How to start the chain saw engine correctly

How to start a chainsaw after a long break

Now that you know what’s causing the problem, it’s time to get down to business. A faulty ignition system can only be repaired after disassembly. To do this, remove the remaining fuel from the tank. Then carefully disconnect the wire and take out the spark plug (there is a special key for removing it).

start, chain, engine, correctly

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  • Test it to see if it works. To do this, put the ignition cable on the spark plug, and connect the spark plug nut and the cylinder with pliers. Now start the starter. There is a spark? So the spark plug is in working order. No spark? So, it is not possible to reanimate the spark plug, and it must be replaced. What you can do with a working spark plug? Even the appearance of the spark plug is an indication of the repair method.
  • The spark plug has dried out completely. This means that it is not wetted by the fuel mixture. The problem must be looked for at the stage of fuel intake into the cylinder, it is disturbed. It has nothing to do with the spark plug or the ignition system in general. Put the spark plug back in place and look for the real cause of the malfunction.
  • Spark plug excessively covered with fuel mixture. The first thing to do, of course, is to wipe it with a cloth and set it aside. Now you may look for the reason in the improper carburetor adjustment. While the spark plug is air-drying you can turn off the fuel and check the combustion chamber with the starter. After a few minutes, the spark plug can be installed in its place in the mechanism and the chain can be restarted.
  • The spark plug is covered with a layer of soot. The fouling is caused by unsuitable fuel mixture. there are two possibilities: either you’ve spared and put bad gasoline in the gasoline, or the gasoline and oil mixtures are out of proportion. The spark plug needs to be cleaned properly. To remove the fouling plug, a needle, fine awl, or similar tool from handy tools will do. The electrodes also need to be cleaned.

It would also be a good idea to check that the chainsaw carburetor is set correctly in any case. Do not start adjusting until you have cleaned the air and fuel filters. If the filters are okay, use the adjustment screws.

One of them (S) is for idle, two others. for maximum (H) and minimum (L) revolutions, correspondingly. Gradually turn the screws clockwise. After the stop, make two revolutions in the opposite direction.

How to start the chainsaw?

Most European models have a similar starting system and starter mechanism. Exception. old home-made chainsaws (Ural, Lesnik). There is a knob on the housing through which a cord is passed. When it is lifted, the rope is hooked to the ratchet drum and the crankshaft is turned a few revolutions. At the same time, the fuel is discharged and ignited by the spark plug, after which the chainsaw is started. The following mechanisms can be implemented in quality chainsaw models to make starting easier:

start, chain, engine, correctly
  • installation of a choke in the carburetor for pre-enrichment of the fuel mixture;
  • Decompression valve, which reduces the working pressure in the engine cylinder;
  • a spring that makes it easier to unwind the crankshaft while moving the cable;
  • Additional priming pump (usually found on U.S. manufacturers).

The starter is constantly subjected to dynamic loads. Because of this, it can fail at any time right during the start. If the saw is used frequently, it is recommended that preventive maintenance be performed at least once a year. It is recommended that the cord in the starter should only be changed by two people, as the spring must be reliably fastened.

The answer to a popular question about starting a chainsaw

On the Internet, very often you can meet questions about how you can start the chainsaw without the starter. The answer is simple. you can’t start your chainsaw without a starter motor. Manufacturers do not provide any alternative means of starting, t. к. Even if it is removed and the saw somehow starts, it cannot be operated, because of a disturbance in the cooling system. There’s a volute in the hand crank that transmits cool air from the flywheel impeller to the cylinder.

If it’s removed, the engine will overheat and probably jam.

How to start a chainsaw: sequence of steps

It is noted that the surface on which the device is mounted must be level. But also make sure that the busbar does not come into contact with the ground.

