How To Use The Trimmer Coil

How to choose a trimmer

If you plan to purchase a trimmer, then, of course, you need to know the rules for choosing a new device. After all, it must meet all the requirements and be of high quality. Therefore, when choosing, take into account the following points:

  • Nozzles. The optimal number in a set is three to four pieces. It is not at all superfluous to have attachments for correcting the beard in the case of a trimmer for men, for women. attachments for curly haircuts of the intimate area, all kinds of stencils.
  • Material. The price of the product is based on the quality of the steel used to make the blades. It is better when the cutting elements have additional coating: diamond dusting, ceramics. The appliance will be more functional if its blades do NOT require pre-lubrication or if the blades are self-sharpening.
  • Charging indicator. An optional item, but it is quite convenient when a special lamp reports a change in color about the end of the charge.
  • Haircut length. The device should allow you to adjust the length of the hairs. For models, the minimum length usually varies from five millimeters, the maximum is two to four centimeters.
  • Voltage adapter. Required for travel. Allows you to safely charge the device under the correct voltage.
  • Weight. For heavy devices, the hand will quickly get tired, but also too light devices It is better not to choose. they will constantly vibrate.

How does a trimmer differ from a razor.

How to choose and use a trimmer

Trimmers are now used everywhere, they are becoming a worthy replacement for scissors and hair clippers. With their help, men can trim their beards, women. bikini zones. There are options for trimming the hairs in the ears, nose. Such a tool is convenient for independent use, you just need to know what it is capable of and how to use it correctly.

Terms of use

You need to follow the basic rules of shaving with a trimmer. Usually the procedure is as follows:

  • Lubrication. First, the head of the device is coated with oil. It must definitely hit the blades. If the instructions indicate that pre-lubrication is NOT required, then these manipulations are carried out at the end of the procedure to clean the device.
  • Checking. The device is turned on for twenty seconds so that all blades can be evenly lubricated. Then they turn it off, wipe the blades dry so that the cut vegetation does NOT stick to them.
  • Process. Shaving can be called the most crucial moment. The device shaves from the bottom up. Usually, for best results, the smooth part of the device is applied to the skin so that the hairs are shaved well.

The result obtained depends on the chosen model. You can remove hairs almost to zero, or use the attachments to cut your beard to a certain length. You can shave your chin and neck, you only need to turn on the slowest speed mode in THESE zones. Move upwards in the direction of the Adam’s apple. Shave below the Adam’s apple is necessary with an exceptionally safe razor.

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If you need to shape the beard, then everything again depends on the desired results:

  • To give roundness, take a zero nozzle, starting to trim for a certain type of beard;
  • To achieve the “goatee” effect, the hairs are shaved to the required length, then the remnants are shaved off with attachment No. 1.

There are many ways to use the trimmer for every occasion, you need to find your own individual approach. In any case, the main rule is always respected. shaving against hair growth.

If you need a shaved antennae, then use a trimmer without attachments. Do this with the sharp part of the device. Here they act in the same way as in the case of an ordinary machine, for convenience you need to pull back the skin and shave off the hairs to zero.

Beard trimmers are usually not suitable for the bikini area, they have a significant difference in structure. In general, you need to have a separate device for the intimate area (due to hygiene rules). Here, shaving is performed in the same manner as in the case of a beard. To trim the remaining vegetation, you can start driving in different directions. This way you can achieve the best effect, just remember about the risk of ingrown hairs.

How To Use The Trimmer Coil

Use a nose and ears trimmer with extreme caution. The device is NOT inserted deeply. a few millimeters are sufficient for the nostrils. The main purpose here is to get rid of protruding hairs, and not shaved them off to zero. The same rules apply to the cutting element in the ears.

There is an eyebrow trimmer option. Its appearance is similar to that of writing pens. The correction procedure is performed on dry skin; for convenience, it is Pull back by hand. Or you can also outline the correction line with a pencil, so as not to cut off excess vegetation. But they carry out the procedure more often than twice a week.

General characteristics of the trimmer

Cars are divided into two types, if you look at the type of operation of their electric motor:

  • Rotary. They are powerful, durable. They can serve for a long period without breakdowns. This is their main advantage. Suitable for professional use.
  • Vibrating. The engine is slightly weaker in power, it needs a break every half hour. But suitable for home use.

The devices have differences in design, manufacturer, and numerous additional functions. Some devices are capable of supporting multiple modes. this is usually delicate / intense. Models with a vacuum function are in demand; it is required for suction of cut vegetation. This is very convenient, because after the procedure you do not have to clean the working area from the abundance of hairs.

The best models are the ones that can shorten the hair to a minimum. There are also differences in the method of cleaning the device, for example, most models can be washed under ordinary water without fear of harming the mechanisms inside. By type of power supply, the device is:

  • Network;
  • Rechargeable;
  • Combined.

The battery options are suitable for those who travel, as they are distinguished by their compactness. The speed of the device directly depends on the strength of the charge. It usually takes about six hours to charge the battery. The mains type of power supply belongs to the budget options. But they are durable and powerful. And the combined model combines the advantages of both devices.

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Top Models

If it is still difficult to decide on the choice, then you should familiarize yourself with the rating trimmer models.

