How to start a grass trimmer

Mounting type

To operate the device, it is hung on the operator’s body. One or two belts are provided for this..

The use of a single-belt trimmer is used for giving or beautifying a small company area.

In the case of a large area, a knapsack fastening will be required, which evenly distributes the load and reduces vibration.

Types of grass trimmers

The trimmer cutting unit is removable or non-removable. Depending on this, the functionality of the models differs. But all trimmers fall into three categories..

Grass Trimmer Selection Options

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Understanding the key features of a garden tool, you can choose a model that is well suited for specific tasks and will not cause unexpected problems. Here are the basic options for choosing grass trimmers.

How to start a string trimmer, starting a weed eater is easy if you know how


Another indicator of productivity is the speed of the cutting element per minute..

In low-power versions, this parameter is not prescribed because there they are below 7000 per minute..

More professional models have an acceleration of 7,500-12,000 rpm.

For a summer cottage or a small business, 6000 rpm is enough.

Large volumes of work require 9000-12000 rpm.

Electric trimmers

This type of tool is powered by a 220V household power supply. The electric motor rotates the shaft and starts the cutting mechanism. You must have a power outlet and a carrier nearby to use the device. This partially constrains the maneuverability and scale of operation of the tool, but allows you to work silently..

Also, such a device does not have harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Such models are well suited for summer cottages and private companies with a small area where you can do with one reel with a carrier.


  • lungs;
  • make little noise and do not disturb neighbors;
  • inexpensive;
  • there are powerful models;
  • no harmful emissions;
  • height adjustment of the handles;
  • possibility of setting different knives.


  • inconvenience from a wire that can be cut accidentally;
  • limited space by carrying length.

Tank volume and battery capacity

In the case of autonomous fuel-fired trimmers, tank capacity plays an important role. It can be from 0.3 to 1.5 liters. Manufacturers calculate its volume based on the ability of the engine to run continuously for a certain amount of time..

With a minimum tank, it will be possible to mow for 20 minutes, after which you will need to stop for a break to cool the motor and refuel.

With the maximum indicator, it is possible to work for more than an hour, which is convenient for commercial use in large areas.

For rechargeable models, the battery is measured in amperes / hours. 1 unit of A / h is enough for 15 minutes of work. Charging takes three times longer.

For cosmetic care of a small lawn far from the outlet, 2 A / h is enough.

To care for the territory of a kindergarten or a small company, 3-4 A / h is required.

The principle of operation and the device of the grass trimmer

The grass trimmer is a garden tool for cutting green vegetation with a soft stem and not thick dead wood. Unlike lawnmowers, the machines are lightweight and are worn by the operator on belts rather than rolling on wheels on the ground. Low weight makes it easy to transport the devices to the work site and quickly move from site to site.

With the cutting edge of the trimmer you can:

  • keep the grass on the lawn low;
  • mow it between houses and along paths;
  • remove deadwood thickets next to the roadway;
  • cut off vegetation directly under the fence;
  • to cultivate the green shores of water bodies.

Trimmers are inexpensive compared to lawn mowers, and the increased maneuverability makes them easier to use. Such an instrument is bought by both residents of the private sector and utilities, as well as enterprises, in order to look after the existing territory..

The process of using a garden tool is to put the body on the operator’s body using special belts. The trimmer head is brought to the grass and the button on the handle starts the engine. The torque is transmitted to the bobbin through a rigid shaft in the tube of the machine. The head contains a cutting element that cuts grass stalks at high speed.

To prevent impacts on solid objects and sticks flying out into the face, a protective cover is provided that covers 40% of the circle of the diameter of the cutting part of the tool.

Most modern trimmers have the following device:

motor (electric or gasoline);

fuel tank (in the case of an internal combustion engine);

directional handle (1-2 pcs);

rigid shaft for transmission of rotation from the motor;

bobbin with a cutting element (line or knife);

protective cover;

belt mount.

Line diameter

This indicator varies from 1.4 to 3.3 mm and indicates the ability of the cutting element to cut a certain thickness of the stem and branches of the shrub.

For a summer cottage, 1.4-2 mm is enough, which will remove grass and maintain a neat appearance of lawns.

Workers who monitor the condition of the shoulder, where thick grass often grows, need to purchase 2.4-2.7 mm.

To improve the neglected area, a strong fishing line of 3.0-3.3 mm is needed, capable of cutting through stiff stems and bushes.


