How to start a Stihl chainsaw ms 180

Who needs a chainsaw and why

A versatile motorcycle tool is essential for many professions. It is used by builders when erecting wooden housing buildings, lumberjacks when clearing forests, personnel of communal organizations when processing gardens, squares, parks. He helps summer residents to beautify the garden, and sculptors to create interesting wooden compositions.

It is necessary to select a chainsaw in Orenburg in accordance with the tasks ahead. All models are divided into:

Household ones are relatively cheap, they are suitable for working no more than 40 minutes a day and cutting small logs. The mechanism is simplified, so it does not differ in high power and is suitable for periodic repairs or landscaping a summer cottage.

Professional appliances with ergonomic handles are much more powerful than household appliances. They can be used up to sixteen hours a day. They will be needed in order to fell and saw massive trees. The saw body is highly vibration-resistant and well balanced.

The reasonably high price is offset by good performance. Therefore, this particular class of tool is better suited for construction.

Semi-professional is an intermediate option. Such chainsaws in Orenburg cope with the same work as professional ones, the only difference is the time limit.

When using the internal combustion engine of a chainsaw in Orenburg, the speed of the moving shaft reaches 13600 revolutions in one minute. Due to the development of such a speed index, the crankshaft does not need to use a gearbox. High quality equipment can be purchased at the “Turquoise” service center.

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STIHL 180 ms chainsaw complete set

Germany is the country of assembly and production of all original STIHL chainsaws ms 180. A fake is easy to identify at a reduced price. A Chinese or Polish copy of the STIHL ms 180 will cost two to three times cheaper than the original, while the build quality of such saws, of course, differs from the German one. Lighter and cheaper plastic may also be present.

Branded saw STIHL MS 180 in retail costs about 4.5-5 thousand hryvnia. The original product is always sold with a passport. The passport contains the serial number of the tool and the series of the engine.

Stihl MS 180 Unboxing in 2021 | First Start | Beginner Guide

Chainsaws “Shtil-180”, reviews, which will be useful for you to know before buying a product. these are motorcycles designed for cutting trees at home. The device is powered by a gasoline engine, the fuel is used with an octane number of at least 90. Oil will be needed to work with the tool, which is added to the fuel mixture in a ratio of 1 to 50.

STIHL chainsaw malfunctions and how to fix them

Like any other quality garden tool, a STIHL chainsaw can last a long time. However, to do this, you should adhere to the operating rules and perform timely maintenance. Below we give answers to the most frequently asked questions that arise from both beginners and experienced gardeners.

Setting the carburetor of the partner‘s chainsaw to idle is carried out with the T screw (STIHL marks this adjustment with the letters LA). Basic tool setting is done in the factory during final testing. In most cases, the carburetor is adjusted to deliver a slightly richer air-fuel mixture than the optimal design. The factory settings must be saved during the first few hours of operation, during the running-in period. After that, a finer adjustment can be carried out, although this is not necessary, the saw will work normally on the basic settings.

For fine adjustment of the carburetor, a tachometer is required, in addition, technical documentation will be required in order to carry out work in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements. The best solution would be to entrust the jewelry tuning of the fuel equipment to specialists.

start, stihl, chainsaw

If, nevertheless, it is decided to adjust independently, you should start with the L screw, then go to the H nozzle, and then set the idle speed by turning the T screw (or LA. if it is a STIHL saw).

By smoothly turning the screw L in both directions, a position is sought at which the idle speed will be maximum. After this point is found, it is required to unscrew the screw L by 1/4 turn. If the chain continues to move when the engine is idling, the T (LA) screw is slowly unscrewed until the chain stops.

After setting the maximum speed with the screw H, the value of their frequency is checked by the tachometer. If the speed at maximum does not correspond to the values ​​indicated in the documentation, the adjustments are repeated. If the mixture turns out to be too rich at maximum speed, too much smoke comes out of the muffler, when the mixture is poor, the saw makes a squealing sound and the engine heats up unnecessarily. The adjustment ends by setting the idle speed. the position is considered correct if the engine runs exactly at the minimum speed and the chain is at a standstill. The idle speed setting can be viewed in the video below.