If a trimmer is chosen for a man to cut hairs, trim a beard from time to time, it is worth paying attention to Philips BT 7210 separately, which has the following characteristics:

  • Self-sharpening blades (no need to lubricate)
  • Twenty options for setting the length;
  • The presence of a vacuum system (can collect up to 90% of the hairs)
  • Unique Lift Trim system. smooth bristles with a light movement;
  • Compactness;
  • Easy to clean: hairs are shaken out of the container, the blades are removed for further rinsing with water;
  • There is a charging indication;
  • The device is guaranteed for two years.

If the trimmer is chosen for the ears, nose, then it is worth stopping the choice on the Wahl 5546-216, its work is carried out from one AA battery. The advantages are worth highlighting:

  • Two replaceable attachments;
  • Built-in backlight;
  • Comfortable body.

Among the multifunctional trimmers, the leading position is taken by Wahl 9818-116, which is produced in the USA. There are three attachments for the beard, and a comb goes to it. There is also a separate shaving attachment for the bikini area. There is a replaceable unit in the kit, which is designed for ears and nose. And all this with a designer stand. In addition, the following advantages are worth noting:

  • LED charge indicator;
  • Work without recharging up to four hours;
  • The minimum high cut of the hair is four millimeters.

After this model, the most popular is Philips QG 3335. Many people like the waterproof trimmer with six attachments. With it you can:

  • Trim hairs, give a beard or haircut a complete look;
  • Use a universal skate to trim the beard to the required length;
  • Use a separate attachment designed for modeling a beard;
  • Remove excess hairs in the ears, nose;
  • Use a comb to maintain the cut (setting the length from three to twenty millimeters)
  • Use a separate attachment to trim hairs all over the body.

The blades are self-sharpening and safe. Sold in a comfortable soft pouch. Of the minuses, it is only worth highlighting the long-term charging and insufficiently durable material of the combs. they are made of plastic.

Making patterns with a trimmer.

If you learn how to use the trimmer correctly, choose a specific model for specific needs, then it will become a real indispensable assistant. Men will forget about going to hairdressers, and women, even on a beach vacation, will NOT have to worry about unwanted vegetation. Trimmers are now replacing conventional shaving razors in terms of their versatility, safety and convenience. Therefore, you should definitely look at the purchase of such a device.

How to use?

The use of a spinning reel is for a person who is familiar with the basics of fishing technique, and does not present a big problem.


Can be made of metal, plastic or carbon fiber. There is a mechanism inside the body, and in the upper part there is a foot for attaching the reel to the rod.

How to choose a beginner?

First of all, it is necessary to decide under what conditions, what kind of fish and what baits it is supposed to catch, and also choose an acceptable price range of reels.

After these issues are resolved, you need to pay attention to several main aspects.

  • Size: the spool must contain the required amount of line of the required diameter, and the reel itself must be powerful enough to allow casting and wiring of baits of the necessary weights and fishing out trophies that fall on the hook.
  • Friction brake adjustment location: Rear adjustment is considered more comfortable and front adjustment more responsive. Also, a lot here depends on the personal preferences of the spinning player.
  • Gear ratio: the universal values ​​of the gear ratio are 4 to 5, but if the required good traction or, on the contrary, it is planned to catch in a faster style, these values ​​may differ, respectively, in a smaller and larger direction.
  • Number of bearings: if we are talking about a budget reel, 2-3 will be enough. Many beginners believe that the more bearings there are, the better, but this is not so. On the contrary, the presence of a large number of bearings in an inexpensive model can only be achieved by reducing the overall quality of the coil, so it is not worth chasing the number of bearings.
  • Weight: As noted above, the less the coil weighs, the better. This is especially true during active fishing, when the spinning player actively moves around the reservoir, makes a lot of casts and postings. But the reel, in any case, must remain reliable and durable, as well as harmoniously combine with the rod.
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Details about the choice of coils of various types in our articles from the heading:

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The size

The size of the reel determines two fundamental points that affect the comfort and effectiveness of fishing: line capacity and weight.

The heavier the bait and the more solid the size of the trophies caught on the hook, the more thicker line you need to use. The spool must be large enough to accommodate the required amount of cord or monofilament.

With weight, everything is simple: the smaller it is, the better, because the spinning player has to constantly hold the spinning rod in his hands during fishing, actively working with it, and the less the weight of the tackle, the more convenient fishing will be.

However, it is important to consider two fundamental points:

  • Weight reduction should not occur due to the deterioration of indicators such as the strength of the coil and the stability of its operation;
  • The reel should be in harmony with the rod: do not stand on a light “stick” puts an excessively large and massive reel, just as it would not be a good idea to install an ultralight reel on a rod designed for heavy jig.

Backstop mechanism

The backstop is a mechanism that blocks the line guide, do not let the line come loose from the spool. In this case, the cord can be pulled from the tension, which is what the spotted trophy does during the jerks to play.

What the coil consists of?

Consider the device of a spinning coil.

Fish cave

Cogwheel pair of gears

Inside the coil body there are two gears, which are called the main pair. The main pair is the basis of the whole mechanism of the reel operation: it is thanks to it that the rotation from the handle of the reel, which the angler turns, is transmitted to the rotor, which rotates the line laying mechanism.