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Sequence of actions when starting:

  • The chain brake is released.
  • A special button or switch is used to turn on the ignition.
  • The choke shutter is moved to the closed position. To fix the lever in a similar intermediate position, it is pulled.
  • The front handle is taken with the left hand and pressed down a little. The right handle has a protective shield. It should be stepped on.
  • Pull the handle with your free hand. It is recommended to proceed smoothly. As soon as the pawls of the mechanism engage with the clutch of the drum, you need to make a sharp jerk.
  • When the first flare is detected, the choke returns to its previous position. Start the tool again.

When the engine has started, you can accelerate and release the throttle lever.

The answer to a popular question about chain saw starting

On the Internet, it is very common to see questions about how you can start a chainsaw without the help of a starter. The answer is simple. you can’t even start the chain saw without the starter motor. The manufacturers do not provide any alternative starting methods, i.e. к. Even if you remove it and somehow start the saw, it will not be possible to work, due to violations in the cooling system. It is equipped with a snail that transmits the flow of cold air from the flywheel impeller to the cylinder.

If it is removed, the engine will overheat and most likely jam.

Stages of the diagnosis

When the chainsaw refuses to start, it is necessary to diagnose all components. The correct sequence of checking is the key to the timely elimination of the problem.

Quality and correct fuel supply

If there is petrol at the bottom of the tank, check that the fuel-drive unit has been immersed in it. On some models, the “disease” is the disconnection of the supply hose, so first check it.

The quality of the fuel is important. Manufacturers recommend using AI. 92 gasoline and special two-stroke oil

It is contraindicated to pour in engine oil or waste.

The oil to gasoline ratio is specified by the manufacturer in the manual. Violation of the proportions reduces the life of the work and prematurely puts the chainsaw out of operation.

Gasoline and oil mixture for filling tools may not be stored for more than 15 days. Then the oil precipitates and the ducts and nozzles get blocked.

Spark on spark plug

No fuel ignition is possible without a good spark, so the second step is to check the ignition. Components that have reached the end of their service life give a weak spark, so the saw does not start well.

  • Unscrew the spark plug, place it on the cylinder and connect it to a candlestick.
  • Switch on the ignition and pull the starter.
  • If the spark is continuous, the spark plug is in good condition.
  • If the discharge is intermittent or there is none at all, the part must be replaced.

Check the contact gap at the same time. Its magnitude should be b from 0,5 to 1 mm. In this case the exact size of the gap is specified in the manual.

The basic information about the condition of the spark plug is obtained by its appearance:

  • Black soot. improper carburetor adjustment. Reason. shortage of air and too much fuel in the cylinders.
  • Damp spark plug. the entire ignition system is malfunctioning or too much fuel is leaking into the cylinder.
  • Red soot. excessive additives in gasoline.

Condition of filters

Clean filters are the key to a long chain saw life

A common problem in chainsaw operation is a clogged air filter. Manufacturers recommend to clean this assembly regularly using a compressor. A clogged filter prevents air from getting to the carburetor. As a result, excess fuel causes the spark plug to fill up and stop giving a spark.

The fuel filter in the gas tank can also get clogged. If broken, it must be replaced. The service life of the fuel filter depends on many factors. But the main thing is the quality of fuel and oil.

How the breather plug affects the chain saw’s winding

One of the important parts of a chainsaw is the pressure regulator in the fuel tank. the breather. It is a valve that lets air in one direction. When the outlet of the part is clogged, air does not enter the tank and the pressure inside increases.

Use the following procedure to diagnose the breather plug:

  • Unscrew fuel filler cap. If air is escaping, the pressure regulator is defective.
  • Screw in cap and start saw. If the engine starts and immediately shuts down, the breather plug needs to be cleaned.

One way to check if it is working is to check the fuel intake from a disconnected hose. If the gasoline is flowing continuously, it means that the part is serviceable. A faint, intermittent trickle indicates a clog.

start, chain, engine, correctly

Remove a small blockage with a needle without dismantling it. If the breather plug is badly clogged, it will have to be removed and thoroughly cleaned.

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Clogged muffler or exhaust duct

There is systematic soot deposits on these parts. Clean it regularly, but most owners forget to do it. As a result, burning products have nowhere to go during work and the engine doesn’t start or suddenly stops.