The position of the screw L, at which it is loosened by one and a half turns from the fully clamped position, is considered standard for “Chinese” carburetors. For screw H. one revolution from the same state. In many videos, the L screw is called the quality control of the mixture, and the H screw is called its quantity. Idle speed is adjusted in the same way as described above with a warm engine.

Reaction forces

The paragraph of the instructions following the safety section, at first glance, attracts attention with a picture. The information that can be obtained by reading the section “Reaction forces” is probably unfamiliar to all those who do not read the instructions for STIHL chainsaws, but prefer to immediately start operating.

In turn, those who read it will receive several unique recommendations and tips to reduce the recoil of the chainsaw and the risk of rebound and find out why the chain brake has exactly this shape and location.

Starting the STIHL chainsaw ms 180

All STIHL chainsaws are equipped with two-stroke engines, the cold start of which has a similar algorithm. But there are models on which additional equipment is installed, allowing you to start the saw without excessive efforts. For this reason, the algorithm for starting them may differ slightly.

Let’s take a look at how to start a regular saw and how the process differs from starting a modified model.

What happens at the moment of priming fuel with primer, and how it helps to start the saw more efficiently?

At the moment of starting the saw without a primer, several movements of the starter are carried out only so that the fuel pump, under the action of an impulse from the saw crankcase, pumped fuel into the carburetor.

A pump installed in the fuel line allows you to manually pump gasoline into the carburetor without unnecessary movements with the starter. The effect of this action is obvious, the saw will start much faster.

Many owners of gasoline-powered tools mistakenly believe that a hand pump can overly pump fuel into the carburetor and, for this reason, flood the candle. This is fundamentally wrong, since the system is capable of circulating around. Excess gasoline from the carburetor will be directed, through a dedicated hose, back to the tank.

There is no need to use a primer on a hot chainsaw, since there is enough fuel in the carburetor to start.

Getting Started STIHL MS 180 C

The device of this model, in comparison with the previous one, has some differences in the trigger mechanism, but it does not carry any changes in the triggering algorithm. The fact is that the ErgoStart system is installed in the STIHL 180 C, which, due to an additional spring installed in the chainsaw starter, reduces the engine resistance when starting.

How to start a chainsaws with a decompression valve

Before starting a STIHL chainsaw with a decompression valve, you must turn it on. It should be noted that there is no decompression valve on the STIHL 250 saw.

After the first flash has passed, the valve will be set to normal operation, respectively, after the engine control lever is set to the open air damper position and starting continues, the decompression valve must be pressed again.

The valve operation is schematically shown in the figure below.

In fact, the valve does not make starting faster, it just simplifies the process and makes it more comfortable, because for during launch, a person will have to apply significantly less effort.

A saw with a decompression valve, whether the engine is cold or hot, must be started using the valve to relieve the cranking force of the engine. This will significantly increase the service life of the starter and reduce the number of torn laces, since it is installed on chainsaws with a large cylinder volume and, accordingly, compression.

We start STIHL MS 211 C-BE

The fuel supply system in the STIHL MS 211 C-BE chainsaw is additionally equipped with a manual fuel pump, which makes it easier to start the chainsaw on a cold.

The instruction for starting this model of the STIHL chainsaw contains one additional point, which is that before starting the chainsaw on a cold one, it is necessary to pump fuel into the carburetor using a pump. Further, the instruction does not differ from starting STIHL 180 and follows the same algorithm.

Starting a STIHL chainsaw almost always follows the same algorithm, except for those cases when a decompression valve and a fuel primer are additionally installed on the chainsaw. These gadgets are designed to facilitate the start-up process and do an excellent job of their functions.

