How to start a single tractor in winter gasoline Brait. Long -term storage of a walk -behind tractor

How to start a single tractor in winter: for beginners, features

Motobobes are quite serious and not cheap gardening technique. If you want it to fully fulfill its functions, serve for a long time and reliably, then you need to carefully take care of it and follow all the recommendations prescribed by the manufacturer.

When you bought a technique, it is important to know how to make a single tractor correctly. There is a certain sequence of actions consisting of preparing the technique to launch and its direct launch.

Why it is necessary to preserve?

In no case, the same tractor can simply be left in the cold garage before the heat. Canned, stored carefully and correctly. In the worst case, after melting snow, you simply cannot start the unit. Simple recommendations for the storage of a walk.behind tract in the winter will help in this matter to prevent mistakes.

  • Pay attention primarily to the engine with the gearbox. We change the oil. the previous one can also be used, but only under the condition of “suitable” condition and filtering.
  • Cleaning air filters in good faith and pour engine oil.
  • We unscrew the candles, add the oil to the cylinder (approximately 20 ml) and “manually” scroll the crankshaft (literally a couple of revolutions).
  • We carefully clean all parts of the walk.behind tractor from the accumulation of dust and dirt (do not forget about the most inaccessible places). Next, we cover the body and spare parts of special equipment with a thick layer of oil, which will protect against corrosion. Sharp edges we sharpen.
  • If the one.axic tractor is equipped with an electric steamer, then we remove the battery during winter storage. And also do not forget about its regular exercise throughout the “frosty period”.
  • We cover the unit, or rather, its painted parts, polish. This will help protect the product from the decay process. It should be noted that the polish is applied only to the clean unit, otherwise there will be no help from it. With the onset of spring, the coating layer should be washed off.
  • Do not forget to open a fuel supply tap for a couple of times a month and pull the starter handle 2-3 times 2-3 times.

How to start a single tractor in winter?

Each time before starting the engine, check the level of oil and fuel (it doesn’t matter. winter on the street or summer), adjust the mounts and connections.

The procedure for launching a gasoline walk.behind tractor takes place in the following sequence:

  • Open gasoline feed crane.
  • Set the fuel leaks in the “launch” mode (Choke).
  • The engine when the ignition is turned off several times, is worked out by a cup starter.
  • Get a single tractor and switch the fuel lever to the “work” position (run).
start, single, tractor, winter, gasoline

Also do not forget to prepare the fuel mixture for refueling if you have a 2-stroke engine. The process of starting a diesel engine is slightly more complicated, since before starting it is necessary to steal air from the fuel system.

Further, the launch passes along this algorithm:

  • Open a gasoline crane.
  • Check the presence of lubrication.
  • Turn on the ignition.
  • Slightly twist the handle of gas, no more than half.

Also, be sure to read the operating instructions before using diesel walk.behind tract in winter. The temperature regimes are clearly indicated there, in which you need to move from summer diesel fuel to winter, with a lower degree of thickening. Still follow the view of the oil in the walk.behind tractor in the winter. For the cold pore of the year, synthetic motor oils with a lower degree of thickening at low temperatures are more suitable.

Most motoblock engines have air cooling, which contributes to rapid cooling of the motor in winter. Therefore, at very low temperatures, the engine will most likely have to be insulated.

To speed up the start of the engine in winter will also help such a simple but effective way as watering the engine with warm water. Several liters will be enough to successfully launch the motor.

Preparation of the walk.behind tractor for winter

Before sending one.time tractor for winter storage, you need to carry out a number of procedures for its successful “wintering” and quality work in the spring. First of all, before the onset of frosts, the one.axine tractor should be washed and thoroughly dried, small breakdowns should be eliminated. All working mechanisms and nodes carefully lubricate. The cutting elements of the attachment equipment also clean, sharpen and lubricate.

Store a single.axle tractor should be in a dry ventilated room. There is no need for additional heating.

Basic rules for the conservation of a walk.behind tractor for the winter:

  • Change the oil in the gearbox and engine.
  • Clean and pour oil filters with oil (if a bath is provided for them).
  • It is recommended to unscrew the spark plug, pour several milliliters of oil into the cylinder and manually scroll through the crankshaft several times.
  • If a battery is installed on the walk.behind tractor, remove it and take it to a warm room. Also several times during the winter, do not forget to recharge it.
  • A special anti.corrosion coating can also be applied to a cleaned and dry one.axle tractor, which can be purchased in specialized stores.

