How to turn a motocultivator into a single-axis tractor

How to make a single-axis tractor from a motocultivator

Single-axle tractor. mechanized equipment for agricultural work. Depending on the type of engine powered by gasoline or diesel.

In comparison with a tractor, a single-axle tractor has small dimensions, which makes it comfortable for working small and medium-sized areas (0.1-1.0 hectares).

The way of cultivation depends on the outboard of the power tiller:

  • The plow. for plowing the ground;
  • Garlic planter. for sowing garlic;
  • Potato digger. for collecting potato tubers;
  • Aerator. for crop irrigation;
  • Bucket. for removing snow and soil;
  • Trailer. for transporting crops and other loads.

Proper attachments go on all drawings of a power tiller, as long as they are from the same manufacturer.

Although there are exceptions. when the outboard fits all models. In any case, thanks to the attachments the single-axle tractor becomes a multipurpose assistant on the farm and not only.

The correct choice of a power tiller for your site.

It’s time to get to work in the garden and homestead plots. Plow and loosen the soil, make seedbeds, prepare the ground for planting vegetables, when performing these works can not do without an iron helper. In recent years, motorized mechanisms (cultivators) have been added to the traditional manual arsenal (shovels, hoes, spades).

To make the right choice of a motocultivator that will fully meet your requirements, it is necessary to consider some questions:

What is the difference between a power tiller and a single axle tractor??

How to work correctly with a power tiller?

This is the question that you need to ask yourself first of all when choosing a garden helper. After all, often when it comes to cultivators, beginners gardeners do not know what to prefer: motocultivator or single axle tractor. To clarify, and thus narrow the field of choice, we must understand what the difference between this technique.

Motocultivator is a word consisting of two parts: moto, t.е. motor, and cultivator.

In this case, unlike plowing, there is no overturning (turnover) of the layer. Т.е. Cultivator loosens the ground while working (rotating) the steel tines. It shreds weeds and destroys their root system, evenly mixes the soil with the fertilizer. also plants grow better in loosened soil.к. Oxygen, water and fertilizers reach the roots without hindrance.

Quality tillers are made of high-strength steel. The tool bits are made from high-quality tillers. they last a long time and don’t need frequent sharpening.

If you look at a single-axle tractor, the first thing you notice is that it has no drive wheels. the machine moves forward by rotating the cutters, which are rigidly attached to the machine’s shaft (the cutters are both the engine and the working tool).

Getting to the power tiller. The key word is unit. the power unit that drives or pulls additional attachments. the tiller is moved by wheels. it is a self-propelled chassis.

A single-axle tractor can also have a PTO. the element that provides rotational motion to the attachment. For example, a mower for mowing grass, a snow blower. Also a single-axle tractor, if you trailer to it the cart can carry loads weighing 200-300 kg.

Motor cultivators and power tillers have long been popular mechanisms in the economy of many dacha owners. To buy a motocultivator to work less with a shovel will be the right decision! Before going to the store, where the sale of power tillers is held, it is desirable to determine the soils on which it will be used. If the work on a new plot is planned, it is necessary to choose a more powerful machine. It’s always hard to lift virgin land. In the case when it is necessary to cultivate the garden, which is many years, you can buy a lighter motor cultivator.

In addition to power tillers (with gasoline engine) there are also electric ones. It is possible that this type of cultivator will be the best choice for your tasks.

In addition to tillage, a single-axle tractor can be used as a lawn mower, to remove trash and leaves from the site, and in winter for snow removal. Although a single-axle tractor is more expensive than a power tiller, interchangeable attachments and a set of attachments greatly expand its functions. This means that several specialist machines can be replaced by just one machine.

In spite of external similarity. frame, engine, transmission, control elements. a single axle tractor, unlike a mowing machine, is originally designed for heavy and large-scale works on a large area. Therefore, its functionality and, importantly, the price may be excessive for the average amateur gardener.

The main criterion for choosing a means of small mechanization is the size of the plot and soil structure. The more area to be worked and the harder the ground, the more powerful the machine is.