The following factors contribute to an increased deposit of soot:

If a newly purchased saw does not start when using quality fuel, the tool should be returned to the seller immediately. Most likely, there is a factory defect in the saw, and self-diagnosis will lead to the loss of the warranty.

Main features

STIHL-180 chain saws, the reviews of which you should study even before buying the tool, have an engine power of 1500 watts. Professionals are quite often interested in the cylinder volume, which is 31.8 cubic meters. see. The fuel tank capacity in liters is 0.27. The bar length can be from 300 to 350 millimeters. Working with the device is very convenient, because it has a low weight, limited to 3.9 kg. You may be interested in the chain pitch, which is 3/8 inch.

Among the additional features you can distinguish the automatic chain lubrication, power button lock and the presence of the lubrication tank, which has a capacity of 0.26 liters

Choosing a chainsaw, it is necessary to pay attention to additional options, namely: compensator. as well as an anti-vibration system. All of these additions are available in the model described

The MC 180 chain saw has a carburetor that is set during production. As users note, this eliminates the possibility of unnecessary interference with the tool owner. The handyman may only be faced with the need for periodic maintenance. Experts advise to clean and occasionally replace the air filter during operation, this also applies to the spark screen. As the homeowners emphasize, the chain must not rotate at idle speed. This functionality is set with the LD screw.

The MC 180 chainsaw has a chain, which implies observance of the rules of operation. Thus, this part of the tool can become unusable if it is not used for long periods of time. Users state that this feature can be eliminated by keeping the chain in an oil bath. For this type of saw, the manufacturer recommends a 3/8″ by 1.3 mm chain. Experienced users emphasize that using a tool with a chain of the following sizes is acceptable: 12, 14 and 16″.

Chinese and new chainsaw does not start what can be

The popularity of Chinese chainsaws has no limits. This is due to their main advantage. affordable cost. At the same time, there are often questions among the owners of Chinese chainsaws about the problem of starting the engine of the tool. Before you find out why the Chinese chainsaw does not start, it is necessary to note one peculiarity. the design of these tools does not differ from Russian, German and other manufacturers. That’s why the reason why the chainsaw does not start, can be found on the basis of the above algorithm.

Chinese chainsaws are very sensitive to fuel quality, so the fuel quality check is in the first place in the diagnostic algorithm. The use of low-quality fuel means that the tool does not work to its full potential, it has a shorter service life, and it is difficult to start

The instructions for the tool indicate the recommended type of gasoline and oil that is important to use in order for the Chinese chainsaw to work long and at full power

If you bought a new chainsaw and it won’t start, you should start troubleshooting here by returning the tool to the store. Make sure that you start the engine of the tool correctly, and if it fails to achieve a positive result, you need to return the tool to the store under warranty. Attempting to troubleshoot on your own will leave traces, which may result in a voided warranty.

It is recommended to check again that the fuel mixture is correct. If everything is done correctly, but the engine of the gasoline tool will not start, then there is a high probability of a factory defect. Failure can be with any part, but this should already determine in the service center of the store.

STIHL chain saw Getting Started

How to use a chainsaw: step-by-step guide

The owner of a private home, cottage or cottage sometimes need to create wood cuts. If this is the case, it needs special equipment. Gasoline chainsaw is sometimes an indispensable tool. For the work to be done safely and quickly, before operating the machine you need to read the detailed instructions on how to do it.

How to use a chain saw. every craftsman should know. If you do not do the rules discussed by the manufacturer of similar equipment, there is a high risk of workplace injuries. For this reason before using it is necessary to carefully consider our customer remains subtle operation of the equipment.

How To Actually Tune A Chainsaw!

Features of the machine

Getting to the study of how to use a chainsaw “Husqvarna”, “STIHL“or “Druzhba” or any other varieties of such equipment, you need to think especially of each tool. Our client remains available varieties are conditionally divided into three groups.

