How to tighten the belt on a lawn mower

Installing a generator belt on a Gazelle Business step by step instructions

In order to replace the generator belt with a Gazelle Business, you will need to follow the following step-by-step instructions:

  • With a ratchet we twist the drive belt through the generator pulley
  • We pry the belt on the pump pulley from the engine and rotate the generator pulley clockwise with a ratchet:
  • We intercept after a slight descent of the belt, we continue to gradually rotate the generator pulley:
  • Hook off and throw off the old alternator belt
  • We pass the belt over all the rollers, put all the streams on the pulleys! We leave only the pump pulley not dressed. We do not touch the tensioner at all, and the point is that it has a small stroke and does not allow you to freely put on the belt.
  • We take the screwdriver tighter and tighter and put a belt on the pump pulley in an interference fit! And gradually rotate the ratchet clockwise! It is important that the lower edge of the belt jumps over the protruding center of the pump pulley:
  • The main thing is to hold the screwdriver and do not let go until the belt wraps around the pulley.!
  • You can not remove the radiator and normally remove and put on the belt. The only thing is, if it is the belt replacement that takes place, it is more difficult to throw it through the impeller and that’s it.

Another important point to which I would like to draw your attention is the tension of the alternator belt! In order to complete this work, we need:

Replacing and adjusting the tension of the drive belts for units with the ZMZ-402 engine

Using the “13” head, we loosen the nut of the upper fastening of the tension pulley bracket (the cooling system hoses have been removed for clarity).

Using the “14” wrench, weaken the lower fastening of the tension pulley bracket, holding the bolt with a “12” wrench

We bring the idler pulley bracket to the block and remove the belt from the pulleys

After passing the belt between the fan impeller and the radiator, remove it

Weaken the upper and lower generator mounts

We bring the generator to the block of cylinders.

Remove the belt from the pulleys by threading it through the fan impeller, similar to removing the fan drive belt.

Putting new belts on the pulleys.

We tighten the fan drive belt, pushing the idler pulley away from the cylinder block, and tighten the upper and lower idler pulley fasteners.

We tighten the alternator drive belt in the same way, moving the alternator away from the cylinder block, after which we tighten the upper and lower generator mountings.

We check the adjustment of the belt tension by applying a force of 4 kgf to the middle of the upper branches.

The deflection of the alternator drive belt should be 8-10 mm, and the fan drive. 7-9 mm.

Repeat the adjustment if necessary.

If, together with the alternator belt, we do not change the others, then remove the fan belt from the pulley on the crankshaft, carefully twist it between the fan blades. Later, we also dismantle the water pump belt. How To Change Your Gazelle Belt | Then just install new ones, don’t pull them. After all, we are returning to the place, the front panel is not a radiator grill. the changes have been made, of course we are going on the road.

Insufficient belt tension reduces airflow to the cooling system radiator and leads to engine overheating and increased belt wear.

If the belt tension is too tight, the bearings of the fan drive and the tension roller can fail.

With a correctly adjusted tension, the belt should bend by 8-10 mm when applying a force of 40 N (4.0 kgf) in the middle between the fan pulley and the tension roller.

Tighten the Blade Belt and Level the Deck Riding Mower Lawn Tractor Craftsman Murry

The belt tension is adjusted by moving the tension roller.

Replacing the tension roller on the Gazelle 4216 business

replacement of the alternator belt. GAZ 3302 fan support rollers Gazelle. business two. as on 8 That’s all the generator belts on Dvenashke 1.5 2112 Replacing the power steering with EUR VAZ 2112 Z. On the Cummins ISF 2.8 website.

Replacing and adjusting the tension of the drive belt for units with the ZMZ-406 engine

Using a 12 key, weaken the tightening of the tension roller mounting bolt (for clarity, the engine radiator is removed).

We loosen the belt tension by turning the tension roller bolt counterclockwise with a key “by 10”

Remove the belt from the pulleys.

tighten, belt, lawn, mower

Installing a new belt.

Rotating the tension roller bolt, we achieve 15 mm belt deflection under a load of 8 kgf applied in the middle of the horizontal drive branch (between the generator and pump pulleys)

Tighten the tension roller mounting bolt.

The generator belt of a Gazelle Business car is responsible for transferring engine rotation to its auxiliary units. Some devices are capable of driving several mechanisms at once.

The drive belt can affect the pump, the hydraulic power steering pump, various compressors, and even the generator. In order for all of the above mechanisms to work smoothly and smoothly, it is necessary to replace the part in a timely manner, and, if necessary, adjust its tension. In today’s article we will consider: where the Gazelle Business generator belt is located, signs of wear, dimensions, diagram and step-by-step installation instructions. Well, let’s get started.

replacement of the alternator belt. supports roller and fan GAZ 3302 dv. Gazelle Business Euro-3 belt requires Gazelle Business Euro-3 belt size under wide pulley. Cummins ISF 2.8

the masters have not translated yet, throwing puzzles, as they call these non-standard solutions.
What you need is a purchased belt, let’s proceed to the operation of installing it. I did everything in Louisiana. And yesterday the belt of the Gazelle Business generator broke. How next. how to remove the lower grill for the Renault Logan Tuning gazelle, how to remove the grill. Please note that it is better to work with gloves, because there are many sharp turns in the area of ​​interest to us, if we make changes directly to the track, then some units under the hood, of course, have no time to cool down
It is better to disassemble the front panel right away. this is not the radiator sheathing. The space under the hood isn’t much better to ease working conditions. Using 12 keys, unscrew a couple of bolts on both sides of the panel without using 10 keys, one bolt specifically under the hood lock. The decorative grille is screwed in with 2 more screws from the bottom. We do not place the grill next to the panel (as far as cable blocking allows).
Now, using a 12-digit wrench, loosen the belt tensioner screw on the alternator, armed with the appropriate handle, move the alternator to the engine. So, we have loosened the belt (if it has not broken before) Replacing the alternator belt with a VAZ 2110, VAZ 2111, VAZ 2112 with the belt fastened. Now you need to loosen the tensioner pulley nut; not the tensioner pulley nut; do not move the pulley towards the engine; do not remove the belt.

The location of the generator belt Gazelle Business

The alternator belt for Business Gazelle is located under the hood in the front of the car! As shown in the screenshot

Finding it is quite simple, so at this moment I will not focus my attention and yours.

“Priora” alternator belt size

To choose a belt for the “Priora” generator, it is necessary to clarify whether the car has an air conditioner and what brand it is. You can find the difference between Halla and Panasonic systems using the following points:

  • The rightmost knob (responsible for the air speed) for Panasonic has more than 15 positions, while Hull has only 4.
  • Pressing the middle Panasonic button turns on the air conditioner and the windshield mode. For “Hull”, this button does not function (plug installed).

The belt of the “Priora” generator with air conditioning without power steering for the Halla system and the Panasonic system is marked 6RK1115.

Belt Gates 6pk1113. source

Without an air conditioner, there are two options:

  • without power steering, a 742 mm drive is installed;
  • the alternator belt on the “Lada Priora” with power steering without air conditioning is 1115 mm.

When to change the alternator belt

Whether it is necessary to replace the belt of the “Priora” generator with or without air conditioning, you can find out by several signs:

  • An admissible mileage of 70 thousand km has been developed (it is advisable to visually inspect the drive every 15 thousand km).
  • When examining the inner working surface of the belt, there are cracks, scuffs, breaks.
  • Belt tension remains insufficient after roller adjustment.

It’s also time to change the belt if drive vibration is felt.

How to tighten the alternator belt on the “Prior

If the drive is in good condition after inspection and does not require replacement, but the driver is disturbed by noises from the generator (short squealing), try changing the belt tension.

