How to tuck the trimmer fishing line into the grass trimmer reel

How to wind fishing line onto your petrol trimmer reel

To thread fishing line into the trimmer head successfully, it is important not to miscalculate with the choice of consumable material. The thicker the cord you thread, the thicker and tougher the grass it can cut. A universal trimmer line with a diameter of 2 mm is often used

Select the right diameter for the mower can be the following ways:

A universal trimmer line with a diameter of 2 mm is often used. You can find the right diameter for your mower in the following ways:

Check the manual provided with your trimmer for information on line thickness

Pay attention to the bobbin itself. Sometimes it is labeled with information about possible line diameters

Another option is to try to insert a cord into the outlet hole

If it will fit through without difficulty, then the selected line diameter is appropriate.

You can choose a cord according to the type of engine. If the trimmer line is too thick, the rotational resistance will increase, and the motor will overheat and will soon be damaged. Helpful hints:

  • A 1.3-mm-thick line is fine for an electric appliance with a 500-volt or less motor. If you can’t find one, you can use a 1.6 mm trimmer line. If the power is more than 1 kW, choose a cord with a diameter of 2 mm.
  • With a gasoline grass trimmer, the shaft mower matters. For bent variant 2 mm cord is often used. If the shaft is straight, then install a 2.4-2.5 or 3 mm thread. The thickest line for the trimmer is installed on powerful devices. from 1.3 kW.

Pay attention to the type of cord cross-section as well. Some popular options:

  • The most common round-cut lines. They mow fresh grass well, but cope worse with shrubs, deadwood.
  • Twisted cord is not very strong, but is good for thin young grass.
  • Serrated, sharp-edged fishing line is ideal for large weeds in a neglected area.
  • You can mow the lawn more evenly with rectangular, star or square grass trimmer lines, but they are not very durable.
  • The strongest cord is a two-part cord with an inner core and a circular section.

Please note that wire, metal strings and ropes, as well as ordinary fishing line may not be used instead of fishing line. The device will be dangerous for both the user and others. So the rope or similar products will gradually start to work, as a result, their ends will unravel, and the small pieces will fly with great speed.


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tendrils for changing the filament in the reel

It should be noted at once that in a traditional chain saw, the line for the trimmer is charged into the drum completely manually. In addition, there are lawnmowers with semi-automatic filling of the line. With semi-automatic reels, there are usually no questions, the operator simply needs to insert the line for the trimmer into the holes and wind its ends with a spool.

As right, professional mowers, that is, models for frequent high volume of work, are equipped with the simplest reel, assuming the manual winding of the line. Thanks to a simple design, such spools acquire the highest level of reliability and durability.

  • At first the mower has to stop completely. If it is an electric model, you must be sure to remove the plug from the socket. If it is a battery grass trimmer, you need to disconnect the battery, of course, if it is removable.
  • Next, you should disconnect the spindle, that is, the spool itself with a reel of fishing line. Usually the spindle can be unscrewed easily, without any other fasteners or catches. Secure spindle position beforehand. Especially for this purpose, the drum has a hole, which must be aligned with the hole in the hood. Insert a metal pin (nail, drill bit, etc.) into the aligned holes.д.).

Note, the spool has a non-standard right thread. It unscrews in left-to-right direction. This is designed to keep the spindle from unscrewing accidentally while mowing.

  • Disconnect the drum cover. It’s held in place by a couple of latches. As a rule, to open the cover, you just have to squeeze the catches. If you can’t squeeze the hooks with your fingers, you can use an impact screwdriver.
  • Preparing lines for trimmer. You need to cut the trimmer line and fold it in half. Bend the center of the line to make a convenient hook out of a rounded loop.
  • Insert the loop into the special groove on the central partition.
  • Wind the trimmer line so that the central partition divides the folded in half trimmer line into 2 separate channels. Normally the trimmer line should be wound against the rotation of the spindle. When winding the line against the rotation, the line can be fed semi-automatically/automatically.

Semi-automatic feeding is when you only need to press a pressure button on the ground to extend the line while mowing. Automatic feeding, on the other hand, presupposes an independent drawing of a fishing line when the center of gravity of cutting tendrils decreases.

Many of the drums are marked with an arrow marker. As it is clear, the line for the trimmer should be wound in the direction to which the arrow points. The marking may not be present in those reels where the line for the trimmer has to be fed manually, on a fully stopped and disconnected brushcutter.

Below is a video clip, the author of which clearly shows how to replace the line for the trimmer on a benzocosa with a semi-automatic reel on 2 tendrils.