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The first class includes household appliances. They are used for personal use when performing a small amount of work. These chainsaws have low power. However, for the home handyman such multifunctional abilities will be a lot. It is relatively cheap and light equipment.

Semi-professional chainsaws allow to fell trees. Applying them also create construction or repair work. Working time of the tool does not exceed 8 hours a day.

Professional chainsaws can work up to 16 hours a day. Their continuous operation time reaches 9 hours. This is expensive, heavy equipment. To buy it of course choose only special companies, enterprises.

Features of Russian chainsaws

Russian tools have certain design features. In order to operate them correctly, you need to learn the construction of chainsaws. The most common tools in this category are the “Druzhba”, “Druzhba-Altai” and “Ural”. They have been in the field for a long time.

To understand how to use a chain saw “Friendship” and other brands, you need to look at their device. The equipment has an engine and a clutch, there is also a gearbox. A chainsaw is inevitably included in the set. To be able to control the starter, there are special design elements.

The power system has a gas tank, carburetor and valve. The fuel flows by gravity through the gasoline line when the valve is open and into the carburettor. A removable starter starts the engine. These systems are working properly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Features of foreign chainsaws

Husqvarna and STIHL chainsaws are very popular now. Their device is similar to the Russian varieties of tools. But there are several peculiarities in their construction. to learn before you start using a STIHL or Husqvarna chain saw.

start, chain, engine, correctly

Presented equipment of foreign companies is characterized by relatively low weight. This makes work much more comfortable. The “Husqvarna” has a gasoline sucker function. This is a good idea if the spark plug has run out of gas and the engine has stopped. When refueling later, this feature will allow the saw to start immediately.

“STIHL has a quick-disconnect lid. practical if you have to fill the spark plug with petrol. Devices with a lid on the bolts cause some difficulties. In this case, the fixing should be done with only one screw. Foreign equipment is distinguished by a huge set of additional functions. But the rules of operation for all varieties of chainsaws are common.

Preparing the tool

Considering how to correctly use a chainsaw. begin by reading the manufacturer’s instructions in detail. Here you can find out how to use the machine.

Before starting work, the tool should be checked. Start by tightening the chain. For this purpose you pull it by the upper link. The correct method is for the shank to protrude a few millimeters out of the groove. Lower chain section should not slacken at the same time. Otherwise the chain must be tensioned. After that it should pull simply. A high tension is also unacceptable.

STIHL chain saw. How to use

How to use it correctly. What kind of oil to use. How it works. How to start correctly. A little history.

The thumb brake handle must not rub against the drag handle. Otherwise the clutch will be displaced when the saw is in operation. An elementary initial inspection can significantly reduce the likelihood of equipment failure.


Considering how to use a chainsaw STIHL, Jonsered, Husqvarna, Partner and other models, you should pay attention to the refueling process. Almost all presented varieties of devices have a two-stroke engine. It is not able to operate on a pure gasoline mixture. Therefore, the fuel is prepared from certain components.

To prepare fuel take 20 grams of engine oil per 1 liter of gasoline. Gasoline must be A92 for domestic tools and A95 for expensive foreign models. Recommendations for selection are specified in the manufacturer’s instructions.

Motor oil must be specially formulated for gasoline-powered saws. Ordinary automobile varieties are not suitable in this case. In a plastic container, you need to mix oil with gasoline. The resulting mixture must be poured into the tank. Its opening is marked with the petrol station icon. The neck of the container for oil is marked with a drop.

Chain lubrication

For long life and good equipment performance, you should periodically refill the chain with grease.

Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment | How to Tune ‘Correctly‘. by Craig Kirkman

often than not, manufacturers recommend using only branded oils. If the user decides to use a different product, it is possible to replace the special lubricant with automotive varieties.

The viscosity of such product should be at the level specified by the manufacturer.

After choosing the right lubricant, it is necessary to understand how to use the measuring tank for a chainsaw. The marks are located near the filler neck. When working with the equipment shown, it is necessary to periodically check the oil level inside the saw.