How To Start A Stihl 55 Trimmer Properly

We use FS55 since 2010. We have to mow the garden with a plot in the village of 30 acres. It’s easy to mow grass 0.6 m high, the main thing is to follow the technology so that it does not wrap around the head. Using a knife, he mowed buckwheat and potatoes. takes well. At the beginning of the summer season of 2016, a problem arose: it will work for 5 minutes and stalls, and then it starts up barely, and stalls after 20 seconds. As a result, the kind of replacement carburetor.

How To Start A Stihl 55 Trimmer Properly

Minus I’ll call an uncomfortable shoulder strap, there are much more convenient belts with a plastic socket between the leg and the braid. Despite everything, I think this braid is an excellent option for purchase.
Before that I used an electric braid. The difference is heaven and earth.
I recommend to buy

1. no flashlight and LTE
2. There is no grease fitting for gearbox.

but seriously, there are no flaws.

reliable, suitable thing. in work since 2006 for a house in the village. mixture consumption for one approach. 2 liters. it is 2-3 hours of continuous operation, as In addition to the actual site, I mow the adjacent territory. depends on the mood. fishing line is thicker than the manual: from 3 to 3.6 mm. I lubricate the gearbox before each approach. stihl oil 1:40. with a growth of 185, it’s quite convenient to work.

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for all the time the following was repaired:
1. in one of the winters did not develop a mixture of carburetor. as a result, the carburetor in the spring was naughty. sorted through the official service. at the same time changed the seals and bearings KV. they also changed the candle, but it also works with the old candle.
in other winters, the mixture sometimes did not produce, but the carb was not picked anymore.
2. I pulled the screws on the muffler, after a few months the screws burst. when tired of working without a silencer, I bought screws, a gasket on the market, put the silencer back.
3. almost all the screws that secure the casing to the engine broke the threads in the aluminum engine casing and were replaced with bolts with M5 thread.
4. due to the untimely implementation of paragraph 3, the starter has been erased. completely. bought a new one and replaced.
5. The fishing line head bought immediately with a trimmer is tired and was replaced a couple of years ago. I rarely put a knife. only if you have to mow weeds under 2 meters. in the surrounding area. so that it was where in winter children ride downhill 🙂
6. Last year, the upper bearing in the gearbox crumbled. changed in the official service for one and the bottom. for 5 years of working with the play of this bearing, the teeth on the gears licked. at the end of the bearing, the gearbox hummed and was already warming up to the hiss of dew. after replacing the bearing, the hum remained slightly, but practically does not get warm now. one side. jamb in the design of the gearbox. intellectually, a grease fitting is needed there. on the other hand. one gearbox was enough for a long time. now adapted to squirt so that the old grease is completely squeezed out through the upper bearing. everything goes to ensure that the gears survive the motor 🙂
7. Also last year, the lever for turning on the suction from constant vibrations finally broke its seat and did not provide a quick start on a cold one. I change the entire housing of the air filter toad smothers, so to start the cold I take off the air filter, press the suction valve with a finger to the correct position, start, remove the suction, click the filter and drive it. after warming up and so on.
8. I change the air filter every 2 years.
9. fuel changed a couple of times for all the time. there was no difference between the old and the new, so I don’t bother with that anymore. I still filter gasoline when preparing the mixture.
10. frayed belt. fixed by knotting method after the second time I had to lengthen the belt.

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a neighbor on similar volumes during this time ended with 3 or 4 of the most severe Ketai braids.

the next trimmer will be stihl more serious or the same fs55 lawn mower 🙂
reliable, suitable thing. in work since 2006