As mentioned above, the key parameter determining the choice of a motorized helper is the severity of the intended work. It is one thing to process a well-groomed area of 5 to 10 hectares and quite another to “lift virgin land” on the area of 15-25 hectares and more. The requirements to the mechanisms are quite different. So the main criterion for choosing a motocultivator is the size of the cultivated area.


Even with 25 acres, consider what part of this territory is set aside for the house, paths, parking lots, garage, flowerbeds and seedbeds, determine the zoning of the plot. It may turn out that, despite the large territory, in fact, you need to process only 3-5 acres of light soil, and this does not require powerful and high-performance equipment.

You want to buy a power tiller, but you do not know which model is better to choose.

Motor cultivators differ from each other: by size, capacity, engine type (electric, gasoline, diesel), the size of the cultivated area. Another important nuance to consider when choosing a power tiller is the width and depth of plowing, in other words. how wide and deep a strip of land can be processed in one pass. The more powerful the engine of the cultivator, and the wider the working area of the rotary cultivator, the more area of land can be cultivated at one time, and thus the number of passes can be reduced. Another frequent question of users. why does the power tiller need a backhoe?

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Does it work?

In fact, converting a cultivator into a single axle tractor will require the owner to spend a lot of money and time with an unclear result. Therefore, it is better for dacha owners and gardeners to decide yet at the stage of purchase, why they need mini-tillage equipment, and only after that make the final choice.

Farmers and dacha owners know firsthand how much time and effort the work on the ground takes. And when the area of the latter exceeds the traditional 6 acres, then the amount of labor increases exponentially. And here it’s time to use the power tiller.

But what about those who can not afford to buy the appropriate unit, and if they can, then only a Chinese-made, hinting at the impending breakdowns?

It’s simple. it is necessary to answer the question of how to make a mini single-axle tractor with their own hands, so as not to buy a less powerful cultivator and not to worry for a long time with the processing of land?

  • single axle tractor: purpose
  • single-axle tractor: the device
  • single-axle tractor: searching for a power unit
  • single axle tractor: search for the rest of the spare parts
  • Prefabricated single axle tractor: modernization prospects
  • Pictures of power tillers with their own hands

The trailer for the walk-behind tractor is the best option on the farm. Motoblock Hyundai

How to make and remake a mini-tractor from a power tiller Agro, Zubr, Kaskad with their own hands: making a breaker from the drawings

Motoblocs are very useful in the farm. But it often happens that old models people do not use. The fate of such equipment is very often an aimless stay in the garage and gradual rusting. The problem is that many people do not know that even old-style power tillers can be used to build the right equipment, such as a mini tractor.

This machine will be extremely useful in agriculture, because with it you can do a wide range of work, such as snow removal with a minitractor. Therefore, even the old motor blocks can be very successfully used to create mini-tractors that you will more than useful.

You can make it from a new power tiller if you think you need a compact tractor more.

turn, motocultivator, single-axis, tractor

Machinery plays a very important role in agriculture. It is a way of getting around, an excellent assistant, a tractor, a strongman. Therefore, there is nothing better than a private home with a farm, which has a full fleet of all necessary equipment. Tractors (e.g. MTZ tractors) are especially widely applicable.

They do not have to be large and powerful, because even a small and compact tractor can provide substantial assistance, become a good transport and way to transport goods. In short, the application for such equipment can be found as many convenient, because when working on the ground you can think of virtually any “task”.

But small tractors are most often used precisely as transport, as well as mobile platforms, on which you can install a variety of agricultural equipment.

If we equip the mini-tractor with a bucket, then we get an analogue of an excavator (see Pic. You can even use it to dig and loosen land, which is useful for farming.

over, with a mini-tractor you can even graze cattle comfortably, because instead of walking, you will be riding your steel horse.

Is it real to make a mini tractor by yourself? If you have no idea how to make a tractor with their own hands, then we are ready to rejoice you: everything is easier than it seems. To get inspired, you can look at how to make a mini-tractor from a power tiller with his own hands video. Also, we suggest watching a video about homemade mini-tractors. here.

