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How to handle a saw? (Useless tips)

After prolonged storage, especially in an unheated room, condensation may form in the saw, which leads to a short circuit at startup. To avoid this, put the saw for a day or two in a dry and warm room before working.

For the preparation of firewood, it is more expedient to use gasoline models, since they have more power and a number of revolutions (8& 9 thousand rpm.) Than electric models (about 5 thousand rpm.). In addition, electric chainsaws cannot be used without stopping for a long time.

If the saw is not equipped with a thermal control system for the engine, then the insulation of the armature windings may melt and a short circuit will occur. If the system is installed, it will literally turn off the engine cooling tool literally every minute.

Electric models are recommended for use for carpentry or small, cosmetic work to care for the garden and cottage plot.

For cooling it is necessary to lay the tool aside more often. By the way, most household class saws are able to work continuously for a few minutes.

Electric models require careful monitoring of current stability, especially when using low-power saws. In our electric networks (especially in rural areas) voltage drops are frequent, and the magnitude of such surges on weekends and holidays can reach 15& 20%. By the way, the more powerful the motor, the less sensitive the instrument is to voltage stability.

When working with a saw, you must constantly pay attention to the saw blade or chain. If during operation the saw heats up very quickly and quickly, this indicates, first of all, about poor sharpening of the teeth.

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In order for the fishing line to be cut when working with a circular saw, it turns out that the edges of the casing must be in contact with the surface of the wood and abut against it when working. If it is difficult to advance the saw blade over the wood mass, you must first, without stopping the work, move it a few centimeters back along the cut, and then slowly again direct the movement of the saw along the same line.

Care requires not only the tool itself, but also its accessories. For example, a chain after each working day needs to be re-edited and sharpened. In addition, if the tool is not equipped with an automatic chain lubrication (there are, of course, not many of these), you should lower the saw bar more often in a bucket of oil.

A properly sharpened and adjusted saw cuts itself; almost no additional efforts are necessary to it. After work, it is necessary to remove the saw blade or chain, wipe it off, clean it with kerosene and put it in a special box until next use.

Tool storage is a topic for another discussion. Particular care should be taken to save battery models that must be kept in a dry and warm place at an ambient temperature of no higher than 50 degrees Celsius, otherwise the battery may be damaged.

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The service life of the Nickel-Cadmium battery is maximum when operating in temperature conditions from 10 degrees Celsius to 35& 40 degrees. Of course, you should not leave the tool in direct sunlight, and even more so in the rain.

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Saw is not just a dangerous tool, but an extremely dangerous one, therefore security issues should be given constant and increased attention. When working with a circular saw, it is necessary, first of all, to check the serviceability of the fastening of parts and wiring, the saw itself must be grounded.

Saw, for example, boards can only be in a dry room. Never start work near an open source of water, in a damp or humid place.

The saw blade must be firmly fixed, which must be checked before starting work. Speaking of circular saws, it is also necessary to especially note: each model is designed to use a disk of one specific diameter.

It is basically impossible to install a larger disk, and a smaller disk is unacceptable for safety reasons: in this case, a gap is formed between the disk and the protective casing, in which a finger can enter. And since the disk rotation speed is very high, the guarantee to stay without a finger is almost one hundred percent.

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The chain on the saw weakens

If you have a simple chain loosening due to load and insufficient chain lubrication, use tensioning bolts. If the problem is deeper, for example, in the wear of the chain sprocket or the poor quality of the metal of the chain, then consider my option.
You can also change the tire along with the chain. Yes, and be sure to check how correctly and well her teeth are sharpened.

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How to tension a chain on a saw

Setting the correct chain tension on the saw.

Proper chain tension on the saw is an important point. This allows for more productive work on cutting wood and increases the life of the tool.

When adjusting the chain tension, the following points should be considered.
The chain should not sag and should not be too tight.

To pull the chain, you need:
1. To weaken a nut of fastening of a saw tire with a chain.
2. Adjust the chain tension with the adjusting bolt.
3. Secure the saw bar in the optimum position with the fixing nut.

When working with a power tool, it is necessary to remember the safety rules and use protective equipment during work: gloves, safety glasses, etc.

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