How To Wind A Husqvarna Trimmer Line

With the help of a trimmer, lawn mowing and clearing of various territories from excess vegetation is performed. The equipment is suitable for domestic and professional use. Electric trimmers work with fishing line and knife. Before buying a braid, all components of the device are evaluated, including the choice of fishing line.

How To Wind A Husqvarna Trimmer Line

Which fishing line for trimmer is better?

To choose a fishing line, you need to pay attention to the thickness of the cord, the shape of the section, the material of the thread itself.

The thickness of the cord should match the parameters of the selected tool. Too thick fishing line will entangle the thread on the bobbin, contribute to overheating of the motor and the rapid wear of the bushings.

The thickness of the fishing line is conditionally divided into several types:

  1. Within 1.2. 1.6 millimeters. Suitable for models with power up to 0.5 kW. Often these are electric braids;
  2. From 2 mm to 2.4 mm. This size is the most sought after, as it copes with young and hard grass. Mounted on tools with a power of about 1 kW;
  3. From 3 mm to 3.2 mm. Suitable for units on gasoline, which will mow thick stems of weeds;
  4. Court 4 mm. Cope with overgrown areas.

To determine which line is suitable for the scythe, you can use one of the following methods:

  1. The thickness of the court should be indicated in the user manual;
  2. Manufacturers often apply important data to the bobbin, including permissible diameter;
  3. Insert the line into the outlet. It should go smoothly.
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The shape of the cross section is also paid attention to, since the thread does not cut, but interrupts the grass stem.

Types of cords by section shape:

  • Round. A universal option that allows you to cut fresh and dry vegetation;
  • Multifaceted on 3-6 faces. You can mow stiff and thick stems. But the consumption of such material is large enough, because it is suitable only for specific purposes;
  • Curly. It has the appearance of a star or square with recesses. The first is used to cut fresh vegetation.

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The fishing line for the trimmer is made of different materials:

  • Most suitable for lawn mowing nylon fishing line made of polyamide or propylene. Inexpensive options with polyethylene in the composition. They are not resistant to loads, do not withstand frequent changes in temperature conditions. Polypropylene fishing line will last longer if you pre-soak it in water for half an hour;
  • The most durable are strings with aluminum particles and diameters of about 4 millimeters.

Do not use metal wire or cables that could damage the tool.

Based on the described parameters, you can choose the best fishing line for caring for the local area.

How to reel lawn mowers on a fishing line: method one

Before winding, open the trimmer head.

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First, the amount of fishing line is determined, which we will wind on a bobbin. The coil should not go beyond the sides, otherwise the coil will not fit into the casing.

After determining the length of the fishing line, you can proceed to refuel it in the bobbin:

  1. The fishing line folds in half, leaving one edge 10-15 centimeters longer. The bobbin is divided into two parts by the central side. On it there is a groove under the court, which needs to be bent in half. It takes effort to refuel;
  2. The direction of winding is important. The bobbin must have an arrow or an inscription indicating the side of the winding. If there is no pointer, there should be an arrow on the head of the mower. The cord is wound in the opposite direction;
  3. You need to wind the fishing line as carefully as possible, the thread should be as tight as possible;
  4. At the end of the installation, the short end of the thread is fixed, it is inserted into the corresponding groove in diameter on the side of the spool. The long edge is fixed on the opposite side;
  5. At a fixed fishing line, you need to trim the edges with a gap of about 10 centimeters;
  6. The charged coil is installed in the mowing head. The edges of the thread are pulled from the fixing grooves;
  7. The lid is put on and fixed with latches. It must be fully fixed.
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How to fill fishing line into the trimmer coil: second method

Some coils can be refilled in a different way. Two pieces of thread are charged, and not one, folded in half.

The fishing line is replaced according to the following scheme:

  1. As in the first case, the length of the new thread is determined;
  2. One edge of the court is crocheted;
  3. At the bottom of the bobbin there are holes for fixing the fishing line, where the bent edge of the thread is inserted;
  4. The thread is wound behind the arrow on the spool. The level of winding should not exceed the diameter of the coil;
  5. It is also done with the second bobbin cell;
  6. The edges of the fishing line that stick out of the holes need to be cut. You can simply turn on the scythe, during rotation they will be cut off by a knife. The line is cut manually with scissors if the diameter of the court is too large.

If the unit is correctly tucked, then working with an electric scythe with a fishing line and a knife is easy and trouble-free. She quickly copes with well-groomed areas and overgrown territories.