Rebuilding and rebuilding equipment is not the hardest process. In addition, you do not have to do absolutely everything yourself. There are special kits that allow you to easily convert one type of equipment into another for a short period of time. Such a set includes the following parts:

  • A frame with space for an engine mount
  • Pedals
  • Seats
  • Levers to disengage the half axle lock
  • Steering wheel
  • Wings
  • Front beam and rear linkage

This kit is ideal for those who are wondering how to convert a single axle tractor into a mini tractor quickly. But there are quite a few people who approach this idea with genuine enthusiasm, and therefore want to do all the work themselves, not using ready-made parts sets.

Exactly for them, we will tell you how to make a mini-tractor from a power tiller.

You can easily create a mini-tractor from power tillers from a variety of manufacturers. So, if you have Agro equipment, you should produce the tractor according to the following instructions. To make it you will need:

  • Agro single axle tractor
  • Steel plates and profiles
  • A car seat
  • A steering wheel from a car of any model
  • One or two pairs of wheels can be changed, or one “native” pair can be left.

In general, this “formula” is suitable for power tillers of any manufacturer, because the details for the manufacture do not differ much.

Making a minitractor with their own hands, you can feel like a real designer. Before how to make a mini-tractor from a power tiller yourself, you need to decide on the purpose of this technique, because depending on it the design of the machine is developed.

For example, if you need your tractor for agricultural work and not, say, for transportation, the best choice of design is a solid frame. But if you need the machine not only for work, but also to move in hard-to-reach places, it is better to choose a broken frame.

It will provide a much higher maneuverability, making it possible to pass even the really difficult road sections. Another type of design of such equipment is the so-called “adapter”. This type of mini-tractor is equipped with a removable trailer.

over, if you want to use the tractor for agricultural work, it is better to place the engines in the back of the structure. Of course, the front arrangement provides better maneuverability, but it also gives too much pressure on the front wheels, and the transmission for such equipment will be a real problem.

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The production of the mini-tractor itself is as follows: according to the drawing, you weld steel profiles and sheets, forming the frame of the future tractor. This, in fact, is the body of the machine. Then you assemble the “internal organs” of the vehicle. the engine, transmission and running gear.

When installing and securing these parts it is extremely important to do all the work correctly and in full accordance with the drawings. Once you have installed these essential parts of the minitractor, you should add the “cherry on the cake”: install the seat, steering wheel, as well as the stops and turn signals, if you are going to drive on the roads.

Units with electric drive

An electrically powered cultivator can be a good help when cultivating small plots of land. The most popular is the industrial model “Krot”. As a rule, the electric cultivator has less power, and its use is limited by the power cord. But still this technique is very popular among dacha owners. In this case, many craftsmen prefer to make a homemade electric cultivator with their own hands.

Working Principle

The power unit of an electric cultivator is an electric motor, which transmits torque to a wheel-type cutter or other earthmoving element through a gearbox. Controls are located on the steering wheel. Most often, electric stubble cultivators are single-wheeled

The desired depth of loosening the soil is achieved by pushing the handlebars and adjusting the height of the coulter. It is usually about 25 centimeters, which is enough to cultivate the soil.

The second life of a meat grinder

As a basis for a homemade electric cultivator, you can use any electric motor designed for 220 V, but most often craftsmen use the power unit and gearbox from an electric meat grinder.

The only thing you have to do is to knock down the working nozzle and install a shaft in its place (most often a bored scrap metal is used for this purpose). The shaft is equipped with wheels with blades that can easily break and loosen the ground.

But other types of electrical equipment can also be used as power units, so if there is a desire to experiment with the assembly of an electric cultivator with their own hands, the drawings of such equipment can easily be found on the Internet.

How to make a single-axle tractor with your own hands: all about the homemade machine schematics

Working a large area, where a large part of the land is set aside for the garden, using only handy tools is no easy task.

Work on loosening, digging and weeding the garden by hand takes a lot of time and effort. It is good when you can buy a tractor, which will be indispensable for the plot.

But to facilitate work on the ground, you can also make a single-axle tractor with their own hands.

What can be constructed by one’s own forces??

The market for factory-made motor blocks offers buyers a fairly wide range of products for every taste. However, not many people can afford the for such agricultural machinery. Therefore, in the gardens in the countryside you can often find a homemade single-axle tractor, which is not inferior to its factory counterpart in terms of performance parameters.

Creating universal designs, folk craftsmen often use parts of old motorcycles and scrap metal

Obsolete motorcycle models are often used as the basis for various makeshift crafts and useful tools for household small-scale mechanization.

Since self-made power tillers are often created from improvised old materials, they often use the well-known to many Druzhba saw motor as the engine of the machine.

On the basis of self-made power tillers craftsmen create no less important tools in agriculture, for example: plows, as well as riders for corn or potatoes

One such master is the inventor Valentin Arkhipov, who is the author of the manufacture of a number of useful devices and construction of all kinds of household equipment.

A talented designer has created a multifunctional device, with the help of which you can not only plow and harrow the ground, but also plant, dip tuber crops, as well as harvest and rake the tops

Therefore, when considering how to make a single-axle tractor with your own hands, it is better to opt for this proven and successfully used variant. Simple and easy-to-use cultivator can be handled by anyone.

Also useful material about making a trailer for a power tiller:

Design features of the unit

The design of motor-block is a self-propelled machine on two wheels, equipped with an engine, taken from a scooter VP-150M. The reason for the choice of this particular engine was the fact that it has a solution which provides forced cooling of the cylinder head with air.

Such engine from a scooter can operate at the lowest speeds at fairly high loads

For the construction of the scooter, the master used control cables, engine suspension, as well as a double arc frame, handles and chains taken from a scooter. The rest of the construction details were industrially produced

Separately, the designer has made a U-shaped frame welded from pipes and a wheel axle turned on a lathe. He also made three homemade joints for the main and regulating rods. They will be used as connecting elements between the motorcycle block, its steering wheel and the plow.

A steel tube is welded to the frame of the machine, terminating in an axle that is necessary for the tensioning of the cables leading to the transmission of the engine. The very tensioning is performed by means of a rocker arm, with a welded-off piece of steel pipe serving as a gearshift knob.

The spacing of the chains used to build the unit is 12,7 mm and 15,9 mm. The number of teeth in the sprockets: the output shaft. 11, the secondary shaft. 20 and 60, the drive axle. 40.

What is good about this particular design??

There are dozens of similar models, but in comparison with them, the original model of the Kaluga craftsman has a number of undeniable advantages.

  • Hinge joint. The cultivation tools and tractors of most such models are rigidly connected, which makes maneuvering the machine more difficult. Parts of this machine are connected by hinges. This makes it possible to change direction during ploughing if necessary, without removing the plough from the furrow.
  • Offset of the axle to the direction of travel. Many landowners face the problem that the unit swings to the side when plowing with a power tiller because of soil resistance. But it takes a lot of effort to level the furrow. To compensate for this skid, the master placed the plough axle at a slight angle in the direction of travel. Construction turned slightly to the left during ploughing. The desired position can always be adjusted using the three linkage joints.
  • Leveling the set ploughing depth. Whereas on other models the plowing depth is maintained by lowering or raising the plow, with this unit it is done automatically. Control is achieved by changing the angle of the plough in relation to the furrow. The design is equipped with a field board, which acts as a lifting force when burying the plow. If, on the other hand, the share appears above the ground, its angle of attack is immediately increased and the share plunges into the ground again to a preset depth.
turn, motocultivator, single-axis, tractor

What to add?

Interestingly, many owners of power tillers, wishing to convert the existing equipment into a cross-country vehicle, set the following task: the device should easily transform from a summertime helper into a highly cross-country vehicle and vice versa. This means that in no time at all the power tiller should be used as a cross-country vehicle for trips, e.g., fishing. If potatoes have to be planted, the all-terrain vehicle has to change back to a single-axle tractor in the same short time.

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The purpose is reasonable, because it is not very sensible to lose the agricultural functionality of the equipment in order to be able to go 3-4 times a month to the woods or lake.

Note at once that the goal: to get a transformer, can be achieved quite easily. The key to achieving the goal is the following rule: changes in the design should be minimal.

In fact, to solve the described problem, you need to add a frame with gimbals to the motoblock, removing the wheels and the control. Other improvements could be made, but this is up to you.

Possible problems

However, like any other thing, power tillers can break. Especially if they are of low quality. Below we will tell you about the repair of the motoblock.

So, all the problems can be divided into several categories:

Wrong fuel supply. To solve, check the ignition and clean the gas tank and the entire system responsible for the fuel supply. Try to start the single axle tractor again. If this does not help, then you can flush the fuel tap and tank with clean gasoline, and then blow the connection hose, located near the carburetor.

Breakage of the carburettor. Fuel injection problems may also be an indicator. In order to repair the part, check the condition of the bracket and the float. Adjust the construction with a screwdriver in case something is wrong. Also check that the valves are in good condition.

Gearbox problems. Constant noises can be an indicator. This indicates that the oil level is too low. If simply topping up the oil does not solve the noise, flush the whole system and change the oil grade.

turn, motocultivator, single-axis, tractor

Other than that, check how tightly the transmission components are holding up. If the fasteners are not tight enough, tighten the bolts. Or if you find any defects, be sure to replace the broken parts.

Another possibility for a breakdown could be an engine problem. the ignition pedal fails (corrected by removing the fouling), or it could be caused by a glow plug or power line breakdown. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be repaired. You will just have to replace the part.

Transformation of the cultivator into a snowmobile. the algorithm of execution in detail

Before you make a snow thrower or snowmobile out of a cultivator, you need to prepare an approximate drawing, which will need to specify the main elements of the design, how they are connected and the sequence of work. The entire construction will consist of two main units. a slave and a master. The driven part includes shock absorbers, steering column and skids.

Before you start, you need to decide what parts you have in a ready-made form, and which ones you need to make yourself. The further algorithm of work looks as follows:

  • First, let’s start making the frame. To make a reliable snow thrower with their own hands, you need to try as hard as possible to connect the components of the frame. Welding will be suitable for this. The basis of the frame will be pipes. As a rule, ordinary water pipes are taken for welding, but sometimes craftsmen use parts of motorcycle frames. In order to avoid serious errors, first of all the tubes are fixed by means of spot welding. After that, if the design has the right shape, the pipes are connected by a continuous single seam;
  • Next, it is necessary to weld brackets to the frame, which will hold the motor, skids, seats, steering column and other elements of the structure;
  • Next, the plan is to make skids. One or two wide skis, which should be connected to the steering column by means of a hinge mechanism, will do for the snowmobile;
  • After that, it is necessary to install shock absorbers. they can be taken from any motorcycle in prefabricated form;
  • Next, we install the motor and gearbox. They need to be attached to the leading part of the design;
  • To make a snowplow with his own hands from a motor cultivator could move, it must be equipped with wheels or caterpillars. A variant with wheels will help to make a more maneuverable unit. At the same time, if you want to avoid wheel slippage, you should choose a track. This option will make the snowmobile more passable, but it will no longer be as maneuverable due to its heavy weight;
  • Caterpillars for the machine is quite realistic to make yourself. You can use conveyor belts or motorcycle chains for this.
  • In any case, the main thing is that the design should be sufficiently reliable, durable and lightweight;
  • If desired, the front of the snowmobile can be equipped with a hitch to attach a bucket. it will help you quickly remove large blocks of snow or scrape ice;
  • After connecting the caterpillars with the rest of the design, you need to test the machine.

Made with their own hands snowmobile can reach a speed of 60-70 km./hour. Be sure to observe the safety rules when driving, because the terrain will be constantly changing, especially if you go into the woods.