How To Unscrew Stihl Chainsaw

During long-term storage of engines, it is important to prevent corrosion processes inside the cylinder-piston group. In order to prevent such undesirable processes, among other operations, it is desirable to achieve a closed state at the intake and exhaust valves. IN.

Chainsaw. How to unscrew the clutch.

Often faced with breakdowns caused by improper actions of the tool owners when loosening the clutch. How this is done is described in general terms in the article.

Generators. Types and Types

This article deals with the types and types of generators, their classifications and two special cases. This article will be useful to those who choose their own technique for their tasks: having information.

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Generators. Recommendations for use

This article provides the most general recommendations for the operation of generators, as well as frequently repeated difficulties and errors.

Operation of the chainsaw headset

My good acquaintances, who managed to destroy four new chains during a day of work, made me good at writing this material.

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News: 09.10.13 An article has been added on how to prepare the storage of a four-stroke Lifan-168F four-stroke engine to close the intake and exhaust valves. 10/07/13 An article about checking the serviceability of an ignition coil (magneto) on a gasoline tool was completed on 07/07/13 There is a season of active use of gas technology.

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Lawnmowers selection

It is always difficult to give any recommendations on choosing something, since there are many subjective opinions and assessments in this process. Therefore, the material of the article should be regarded as a certain squeeze of a small one.

How To Unscrew Stihl Chainsaw

Fake chainsaws

How to choose a lawn mower. part 1

The material devoted to the selection and purchase of a lawn mower turned out to be great. Therefore, I had to make several parts of it. Here is part one. some general questions of choice and purchase. This is the first edition, perhaps.

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Chainsaw. How to unscrew the clutch.

Often faced with breakdowns caused by improper actions of the tool owners when loosening the clutch. How this is done is described in general terms in the article.

This problem is faced every time there is a need to remove the drive sprocket and / or clutch chainsaw.

On the Web you can find a lot of video and text material on this subject. If desired, all this is easy to find. It is always useful to search for the necessary information in the user’s guide to the tool.

Each model saw has its own characteristics in performing this procedure. Therefore, we describe this process from a common ideological position.

1. It is necessary to remove a cover of a chain brake. To begin, pull the brake handle toward you. This must be done so that the brake band does not touch the clutch cup. Then loosen the two nuts holding the cover. Loosen the mechanical chain tensioner. Loosen chain and tire tension. Then completely unscrew the two nuts and remove the chain brake cover.

2. Remove the tire and chain, remove dirt, if any.

3. Turn out a spark plug from a candle opening of the cylinder.

4. Next, you need to fix the piston in the cylinder. To do this, rotating the clutch, we observe the upward movement of the piston. In most cases, as soon as the piston blocks the exhaust outlet, lower any suitable rope into the spark plug hole in an amount sufficient to prevent the piston from moving further up. You can impose simple knots on the rope to enhance the effect. Remember that the rope will then have to be pulled back. So do not miss its second end;)

5. Now you can unscrew the nut on the clutch. The most important thing to remember: the left thread, to unscrew it, turn the key clockwise. As a tool, the key that comes with the saw is suitable. It is not recommended to unscrew the clutch with a chisel and hammer. bring down the verge. This is an extreme measure.

6. Next, remove the clutch and drum with the drive sprocket.

7. Assess the condition of the needle bearing.

Assembly is carried out in the reverse order.

Some nuances to be aware of: