How to use the fiskars knife sharpener

Fiskars sharpener. get your garden tools in order.

From time to time, when I borrow a Fiskars axe and knife from my acquaintances to make my own opinion about them, and to do some work, I paid attention to sharpness and certain academic evenness of sharpening. By hand, in my opinion, such precision sharpening can be performed only in a specialized workshop. And it’s the height of the season, and it’s a long way to the city. That’s how I learned about the existence of a whole line of auxiliary tools, including the Fiskars mechanical sharpener. Many may argue that the soft steel of which the axes and knives of this company are made can be straightened even on a stone. I categorically disagree. Spending a lot of money to buy not cheap for us tools, trying to save on small things, we can spoil all the fun of working with these products and cause damage to our garden plants. An axe that breaks but not chops, a knife that saws but not cuts are all unnecessary injuries to flowers, bushes and trees.

Fiskars Xsharp sharpener can sharpen both knives and axes

The Fiskars Xsharp sharpener is designed to sharpen the blades of soft steel axes and knives. Thoughtful design, which is what Fiskars is known for, makes it easy to use and efficient in operation. The sharpener is comfortable for both right- and left-handed use, the soft pad on the back of the design prevents slipping during sharpening. By lightly pressing the finger on the end mechanism, we select the mode for sharpening an axe or a knife. Reliable cone-shaped ceramic roller wheels with notches provide long-lasting efficient operation of the Fiskars sharpener. Their proprietary, askew arrangement, when unwound from the movement of the blade, ensures that the metal is cut. There are transverse notches on the edge like micro-grinding. Dry sharpening is done on both sides of the blade at 30˚ angle. According to the instructions for sharpening, you need to make up to 15 reciprocating movements. The heart of the product can be easily pulled out sideways until it is completely disassembled, after which the sharpener can be conveniently cleaned.

Fiskars Roll-Sharp sharpener for sharpening soft steel knives. Allows you to sharpen garden knives as well as kitchen knives of all sizes, including those with a thick blade and cleavers. This sharpener has all the advantages of the Fiskars Xsharp, only the body is slightly simplified, for the same task. Price is accordingly lower.

Testimonial and tip. The Fiskars Xsharp sharpener is undoubtedly the leader among portable tools with similar functions and is perfectly suited for the average user. But there are some details to consider before buying. Sharpening is performed at an angle of 30˚, so there may be problems with knives sharpened at 35˚. The product is undoubtedly effective, but it quickly eats out the cutting edge of knives, so you should not abuse it. The Fiskars sharpener is designed for sharpening knives and axes made by Fiskars or other companies that are made of soft steel. Sharpen hard metals poorly, in addition, these attempts cause rapid failure of ceramic grinding wheels. Grinding wheels over time clogged with iron and stone dust, so I recommend that they are periodically washed with warm water and soap. Fiskars sharpener undoubtedly loses in comparison with the electric sharpening machine with different angles, but, firstly, it is stationary, and secondly, the price of the issue is completely different.

Fiskars knife sharpening tool. Mussat fiskars (steel) is a stainless steel rod with longitudinal notches and a convenient handle. The length of the product is 20 cm, weight 171 g. The notches are so pronounced that the product looks more like a set of ribs with a hardness of 53 units on the C scale. Rockwell. Use of Fiskars masate for sharpening knives is considered more sparing procedure for sharpening knives with blades of approximately similar hardness from 50 to 60 HRC because it only levels cutting edge, but does not remove metal layer. On softer steel it will cut mercilessly, and on a harder edge it is ineffective. That’s why it’s more correct to say straightening the knife. not sharpen.

