowing head of the device. To do this, you need to alternately insert and pull the thread into the outlet holes of the head, in order to then place the bobbin of the device into the skin.
  • Using the required force, pull the cord out of the locking grooves and tighten the material. After completing this step, put on the cover and secure it with the latches.

There is another way to wind the cord around the grass trimmer, in which two pieces of material are charged instead of one. The replacement is done like this:

  • Bend one end of the cord into a crochet hook.
  • There should be a hole at the bottom of the bobbin to hold the line in place. Insert the bent end of the thread there.
  • Wind the cord material in the direction of the arrow to the desired level, which does not exceed the diameter of the grass trimmer spool.
  • Do the same for the second bobbin compartment.
  • The assembly of the device head is similar to the first method.

DEWALT 40V MAX String Trimmer (DCST990): How to Replace Trimmer Head Spool Line

Method 2. how to properly put the line on the reel of the brushcutter with photo description and video

The second method differs from the first in that it is not a single piece of equipment that is charged into the coil, but segments from two parts. This method is used by manufacturers, and it is also suitable for those who have leftover material. The principle of how to insert two lengths of line into the brushcutter is the same as with the first method, and to make sure of this, below are detailed instructions:

  • There are two equal length pieces of material that you can use.
  • One piece is taken, and the edge is bent in the form of a clamping bracket or hook, with which the fishing line will be fixed
  • Inside the coil there are holes in the form of a bracket for fixing, which are there for a reason. If they are not there, then the second option will not work. The appearance of these brackets is shown in the photo below. Each bracket is in its own half
  • The fishing line should be hooked onto the bracket, and wind it in observing the direction of the arrow
  • The rig is wound until a 10-15 cm segment remains, which is fixed in the corresponding hole on the side of the guide
  • Manipulations with the second end of the fishing line are carried out in the same way.
  • The protrusions are inserted into the holes of the head, and then, removing the equipment from the temporary fasteners in the coil, the cover with the latches is installed

How to replace string trimmer edger line

The above instructions on how to install a fishing line in a brushcutter will help not only correctly, but also quickly perform the replacement procedure. Assembling the grass trimmer coil, as mentioned above, can be done without removing the head, but in this case, you will need to comfortably fix the tool. Video instruction is presented below.

How to thread the line into the spool of the grass trimmer


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How to wind the line onto the spool of the grass trimmer

A grass trimmer is a great solution for those who have a large garden or lawn near the house that needs to be constantly trimmed. But like any other tool, sometimes it requires intervention. After some time, it will become necessary to replace certain elements, and this will have to be learned.

How can this be done? To replace the main cutting element, you must first select it correctly. In principle, the instruction manual for brushcutters should indicate the diameter of the thread to be used in it.

When you have acquired the required cutting element, try to install it correctly. It should be noted that there are a huge number of videos on the Internet that will help you figure out how to properly thread the line into the reel of the grass trimmer.

How to change the line on the trimmer

Below we have provided step-by-step instructions for replacing the grass trimmer thread.

The first thing to do is to unplug the tool and turn off the engine. Then remove the grass trimmer head. This can be done using a simple screwdriver and dropping it into the hole of the gearbox to prevent the shaft from turning. And then just unscrew

  • screw, line, onto, spool
  • They are usually unscrewed in a clockwise direction, but different models have different mechanisms, so it may have to be turned in the opposite direction. But if suddenly, for some reason, you cannot figure it out, then we strongly recommend that you refer to the user manual to understand how to disconnect it.

    Second. After removing the mowing head, open it. This can be done by means of clamps that are located opposite each other. By pressing on them, you can remove the head cover, and then pull out the spool on which the line is wound. By pulling it out, you can determine what type it belongs to. There are one-piece and two-piece bobbins

    We disassemble how to tuck the line into the coil of the grass trimmer in two versions

    So, there is only one option. we load the line into a single-section reel. The prepared piece of thread is folded in half and pushed into the spool. Then, we begin to wind both ends in the same direction, which will be indicated by the arrow on the spool. At the end of winding, do not forget to check that different ends of the thread are looking in different directions.

    Option two. winding the line with a two-piece reel. The pre-prepared thread is divided into two parts, and its ends must be fixed: this must be done by placing them in special fasteners

    Winding is carried out, as in the first case, along the arrow indicated on the spool. Both segments should be wound so that they do not intersect. Further, the ends of the thread should be fixed in the grooves and divorced on opposite sides.

    The spring is then inserted into the reel and the whole thing is placed in the mowing head. When placing the reel in the grass trimmer, you need to gently hold the spring parallel while inserting the line into the slots of the brush head. And in the end, it just needs to be secured with the final part, that is, with a lid.

    After threading the grass trimmer, you need to check it. If you did everything correctly, everything will work, but if you made a mistake, we recommend that you read the article again, or even better, if you watch the video on how to install a line on a reel in a trimmer.

    How to remove the line from the grass trimmer spool

    Over time, the cutting element of the head wears out, and it becomes necessary to pull out the remnants of the old line. Not everyone knows how to do this. Our step-by-step instructions plus a video on how to pull the thread from the spool of the grass trimmer, which you can find on the net, will help in solving this issue.

    It is necessary to disassemble the mowing head

    Complicated ? Of course not. But if, nevertheless, doubts creep into you that for some reason you cannot do this, then of course find and watch the video how to pull out or how to wind the thread on the reel of the brushcutter.

    How to replace the line on an electric trimmer

    In fact, it makes no difference which oblique you use, be it electric or gasoline. Threading is the same. The only difference is that if you use a petrol grass scythe, you get more freedom, as you are not limited by the cable that is present on the electric scythe.

    Yes, do not hesitate to use the special videos on installing or threading the line in an electric scooter, which can teach you much faster than simple reading.

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    Now, having removed and disassembled the coil, we proceed, in fact, to winding.

    Removing the coil from the grass trimmer

    On small electric bottom motor trimmers (when operating near the ground), the reel usually has two buttons on the sides. Click on them and disconnect one half of the coil body from the second, which remains on the trimmer. Together with the first half, the inner part is also taken out, on which the fishing line is directly wound. When parsing, be careful: there is a spring inside that can fly out and get lost.

    On electric and gasoline trimmers with a curved bar (there is still no way to put a knife on such trimmers), you need to wrap the coil body itself with one hand, and with the other hand you need to start rotating the lamb on it counterclockwise. It is he who attaches the coil to the grass trimmer bar. Having unscrewed the lamb, carefully remove the entire coil, trying not to lose the spring inside.

    On electric and gasoline trimmers with a straight bar and a gear at its end (on such grass trimmers, in addition to fishing line, you can also install a knife), we look for a hole under the coil, insert, for example, a screwdriver into it, quietly rotate the coil until the screwdriver crawls even deeper and the coil will lock. Now turn the whole coil clockwise (since the thread is left-hand) and remove it from the grass trimmer. Next, we disassemble the coil. It can be assembled with latches or twisted with a lamb. If the coil is on latches, then press on the sides on the base of the latches so that they bend and release one half of the coil body from the other. We just unscrew the lamb. There may also be a third type of connection of two halves of such a coil: with it, you need to grab the lower part with one hand, and the upper part with the other, and start turning them in opposite directions. When disassembling such a coil, you also need to make sure that the spring inside is not lost.

    Grass trimmer head with automatic line threading

    Some models on the market have a reel with an automatic winding mechanism. It is enough for the owner to properly thread and fix the ends in the head, and the winding operation will be performed by the tool itself when it is turned on. It is almost impossible to wind the line incorrectly in a grass trimmer with such a head, since the coil independently determines the position of the antennae. The advantages of the automatic grass trimmer head include ease of threading the line, and the disadvantages are frequent breakdowns of the mechanism due to the complexity of the design and high cost.

    How to properly wind the line on the coil of a grass trimmer with your own hands: we paint the essence

    What line is used for the grass trimmer? How to remove the spool from the grass trimmer? Threading bobbins with different types of bobbins. A few tips for properly stringing your grass trimmer.

    A few tips for properly stringing your grass trimmer

    How to catch more fish?

    • One-string. In the modification of such a grass trimmer there is only one working line. This unit is used mainly for small jobs, such as trimming the grass.
    • Two-stringed. They can be both automatic and automatic. Here the package includes two strings. Used such a grass trimmer for mowing and clearing areas.

    Instructions for correctly winding the cutting thread onto the spool of the grass trimmer:

    • First of all, you need to disassemble the head. To do this, press the latch and turn the cover to the side. Next, the spool is removed.
    • Measure out the required amount of cutting thread and insert it into the slot.
    • Wind the line on both sides in the direction of the arrow.
    • Leave the ends 15 cm long uncoiled.
    • These ends fit into opposite slots.
    • Then the ends are fixed in the hole on the head.
    • After that, the spool is carefully inserted into the body, for this you need to slightly press on it.
    • If necessary, you can pull the remaining ends of the thread outward. To do this, first pull one end of the thread, and then the other so that they can easily pass through the slots on the head.
    • Now you need to collect the grooves on the body and screw the cover.
    • Then press the spool and try to twist it all the way. If you hear a click, the spool has clicked into place.
    • Next, you need to pull the free ends of the thread to the end.

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