Now a huge number of manufacturers are engaged in the production of units for agricultural and construction work, among which the most needed is the equipment manufactured by STIHL. The level of property is not the only reason why the products of this manufacturer are required are popular in the field. This was also facilitated by the democratic cost and the best power required to own the models of this brand.

It seems that many had to use a chainsaw of a similar brand. At the same time, not only take advantage of, but often do a variety of work and make sure of the great operational properties of this tool. Such a proliferation of these products is no coincidence, taking into account that in addition to power, this common hearing instrument stands out for its graceful design. But do not forget that all the same this is a technique for which the resource of work is limited. Because whoever owns such a unit at some point is faced with the need for repair. Further we will talk about the features of repairing the STIHL 180 chainsaw.

The properties of this saw are a reason for the pride of the German manufacturer. With all this, the unit is an inventory that is designed to perform a small amount of work. The tool is positioned for domestic use, which confirms the intensity of its use, which should not exceed 20 hours per month. Having at your own disposal a similar unit, it will not be difficult for you to maintain order in your garden, to prepare firewood for the winter, and of course to clear the grounds. At the same time, he will be able to provide any assistance to you in solving other problems, where it is unnecessary to perform complex manipulations.

The saw in question is a small-sized option, because its weight is only 3.9 kg. However, it has a large oil and fuel tank. A two-stroke engine helps the device to make its working functions, the power of which turns out to be enough for solving light problems. In addition to this during use, this common hearing instrument does not make a lot of noise, the level of which does not exceed 98 dB. For ease of understanding, it is enough to say that a person’s speech makes noise in the region of 76 dB.

We start STIHL 180

In order to start the STIHL 180 chainsaw on a cold one, you must follow the algorithm specified by the manufacturer in the instructions for the STIHL 180 chainsaw, namely:

  • Turn on the ignition and set the engine control lever to the lowest position (in this position, the air damper of the STIHL 180 carburetor blocks air from the air filter, and the throttle valve is fully open, thus the fuel mixture is enriched);
  • Pull the starter handle several times until the first flash passes (the flash signals that the fuel mixture has entered the cylinder and the saw is ready to start);
  • Set the control lever one position up from fully lowered (in this position, the air damper opens, and the throttle valve remains in the same position as before);
  • Pull starter and start. The saw will start and run at higher rpm due to the throttle valve being as open as possible. To set the damper to idle mode, you must press the gas trigger and immediately release, the tool immediately normalizes the speed.

The STIHL MS 180 chainsaw, as standard, is not equipped with any additional devices that can facilitate starting.

Below you can see how to start STIHL 180. The video reflects in detail all the main points, and the author’s Комментарии и мнения владельцев allow you to understand the whole process to the smallest detail.

If you cannot turn on and start the chainsaw

When all actions are performed in accordance with the established order, and the chainsaw does not start work, then there are malfunctions in its mechanism. Usually the cause of this phenomenon is common and easily fixable problems, such as lack of spark, shut off the fuel supply, clogged filter that allows air to pass through. In order to start the chainsaw, you will have to find the cause and take the necessary steps to eliminate it.

Only correct actions should be taken. If a person does not know what to do, there is no need to commit rash acts. It is forbidden to disassemble the device, you need to be especially careful with the carburetor. You cannot unscrew any screws on it, since if its device has caused a breakdown, then it is impossible to repair the chainsaw without professional equipment.

The actions that need to be performed in a strict order are listed. Only during the transition from one measure to another can the exact cause of the malfunction be determined and quickly eliminated without damaging other parts. Algorithm of actions performed in case of failures in the establishment of a chainsaw:

  • At first it is enough to let the device rest. This is especially true for recently used saws. It is enough to wait no more than 10 minutes, since during this time the mechanism will cool down and in the absence of other breakdowns it will easily start. Sometimes it happens that a candle is poured near the appliance during the establishment. If this unpleasant property has occurred, then it is enough to wait a very short pause and repeat all the steps again to start the engine.
  • The housing cover is unscrewed from the device to remove the air filter. The process of starting up the device is performed if it is absent. Sometimes the reason for the lack of ignition is that the filter is dirty. If ignition occurred without it, then the reason lies precisely in this. To eliminate these troubles, it is enough to wash the filter under running, warm water and soap, then dry it. It is also possible to replace the old element with a new one.
  • The spark plug is removed. The spark is checked. If it does not appear, you need to replace the old candle with a new one. Usually this helps and a spark appears, but in some cases there is no spark even when changing the mixture.

This means that the ignition unit is damaged, and the chainsaw needs professional repair. Sometimes there is a malfunction of the ignition unit even in the presence of a spark, therefore, this criterion cannot be followed to eliminate the likelihood of breakage.

When a spark appears when it is not possible to make the device work, you must continue to perform the steps described below.

  • There are times when a spark appears, but the candle itself is moistened. This is possible if gasoline gets on it. To get rid of it, it is enough to turn the device over so that the cylinder is facing downwards. Then all the excess liquid will pour out. Next, you should check the combustion chamber, for which you need to pull the starter more than 10 times. A candle damaged by moisture can be replaced with a subsequent check of its effectiveness. If it becomes faulty, you can replace this element with a new one. After these steps, you need to try again to activate the device.
  • Sometimes the candle remains dry. In this case, it is necessary to draw the gas mixture into the syringe and pass it into the cylinder. After that, you should immediately try to start the device. If the reason for the long lack of response to attempts to turn on is debris trapped in the carburetor, then when removing it, there should be no obstacle to the flow of fuel into the combustion chamber. The mechanism of successful garbage collection is determined by the flow of liquid when filling the gas mixture, so you need to fill in the fuel with force, and then almost immediately try to start the device.
  • The muffler is removed. To do this, it is unscrewed and carefully removed so as not to deform the gasket that delimits it from the engine. It is necessary to try to start the mechanism without using an air filter and a muffler, which helps to exclude breakdowns in these structural elements.
  • In case of any damage to the cylinder walls, it can be concluded that it will have to be repaired by professional methods or replaced with a new one. Usually, an insufficient concentration of oil in the fuel leads to such malfunctions.

    1 diagram of a standard mechanism

    • Before starting the benzoil, it is necessary to move the flap, which acts as an adjustment lever, downwards, in comparison with the optimal position. First you need to press the button responsible for the gas supply. Only if this condition is met is it possible for the damper to move normally to the extreme stop from below. It is necessary to simultaneously move the damper and hold down the gas button. The gas is set to the standard position and the choke closes the carburetor, preparing the unit for correct operation.
  • The starter handle should be pulled, and this is done in jerks, not soft movements. This action requires the use of moderate force. These jerks should be continued until the start of ignition of the chainsaw is clearly heard, which ends very quickly (dies down). After the implementation of this event, the position of the damper must be moved one step up.
  • The starter handle twitches again until the system starts. When the device starts to actively work, a high speed is immediately noticeable, since the throttle stick is at a high level. It must be remembered that sometimes chainsaws are supplied without a starter, then all actions with this element are released.
  • The gas button is pressed once and then released, then the position of the damper will immediately become optimal. The speed drops, that is, the intensity of the chain revolutions.
  • The already warmed-up chainsaw starts up when the lever is set to the “1” position, and then actions are taken to turn on the device.
  • To turn off the engine of the device, you must put the damper in the highest position.
  • New 2019 Stihl MS 180 Chainsaw. Start For The First Time

    In our rating of chainsaws by quality, you will find all chainsaws with an optimal price-quality ratio.

    Our other article will also help you to make your choice in favor of a particular brand of chainsaw.

    Russian-made chainsaws. low price with sufficiently high quality.

    Step-by-step instruction

    When the brake is activated, the assembly process is much slower, so everything is also safe and more comfortable, you can turn on the mechanism without the use of braking equipment.