Straightening the knife on the mousata with a hard surface

Turning the knife on the blades by moving it toward the handle

Turning the knife on the musate by moving towards the tip

Knife sharpening with Fiskars mussat tool is performed with each side of the blade alternately by several methods: to sharpen the knife with the mussat tip resting against the hard surface, to move the knife along the steel toward the handle and to move the blade toward the tip, simulating movements of a wooden spear knife sharpening. The most difficult thing to grind is to keep the angle between the mousata and the knife blade at 15-30˚ during the sharpening process. The third method is the most commonly used in the home, but it is also the least effective, because the angle of the cutting edge is very difficult to maintain. When dressing a knife on steel, for personal safety, I recommend, if available, using a ring glove like a meat tenderizer’s. Finishing of the knife on the musate is done without pushing, as if stroking.

The Fiskars scissor sharpener keeps your scissors sharp. Available in two versions: the Fiskars Sewsharp and simply the Fiskars scissor sharpener. Fiskars Sewsharp scissor sharpener is a plastic plate with holes and a ceramic rod attached to it. Fiskars scissors sharpener has more convex body that is comfortable for gripping. To make the sharpening, the ends of the scissors are inserted in the slots so that the ceramic rod is in the middle, and the cutting motion is simulated.

Attention: Do not use for sharpening zigzag scissors, scissors with curved and curved blades or special left-handed scissors.

Keep your tool clean and tidy, and it will thank you with faithful and long service!

General purpose knife FISKARS (125860) (1001622)

you can pay cash and non-cash. We deliver FISKARS General Purpose Knife (125860) (1001622) to Minsk, Berezino, Borisov, Vileika, Volozhin, Dzerzhinsk, Zhodino, Zaslavl, Kletsk, Kopyl, Krupki, Logoisk, Lubań, Marjina Gorka, Molodechno, Myadel, Nesvizh, Slutsk, Smolevichi, Soligorsk, Stary Dorogi, Stolbtsy, Uzda, Fanipol, Antopol, Beloozersk, Baranovichi, Bereza, Brest, Gantsevichi, Drogichyn, Zhabinka, Ivanovo, Ivatsevichi, Kobrin, Kosovo, Lunin, Luninets, Lyakhovichi, Mikashevichi, Pinsk, Pruzhany, Beryozovka, Vertelshki, Volkovysk, Grodno, Dyatlovo, Zelva, Ivie, Krasnoselsky, Lida, Mosty, Novogrudok, Ostrovets, Oshmyany, Ostrino, Ozery, Putrishi, Ros, Skidel, Slonim, Smorgon, Schuchin, Buda Koshelevo, Vetka, Gomel, Dobrush, Zhlobin, Kalinkovichi, Kostyukovka, Mozyr, Parichi, Rechitsa, Rogachev, Svetlogorsk, Uvarovichi, Belynichi, Bobruisk, Gorki, Dribin, Klimovichi, Kostyukovichi, Krichev, Krugloye, Mogilev, Osipovichi, Chausy, Cherikov, Shklov, Baran, Begoml, Bashenkovichi, Borovukha, Braslav, Verkhnedvinsk, Vetrino, Vitebsk, Glubokoe, Dubrovno, Kokhanovo, Lepel, Miory, Novolukoml, Novopolotsk, Obol, Orsha, Polotsk, Postavy, Senno, Tolochin, Ushachi, Chashniki, Sharkovschina, Shumilino. Read more in Shipping or ask our managers about delivery

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The FISKARS utility knife comes with a plastic case. Stainless steel cutting part is 10 cm long. Handle ndash; plastic, with a special protrusion to protect your fingers from slipping under the blade while working.

Very interested in whether you have a physical store where you can come and see the goods before buying. Interested in. FISKARS utility knife (125860) (1001622)

Fiskars Xsharp Axe and Knife Sharpener /h2>

Fiskars Xsharptrade sharpener;. is the perfect addition to your garden tool kit.Regular maintenance will keep your Fiskars axes and knives sharp and always ready to use.

TWO functions in ONE sharpener: ceramic grinding wheels have clearly marked grooves for both axes and knives

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Fiskars Xsharp Axe and Knife Sharpener 1000601. Accessories in Fiskars store

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The easy-to-use mechanism provides the optimum sharpening angle

How to use the fiskars knife sharpener

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knife sharpener ssr To sharpen your Fiskars knives, use a sharpening stone or mussat, sharpen on both sides while maintaining a 15 degree angle. For sharpening knives. Fiskars offers you 2 sharpening tools. Mouth guard and Roll-Sharp sharpener. Watch our videos to learn how to use them correctly.fiskars scissors sharpener fiskars knife sharpener fiskars electronic knife sharpener fiskars reviewing axe sharpener how to sharpen knives with a roller sharpenerSimilar requestsThe same sharpener from Ikea Aspekt (Fiskars). MYSKU.rumysku.FISKARS axe and knife sharpeners 1Xsharp Shops in Europe ikea.To find out how the knives sharpened on Aspekt. As a sharp knife, I will take the Samura SM0021 from the series.fiskars scissor sharpener fiskars knife sharpener fiskars electronic knife sharpener fiskars knife sharpener reviews fiskars axe sharpener how to sharpen knives with a roller sharpenerSimilar requestsFISKARS axe and knife sharpener topory-c945 fiskars fullreviewswww.onlinetrade.Every lady can use this FISKARS axe and knife sharpener 1Xsharp 120740, but better yet, men, make it your own.fiskars scissor sharpener fiskars knife sharpener fiskars esential knife sharpener fiskars reviews axe sharpener how to sharpen knives with a roller sharpenerSimilar queries Related Queries scissor sharpener fiskars knife sharpener fiskars knife sharpener fiskars esential knife sharpener Fiskars reviews axe sharpener how to sharpen knives roller sharpenerfiskars xsharp multi-purpose sharpener fiskars xsharp for axes and knives References in the footerUkraine electric sharpener chef s choice knife sharpener moderna manual interchangeable block for electric sharpener samura

But you should know that not every electric-powered sharpener will bring kitchen knives back to their pristine sharpness. And if you are already puzzled by the choice of such a device, give preference to proven models that are in demand among professionals. Using an electric sharpener, you will achieve the necessary sharpness of knives, spending 3-5 minutes. Other types of sharpening take at least half an hour. The Chef’sChoice 2000 is designed for use in professional kitchens, food service establishments, restaurants and more.п., Who need to sharpen cutlery on an industrial scale. Extremely high power and performance enables incredibly fast sharpening of knives to razor sharpness. The device is easy to operate and does not require additional professional sharpening skills. not found, only positive feedback. Chefs Choice CC-4623 three-zone manual sharpener. One of the best models of manual knife sharpener from aliexpressrating manual knife sharpener knife sharpener manualprofessional knife sharpener knife sharpener knife sharpener. ratingKnife sharpener reviewsSimilar requestsTOP6. The best knife sharpener of 2020. Kitchen Appliances Knife Sharpener.Net Kitchen Appliances Knife SharpenerOpening our selection of the best knife sharpener. Samura SEC-2000. This electric knife sharpener will allow its owners to.

How to use the fiskars knife sharpener

Universal electric knife sharpener

Only then you will not waste your money and you will get the quality you expected. Check out our range of knife sharpeners and accessories so that all your knives will always be in good order in your kitchen. We have a variety of. Cutters and knife sharpener IKEA buy in the online store ROZETKA. Tel: (044) 537-02-22. Best prices, delivery, warranty!Ikea knife sharpener reviewsIkea knife sharpener reviewsIkea knife sharpener manual knife sharpener electric knife sharpener professionalIkea knife sharpener similar requestsIkea knife sharpener SKÄRANDE | reviews tochilka-dlya-nozhea-ikea-kaerande! The best Japanese knife sharpener from IKEA. SKÄRANDE. But I was confused by the price, the fuss with unfamiliar tools. Solution. I bought the Aspect sharpener in IKEA, to try it for sharpening my hunting knife, since the knife is ground and it was a shame to sharpen it with a burr. so. How to use the fiskars knife sharpener. moderna knife sharpener instructions. Reviews, directions for use, composition and properties. To sharpen ceramic knives, only the hard diamond surface of the sharpener is used, sharpening occurs at low.sharpener for knives electricmusat for knives stanok for sharpening knivesmusat for knives what is itomusat for sharpening knivesprofessional elektrosharpenera for knives Similar requestsBrush for ceramic knives buy in Knife and knife sharpeners Knife and Knife SharpenerCompare for 43 offers and buy the best on Zakupka.We sell ceramic knife sharpeners for knives in Ukraine from 20.the electric knife sharpener for knives knife sharpening machine for knives what is itmusat for sharpening knivesprofessional electric knife sharpenerSimilar requestsknife sharpener. Buy in Ukraine. Knives, forks and spoons.Knives, forks and spoonsKnife sharpener made of tungsten carbide. Sharpening the blade of the knife for 3-6 movements. Highly effective and easy to use.electric knife sharpenerknife sharpening toolknife sharpening toolmusat for kniveswhat is itmusat for sharpening knivesprofessional electric knife sharpenerSimilar requestsknife sharpening tools. Your Products and Products and servicesDiamond sprayed grinders are especially effective for sharpening knives of hard steel. Electric sharpeners do not require any special.electric knife sharpener knife sharpening tool knife sharpening toolmusat for kniveswhat is itmusat for sharpening knivesprofessional electric knife sharpenerSimilar requestsKnife sharpener Xiaomi Mijia Huohou Black (HU0045c.Kitchen equipment Kitchen utensils Kitchen Goods Kitchen ToolsIn Huo Hou HU0045 diamond grinding wheel, which is designed specifically for knives made of hard materials. Grinding tools.

Ostrzałka do noży Edge. Roll Sharp

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FISKARS sharpener 1000601

The easy-to-use mechanism and the hard ceramic disc with grooves ensure an optimal cutting edge and unrivaled performance for axes and knives. Xsharp will ensure smooth operation thanks to its anti-slip lining and easy assembly-disassembly for quick cleaning and maintenance.2 grinders in 1. Ceramic grinding wheels have clearly marked grooves for both axes and knives.Easy-to-use mechanism ensures optimum sharpening angle.Technical Specifications:- Use: for axes and knives;- Length: 165mm;- Working part: ceramic.Advantages:- With one easy movement you change the ceramic discs for sharpening knives or axes;- Deep grooves of the Fiskars Xsharp 1000601 (120740) axe and knife sharpener exclude tool slipping during sharpening;- Non-slip pads on the base provide stability during sharpening;- Easy to disassemble, which provides easy cleaning;- Easy to use mechanism provides an optimal sharpening angle.Accessories:- sharpener: 1 piece;- packing.Dimensions and weight:- Net Weight: 0,11 kg;- Package Size (HxWxH): 242x97x35 mm

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In the online store 220 Volt you can buy cheap FISKARS 1000601 sharpener at a price of 1311r. Also check our other FISKARS offers.

With FISKARS Sharpener reviews, you can learn more about the quality of the product and make a better purchasing decision.

Comment: Because of the strong blade, handy handle, sharpener and fixing clip, the knife is irreplaceable helper in trips, at home and in the country house. The price would be more democratic.

Comment: this is a great knife. Sharp, stylish. Attracts attention and does its job well

Comment: great knife but the sharpening is bad I had to sharpen the tool myself and the sharpener is weak as a whole I am very pleased with it for woodcarving and very helpful

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Tried cutting a pork knuckle. I cut the knuckle, but the handle has some marks from the blow of the chop hammer, though I hit it weakly, also the cutting edge is blunted. China, in a word, in the worst sense of the word. I am disappointed with the purchase. For 1200~ you can do better than that

Advantages: Unbreakable, always sharp as there is a sharpener, gave a gift to use and realized there is nothing better, immediately ordered 2 more knives as a gift, and made grayverovka look super. Hraverovki did Alexander Cherepovets Rybinskaya St. 20 thanks to him.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Good sharp knife, it has a removable sharpener in the case. There is a belt clip, sometimes I protect the copper wire with it, the blade is OK.

