How To Turn On The Bosch Electric Oven

Bosch oven with self-cleaning function
Bosch self-cleaning ovens help you keep your appliances clean while reducing your time and effort. Thanks to cleaning, you will not be disturbed by unpleasant odors during cooking.

Bosch oven with self-cleaning function

Every housewife dreams that household appliances are not only functional and reliable, but also make life much easier. If the technique needs to be constantly washed, looked after too carefully, then its use becomes a burden instead of the desired facilitation of the whole process.

Many manufacturers have heard the requests of housewives from all over the world and have begun to actively develop appliances that serve themselves on their own. Not so long ago, unique stoves of the German manufacturer Bosch appeared on the market, which not only surprise with their functionality, but can also clean themselves.

Function need

The Bosch self-cleaning oven will help housewives to forget about the heavy indelible deposits on the oven walls forever. You do not need to use chemical products for cleaning the surface – this will affect the quality of your food, you no longer need to be afraid that harmful synthetic compounds from detergents will get into the food, and the abrasiveness of powder products will damage the oven.


The self-cleaning function of Bosch ovens works in several ways. This could be:

Let’s talk about each of them in more detail.

In the first case, when you choose the Eco Clean system, you get an oven, the surface is covered with a thin, invisible ceramic coating. It is not solid, but consists of small balls.

Such balls do not just repel dirt and carbon deposits from the surface, but change shape and size depending on the temperature. When the oven is cold, they shrink, and after heating they are restored again. This allows you to break down and repel carbon deposits.

The pyrolytic cleaning system is the choice of professionals and those who are not used to saving money. This is a more advanced way to self-clean your Bosch oven. What is it?

According to research, all carbon deposits crumble and turn to ash at high temperatures. If a powerful ten is built into the oven that can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius, its maximum heating is used for cleaning.

The pyrolytic self-cleaning system of the plates is necessary in case of professional use of the oven. In this case, active operation will not allow the simpler cleaning scheme with ceramic balls to work properly. After heating the heating element and cleaning, you just need to remove the ashes from the oven – you will have to forget about chemical cleaning agents in this case too.

What to choose ?

When choosing one or another Bosch oven self-cleaning system, the following parameters must be considered:

  • Reliability of wiring
  • Electricity cost
  • Active operation of the oven
  • Budget.

The fact is that the pyrolytic self-cleaning system, although more effective, is not always necessary. It is chosen by professionals due to too active use of the oven. But if you are not used to saving, electricity bills do not bother you – you can safely choose stoves with such a powerful heating element.

But for most housewives, a simpler option with a self-cleaning ceramic surface is perfect. Such stoves are much cheaper than models equipped with a pyrolytic cleaning system, and the cleaning process itself does not require the use of a large amount of electricity.

How to turn on the oven and use it correctly?

Young housewives are faced with the question of choosing an oven. Electric models are considered less dangerous and more convenient to use today. To turn them on, no matches or lighters are required, and according to many buyers, food is cooked in it faster due to uniform heating. If the house is connected to a central gas supply, gas stoves are most often installed in it, since they are economical in terms of financial costs.

During the initial installation, it is better to light the oven and cook a particular dish in it according to the instructions. If this is not possible, you need to focus on a certain algorithm for switching on and further operation, which is the same for all types of models.

First you need to understand the type of model. The oven is of two types: electric and gas. Each of them has its own characteristics in operation, in order to avoid breakdowns, it is important to take these factors into account and strictly follow certain instructions.

Despite the variety of modern ovens, there are principles for using such devices. The main thing is the choice:

  • Heating level. Depending on the food to be cooked, it is important to choose the option you want.
  • Mode. The variety of modes in the oven allows you to prepare a wide variety of dishes. Pizza, kebabs, julienne, fish – all this is perfectly prepared with the help of this simple device.
  • Dishes. This choice is very important when using the oven. Glass, ceramic, silicone, iron and cast iron can be used in the oven. But which one to use for baking depends on the specific choice of dishes. It is especially important to familiarize yourself with the purpose of the item, not every silicone, glass or ceramic container can withstand high temperatures. Usually, information about the method of use is indicated on the package or the bottom of the dishes.

To use the oven convenient and pleasant, you need to pay attention to the heat output of the burners. This parameter depends on the volume of the cabinet, but the general movement of heat flows is usually the same in all models, so you can predict the course of baking.