The reason why the trimmer fails may be:

  • overflow of the tank;
  • excessive pumping of fuel into engines equipped with a manual supercharger;
  • wear in the motor of valves, cylinders, injectors, cam followers and other moving parts;
  • the tanks are out of gasoline and / or oil;
  • the spark plug is out of order;
  • clogged fuel or air filters;
  • the valves in the motor are out of alignment or burned.

The check begins with the presence of oil and fuel both in the tanks, and a small portion of it in the engine system. An “empty” engine will not start, despite a full tank, as well as an overfilled one..

Starting the lawn mowers for the first time or after a long period of inactivity

A lawn mower differs from a trimmer in that it is not a fishing line that acts as a grass cutter, but a mechanical reducer or a gear-based winch equipped with a knife. The knife drive is much more powerful than the forestry mechanism – a powerful lawn mower is also used when cutting bushes. Both Chinese and European lawn mowers are no different when the declared power is real.

To lubricate the gears of the reducer, lithol or grease is used. After checking the gearbox, prepare the motor itself for work – according to the above instructions. If the start fails, the problem is already in the engine..

How to start a petrol trimmer?

  • Prerequisites
  • How to start a trimmer motor or lawn mowers?
  • Starting the lawn mowers for the first time or after a long period of inactivity
  • Adding fuel through the spark plug holes
  • Checking the ignition system
  • Cleaning the engine
  • Checking the integrity of the spark arrester
  • Unstable carburetor operation
  • Draining fuel from the gas tank

How to properly start the trimmer is a question that the owners are puzzled with in the event of a device breakdown. And after a successful repair of the trimmer, the owner tries to avoid repeating the same situation..

How to start a trimmer motor or lawn mowers?

The new trimmer is easy to commission.

  • Check the motor type of the device. Trimmers are equipped with a 2- or 4-stroke motor.
  • Buy oil for this type of motor. Gasoline for trimmer – AI-92/93/98, sold at all gas stations.
  • Mix oil with gasoline. Mineral oil is mixed in a ratio of 1: 34 with gasoline, synthetics – in a 1: 50 ratio. Follow the trimmer manufacturer’s recommendations for oil viscosity (see the label on the flask). The most commonly used multigrade oil 5W-30. Do not use untested car oils.
  • Pour a small amount (for example, 0.5 liters) of the resulting fuel into the tank.
  • Close the air damper by sliding the desired lever (see instructions).
  • Turn the ignition key (or handle) to the “on” position – otherwise the trimmer will not start. Beginners often make this mistake..
  • Pump some fuel into the carburetor – if there is a manual “rocker” with a separate button or lever (see instructions). It takes 4-7 clicks.
  • Place the trimmer on a level surface.
  • Pull on the starter cord gently until you feel it slow down. Then pull it out sharply, but not completely. Repeat this movement up to 4 more times..
  • If the engine does not start, open the air damper again, otherwise the candles will flood with gasoline with further movements of the cord. Perform 2-3 attempts to start the engine with an open handbrake.
  • If the engine still does not start, close the choke and make a few more attempts to start it..
  • After starting the engine, press the throttle lever with idle.
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Let the motor warm up – 5-10 minutes is enough. Do not start mowing immediately after a cold start – the trimmer motor should run in.

Adding fuel through the spark plug holes

If the trimmer engine does not have manual pumping and the device does not start, add some fuel to the engine itself through the spark plugs. Do the following.

How to start a 2-cycle or 2 stroke Echo Weed-Trimmer in UNDER A MINUTE!

  • Check if the fuel level in the tank is sufficient to drain a small amount. It only takes 20 ml.
  • Remove the cap from the spark plug and unscrew it with a spark plug wrench..
  • If the spark plug is dirty on a used trimmer, rinse and ignite it. There should be no deposits on the spark plug electrodes. Do not damage the center conductor ceramic insulator. In a new trimmer, check the spark plugs for a factory defect..
  • Return the spark plug back and check the spark ignition (discharge between the electrodes) when the starter is triggered.
  • Remove the candle again. Using a 20 or 50 cc syringe, pour 20 ml of gasoline into the plug hole.
  • Insert and fix the spark plug, setting the value of its technological gap at least and no more than a millimeter.
  • Prime fuel using the priming button (or lever) – if your trimmer model has one. Press the button every 4 seconds.

Now try to start the engine. Close the air damper immediately after starting.

How it all works and works

The trimmer is a hand tool that allows you to cut green grass with a soft stem and not too thick dead wood. It is lighter than a lawnmower and is carried on a belt rather than rolling on wheels.

Due to its low weight, this device can easily move within the same area and between adjacent areas.

Using a lawn trimmer, you can quickly remove unwanted vegetation. This technique is also used:

for cutting grass under bushes;

mowing plants near houses, along paths and fences;

cleaning the space along the roads;

tidying up the banks of rivers, lakes, streams.

This functionality allows you to use trimmers:

ordinary people (summer residents and homeowners);

utilities and management companies;

enterprises and organizations with a large adjacent territory.

To get ready for work, it is enough to put on the trimmer with the help of special belts. Then the head of the apparatus is brought closer to the grass and the motor is started. The twisting force is transmitted to the bobbin by means of a rigid shaft inside a special tube. There is a cutting part in the head. Its quick movements and helps to dissect grass stems.

To avoid hitting solid obstacles, trimmers are equipped with protective covers. The motors can be electric or gasoline powered. In addition to these parts and the fuel tank, a typical design includes:

guide handle (sometimes there are two of them);

a bobbin ending in a line or knife;

Features and manufacturers

Anywhere sloppy, poorly groomed grass looks very bad. Conventional lawn mowers do not always help to tidy it up. They are very expensive, and even with funds, lack of maneuverability is a serious disadvantage. A small trimmer can do about the same job. However, it is smaller and cheaper..

High-quality trimmers are produced by those firms that have established the production of high-quality tools of a different profile. If you don’t understand the intricacies, you can safely choose products:

Mini grass trimmers: what they are and how to choose?

Plants in nature are good. But near human habitation, they cause many problems. You can solve them with the compact mini grass trimmer, if you choose it correctly..

Selection recommendations

Electrical devices are connected to household 220V power grids. They cannot do without carrying, plugged into a relatively close socket. For cleaning any large lawn or remote places on a personal plot, such a solution is definitely not suitable. But electric trimmers are silent and do not emit harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The handles are easily adjustable in height, and consumers can fit exactly the knife they need.

Keep in mind, however, that the electric trimmer cannot be used in wet weather or for cutting wet grass. In addition, you will have to constantly watch so that the cutter does not touch the power cord. As for gasoline devices, they are heavier than their electric counterparts. In many ways, this disadvantage is compensated for by increased maneuverability and greater productivity. With such a tool, you can not be afraid of power outages, outages, and even work where there is no power supply in principle.

The blades change without any problems on the petrol trimmer. It is a reliable and comfortable device. Its performance is sufficient even for commercial applications.

But this technique creates quite a lot of noise, and therefore you have to work in protective headphones. And the inconvenience to other people cannot be ignored either..

To tidy up the land near the house, home lawns, flower beds and gardens, you can limit yourself to trimmers with a capacity of 0.5 kW. If the electric motor is located at the bottom, then the design is simplified and facilitated. However, this increases the risk of contact with wet objects. The barbell device cannot be ignored either. If it is made in a straight line, then the trimmer will be more reliable and efficient..

Of the individual models, noteworthy:

Champion ET 451;

Bosch ART 23 SL;

Oleo-Mac TR 61 E.

Which trimer to choose for a summer residence, see below.

Why the petrol trimmer won’t start?

The owner of a summer cottage cannot do without a lawn mower or trimmer. But during its operation, situations may arise when this unit for some reason stops starting. And there can be many reasons for this. Let’s find out why the petrol trimmer won’t start.

Why the trimmer won’t start – reasons

To determine why the gasoline trimmer does not start well or stalls constantly, it is necessary to consistently check the operation of all the main components of the unit. This is especially important after long-term storage of the lawn mower. So, the main reasons for this behavior of the trimmer are as follows:

  • The culprit that the lawn mower will not start may be a poor-quality oil-gasoline fuel mixture. It must be cooked strictly according to the instructions. Saving is not at all appropriate here, since it can lead to the failure of the entire piston group of the trimmer. Do not prepare too much fuel mixture, as excess gasoline will lose its quality over time..
  • You should be aware that petrol trimmers of brands such as Stihl, Husgvarna and some others will not start if they are filled with cheap petrol with a low octane number. Therefore, for such units it is necessary to use only high-quality high-octane fuel..
  • If the trimmer stalls immediately upon start-up, then it may have a flooded candle. In this case, you need to unscrew it and dry it thoroughly for half an hour. Then drain the excess fuel in the chamber, clean the candle from carbon deposits, put it back and try to start the lawn mower..
  • If your new gasoline trimmer won’t start, there may be a lack of spark. And this happens because the socket where the candle is located is dry and the fuel does not ignite. Lightly moisten the thread of the spark plug with a few drops of gasoline..
  • The gasoline trimmer may stall due to clogged air or fuel filters. It is best to replace such elements with new ones..
  • The exhaust port and breather can also become clogged. Having cleaned these trimmer elements, it will be possible to start the unit without any problems..
  • Another reason why the petrol trimmer won’t start, even when there is a spark, may be a clogged carburetor. To clean the channels and nozzles, it is necessary to blow them with compressed air using a compressor. Can be used to clean the carburetor and special rinse.
  • If the carburetor gaskets are worn out, replace them. And if the tightness of this device is broken, you will have to identify the faulty carburetor part and replace it.
  • The trimmer may not start due to wear on the piston group. However, it is better to change such parts of lawn mowers in a service center..
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Choosing the right speed

At what speed should you mow to cut your lawn evenly? When is it better to increase or decrease the revs? How long can you keep high revs? It should be noted that all these questions are relevant only for the gasoline trimmer. the trimmer does not have the ability to select the engine frequency, it practically reaches its peak power as much as possible and works at it while both power buttons are pressed.

If the device itself allows you to adjust the engine speed during operation, then the following will be optimal:

  • minimum speed for working with lawn grass on a flat surface;
  • medium rpm when using the disc for tall grass and not thick bushes;
  • increased (maximum) speed for cutting bushes.

Important: no matter what rpm is used during operation, it is important to give the motor a rest, especially if a non-standard (increased) load is implied.

Mowing tall grass

Cutting tall grass is not difficult. Mowing takes place in two directions at once. First to the left, then to the right (first pass), cutting off the top. Then in the opposite direction, but already lowering the barbell with the blade to the required level. In this case, the grass that was cut remains on the left side, which is very convenient for the subsequent collection. It so happens that the weeds have grown too much and too abundantly. In this case, several movements to the right and to the left may be needed, the main thing is to adhere to the correct pattern.

With several movements, the line is consumed much faster, but in some cases it may be necessary to get to the base of thickets, into which it is impossible to cut through immediately. If necessary, the line can be alternated with the knife. If difficulties arise, and the performance of the device has decreased, it will be enough just to replace the consumable and start working again.

Do not try to mow tall grass just below the base – this can be difficult. For example, a long stem can wrap around the line, resulting in a lengthy, unplanned stop..

Important: when working with a blade, the speed of work may slow down somewhat, since its area is less than the span of the line.

Getting ready for operation

As with any other technique, there are rules for working with a trimmer. First you need to make sure that the main components and assemblies are intact: the screw, rod, handle and motor. If the device has not yet been assembled, then it should be properly assembled according to the instructions..

How to cut your lawn to keep it smooth

A lawn means an open flat area that excludes any large landscape irregularities (holes, hills). Of course, snags and stumps should not stick out of the ground – you should attend to their uprooting in advance. It is best to plant the area under the lawn with soft types of grass that lend themselves well to mowing. In this case, you will spend much less effort..

  • Experts recommend dividing the entire area into small squares and mowing along them, moving from one to another clockwise. In this case, the grass that you mowed always remains on the left, and will not interfere with further manipulations with the trimmer..
  • If it is necessary to mow “to the root”, then the angle of contact with the surface should be at least 30 degrees. With this technique of work, the device practically comes into contact with the surface with a cutting knife..
  • There is an opinion that in order to give the lawn a complete look, it must be mowed with a carriage-type lawn mower. This is partly true, but if you get used to it, you can achieve good results with a hand trimmer. It is also recommended to use the hand-held grass shears to correct any imperfections after using the trimmer..
  • The lower the line is, the smoother the lawn will be. By leaving the grass taller, the chances are that it will be cut differently in different places. This is due to the fact that the trimmer itself is not fixed on the horizontal plane, which leads to irregularities in the reciprocating motion performed during operation..

Trimmer in action

So, the preparatory stage is over, it’s time to get to work. Where do you start? How to use all the capabilities of the device correctly Of course, you can just get started and learn everything by trial and error, or follow simple but correct recommendations and get a wonderful effect after the first mowing. There are nuances everywhere, whether it be mowing the lawn, sawing bushes with a disc or mowing grass for hay. You should start with the simplest.

Duration of mowing

An electric mower can work without interruption for no more than 20 minutes, after which it will take the same amount of time to rest. The motor needs to cool down to prevent the plastic parts from melting..

Gasoline trimmers allow for longer use. On average, you can work up to 40-60 minutes, or until you run out of fuel. In any case, the break should not be less than ten minutes, but it is better if all twenty. The point here is in the engine itself, which is deprived of a liquid cooling system that is natural for an internal combustion engine. To avoid overheating and increased wear, it is better to give the device the opportunity to cool down, and at the same time to regain its strength or collect already mown grass.


With an electric trimmer, everything is much easier. After making sure that the gearbox has the required amount of lithol, you can start working. No additional measures are required. Unless it is necessary to ensure that the carrier does not run in the path of the mowing in order to avoid possible damage..

When the device itself is ready for use, you should make sure that there is nothing around that could interfere with the operation. If possible, the intended area of ​​mowing should be cleared of driftwood, glass, stones and other solid objects that could damage the knife or line..

It is better if other people do not approach the trimmer during operation. Usually the recommended distance is at least 10-15 meters in order to avoid getting small debris (mulch) in the eyes and on the face.

Depending on the work to be done, you need to choose a trimmer attachment: a screw-knife for weeds and hay, a line for lawn grass or a circular saw for shrubs. Mowing should be in the opposite direction from people, if possible, then moving away from buildings and buildings. Do not get too close to the fence and other structures, as the fishing line can catch on sharp edges, and the screw-knife bend if accidentally hitting a hard object with it.

The preparation of the device itself does not take much time, all modern models of devices are designed in such a way as to facilitate and simplify their operation, starting to work as soon as possible.

We mow under hay

Hay for a villager is a necessity – it is food for animals in winter, fertilizer and covering material that protects the planting from the cold. Of course, with such versatility of use, the question arises of preparing hay in advance. Mowing under the workpiece differs from the usual aesthetic cleaning of the perimeter in some features.

  • For example, in order to prevent the mowed grass from being crushed into mulch, it is necessary to mow at the root, lowering the bar with the disc as low as possible..
  • It is necessary to outline the swaths in which the cut grass will lie down – this will help to avoid piling up and crowding. In addition, at the end of the work, it will be easier to clean it..
  • Another very important point is mowing large weeds. For example, a formed burdock bush, which is not able to cut through every knife. If you encounter such a large weed on your way, you should cut it in a circle and continue working. When the perimeter work is completed, there will be lonely weeds sticking out on the site, which are easy to remove by hand, and they will not mix with the grass..
  • The main thing in mowing for hay is to keep the length of the grass, not allowing it to lose its shape. Otherwise, the resulting mulch can only be used as a covering material..
  • The mowing width must remain strictly fixed because it is necessary to remember about the average size and length of the workpiece.
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Some experts recommend using line when mowing under hay, but this is not always correct. Firstly, the grass in such an area is usually tall, moreover, its base is denser and more formed. Using a line will increase engine wear as it will have to run at higher rpms. Of course, this will also affect performance. Secondly, the line is simply not provided for such loads. Using this material, you risk not only the line itself, but also the entire mower..

The best option is a disc designed for shrubs – it is designed for increased loads. In addition, tall grass is coarser at the base and will cut more efficiently with the blade than with line designed for soft, silky lawn..

There are optional hay trimmer attachments, but they are all unofficial modifications. In other words, self-made modifications, the use of which is highly discouraged. instrument behavior under unexplored conditions can be unpredictable. By following simple guidelines, you can quickly gain the necessary experience and harvest large amounts of hay..

Grass trimmer: how to choose a quality tool?

Grass trimmer. significant relief of labor for cleaning the territory Caring for a summer cottage and for your own green lawn in particular, requires systematic mowing of the grass. But, in many cases, it is very inconvenient to work with a scythe or wheeled lawn mower. The problem can be solved very simply by using a grass trimmer..

In truth, the grass trimmer is one of the most practical tools for mowing grass in the country and in any area of ​​your own. With its help, you can easily remove vegetation not only on a flat area, but also in hard-to-reach places – inside a flower bed, under a bush, behind a dense young growth of trees. That is why, in our time, summer residents are increasingly choosing a trimmer for mowing grass, and no longer even look towards lawn mowers, with which you can carefully cut only a perfectly flat area..