Comment: it is well made, the handle is comfortable. Unpacked in the store, in order to check the blade and sharpening (see previous Комментарии и мнения владельцев), it turned out that all is well. The blade is thick, in my opinion not particularly hard, but the exact data on the hardness could not find. Pretty decent and cool, like a lot of Fiskarev things.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Good knife, I carry it in my car as an everyday aid. Was a great help for many times on the road or on vacation. The thing is of real quality. Nice steel, comfortable handle. The bag and sharpener included. In general everything you need for comfortable use.

Advantages: Great knife. I use it for finishing woodwork. Finding a quality knife for this purpose is very difficult. I am completely satisfied with this one

Comment: A convenient and secure carrying case. It has a sharpener built in, a questionable solution, but as it is.

Comment: The knife is packaged in such a way that opening it and looking at it is the most important thing. The blade, you can not get it without damaging the packing mechanism. On the one hand it is good, but on the other hand, there can be unpleasant surprises after purchase. In my case, the rk was jammed in several places. But that’s nothing compared to the way the trigger guard on the tip of the knife is set in an eagle’s beak. Maybe it’s a defect, or maybe they don’t strive for quality. If you take the knife by the blade and shake it, there is something crunchy inside. I did not expect that from Fiskars. Maybe it’s because the knife is made in China and not in Finland as it says on the website. Photos attached.

Disadvantages: The sharpener jams the edge a little, but if the knife is planted somewhere in the wood, it is possible to bring it in working condition quickly. So this is more of a plus than a minus.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Good knife, fits well in your hand, does not fall out of its sheath, cuts right away without any sharpening. For garden work around the house is fine.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: great knife for not much money, sturdy blade, sharpened out of the box, great for construction work.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Poor quality: 1) Shallow blade, only peeling potatoes, really could be a bit bigger. 2) Plastic looks unreliable, especially fasteners to the belt ( I am not picky). 3) Overpriced, you can safely buy China the same plan, I think will not be different. When unpacking found jams on the blade! The sharpener as a whole, an interesting bonus, the foot is very comfortable to use. Thought it would be a little more elaborate. Buy it is possible, here is the best price by the way. But for 1700 would not advise

Disadvantages: In the catalogs says production of Finland and I received China, should have looked at once, but I trusted them and got it, now have to check everything on the sweep

Thank you for the feedback. Ordered this knife, when I received it, I specifically looked at the packaging country of manufacture. CHINA ! Order did not pick up, refused.

Comment: well sharpened from the factory. But this is a disadvantage t.к. Sorry to let for hard work, I think it will pass in time 🙂 Although the price is overpriced (I took in the summer of 2021 for 1260rub.) Not sorry for the purchase and I recommend it.

Advantages: I bought the knife especially for work, very comfortable handle, the ability to hit it with a hammer. I am glad that there is a sharpener in the scabbard.

Advantages: Excellent ergonomics of the handle and quality of materials. Great finish on the blade. Convenient, smart sheath. It is possible to hit the back of the handle with a hammer. Inexpensive. Thickness of the blade 3mm

Comment: great knife for this price. Made of high quality. Easy to use, sturdy and unbreakable. It is written in the instruction that you can hit the handle with a hammer. Very sharp. I recommend it

Advantages: 1. Keeps its sharpness great2. Has a built-in sharpener3. Has a belt clip4. Handle feels good in the hand5. Has a bright color combination, not to be lost from sight6. Thick blade

Disadvantages: I personally did not see any disadvantages. Probably for someone around a thousand for the knife. It’s expensive, but you should understand that this is a quality product that will always come in handy.