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If the “Priora” is 8-valve without additional equipment, then tension is carried out by an adjusting bolt located on the generator. Turns clockwise will increase the tension of the drive.

Types of alternator belts

  • wedge-shaped;
  • poly-wedge.

Multi-ribbed belts are used for powerful generators, they allow you to distribute the load evenly along the entire length, significantly increasing the service life of such parts. Such a drive can simultaneously operate the hydraulic booster, the condenser and the generator.

Which is the best alternator belt

List of the most common and high quality offers:

  • Gates.
  • The drive from Contitech costs about a thousand rubles.
  • Balakovo belt will cost around 1000 rubles.
  • The Dayco belt is also in demand among Lada drivers, its.

Alternator belt and roller. source

The cheapest option is the Lynx drive, its.

Why does the “Priora” alternator belt slip?

In addition to water, due to which the drive temporarily loses tight contact with the rollers, belt mileage also affects its slippage. If the new part is very tightly pressed against all the rollers, then over time the rubber will stretch and may slip when the engine is started. A similar effect is formed due to cracks that appear on the surface of the drive during operation.

Belt resource

Drive manufacturers claim that the belt for the generator for the “Lada Priora” 16 cl. without air conditioning, it can last 120 thousand km. This is permissible if all systems work flawlessly and no external factors affect this part of the car. But in fact, this is not so, a lot affects the operation of the belt, up to temperature drops.

Why does the belt fly off?

There can be many reasons for this phenomenon. The most common: worn parts, improper operation of the machine. A prerequisite for an imminent breakdown is the spinning of the drum. Attentive users will immediately notice problems and will try to fix them.

The reasons why the belt flew off the pulley are:

Factory defect. If there is an inaccurate functioning of the washing machine, it is recommended to seek professional help. The wizard can easily detect the problem and fix it.
2. Intense loads when washing clothes. It is necessary to return it to its place and the device such as Electrolux EWM1044SEU will continue to function.
3. Frequent repetition of this type of breakage indicates the elongation of the belt and the loss of its original shape. In this case, you need to purchase a new one, install it.
4. Another reason is a loose pulley. This happens on washing machines that have been in operation for several years. The problem is solved quickly: it is necessary to tighten the pulley and the device will continue its work.
5. Relaxation of stress due to deformation of fasteners. Repair work is powerless here; it is necessary to replace the pulley or shaft. In some cases, the cross for fasteners fails, it should also be periodically replaced.

The skew of the rotating elements on the drum occurs due to bearing wear. This leads to a loosening of the belt tension, as a result of which it flies off. Replacing the assembly will restore tension, and the drum will begin to rotate along the desired axis.
7. If you rarely start washing in a machine, for example, CANDY AQUA 08351D / 2-S, the drive belt will begin to shrink. This will cause it to tear. To avoid a malfunction, you must periodically run the washing machine.
8. Improper use or loading 7 kg of laundry when the appliance is designed for 5 kg can overstress the belt, resulting in stretching. To prevent such a situation, you must follow the rules prescribed in the instructions.

You can check the quality of the machine and fix some problems yourself. serious problems are best left to a professional.

How to change the belt on a washing machine? 6 easy and quick steps to work

Each device is allocated a certain service life, subject to correct and competent operation. However, there are times when working parts become unusable. This does not pass by the washing machine.

An important link between the drum and the engine is the belt. With its help, the tank is set in motion, where clothes are loaded for washing. If the drum stops rotating, this indicates that the belt has fallen off. It is necessary to put it back in place, then the machine will be able to function correctly again.

Is it worth putting on the belt yourself?

The user can conduct an initial inspection of the washing machine on his own or invite a specialist. Before starting repair work, it is necessary to review the warranty card. It is possible that the repair can be done without payment. Manufacturers such as Samsung, Veko and others set a 3-year warranty.

If there is no work experience or skills regarding the device of a washing machine, it is better not to take risks and invite a master. Although it is not difficult to put the belt on the pulley, the intervention of a non-professional can aggravate the situation, namely:

  • the likelihood of pulling the tape and breaking it;
  • damage to fasteners;
  • twisting the belt and others.