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STIHL Better Tips How to refill the nylon line on a grass trimmer

Sketches of the Tree of Life, easy enough to find on the Internet.

The first way

Prepared section (in this case it is 4 meters) is bent approximately in half. one section should be longer by 15-20 cm, and inserted into a special slit, which is located on the separating partition.

A line for a trimmer is coiled in a previously determined direction. This is done in a tight fit, the line for the trimmer is carefully distributed. The longer section should be wound into the section that is closer to the button.

There are designs in which the division of the reel into two sections is not provided. This does not change anything, the line for the trimmer is wound in a similar way. You just need to make sure that the segments do not overlap with each other.

The section at the bottom of the reel should be the first to finish, i.e.е. the one closer to the fixation holes.

This tip is placed in the appropriate diameter hole. the line for the trimmer is securely fastened.

trimmer, fishing, line, grass, reel

The longest part should be wound in another half-turn. There, it is similarly fixed. In doing so, the segment crosses the other section of the coil.

The longest part should be wound one more half turn

The fixed ends of the wound line are inserted into the holes in the body of the grass trimmer bobbin.

The fixed ends of the wound line are inserted into the holes in the body of the grass trimmer bobbin

Attach the spool to the body. Tighten the ends of the line with force so that the line, previously fixed in the holes of the spool, comes out of there. This can easily be identified by a clicking noise.

Snap the reel with the button into the body of the grass trimmer bobbin.

Reel with a button is snapped into the grass trimmer bobbin case

The line has been replaced successfully. In this case, you need to install back on the grass trimmer and you can start mowing the grass.

Again, the bobbin does not need to be removed from the grass trimmer. this was done to clarify the process of replacing the fishing line. You can disassemble the bobbin on site, reel it in and put it back.

The tips so they don’t hit the grass trimmer casing can and should be trimmed.

How to remove a line for your trimmer

To replace fishing line in your trimmer, remove the trimmer head cap. To do this, squeeze the latches on both sides of the cover with your fingers and pull the cover up. Access to the spool is opened. Then pull it out by pulling up the axis on which the spool sits. If line ends are sticking out of the head holes, then lift the reel on its axis and pull the rest of the line inside out of the head holes. Now the part does not hold anything and it is easy to remove it and remove the remaining working thread.

How to Use a String Trimmer | This Old House

The spool is divided into two parts by a central partition with a cutout. Some models have different size parts, so check how much line you can wind on the reel. Its length varies between 1m and 4m.

How to wind the line for the trimmer on the grass trimmer spool

First determine the consumable length for your spool. Wind the trimmer line onto the bobbin until it overcomes the bobbin’s rims. We have 4 meters. How much you get out depends on what diameter of line for the trimmer bobbin and the design features.

Winding Algorithm

Double up the trimmer line. Leave one end longer than the other by 10-15 cm.

Lay the trimmer line according to the direction shown on the element body.

Insert the short end into the groove on the side of the spool.

Fasten the long end in the opposite slot.

Place the spool with the wound line in the bobbin case.

Cut the ends of the line, leaving 10 to 15 cm.

The line change is complete and now all that’s left to do is screw the bobbin onto the grass trimmer and you’re ready to go.

How a starter or weed trimmer works?

Starter. The mechanism is usually unique and universal for lawnmowers, trimmers, gasoline and diesel generators. Equipping them even with a car, motorcycle or scooter. Not a problem if your car has a free place to install it. Not surprisingly, many Soviet cars and trucks were equipped with starting tools that vaguely resemble a double bent mountain.

The starter kit consists of the following parts:

trimmer, fishing, line, grass, reel
  • Hook spring;
  • The cord is wound around the spool;
  • Return the spring;
  • Drive ratchet and main spring;
  • Ratchet body;
  • Locking bolt.

thread adjustment

If the mowing performance decreases, it is necessary to adjust the thread. The thread length can be optimally adjusted at any time during mowing by lightly touching (arrow) the thread head to the floor. However, this is only possible if the thread peeks out min. by 3 cm.

Trimmer knife (see thread cutter). page. 8, D/8) automatically cuts off thread that is too long If the thread ends are shorter than 3 cm, the length must be adjusted manually. WARNING: Cleaning the yarn head, changing the yarn and manually adjusting the yarn length can only be done with the motor off and the mains plug unplugged!