Comment: I bought this knife more than half a year ago and I have only positive emotions from using it! Handle is comfortable, fits well in your hand, handle material (combination of plastic and rubber) is very pleasant to the touch, there is a stop for the index finger. On the top of the handle there is a bright gray plastic insert that makes the knife very distinctive and noticeable not to be lost from sight. The blade itself is thick, very well sharpened. The most important thing about this knife. built-in sharpener in the scabbard, which sharpens the knife each time you insert or pull it out of them. plus there is a hole in the sheath, through which water will flow, not stagnating in the sheath. And there is a belt clip. The fixation of the knife in the knife holder is due to the thickening of the sheath and the recesses on the handle of the knife. In general, I would recommend to purchase a great knife, both for myself and as a gift!

Comment: I bought this sharpener. Took me an hour and a half to sharpen it. Then I bought a fine grit stone and sharpened it like a razor in two minutes. Don’t buy this sharpener but buy a 150₽ bar. It will be more useful, believe me.

Comment: It is quite acceptable. Not a pro at sharpening. It helps to quickly and reasonably make a knife or axe sharp.

Comment: I suggest to buy it but before using it please watch the video tutorial. It is on YouTube or on the website.

Comment: Not recommended to buy. It sharpens bad. I sharpened it for half an hour and it didn’t change much in sharpness, I just got frustrated.

Comment: This is not the first sharpener I bought. The last one after a few years broke the plastic fastener of the sharpening roller. Price quality is on par.

Weaknesses: When sharpening, the knife is not completely sharpened, a small piece of it stays at the base of the handle.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: This is my second sharpener, first one is 14 years old, still sharpens knives and axes. Took this one especially for axes.

Comment: Great sharpener. One of the advantages. Low weight. The knives are better at sharpening. High quality build

Comment: I have always got used to look for the cause of all the troubles in myself, maybe I do not know how to use, but to sharpen knives failed, slightly directs the edge, but the knife does not start cutting as it should. Bought about 10 years ago, tried it, it did not work, and still lying in a drawer. I have not tried to sharpen axes, perhaps for sharpening axes, it would be useful.

Comment: Fiskars axes sharpen well, knives do not sharpen at all but I have not tried them, including Fiskars.I have an old sharpener that sharpens knives well.

Disadvantages: I do not know, maybe I was sold a CU, as the package was without any film and the box could take anyone and use, but it just does not sharpen. It’s possible to direct sharpening a little, but if the knife is very blunt, you can’t sharpen it.

Comment: I was extremely dissatisfied with the product. I thought for the money it would sharpen well and last a long time, but even the first sharpening, I realized that this is not so. I bought it a week ago, but I don’t think I’ll be able to return it. lying around.

Advantages: Good quality plastic, the design of the switch between knife/axe mode is very convenient, the abrasive element is wear-resistant.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Bought one of these for general use in the kitchen organization. All very pleased, many employees have ordered for home use.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Usual sharpener with a very overpriced, I bought it 2 years ago for 550, but it’s not worth the money anyway(

Advantages: Fast sharpener. First you need to get water in the sharpener, moisten the disks. Then put water in the bathtub with the disks in it. Wet the blade, then drive and sharpen.

Comment: I’m surprised, but this sharpener. The first Fiskars sharpener that I’ve been totally disappointed with. Tried sharpening different knives. Process is simple. Just press and move the knife “back and forth”. After hundreds of similar sharpening moves. There’s almost no result at all It’s not even clear why this sharpener can sharpen anything at all. Certainly not a recommendable purchase of the product!

Comment: Not impressed at all. As much as it is advertised here, it is so useless.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: I took this sharpener for my axe sharpening and for sharpening knives in the house. Great sharpener, all knives are sharp now. Switching to knife/axe mode is done by a slight shift to the right/left. I think it’s a great gift for my house, and a gift for all hikers and hunters!

fiskars, knife, sharpener

Advantages: Handy sharpener. There is an indicator of which of the positions is intended for sharpening an axe, and which for sharpening a knife. Easy to disassemble and easy to clean.

Weaknesses: The place where the groove planes meet, I’m afraid one day it will collapse. When sharpening, the tool occasionally gets caught in the sharpening area.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев: Overall, it’s a good sharpener. Sharpens beautifully. Used it for sharpening an axe from the same company and a small folding knife.