To obtain a guarantee for work and high quality service, it is recommended to contact the service centers for help. Professionals will fulfill their obligations, use original spare parts. They have the appropriate competence.

If the equipment is covered by a warranty, a belt replacement is carried out free of charge in a specialized department. To exclude future breakdowns, users are offered a washing machine prevention service from the masters. Regular inspections will help prevent failure of any part.

tighten, belt, lawn, mower

How to install the belt yourself

If it is not possible to invite a master, and you need to start the device now, then you can replace the part on your own. It is not difficult to tighten the drive belt on the washing machine. For this, the following actions are performed:

The device is disconnected from the mains to gain access to its rear case.
2. The cover is removed. To do this, unscrew the fastening bolts.
3. Next, you need to make sure the integrity of the belt. If it is torn, a new one is purchased and installed in place. The deflected belt gets better and returns to the groove.
4. The installation process is carried out as follows. First of all, the belt is pulled over a part of the engine, after which it is the turn of the pulley. This is done half the length. After that, the rotational movements allow the remainder of the belt to fall into the groove and anchor in it.

The final stage of replacing the drive belt in a washing machine, for example, in the Bosch WAN 20161 BY model, is to check the tension strength, the accuracy of falling into the grooves and edges.
6. After that, the back cover is returned to its place and fixed with bolts.

Correct installation of the element allows the device to function smoothly and correctly.

The machine is a set of technologically complex elements that together help solve many problems associated with washing laundry. Failure of parts disrupts plans and leads to additional spending.

Putting the belt on the washing machine is easy enough. Even an unprepared person can cope with this. For more serious breakdowns and their elimination, additional help is required.

In order not to resort to the frequent help of masters, not to carry out repairs every year, it is necessary to take good care of the technique. Correct operation, the conditions of which are prescribed in the instructions, will allow the device, for example, Whirlpool FWSD71283WS EU, to serve for a long time.

Competent installation, use and avoidance of overloads are the key to the durability and reliability of any device for household needs. The user receives not only an assistant, but also saves money on maintenance and repairs.

See “Replacing the Belt on a Washing Machine”.

Checking and replacing the timing belt (timing)

Timing belt. has a serrated profile. This prevents it from slipping on pulleys that also have teeth. The belt is needed to provide a connection between the crankshaft and the camshaft (valve timing shaft). The belt also drives the water pump (pump). The belt tension is provided by the tension roller. The roller should have a clean and smooth surface without any burrs. It should rotate smoothly, without jamming.

Note: Please note that the timing belts differ depending on the engine type and vehicle version. Specify when buying, the modification of your car and the engine version. Use the VIN number to clarify.

This is how subtle tears in the timing belt look like next to the teeth, when checking for kink.
Its mileage is only 5 thousand km. It is clear that such a belt cannot be used.

The new timing belt with the same bend looks like this:

The regulation for replacing the timing belt (sens, lanos, chance) is 60-80 thousand km, but auto mechanics recommend changing after 60 thousand km, regardless of how good the belt looks outwardly. Also, the belt is replaced after 6 years of operation, regardless of the mileage. When replacing the belt, its tensioner roller is also replaced. In addition, after 50 thousand km. mileage, you need to check the condition of the belt. Any type of damage, wear on the stripping thread or oiling. the belt is replaced. If there are traces of oil, it is necessary to find the reason for their appearance.

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Checking the timing belt (without removing)

Compliance is checked only on a cold engine.!

We unscrew the upper timing mechanism cover (4 bolts “on 10”)

Taking the cover to the side, inspect the belt for damage.

To check the belt tension, you will need to remove the air filter and completely unscrew the timing cover (you may also need to remove the upper decorative engine cover).
The tension is checked by twisting the belt around the axis with two fingers of the hand, in the place shown in the figure. Although the exact tension is checked using instruments, with the help of hands, its correctness can be determined as follows: the belt should twist around its axis by 90 °.

Overtightened belt leads to accelerated wear, as well as wear of the tension roller and water pump. An under-tensioned belt can lead to the belt slipping along the teeth for several divisions, and this will lead to a violation of the valve timing. How to tighten or loosen the timing belt is described below, after replacement operations.

Replacing the timing belt

To replace the timing belt, remove the air filter housing and the right wheel.

Remove the air conditioner compressor belt and alternator belt.
Completely remove the front cover of the gas distribution mechanism.

Pulley bolt, head “at 17” turn the crankshaft clockwise.

until the mark on the camshaft pulley coincides with the mark installed on the rear cover of the timing mechanism:

In this case, the mark on the pulley of the auxiliary units should be opposite the mark on the lower front cover of the timing drive:

Remove the power steering pump. Using the “17” head, unscrew the bolt securing the pulley of the auxiliary units. To keep the crankshaft from turning, the assistant must engage fifth gear and press the brake pedal. We take out the bolt and washer and remove the accessory drive pulley.

Once again, check the coincidence of the mark on the camshaft toothed pulley with the mark (slot) on the rear cover of the timing mechanism (see photo above).

With the correct timing of the timing mechanism, the mark on the crankshaft toothed pulley should be opposite the mark (slot) on the rear cover of the timing mechanism:

Head “on 10” unscrew the three bolts securing the lower front cover of the timing mechanism and remove it:

We release the tension of the timing belt by turning the movable tension roller bar with a screwdriver clockwise (overcoming the spring resistance) until the hole in it coincides with the hole in the roller bracket and insert a pin with a suitable diameter of 4.0-4.5 into both holes mm (such as the back of a drill or a simple screw).

Remove the timing belt from the camshaft, crankshaft and pump toothed pulley mechanism.

Head “at 12” unscrew the tension roller from the cylinder block and remove it:

Note: if you disassembled the mechanism only to replace the tension roller, then it is not necessary to remove the timing belt.

Install the new tensioner roller in reverse order. Before installing the accessory belt, make sure that the marks on the crankshaft and camshaft toothed pulleys match the corresponding marks (slots) on the rear timing cover.

In this position, we put the belt on the crankshaft toothed pulley. We put the rear branch of the belt behind the tension roller and put the belt on the pulleys of the water pump and camshaft, while making sure that the front branch of the belt does not sag. We take out the pin from the holes of the movable bar and the tension roller bracket. We install the auxiliary pulley and wrap the bolt of its fastening. We turn the crankshaft (by the bolt) two turns clockwise.

If, in this case, the indicator 1 of the movable strip of the tension roller coincides with the recess 2 on the bracket, then the timing belt tension is in order. If not, adjust the belt tension by turning the water pump.

Timing Belt Tension Adjustment

To do this with a hex wrench “by 5” loosen the three screws securing the water pump.

Timing belt tension changes when the pump housing is rotated in its socket. You can turn the pump using the hexagon “at 41” on his body.

To turn the pump, you can make the following device yourself from a sheet of metal:

We install the device in such a way. so that its “legs” tightly cover the pump hexagon, after which we use the device as a lever.

The pump can also be rotated using the hexagon with large sliding pliers.

We turn the pump counterclockwise until the indicator of the movable strip of the tension roller aligns with the notch on the roller bracket.

In this position, tighten the screws securing the coolant pump. We turn the crankshaft clockwise two turns and check the coincidence of the alignment marks of the shafts. Repeat the operation if necessary. Make sure there is no leakage from the coolant pump. If necessary, replace the pump housing O-ring.

We carry out further assembly in reverse order.

Fill the power steering hydraulic drive with working fluid and remove air from it. Bringing the coolant to the normal level.

How to replace the belt

In fact, a lawn mower is a fairly simple tool, on which the replacement or installation of certain elements can be done by you yourself and you do not have to contact the professionals. In addition, if you have at least minimal skills in the field of mechanics, then this kind of process will go smoothly and without any problems. For example, repairing Stihl mowers can be done with your own hands using seemingly ordinary things that can be found in any home.

Probably, it is not worth reminding that the drive belt is simply an indispensable and important element of the lawn mower mechanism, namely the drive area. It is important that the belt can undergo any breakdowns, let’s say, it can be stretching of its base, or it even broke, then naturally in this case you will not be able to use your technique, at least until you replace the old belt with a new one.

How to do it? Everything is very simple and you will see for yourself. Let’s take a look at the example of changing the belt for a Bosch rotak 34 lawn mower. In turn, you can find out about how the repair of a Bosch rotak 32 lawn mower, an earlier model, is going on here.

First of all, you must, from cover to cover, as they say, read the instructions for your device. Since, despite the general direct similarity between lawn mowers, the differences between them can also be quite significant, so you should not risk it, but you need to be as ready as possible for the process of replacing the belt.

After the necessary element is purchased, you can actually prepare for the replacement process. To do this, prepare a place where the “update” will take place. Since a clean surface and organization will positively affect the work itself.

It is also important to have all the tools you need to replace the belt ready, and be sure to cover the tarp, especially if you are doing indoor repairs. This simple manipulation can at least protect the floor of your house from oil and gas spills.

So, the replacement process has begun. To begin with, using a wrench, unscrew the spring, coil, support element, actually remove the entire assembly.

After that, it is necessary to remove the belt itself, which is damaged, as well as its direct guides. It is important to note that in most cases they are made from clamps of the metal direction. You will need this information in the process of selecting the necessary components for replacement.

You must remember that you need to hold the belt while removing this type of addition. And only after they are removed, you can remove the belt itself. It is worth noting that it is much easier to remove these guides by using an adjustable wrench in the process.

Remove them together with the bolts themselves. In addition, pay due attention to their condition, since if they are rusted, then it is more expedient to simply replace.

The next step in our work is direct replacement. To do this, you need to get the purchased belt itself from the package, as well as a kind of sub-belt. After that, install a new belt and its own guides and, using an adjustable wrench, simply tighten them.

Then try starting the engine of your lawn mower and observe how the belt behaves. You must remember that the belt must not catch on other elements, and also pay due attention to whether it rubs against any surface. If the process goes, say, so correctly, in this case, you can safely collect the “node” back. All replacement is completed, and you can get to work!

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What does it consist of

Let’s consider this issue using the example of the principle of operation of the belt for the vega x pj457 180j lawn mower. And so, from two rows of rings of infinite direction, which are located parallel to each other directly in the region of the groove of the multiple so-called “elements”. They, in turn, are attached to each other in the form of a kind of ring. This installation is made in such a way that the groove itself has the opportunity, let’s say, to open precisely to the peripheral outer side.

It is important that this very element has a surface of a part of a protruding guiding character. This is necessary in order to hold a kind of ring in such a way that the special rings included in its devices simply do not separate from each other and from the groove itself.

It is worth noting that the surface called “guide” makes the formulation of a kind of pushing force in the direction of the inner side of the belt, thereby allegedly pushing one specific ring to one of the special end surfaces. This pushing component itself, which is directed to the inner region, produces a kind of attachment precisely to the lateral outer side of the ring, which is currently being pushed.

Device and principle of operation

Choice aspects

First of all, it is worth noting that the high-quality work of a lawn mower directly depends on how much its owner looks after it, as well as how often it carries out the necessary diagnostic and repair work. over, timely replacement of consumable materials is also important, in fact, which also include belts designed for this kind of technology. So, it will not be superfluous to find out, for example, about the necessary spare parts for the mtd lawn mower.

It is worth noting that it is this important and irreplaceable element of the device that most of all requires attention and is most often replaced with a new belt. It is important that each product of this kind necessarily undergoes a kind of certification, which is what you should pay due attention to when buying a belt.

Considering the fact that lawn mowers today occupy a leading position among agricultural technology, it can be unconditionally concluded that the demand for this additional element will never fall, at least until humanity so rapidly acquires this kind of equipment for its lawn.

Actually, let’s now figure out what kind of belt you need to buy for your “iron pet”, as well as what you should pay due attention to in the first place in order to make a correct and practical purchase. Perhaps, while reading this article, you are in some bewilderment, supposedly, what is difficult in choosing a belt, for technology, given that this is a fairly simple mechanism?

The official website of the Oleo Mac chainsaw will provide you with reliable and comprehensive information about the device.

If your car is picked up by a tow truck and you do not know who to contact and what to do, then you just need to read this article.

Front-end loaders of Russian production are no worse than foreign ones, and maybe even better given the ratio of price and quality. See for yourself here //

But everything is not as simple as we would like, since it is important to pay attention to certain aspects of the choice, which, in fact, will be presented to you now. so.

To begin with, you must have an idea of ​​the differences between belts designed for industrial and agricultural technology. The difference is as follows:

  • in the very construction of the belt;
  • in braiding and cord materials.

In the process of choosing a belt you need, you should start from the following:

  • the brand of the belt itself;
  • its immediate dimensions.

In most cases, the greatest demand is for the original kind of wine code, but if such belt size indicators are not available, then in this case you will need to personally measure your belt.

To do this, it is necessary to measure both the height and length and the width. Therefore, you can easily find the best option for your lawnmower. And this article will tell you how to choose a lawn mower.

Lawn mower belt: aspects of selection and replacement

Today, most of the population uses such an irreplaceable and practical agricultural device as a lawn mower. Naturally, this tool has not only a high level of functionality, but also quite productive.

And it is affordable, at least for most models. Well, it happened, you became the owner of this unique technique, you even had time to enjoy its work, but something went wrong and the lawn mower simply went out of order? For example, you can find out about the proper repair of Honda lawn mowers by following the link.

The problem may lie in the belt that is part of her device. It can fail or break, or, as the people say, “relax”. Therefore, if you are faced with a similar situation, then you just need to read this article.

Here you can find out what the belt consists of, how it works, and you will also be provided with information on how you can change it yourself and actually what to start from when choosing this type of purchase. So let’s get started.

How does it work

First of all, it is worth noting that a kind of transmission, which has gears in the gear direction, directly ensures a certain change in the gearbox, which has gear steps. The same applies to the continuously variable transmission, which in turn is responsible for the direct variation of the gear ratio.

It is these features that are available as a kind of transmission, designed specifically for the return of power, which is produced between certain rotating elements.

It is important that when the belt itself rotates the driving pulley, and which at this moment, let’s say, is applied to the driving and driven pulleys, then this becomes the cause of the occurrence of a certain friction force, which is observed precisely between the driving pulley and special element.

At the same time, a so-called “compression” force arises, which in turn applies directly to the elements themselves in exactly the direction in which they are located, that is, in the direction where the greatest coefficient of their thickness, relative to the torque of the driving pulley.

At a time when the force of a certain compression is already “sent” to a special element, which actually fully maintains contact with the driven pulley, then the force of a kind of friction produces a formulation precisely in the part where the pulley, driven and the element are in contact.

Consequently, through this kind of mutual transmission of force, a torque is produced intended for the movement of the follower pulley. Actually, in this way, its operating power is transmitted to the belt itself. You can find out exactly where the belt is located in such units on the example of the device of the Polish rotary mower.

I would like, I hope that this article will become for you a kind of guide regarding the operation and replacement of the belt. Here you could familiarize yourself with the main aspects of the belt device and its choice, because this unit is an indispensable assistant in large and small areas. Find out more about the mower for tall grass and uneven terrain here.

Undoubtedly, starting from the above instructions, you will be able to repair your lawn mower yourself without any problems and difficulties. Which will delight you with its work and productivity for many years.

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