    If a person is not sure of his knowledge and accuracy, then the brake, on the contrary, needs to be activated. With the correct procedure, the device will not start, the mechanism will not perform actions that are dangerous to humans.

    Briefly about the launcher

    The chainsaw is powered by an internal combustion engine. This is a simple device, the design of which does not have any special bells and whistles. It usually works properly even in difficult conditions.

    Functioning is provided by structural elements:

    • Carburetor engine (see carburetor adjustment).
    • Centrifugal clutches.
    • Ignition system, in almost all devices contactless.
    • Carburetor that adds air to the fuel mixture.
    • Fuel system. Its standard device consists of a hose, filter and gas tank, but sometimes it also has additional parts.
    • Starter.
    • Tire.
    • Chain (see chain oil).
    • Chain tensioner and brake (see how to sharpen the chain).

    How to start a STIHL chainsaw (STIHL MS-180). the first start and start without a starter

    Chainsaws differ slightly in design features, however, in most cases, the assembly principle is carried out according to two standard schemes. For many devices, the instructions contain information on the need to activate the emergency brake before starting the activation procedure. You should first master the device of the plant and study the main ways of correcting breakdowns, then a person will have the opportunity to fully operate the device. The article will talk about how to start a chainsaw.

    2 diagram of a standard mechanism. how to start the saw correctly

    • The ignition is switched on. To do this, you need to move the toggle switch to the desired place or move the switch.
    • The swap primer usually has to be pressed more than twice. Gasoline is poured into it, after which you will have to press the device more than three times. Sometimes the chainsaw is not equipped with a primer, then you can skip this step.
  • The adjustment lever, which is responsible for the location of the damper, must be pulled out as far as it will go. Many chainsaws have the ability to block this element. Then it can only be moved while pressing and holding the throttle button. Some chainsaws do not have this lock, which makes them more comfortable to use. In these models, gas may not be fixed or retained when using automatic technologies.
  • You need to take the starter handle and jerk it with sharp movements until the ignition is heard. It is celebrated by the institution and the almost instantaneous shutdown of the motor. After that, the shutter must be pushed into its original position, checking it until it stops. Then the starter handle jerks again until the device starts. Before carrying out this event, you need to make sure that it is this method that will help the chainsaw start. Some devices have a different ignition system. In order for the motor to work in them, you need to move the damper only by 50%, and only when the motor starts to work fully.
  • If you purchased a model with a locking gas, you need to prepare in advance for the highest engine speed immediately after activating the device. When there is no fixation, the initial power is very low, so in most cases it has to be increased. If you do not take any action, then in the latter case, the saw runs for a short period of time, and then automatically stalls. If such a situation occurs, you need to start the chainsaw again.
  • When the device stalls constantly, you need to systematically start it up again (see what to do when the chainsaw stalls when you press the gas). After a while, the motor will pick up speed and be able to maintain active work without interruption.

    The chainsaw should be started following the standard instructions. If there are any problems with the operation of the device, for example, the chainsaw does not start, it is necessary to quickly eliminate them or take the device for repair, and in order to identify malfunctions and work correctly with the chainsaw, you need to know the features of its design. To learn how to quickly turn on the device and fix breakdowns, it is enough to study the basic range of necessary actions and follow it. Read about how to properly run your chainsaw before starting it for the first time.

    Chainsaw Husqvarna-137: DIY Husqvarna-137 starter repair manual, valve malfunction, no spark

    STIHL-180 does not start: reasons and remedies, why the chainsaw fills the candle, gasoline does not flow to the cold

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    Saw installation with decompression valve

    Users sometimes ask how to launch when the instrument has a decompression valve. There is none on the 250 model. As soon as the first flash occurs, the valve will be in normal operation. The engine control lever will be set when the choke is open. Start-up will continue and the decompression valve must be pressed again. It does not make the start-up fast, but it simplifies the process and makes it comfortable, because during the start-up the operator will have to put less effort.