Comment: Bought this miracle tool today. I decided to sharpen the knives for cognac to cut a snack. The thing is great, I sharpened 7 knives in 5 minutes without any effort. The knives are sharp as blades. Can be recommended to everyone

fiskars, knife, sharpener

Weaknesses: I don’t understand how the axe/blade release spring works, there is almost no manual, there are 3 pictures on the package with no description. Dismantled, the spring fell out, and to collect had to guess, as a result now there is no fixation on the position of the axe, but I do not sharpen them (maybe it’s better, the wife will grind at the right position)

Comment: I’ve been thinking for a long time, what to buy, some unpretentious manual sharpening machine for 5 thousand or electric grinder for 10 thousand, sleeping with these thoughts for a couple of days, “had second thoughts” about spending big money and went to study similar devices, the choice fell on Fiskars, as a good known brand and good reviews on it, I want to say I was not mistaken! Because its sharpening blades are movable and twist in the direction of the blade, the knife really gets sharpened, and not the cutting edge is removed/deleted like in sharpeners with fixed sharpening mechanisms. For kitchen knives, the sharpener is more than enough, easy to use, suitable for any beginner (even for a child), the knife is impossible to spoil, I advise everyone.

Advantages: Compact, but not small can still be why not lost), quality price, easy to disassemble if necessary, and does not fall apart unnecessarily. 2 years in use, still sharpens knives like the first time.

Comment: What do fishing, trips to nature, cottages, helping loved ones in the kitchen, and electrical work? That’s right, you need a sharp knife everywhere and not always enough time). I have had enough of Chinese junk, but I will not leave a bar for mom to sharpen my knife (she will not even try, she will tell me at once). One day while going to all the tools for the next order, my eyes accidentally came upon the Fiskars “sharpener” and decided: “what the hell?” and for good reason. Light weight allows it to almost constantly carry with you, frankly I was struck by the quality of the elements of the “sharpener” my family consists mostly of women and when coming to visit or going to the cottage for the sharpness of the knife I am responsible. Since you get used to a good thing quickly, of course I sharpen only with it and for 2 years it still sharpens like the first time. In contrast to the Chinese ones, it is very good to sharpen on the table, rubberized feet hold the sharpener like a rocker, but if you can not, it has a long part that just fixed well in your hand. I noticed this small, but nice trick, the applied inscription of the company and the sharpening position (knife / axe) are very high quality and have not yet frayed. Price by the way for 2 years, too, not much changed, and besides the same as in the commercial durosel: “works much longer”) 2 years in business, and to “demob” like the far away)

How the Fiskars Xsharp Universal Axe Sharpener (120740) works

Sharpening tool has a compact size and can operate in two modes, each of which provides the optimum angle of sharpening. One is for sharpening knives and the other for axes. To switch between the modes, simply press the button on the side of the tool (see “How many times to use Xsharp? Picture below). The sharpening is performed by smooth forward and backward movements of the blade in the groove of the sharpener. The optimum number of repetitions is 10-15.

Finnish engineers created the universal Fiskars sharpener with a unique principle of action. The sharpening wheels are at an angle to the blade and twist as they pass through the groove. It allows to get a cross-grinding, more effective and sparing for the tool. Periodically, the Fiskars Xsharp (120740) requires cleaning the wheel from accumulated metal particles. To do this, simply take the product apart and put the sharpening discs under a stream of warm water.

Features of the Finnish Sharpener

When creating the Fiskars Xsharp (120740), the manufacturer tried to take into account all the needs of consumers. Use the tool easily, conveniently. You don’t need any special skills. The product has a rubberized base for stability during use, as well as a compact size. You can easily carry the product in your to sharpen your knife or axe when needed.

The body of the multi-purpose sharpener is made of high-quality polyamide, which has an excellent margin of safety and light weight. The product is durable and virtually unaffected by the environment, so it can serve you for many years.