What is a trimmer that is so often talked about lately? This is the simplest design, consisting of a light rod, on one end of which there is a tool motor, and on the other there is a special cutting mechanism. Without going into design features, we can say one thing – lightweight, easy to use, very convenient and practical device for mowing grass even in hard-to-reach places.

Grass trimmers can often have another name that is very close in meaning – mower, lawn mower, lawn mower.

How to choose a grass trimmer?

Depending on the power of the engine, the practicality and mobility of the device, its protection and convenience, the quality of the cutting tool and the possibilities for continuity of work, you can determine the most suitable trimmer for use in your own area. But, before you identify the device and pay for the purchase, we recommend that you pay attention to a few more points.

  • First of all, you must define the maximum amount of work and load limits for the trimmer. In this case, it is best to start from the maximum, so that the power and performance of the trimmer really suffice, even if your area is very overgrown. Please note that a simple battery trimmer equipped only with an elementary cutting tool can cope with a good, varietal lawn, but for a large area with young growth of trees and shrubs, you should choose a more powerful and reliable device, with a set of special devices.
  • Next, calculate the maximum area of ​​the site, the distance from the power source, the total amount of work. This way you can tell if you need an electric or cordless grass trimmer..
  • Technical characteristics and trimmer equipment. For a small amount of work, a low-power and inexpensive trimmer is suitable, but for frequent mowing of a large amount of “pollution” of the site, you should pay attention to a gasoline trimmer, always of high power and with cooling, increased productivity and good protection. Estimate also the average grass height, as the tall grass trimmer differs from the standard lawn trimmer, at least in the special retrofit.
  • Before buying, take the trimmer in your hands, feel how comfortable it is, how big its weight, evaluate the device just for you.

Petrol grass trimmer

This tool is the most popular and in demand, and not only among summer residents and owners of private suburban areas, but also among the staff of utilities and commercial organizations that monitor the cleanliness of the city and other areas. The petrol trimmer is slightly heavier than the previous two, pollutes the environment with exhaust gases, and works louder. But, at the same time, such a tool is distinguished by good mobility and maneuverability, high power and increased practicality not only when mowing grass on lawns, but also when cleaning areas from weeds, young growth of shrubs and trees.

Gasoline trimmers can be of two types: household and professional. Household gasoline trimmers are not very powerful, lighter and with a minimum set of cutting tools. Professional ones are equipped with everything necessary not only for mowing grass, but even for cutting stems up to 1.5 cm thick..

How to choose a quality grass trimmer for mowing grass in the country or a suburban area?

So, let’s take a look at where and how you can use various types of trimmers..

The simplest trimmers are convenient for working in small areas, for example, on a country estate, where from time to time it is necessary to mow the lawn or grass outside the yard.

Cordless trimmers are suitable for about the same worries, only now you can move away from the outlet much further, this is the main convenience.

And finally, gasoline trimmers can easily cope with tasks that the previous two types of trimmers did not pull – large area, large volume of work, increased complexity of work..

Electric grass trimmer

The electric grass trimmer is a quality and very handy tool that works from a constant power source. The advantage of the electric trimmer is its low weight and environmental friendliness, the disadvantages are easily attributed to reduced mobility (due to being tied to a constant power source and cable length), as well as a small trimmer power.

Trimmer motor location

The convenience of mowing grass with a trimmer can depend on many factors, and we will analyze one of them now – the location of the engine.

Bottom engine trim tabs. This type is presented on the market in the most affordable category. Trimmers with low power, most often battery-operated, do not cool well, and therefore have some restrictions on the length of the mowing. Also, such trimmers have poor protection against moisture and mechanical damage..

Top engine trim tabs. Better, more practical, properly balanced and powerful lawn mowers. Such trimmers have good cooling, which means they have great performance, and are equipped with special protection against mechanical stress and moisture..

Trimmer for mowing grass, lawn mower, mower. choose wisely

Trimmer types

Mowing with a trimmer is very convenient and quick, but for the process to be really so beneficial, you need to know how to choose the right grass trimmer. In this case, you will forget about the inconveniences and will just enjoy the slight hum of the engine and the smell of freshly cut greenery..

You should choose a trimmer depending on its type, paying attention to some technical characteristics.

Electric, cordless and petrol grass trimmers

Cordless grass trimmer

This tool, like the electric trimmer, is equipped with a motor, but it runs on a battery. The battery trimmer is more mobile and more comfortable to work with, it has increased maneuverability and practicality. But, there is one drawback – a limitation in operating time, which depends on the capacity of the battery and its charge..