Some tips on how to correctly thread a line into your weed trimmer

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  • First you need to disassemble the head, for this press with fingers on two catches, which are located on the body of the head at 90 degrees from the lettings, and remove the top cover.
  • After you remove the top cover you need to take out the cord holder, be careful not to lose the spring, and also the fly rod through which the line for the trimmer is fed. Measure the right amount of fishing line and fold it in half.
  • Put a folded line for a trimmer in the middle of the holder (it has a special slot) and start winding cord so that each whisker of the two lies in his section of the holder.
  • Leave a free whisker length of about 15cm, fasten it in the special slots of the holder and install it at the bottom of the head.
  • Bring the whiskers out through the eyelets and install the top cover of the head by aligning the side latches.
  • The result: You have a correctly threaded line head, you can carry on working.

Technological progress has made it possible to do away with a great deal of manual effort. This includes mowing the grass, which used to require a lot of physical effort when using a regular lawn mower. In modern conditions this process is much easier, i.e.к. The technique used minimises all costs. Equipment such as electric and gasoline-powered trimmers have become indispensable aids in the garden. Mowing the grass with them has become more of a fun activity than a hard and exhausting job.

Structurally, the grass trimmer consists of a motor, boom and working body, which, depending on the mowed vegetation is either a mowing head or disc cutter. And if everything is more or less clear with the cutter, then with the nozzle sometimes there are questions. As a rule, they appear when the line for the trimmer runs out.

Instruction manual

To change the line for the trimmer, you need to remove the old line (if you had one).

The spool is a part of the grass trimmer design, which is located inside the head of the brushcutter, reel or spool. Depending on the manufacturers, the heads may be different. But this article only discusses Patriot, although their mechanism is used by many other companies.

The instruction on how to unscrew the manual head on the trimmer is described below.

  • The first step is to clean the head of dirt and grass buildup, if it is dirty. To do this, lift the brushcutter head up and, taking hold of the guard, remove the special protective cover put on the reel.
  • The next step is to remove the spool from the reel. The spool can be easily pulled out even with one hand because it is not fastened in any way inside the reel.
  • The reel is bolted to the trimmer. This bolt must be unscrewed, after which you can easily pull the reel out. To do this gently, you need to support the reel with the spool, while unscrewing the screw counterclockwise.
  • You can now pull the reel out. As mentioned above, it is not secured in any way except by a catch with the metal shaft, so it does not need to be pulled out with force. Pull the spool gently out of the reel in a circular motion.
  • Now you need to remove the old trimmer line and follow these steps.

Reassemble the spool and reel in its original place according to the reverse algorithm.

Before threading the line, it is worth making sure that you have purchased a suitable thread for the grass trimmer. If the filament is not suitable, it increases fuel or power consumption and the engine load on the brushcutter.

To replace the thread itself, prepare a length of thread of the required size. This most often requires about 4 m of fishing line. The exact figure depends on the condition of the line, e.g. its thickness, and on the reel itself. If you can’t find the exact length, you can do the following: insert and wind the thread until the spool is fully charged (the level of the line will be compared to the protrusions in the sides of the spool). Care must be taken to ensure that the line for the trimmer sits evenly in the spool.

The instructions for threading the line into the spool are described below.

trimmer, fishing, line, grass, reel

Take the prepared line and roll it in half. Make sure that one edge is 0.1-0.15 m longer than the other. Now you need to take the ends in different hands. The one that is smaller needs to be pulled up to the larger one, so that it becomes 2 times shorter. When bending, maintain a margin of 0.15m. Find the slit inside the baffle of the spool. The loop, which was created earlier, should be carefully extended into the kerf. To continue working, you need to determine the winding direction of the thread in the spool. To do this, simply inspect the coil. there should be an arrow on it. If you can not find the direction arrow it is possible that there is a written sign. An example is shown in the photo below. It is necessary to inspect the head of the spool. There is a direction indicator on it. However, this is the direction of movement of the spool. To get the winding direction you have to wind it backwards. Now you have to thread the line on the spool

It is worth noting that inside the spool there are special guiding grooves. When winding the thread, you must follow these grooves, otherwise you could damage the grass trimmer

At this point, you need to charge the coil very carefully. When the user has spun almost all the thread, take the short end (do not forget the 0.15 m overhang) and pull it through the hole in the wall of the spool. Now you need to repeat this action similarly with the other end (from the other side). Put the spool itself in the head of the spool, before putting the line for the trimmer through the holes inside the drum. Now it’s time to put the drum back in its place. Then hold the line ends with both hands and pull them apart. Then put the cover back on (you can safely apply force until you hear a “click”). It remains to do the “cosmetic work”. See if the thread is too long. You can start the grass trimmer and check if everything is comfortable. If the thread is a bit long, you can cut it with scissors.