Thousands of people are already convinced of the great qualities of the Fiskars Xsharp Sharpener (120740). And now you have the opportunity to try an innovative device for sharpening. When you buy the product, you get a number of advantages:

  • Possibility of regular sharpening of Fiskars axes and knives, thanks to which they will stay sharp and efficient during the whole operation period.
  • Dual mode sharpener for knives and axes.
  • Unique technology for an optimal sharpening angle.
  • Compact size for easy handling.
  • Easy disassembly and cleaning.

Laconic and bright minimalism of the universal sharpener Fiskars Xsharp, will give you an aesthetic pleasure while working. Finnish engineers have created this unique and efficient product by focusing on the needs of the customer. Despite the excellent qualities of the device, its cost remains within reasonable limits on the website of the dealer. Fiskars discount.

  • Suitable for knives of different steel. The sharpener can be used to sharpen not only IKEA and other brands.
  • Three types of sharpening from coarse to polished in one sharpener.
  • Sharpens one knife blade in less than a minute. It is very easy to use the sharpener. Firstly you need to lift the transparent plastic cover, then pour water into the tray with three colored slots, put the cover down again and you are ready to work. You only have to wipe your knife between the slots 10-15 times, rinsing it with water each time.
  • Disadvantage: If there is no water in the tray, sharpening will fail.

IKEA HIVLA Knife Holder

Customers who trust the high quality of IKEA products unquestionably decided to choose this attachment. The knife holder, according to reviews, liked it for the following features

  • The anti-slip bottom lets it stand firmly in one place and not slide around your table;
  • is made of natural wood and fits perfectly into any interior;
  • Accommodates 5 knives of different sizes;
  • Does not take up much space on the kitchen table.

However, due to the fact that the stand is made of wood, it is afraid of moisture. You should wash and dry your knife well before putting it in. To take care of the stand, wiping it with a damp cloth is a good idea.

Fiskars Xsharp Axe and Knife Sharpener (1000601)

The Xsharp sharpener is suitable for any brand of knife, but is designed to sharpen only Finnish-made Fiskars axes!

The effectiveness of both Fiskars axes and knives depends directly on the quality of blade sharpening. That’s why it is so important to have a good sharpener on hand that can sharpen your tool. An excellent sharpening tool is the Finnish company’s product, the Fiskars Xsharp (1000601). The sharpener is made with the most advanced materials and technology to give you the best performance. If you work a lot with wood, you really need this product. Keeps your tool blades in top condition for years to come.

The sharpener has a compact size and can operate in two modes, each of which provides the optimal sharpening angle. One is designed for sharpening knives, the second for axes. To switch between modes you just need to press the button on the side edge of the device. Sharpening is performed with smooth forward and backward motion of the blade in the groove of the sharpener. Optimal number of repetitions. 10-15 times.

Finnish engineers have created the Fiskars universal sharpener with a unique operating principle. Sharpening wheels are placed at an angle to the blade and swirl as they pass through the groove. It allows to get a cross-sharpening, more effective and sparing for the tool. From time to time Fiskars Xsharp (1000601) requires rinsing the wheel from accumulated metal particles. Just disassemble the product and put the sharpening discs under the stream of warm water.

When developing the Fiskars Xsharp (1000601) the manufacturer tried to meet all the needs of customers. It is easy and comfortable to use. No special skills are required. The product has a rubberized base for stability during use as well as a compact size. You can easily carry it in your to sharpen your knife or axe as needed.

The body of the universal sharpener is made of high quality polyamide, which has an excellent margin of safety and light weight. Hard-wearing and virtually unaffected by the environment, it will last you for years.

Already thousands of people have been convinced of the excellent properties of the Fiskars Xsharp sharpener (1000601). And now you have the opportunity to try out this innovative sharpening device.

With its conciseness and striking minimalism, the Fiskars Xsharp Universal Sharpener is an aesthetic joy to use. Finnish engineers created this unique and effective tool based on customer needs.

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