The first step is to look inside the oven, check its contents. Pots, pans and other household utensils are often stored in the oven. Therefore, before starting cooking, you should free up space, remove all unnecessary.

First, you need to think about what exactly will be prepared and determine which shelf is best for placing the dish. When the gas oven is on, it is not safe to change the level of the grate inside the cabinet. Before placing the container in the oven, heat it up for a few minutes. It is important to select the required mode and temperature, after waiting for the oven to warm up, you can put the baking sheet inside.

The bottom of the electric stove must not contain any utensils. In these models, the dish should only be placed on specially installed shelves and rack.

The lowermost section of the electrical cabinet is not intended for cooking, as the heating element may be damaged. After the cooking process is nearing the end, it is recommended to open the door slightly. If the dish has been cooking for more than an hour, the oven can be opened completely. In the case when food needs to be stewed or baked, use the middle shelf placement level, and when cooking, the lower one is suitable.

When using an oven, refractory earthenware, ceramic and cast iron appliances are used. Instructions for using such ovens are almost identical to those for gas ovens, but the level of heating inside the cabinets is different. Electrical technology allows for a more even cooking.

The electric oven has many positive options, which is why it is more popular than gas appliances. One of these main functions is temperature setting. To achieve the desired effect from the dish, you should carefully choose the required level at which it will be located. In many recipes for cooking in the oven, this fact is not indicated, which creates a problem for novice cooks. The higher the baking sheet is, the faster the product will cook, and if you put it on top at the end of cooking, it will brown better. Conversely, if the food begins to burn, the container can be lowered to a lower level. The bottom bakes the food well and evenly.

To achieve the best results for many dishes, you need to select the universal mode. With this option enabled, you can easily bake or bake without worrying about how well the food will cook and whether there is a risk of ruining the cooking process.

The quality of preparation often depends on the dishes in which the food is located. For example, aluminum and glass products do not conduct heat well and can therefore slow down the process. Food is often required to bake well and have a golden crust. In this case, some ovens are equipped with such important modes: standard heating of the upper level and strong heating of the lower one.

how to turn on the Bosch electric oven

Fan in Electrolux ovens

expensive ovens have a fan located on the back of the device, its presence allows you to cook in a measured way, for example, if several types of baked goods or meat products are cooked at the same time, located on different shelves.

The bottom heat is used to prevent the food from burning too much. Fruits and other products that cannot withstand high temperatures are often prepared here. With skillful handling, at the same level, you can simply reheat the dish if it does not fit in the microwave.

At the topmost level of the oven, dishes that require a golden crust are prepared. For example, julienne and lasagna should be cooked at the top with the fan on.

Multifunctional ovens can not only heat food, but they can also defrost and dry food while maintaining their useful properties. To do this, two modes are turned on in the oven at once: weak heating of the upper and lower heating elements.

Modern home appliance manufacturers offer users a special grill mode. It allows you not only to fry the product, but also to cook it with smoke. Many meat dishes, such as kebabs, rolls and steaks, are suitable for this mode, but not all types of equipment have such a useful option. However, with the universal mode it is also possible to cook any food with almost the same successful result. If a large amount of meat is being cooked, it is very important to constantly be nearby and check the dish, as it is draining, so it must be watered periodically with juice. In this case, the quality of cooking does not depend on the type of oven; the product is dried equally in electric and gas ovens.

When cooking, you can use foil or special baking bags. Meat and fish products are most often wrapped in foil, and depending on the volume of the dish, the temperature and time are adjusted. It is very important to wrap food on the shiny side of the foil.

Using the roasting sleeve, the dish becomes juicy and soft. Having lowered the food inside such a bag, it is necessary to make several holes so that it does not burst during the cooking process.

Another useful property of the oven is the ability to cook soups or cereals in it. The result will be similar to how it would be cooked in a conventional oven. You can use the same ingredients for this, but the process will take a little longer, but this will not spoil the food in the least.

Sometimes, to prevent the baked goods from settling, you should slightly open the oven door.

It is especially important to keep the inside and outside of the oven clean. Foreign substances can cause unpleasant odors, therefore, after surface treatment with chemical compounds, their remains must be carefully removed.