We also offer you to get acquainted with the video that shows the process of preparing a walk.behind tractor for winter:

Preparation of the walk.behind tractor for winter

The conservation of the walk.behind tractor for the winter begins with a thorough preparation of technology. After the last work, you must clean and wash each part, as well as inspect the entire system for the presence of breakdowns and malfunctions. The worst thing for any car is the presence of water on the details that freezes and damages the metal in winter.

According to the instructions and safety precautions, fuel must be completely drained, but with this opinion many owners of motoblocks absolutely disagree. You can not leave the device without lubricating fluid. the old oil needs to be drained and the new.

The cutting elements during preparation for winter should be cleaned of dirt and sharpened. Hinged elements must also be carefully cleaned and greased. If you notice that the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced before preserving.

In order not to encounter serious breakdowns and damage after cold weather, the uniform tractor must be carefully prepared for winter. This is done in several stages:


  • First you need to prepare a gearbox and engine. It is necessary to drain the old oil and pour new. You can take old oil, but it should be in the state of normal condition. It is thoroughly filtered and poured into the system. After winter, the oil is still completely replaced by a new one, since in a standing state and during the cold it spoils;
  • Remove the candles, pour about 2 cm of oil, and scroll a little;
  • Air filters must be cleaned well. If they are in a bath of oil, they need to be poured with new engine oil;
  • If you have an electric starter in the walk.behind tractor, the battery must be stored exclusively in a warm room. During the winter, charge it periodically;
  • All hung tools, as mentioned above, need to be cleaned, greased with oil, and the cutting parts should be sharpened;
  • Many owners are covered by all the painted parts of the walk.behind tracts with a special polish to protect against decay. It is important before this the product is well cleaned of dirt and dust.

General rules for conservation of technology

Any tool, regardless of the type and purpose, before laying on storage, you need to wash, dry and inspect the details for wear and replacement. There is nothing worse than moisture that fell into mobile or vulnerable details and mechanisms. Freezing in an unheated room, it turns into ice and damages the elements of the system. It is also advisable to drain gas tank gasoline for fire safety reasons. But for the clock, other recommendations. the equipment cannot be left “dry”, so the oil is not removed for the winter, but they are changed.

When stored, fold the equipment as indicated in the operating manual

The cutting parts (such as lawnmand knives) should be sharpened, and hinged joints should be cleaned of dust and dirt and grease. Check the condition of the fasteners and power cord of the power tool, if necessary, replace them without leaving until spring. Next, we consider each type of technique and the requirements for its conservation in more detail.

Whether it is necessary to drain gasoline from a walk.behind tractor for the winter?

The operating instructions clearly say that the fuel from the walk.behind tractor before winter storage must be drained. But the opinions of the owners on this subject diverge. Some say that it is best to drain gasoline and let the tank dry thoroughly. Others advise filling the tank to the top to avoid corrosion.

Corrosion of the tank will not be in the first or second case. But following the fire safety technique to leave a single tractor with a full tank of gasoline. Also, gasoline during downtime can be circled.

start, single, tractor, winter, gasoline

Our advice. Before winter storage, be sure to drain gasoline, develop the remaining fuel in the system and let the tank dry out. After such actions, there will be no problems with the fuel system of the walk.behind tractor in the spring.

How to store one.axic tractor in winter?

Such a complex technique as motoblocks and motor cultivators require special preparation for storage in winter. The difficulty lies in the fact that due to the abundance of different details and mechanisms, it is very difficult to clean them of dirt, but you must try to do this. The process of preparing for winter consists of several stages:

  • First of all, you need to take care of oil in the engine and gearbox. Replace it with fresh or clean the old, but only if it is in very good condition and without significant sediment. When spring comes, you still have to change the oil to a new one, since it loses its qualities in a standing state and at low temperatures;
  • You can also remove candles and pour about 20 milliliters of oil into the cylinder. Then you need to scroll the crankshaft for only a few revolutions;
  • You can take care of the fuel tank in two ways. The first way is to completely pour fuel from the tank and dry. Second. pour fuel to the very top. Gasoline will not let metal rot. Only fill the tank completely so that corrosion simply does not have a chance;
  • After that, the unit needs to be completely cleaned. Particular attention should be paid to places. Cleaning is also necessary to attach equipment, which after that is also treated with an oil rag to prevent corrosion;
  • Clean air filters and pour them with new oil if they are in an oil bath;
  • You can also apply a special protective coating to all painted parts that protects against decay. In the spring, the coating is washed off;
  • To prevent the rings in the cylinder, just pull the launch handle several times a month with an open fuel tank. In this case, the engine itself does not need to be launched;
  • If your car operates on an electric starter, then it is recommended to remove and store the battery in a warm room. In this case, you will need to completely charge it several times in the winter.