    If you are not entirely sure that you know how to start a STIHL 180 chainsaw, then remember that equipment with a valve, regardless of whether it has a hot or cold engine, must be started using the valve. This will help ease the effort to crank the engine. So you can extend the life of the starter and reduce the number of torn laces, because these chainsaws have a larger cylinder volume and compression.

    How to start a STIHL chainsaw: starting process and overview

    All STIHL chainsaws have two-stroke engines. Their cold start is carried out according to a similar algorithm. However, on sale you can find models on which there is additional equipment, with its help you can start the saw without much effort. For this reason, the starting method may differ.

    Algorithm for setting the saw “STIHL 180

    If you are faced with the question of how to start a STIHL chainsaw, then this process can be considered using the model 180 as an example. In order to carry out work on a cold one, you must turn on the ignition and set the engine control lever to the lower position. In this case, the carburetor flap will block the air from the filter, and the throttle will be open, so the fuel mixture will be enriched.

    The starter handle must be pulled several times until the first flash occurs. This will indicate that the mixture has entered the cylinder and the equipment is ready for institution. Before starting the STIHL chainsaw, you must move the control lever up one position. In this case, the air damper will open, while the throttle will remain in the same position.

    The starter must be pulled and started. The tool will run at increased speed and the throttle valve will be open. To set the latter in idle speed, you must use the gas trigger and release it. In this case, the tool should start working normally. On the described model of the chainsaw there are no additional devices that would make it easier to start.

    We start the saw brand MS 211 C-BE

    If you, too, were among those consumers who thought about the question of how to start a STIHL chainsaw, then as an example, consider another model that was mentioned above. In it, the feed system is equipped with a hand pump, which makes it easier to start the saw on a cold.

    The instruction contains an additional paragraph, which indicates that before starting with the pump, it is necessary to pump fuel into the carburetor. Next, you should proceed according to the principle that was described for the 180 model.

    Chainsaw MC 180 review

    This model of equipment costs 11,490 rubles. It is a household tool that will help you cope with work at a summer cottage. With the help of the machine, you can get rid of unnecessary twigs and cut down small trees. The control is single-lever, and due to its low weight, it is very comfortable to work with the unit.

    The consumer should be aware not only of how to start the STIHL ms 180 chainsaw, but also of the technical characteristics. Among others, the 35-cm tire should be distinguished, as well as the engine, the volume of which is 31.8 cm 3. The volume of the oil tank is 0.15 liters. The equipment weighs 3.9 kg. The power of the model is 2 liters. from. Fuel tank capacity is 0.25 l.

    Setting up the saw after winter

    Before storing it, you should drain the fuel, and then start the engine and burn off the fuel that remains in the system. Preparation is necessary so that the membranes do not stick together during storage. This simple operation will allow you to start the saw after winter. If you still do not know how to properly start the STIHL 180 chainsaw, then you should know that it will be easier to do this if you add 2 ml of fuel mixture to the cylinder through the plug hole before starting. This can be done with a syringe.

    Tips for starting a saw MS 180 C

    This device, in comparison with the previous one, has some differences in the trigger mechanism. However, there will be no changes in the startup algorithm. The equipment described has a system that uses a spring in the saw starter to reduce the resistance of the motor.

    STIHL 250 chainsaw review

    You can buy the 250 model at a price of 29,542 rubles. This equipment is a semi-professional model with a 40 cm tire. Power is 3.1 liters. from. or 2.3 kW. Fuel tank capacity is 0.47 l.

    Quite often, consumers are wondering how to start a STIHL 250 chainsaw before buying. This was discussed above. However, this information is not the only one that should be read before using the model. Among other features, it should be highlighted:

    • single-lever control;
    • the presence of a compensator;
    • anti-vibration system;
    • side chain tensioner.

    By purchasing this model, you will be able to carry out its quick refueling. This feature is realized by the lid, which has a patented design. The operator, when working with the equipment, will have reliable hand protection. Consumers especially highlight the notch bumper, as well as the chain, which guarantees high-quality and fast cutting of wood.