Companies Indesit and Bosch are considered the most real giants in the production of electric and gas stoves. If you want to get a reliable technique with a good oven that will last a long time, keeping all its characteristics, you can give preference to these particular brands.

The Beko firm presents a large number of options on the market, but if you believe the rating of users, then they recognize the quality of the independent electric system Beko OIE 25500 X. It seems reliable, safe and attractive in appearance.

Whichever oven model you choose, turning it on is fairly easy to handle if you look closely at the markings around the levers and buttons.

How to turn on the electric oven

A modern housewife, undoubtedly, could not do without an electric stove. They almost completely displace gas counterparts, since they are considered less dangerous, and food is cooked on them faster, since it warms up evenly. But first you need to figure out how to turn on the oven.

The advantageous difference between an electric oven and a gas oven is that special lighters and matches are not needed to turn it on. Plug, socket, normal voltage is better (in the brochure to the device it is necessary to indicate at what voltage in the network it is unacceptable to use the oven) – almost turned on!

Before use, be sure to read the operating instructions and leaf through the technical data sheet for the electric stove. So, you can avoid many problems in terms of its operation, maintenance. The instructions in black and white indicate that the main purpose of the electric oven is to prepare a variety of products from all kinds of products – dough, meat, vegetables, etc.

How to turn on the oven on a gas stove

Since electric stoves are increasingly used, many may get confused or simply forget how to turn on the gas oven. Difficulties will not arise, especially if you have instructions and a technical passport of the stove at hand.

The difference from an electric oven is the need to use not electricity, but gas, respectively, an open fire for cooking. If the stove does not have an electric ignition, you can use simple matches or a lighter.

Electric oven device

Electric ovens consist of an outer, outer casing and a thermally insulated chamber. It includes a casing and a base. The chamber contains either quartz or hallogenic heaters with different power (usually the power of these four heaters is 0.3-0.5 kW). A glass door covers the heating chamber. Nearby there is a control panel on which you will see a power-on indicator lamp and a thermostat. It is designed to set and maintain the temperature.

Some models have included a timer, thanks to which housewives can set the time necessary for cooking and calmly do other things, without worrying that the dinner will burn or not be baked. When the time is up, a beep will sound and the oven will turn itself off immediately. The oven switches on as follows:

  • We turn on the electric stove.
  • We set the thermostat knob to the position of the required temperature for baking a particular dish.
  • We load a baking sheet with products upon reaching the set temperature.
  • When the cooking process is complete, install the thermostat knob.
  • In position "0", remove the plug from the socket.

Preparing a new oven for use

Modern built-in kitchen appliances are distinguished by their stylish appearance, functionality and the ability to harmoniously fit into any interior. One such kitchen appliance is the oven. Most built-in ovens, in addition to standard heating, can also be equipped with grill, convection, blocking and delayed start functions. However, the more functional and more complex the equipment, the more requirements are put forward for its installation and configuration.

Before starting the oven for the first time, it must be prepared for use. To do this, experts recommend performing the following sequence of actions:

  • Read the instructions supplied with the selected product and familiarize yourself with the rules for its commissioning.
  • Install and connect the oven according to the instructions. It is advisable to entrust this work to a service center specialist who has experience in servicing this equipment.
  • During installation, it should be possible to quickly disconnect the device from the electrical network. If there is no access to the outlet, then it is necessary to connect through a circuit breaker located in a convenient place. It is not recommended to use tees and extension cords for switching.
  • After completing the installation of the device in the appropriate niche and commissioning, it must be freed from the packing films. The oven must be at room temperature before using it for the first time.
  • Ignite the oven together with all the trays and grates supplied.
  • After baking, the oven must be unplugged and allowed to cool.
  • Wash the inside of the cabinet and removable parts with a damp cloth using a non-abrasive detergent, then wipe with a clean cloth and dry.

How to ignite the oven before first use

Foreign smells are one of the biggest problems that can appear in the kitchen. Many types of household appliances acquire unpleasant odors during use if they are used for cooking and there is no timely care for them. But when it is necessary to get rid of factory odors from a new oven, experts advise to ignite the oven before first use.

Igniting the oven

The thermal treatment of the inner surface, or calcination, removes traces of technical oils, toxic substances and packaging residues present in the new oven, which also cause a specific odor to be released. This method is simple and effective and does not require any additional funds. This procedure is recommended not only for the oven, but also for all of its removable parts.