If you adhere to these simple recommendations, you can easily extend the life of your technique. In addition, you will avoid a number of problems as corrosion or failure in the system due to moisture, which will ultimately require expensive repairs or even replacing some elements.

General rules for conservation of technology

Before you leave the technique for the winter, you need to thoroughly wash it, dry each part, examine for breakdowns and damage. The worst thing for any car is left moisture on the details. Water freezes and damages elements in winter.

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For safety measures, fuel needs to be drained (however, some owners have a different opinion). But with oil other tips. you can not leave equipment without lubrication in winter. However, it must be changed to new.

All cutting items must be carefully cleaned and sharpened. Hinged joints also require thorough cleaning and lubrication. Also, do not forget to check the power cord. if it is damaged, replace it with a new one before the onset of cold weather and, especially, spring.

How to prepare a single tractor for winter?

As mentioned above, motoblocks are a serious technique that requires the same relationship. If you do not want to encounter breakdowns, and even more so with the need to purchase new equipment, then correctly store the same tractor in winter.

The entire conservation process is as follows:

  • First of all, take care of the engine and gearbox. They must be changing the oil. You can use the old one, having well filled it, but provided that it is still in good condition. When spring arrives, you still have to change the oil again, as it deteriorates in a standing state;
  • The fuel tank can be subject to corrosion. And here the opinions diverge: some advise drying it, draining gasoline, and some recommend pouring fuel to the very top so that corrosion has no chance. And in that and in another case there will be no corrosion, but the danger of fire increases with fuel;
  • Carefully clean the air filters and fill the engine with oil if they are in the oil bath;
  • Some experts advise to unscrew the candles, pour about 20 milliliters of oil into the cylinder, as well as scroll through a few speeds of the crankshaft;
  • After the previous four points, you can clean the rest of the walk.behind tractor from dirt and dust. The same applies to hinged equipment, which must also be lubricated with oil, and sharp edges should be sharpened;
  • If you are the owner of a walk.behind tractor with an electric starter, then you must store a battery for him in a warm room. You will also need to completely charge it several times during the winter months;
  • If desired, you can also cover the one.axle tractor, or rather its painted parts, with a protective layer of a special polish that protects the product from rotting. It is important to apply it to a clean surface, because under a layer of dirt, the technique will still deteriorate. When spring comes, you need to wash off the polish.

If you adhere to these simple recommendations, then in the new season you will not have problems either with the launch of a motor block or its work.

Preparatory stage

So, you are the owner of a new walk.behind tractor to care for your garden, garden and even a personal plot. The first thing to start with is to check the oil level. Even if you are sure that he was enough or you were assured in the store that it is in full, you still need to check. If the oil is not enough, you can simply ruin the engine. Also, the car may not start if the oil has been flooded for a long time and has managed to deteriorate. Some engines models, such as Subaru or Lon Chin, have a special sensor, which just shows how much oil in your technique.

After that, it is necessary to fill in the fuel. In the operating instructions, you will find information about which gasoline is suitable for your motoblock model. You can also clarify this information from sellers. Another important point applies to two.stroke engines, where gasoline must be diluted with oil in a certain proportion.

Only after that can you proceed directly to the inspection of the entire walk.behind. That is, you must check all the units, fastening the steering wheel and wheels, the clutch and gas cables, and so on. instructions for launching a walk.behind tractor

After all the checks, you were convinced that the oil is flooded in sufficient quantities, gasoline or diesel fuel corresponds to the model of your walk.behind tract, and all fasteners and systems are in the correct and working condition. Now we will tell you how to start a single tractor:

  • Basin one.axle tractor. You need to open a gasoline valve, and the lever of the suction should be in the “launch” position, and also turn off the ignition. After that, you need to pump a couple of times with a hand starter, turn on the ignition, and pull the starter again. In this state, the same.based tractor will start, and you must transfer the leather lever to the “work” position. If your model of equipment has an electric steamer, you can immediately turn on the ignition and start it;
  • Diesel one.axle tractor. Diesel motoblocks, as you know, start a little more complicated. over, if you plan to work on it in winter, then you should know that diesel fuel has the ability to freeze.Therefore, you first need to warm up the equipment, but only after that give the load. So, if the unit is new, then its entire system is ascended. To pump it, you need to work as a starter. If the starter is manual, you, of course, can pull it yourself, or you can do the next procedure. Unscrew the fuel supply valve and spin each supply connection from it. At the same time, you need to unscrew, wait until the fuel is overlaid and tighten again. Continue to do this until you reach the nozzle. For manual launch, open all the taps and put the gas in the middle position. Holding a decompressor with your finger, squeeze it and pump it several times. After that, release it and pull it until the moment when he again stands in his starting position. Now press the decompressor again, and without supporting it, click on the starter. The same.based tractor should start.

As can be seen from all of the above, gasoline and diesel motoblocks start differently. It is important to carefully read the operating instructions and strictly follow the tips of the manufacturer. You also need to use only high.quality fuel and oil that is suitable for your type of motoblock model. And then you will not encounter problems when starting and further work by car.

There is no spark on the walk.behind tractor. we understand the problem

Another common reason that the unoic tractor does not start is lies in the malfunctions of the ignition system of the unit. Faults can be hidden in a cap, magneto, spark plug or in a high.voltage agricultural wire.

When examining the ignition system, first of all, you need to carefully check each part for clogging. If a spark is gone, then the reason for this is often the ingress of moisture or dirt on the elements of the ignition system. Also, the agricultural machine often does not start due to the lack of the ability to form a spark-the reason for this is poor contact between the central electrode and the candle cap.

If you did not find dirt and moisture in the ignition system, and the uno.ears of the tractor is not started, then be sure to check the integrity of the electrodes and the gap between them. As a rule, a special probe is used for this. Ideally, the gap should be 0.8 mm. If necessary, remove the carbon from the insulator and metal elements of the ignition system.

If the unit does not start, and not one of the above procedures helped, then it will be necessary to replace the light of the he ignition of the walk.behind tract. The cost of the parts for replacement is low, however, when buying, we advise you to give preference to more expensive candles. they will last many times longer than cheaper analogues. All of the listed methods are suitable for the repair of MOT-blocks MROT, Neva MB-1 and MB-2, as well as cascade, bison, agro and fireworks.

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We start correctly

Launch rules for gasoline and diesel models are different. At the factory of the first you need to immediately switch the handle of the suction. Need to put up in the “Launch” position. Only then can you open a gasoline faucet and pull the starter a couple of times. With the correct performance of all operations, the one.axic tractor must start. If it is equipped with an electric starter, then it is enough to turn it on and start the engine.

Diesel types of machines require a different approach. First of all, the air from the fuel hoses should be. To fulfill this task, the tap opens, after which the connection is unscrewed to feed the DT to the nozzle itself. It is necessary to wait for diesel fuel to flow. Then the taps open, the gas handle is transferred to the middle position. It is necessary to squeeze the lever 3-4 times and shake the decompressor (holding your finger). Then it must be returned to the initial position. After performing these manipulations, press and pull the starter once. When fulfilling all these stages, the unoic tractor must start.

The rules for launching the motor in the absence of a starter

Engine operation is a complex technical process for which several nodes in the machine are responsible at once. One of the devices providing conditions for launch is a starter. This mechanism leads the motor into a direct action and in importance it is not inferior to the ignition or adhesion system.

start, single, tractor, winter, gasoline

Important! Starters are one of the most vulnerable details in the system. Often they break, including among the season, when there is a lot of work. The engine can be started without it, which saves time on urgent repairs.

The stages of launching the motor in the absence of the starter include:

  • Dismantling of faulty spare parts.
  • Fixing a strong rope in the hole on the round iron component, which is located at the site of installation of the starter.
  • The cable needs to be wrapped around this corolla several times (about 4-5 revolutions), leaving an end to about 40 cm.
  • The piston is brought up, the decompressor turns off and the rope twitches sharply.

Despite the fact that the launch of a motor block is possible without a starter, it should not constantly operate in this mode. These recommendations are given for emergency cases when equipment is required in working condition. But you should also not have time to repair. you need to quickly order a new starter. Details for the Unoa tractor in the assortment are presented on the website of the company “Belagro”, where you can choose them for different models of special equipment.

Advantages and disadvantages

When creating a walk.behind motorist, a gear gearbox with high performance is used. All power and running nodes are designed to work with heavy and dense soils. Even if the base is not too flat, overturning is excluded. The coupling is perfectly adapted for interacting with the auxiliary tools of other companies.

  • Thanks to the coupon, you can adjust the depth of the plow of the earth;
  • The governing bodies are located and designed as conveniently as possible;
  • The same.based tractor consumes little fuel and demonstrates decent dynamics;
  • Even if the land was cried out (in the spring or after rains), the wheels will definitely pass.

The question may arise about the shortcomings of the motoblocks of this brand. A rather significant minus part of people considers high for spare parts. Purely technical disabilities users have not yet revealed. Reviews or purely positive or with reference to a short period of operation, not allowing us to draw unequivocal conclusions. Even if individual disadvantages are found, the advantages are clearly outweighed.

  • Alexey, Petrozavodsk. The best offer in the classroom. I believe that BRAIT 135 is a worthy competitor to a higher level motoblocks. This proves its good performance and quality of manufacture. The machine consumes little fuel, the level of vibrations and noise is at a low level. Spare parts are expensive, but it’s worth it. The engine supports 92nd gasoline, so there is something to save on. In addition, Brait is still under warranty, and the service of the walk.behind tractor is much cheaper. It is clear, in case of breakdown, you will have to buy the part yourself, unless this is a factory defect. And the rest of the Brait 135 single tractor is a reliable assistant ideal for processing my 20 acres. The machine is suitable for plowing not only ordinary soft soil, but also hard virgin. Another wheelbarrow is used to transport goods weighing up to 600 kg, and there is no way to load more. the engine will overheat and stall, I have already tried it. So it’s better not to repeat my mistakes and experiments. I am 100% confident in the potential of the walk.behind tractor and I think that it will last me at least for five years. I took the equipment for a long time so that it remained relevant for several years.
  • Pavel, Nizhny Novgorod region. The BRAIT 135 unoic tractor is mainly used for processing a virgin soil with a volume of 15 acres. I work 8 hours a day. In addition to working with the ground, the machine has proven itself well when transporting goods, as well as pumping water and other types of work. To work with virgins, you have to use soil hooks, otherwise there are not enough mass mass for sustainability. Brait consumes no more than 2 liters, which I am very happy.
  • Daniil, Saratov. Bought this one.axle tractor for 30 thousand. It was in 2016. I decided to purchase this particular model, since it has a good combination of price and performance. But in terms of reliability, Brait was pumped up. There are annoying noise and vibrations that occur at high load. The engine heats up to 80-90 degrees, which is very good. In general, there is something to work on. After all, such signs make it doubt that Brait 135 will serve long and uninterruptedly.
  • Michael, Krasnoarmeysk. BRAIT 135. a very productive uniform tractor for every day. Consumes from 1 gasoline, although it is better to fill in the 95th, since the motor is demanding on fuel quality. And the rest of the car works well if you monitor the state of consumables in time.
  • Yaroslav, Irkutsk. Good one.axle tractor, I personally liked it. It has a qualitatively assembled, effectively processes the soil of any complexity, consumes no more than 2 liters of AI-92 fuel. The machine shows the excellent results of plowing even solid soil, including virgin soil. Large pneumatic wheels, on the one hand, allow you to knead dirt and any off.road, and overcome any obstacles. But on the other hand, due to the deep tread, the wheels are quickly clogged with dirt, which is not good-as a result, the same-based tractor sits on the belly and shoes helplessly. In short, you need to regularly clean the wheels, especially if you have to work in your head to work on fragmented soil. I serve the maintenance on my own, since the design is quite simple, and spare parts are inexpensive.

It is with the help of a cutter that motoblocks can open the ground. But to do this, you must first assemble the tool itself. Sable.shaped constructions are collected only by a whole team. It is impossible to reliably and competently exhibit all components alone. If we are talking about a “goose paw”, then metal processing skills will be required, therefore it is almost always correct to contact specialists.

Br-105 motor review view in the video below.