Calcination should be performed in one of the following cases:

  • Turning on the oven for the first time;
  • After replacing glasses on the oven door;
  • After cleaning with detergents.

In order to ignite the oven, it is necessary to turn it on to the maximum heating temperature and leave it to work for 2-3 hours. During this time, all remnants of technical fluids and materials should burn out and disappear, and foreign odors should completely disappear. Using additional oven modes (top heating, convection) reduces the calcination time to 20-30 minutes.

If the new oven does not have additional functions, then it can be quickly ignited in another way. To do this, you need cookware that can withstand high temperatures. You need to take water into it, put it in the oven, turn on the heating to 180 ° C and leave it to work in this mode until all the water from the container has evaporated.

The right dishes

When cooking food, place dishes on the incandescent area, the bottom of which matches the size of the burner. If the bottom of the container is less than the heated surface, there will be an extra waste of electricity. If on the contrary, the heating will be uneven. The bottom of the pot or pan should be even so that the heat transfer between the dishes and the surface is measured. When using utensils with irregularities, the following problems may arise:

  • Deformation of the burners;
  • Heat exchange between the dishes and the burners will deteriorate, which will lead to uneven heating of food in the dishes;
  • Differences in the pressure of the cookware on the surface of the burners are formed, which can lead to damage to the coating, and at high temperatures and its destruction.

In addition, electric cookers with a glass-ceramic surface are easily susceptible to mechanical damage, so the dishes should not be too heavy or slip out of your hands due to poor grip.

To prevent damage to the surface of the cooking zones, do not place pans with a wet base on them. If, for example, the pan is just washed, you must first wipe it dry.

Secondary functions

To make cooking a pleasure, manufacturers are constantly introducing new options. For example, many housewives have already felt the importance of the timer, thanks to which the cooking process is always under control. Auto-shutdown helps from unwanted moments.

Modern models of electric stoves have the following capabilities:

  • Child protection;
  • Defrosting;
  • Memory;
  • Heating;
  • Control over consumed electricity.

Rules for the use of an electric stove

The electric stove, like any other household appliance, has its own operating characteristics. Knowing how to use an electric stove can save time on cooking. But not only for fast and high-quality cooking, it is important to know the rules for operating an electric stove. The manufacturer indicates that electrical equipment will be used for about 15 years, but with proper care and respect, the device can last much longer.

Step 1 – Decide on the installation method

The first thing to determine is the following points:

    Oven model dependent on the hob or independent (connected or not connected to the hob)? In the first case, the panel and the oven must be connected to the same power cable, while both devices must be connected to each other according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. An independent electric oven can be installed separately, and a gas hob can be put on it (it is more economical).

Having solved all these issues and creating favorable conditions for the installation of equipment, you can proceed further – directly to the installation!

Step 2 – Reinstall the case

Most often, they use an appliance case built into a kitchen set, which allows you to preserve the interior of the kitchen and save the free area of ​​the room. Modern manufacturers of furniture and appliances have created a unified standard so that the body fits perfectly into the section of the headset specially designed for this. All you need is to carefully place the electric oven in its place under the countertop (as shown in the photo) and level it strictly.

We draw your attention to the fact that any bias will negatively affect the heating efficiency. over, incorrect installation in 80% of cases is the cause of equipment failure!

Using a builder’s level, adjust the body so that it stands level, both horizontally and vertically. Alignment is done by unscrewing the legs, in fact, as when installing a dishwasher. So that the oven does not overheat during operation and does not break prematurely, we recommend that you take into account the following requirements, which will allow you to correctly install the electric oven with your own hands:

  1. The distance from the bottom of the case to the floor should be at least 5 cm, better 8.
  2. The air gap between the kitchen unit and the side walls of the oven should be 5 cm.
  3. The distance from the back wall should be at least 4 cm.
  4. Make sure that a socket is installed near the equipment (if the power does not exceed 3.5 kW). It is extremely forbidden to connect through an extension cord, unless of course you have made an extension cord yourself!

That’s all the requirements for installing an electric oven in a kitchen set. The last thing left is to connect to the mains. If you are confused by the point – the indent from the bottom, we recommend that you view, which clearly shows the installation of the oven in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements: