How to wind the line correctly on the Champion Grass Trimmer

How to reel the fishing line into the Champion grass trimmer

Warranty exhaustion of the factory filling grass trimmer inevitably requires a change of fishing line. Having a very rough idea of what it really is, how to tuck the line into the spool trimmer for grass without helping others, newcomers do not readily take up this matter. But with some ability to learn this simple science is not any difficulty, and presented below a similar annotation is very easy This widespread rumor process.

First, for winding line requires removing the spool (spool, bobbin) with a grass trimmer. certain actions will depend on the difficulty of configuration and type of product itself:

  • small electronic grass trimmers with the motor and spool working at the bottom, you, have side buttons on both sides of the reel. When pressed there at the same time, the higher part of the reel together with the internal contents for winding the line is disconnected, although the lower part remains on the trimmer. Disassembly of the bobbin is better to create on a smooth even place, that included a spring in the design is not popped up is not lost;
  • Electronic and gasoline grass trimmers with a curved rod without the ability to install a knife, you have a special spool wing: in similar designs, one hand should hold the bobbin in an immobile position, and the other counterclockwise to twist fixing the bobbin on the rod nut, wing nut. After loosening the nut the entire bobbin is removed.
  • electronic and gasoline grass trimmers with the ability to install a knife on a straight shaft (for example, STIHL grass trimmers) have a hole under the bobbin. For the immobility of the rod in this hole is inserted screwdriver as it is called another suitable object and a slow rotation is achieved in such a reciprocal positioning, when the screwdriver goes inside the hole, and the bobbin is fixed. After which the body of the spool is scrolled clockwise (with left-hand thread) and removed from the grass trimmer.

How to wind the fishing line on the mowing head of the grass trimmer or brushcutter

For the second and third options, spools, depending on the design, are disassembled by different methods. In spools with a drum, the drum is unscrewed, in spools with latches, the latches-fixators are pressed and one part of the spool is released from the other. If the bobbin halves are connected by thread, it is enough to turn them by hand in opposite directions until they are completely undone.

Carefully completed disassembly of the bobbin spool without losing its parts allows you to proceed to the main task. winding the line into the spool. Technological features of the bobbin design and the number of working eyes determine the sequence of actions.

The simplest option and the easiest sequence of actions:

  • The size of the bobbin and the length of the unique factory winding determine the recommended length of line for winding. 25 m.
  • One end of the fishing line is inserted into the fixing technological hole on the inside of the bobbin.
  • The line is wound on the reel in the opposite direction to the rotation of the bobbin on the trimmer device. you see an arrow on the inner side of the reel indicating in what direction the line is wound.
  • The smallest part of the line is left free to lead out. it is fixed in a special groove on the inside of the bobbin, created to hold the bobbin winding when it is assembled in working order.
  • The leftover end of the fishing line is passed through the hole of the outer part of the bobbin.
  • The halves of the bobbin are assembled and put on the rod of the trimmer.

In this type of bobbin, you should find the number of grooves for winding the line lying on the inside of the spool:

How to change the line in the Champion T266 trimmer

A 2 to 3 meter length of fishing line is necessary for both cases. In single-cable spools line is pulled through the hole, its ends (tendrils) are folded together and aligned, then winded in the opposite direction of rotation of the bobbin on the boom. inside there is an arrow for the correct winding direction. In the presence of fixing grooves line ends are pulled through there, otherwise held by the fingers of a free hand, put it through the hole in the outer half of the bobbin, the bobbin is locked and attached to the rod trimmer products.

The difference in the winding of the line in a dual spool is that first a piece of line 2-5 m long is folded in half (to determine the middle fold), and the loop of the fold is inserted in a special groove between the grooves. Both tendrils of the fishing line are wound on their own groove, fixing tendrils and spool assembly is similar to the above version with a single groove.

The first execution of this process, you, and it seems long and fairly time consuming, but with time and experience, this problem will be solved more quickly and easily.

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The video below clearly shows how to wind up the line in the reel trimmer for grass and true wind it. this operation is not any difficulty and with some patience will certainly succeed furtur:

There is a variety of spools, where the automatic mechanism produces winding without the aid of others. from the user to correctly tuck the line. The line is fed through the hole on the inside of the case, its tendrils are fed through the hole on the outer case without winding, the bobbin is assembled, and by turning the winding button the line is wound up inside without any help. In such a bobbin is unreal to do winding by mistake: the mechanism itself will determine the correct direction, as it can spin only in one direction.

How to wind the line on a Champion grass trimmer reel

To change the line in the trimmer, cut a piece of material of the right size by folding it in half. One half should be 5-10 cm longer than the second.

To wind the line correctly on the reel, the middle of the line, folded in a loop, must be placed in the groove of the central divider. One half of the line is wrapped tightly around the upper part of the component, the other half on the lower part. The longer piece is wound onto the lower one. Wind it in the opposite direction to the direction of rotation of the joint. There should be an arrow on the lid or side of the head indicating the direction of rotation. The line must be wound in the opposite direction to the arrow. Do the work carefully, pressing the coil tightly against the coil.

Insert the remaining 10-15 cm long ends into the slots on the top edge of the spool, this will secure them. With the ends secured, the bobbin will not unwind.

If you do not have enough line in one length, you may wind two lines instead of one. In this case, bend the end of the fishing line with a hook and insert it into the slit of the central bobbin partition. Do the same with the second coil. Now wind first one piece and then the other on your halves of the spool against its direction of rotation.

To tuck the fishing line into the grass trimmer, insert the ends into the holes in the mowing head and pull them out. Put the spool on the axle and push down so that it sits in place, and pull again on the ends of the cutting thread to pull it all the way out.

The extruded ends nearly reach the blade guard. Cut off excess material. To do this, you can use the steel plate mounted on the shroud, which acts as a knife and automatically cuts the line of excessive length when the head unwinds.

The bobbin must be fitted with a protective cover. Push it in place and push down until you hear a “click” sound from the catches in the grooves. Always check that the grass trimmer cover is in place and that the latches click into place, or else it might come off while you’re working. In this case the spool will be thrown by the rotation force.

wind, line, correctly, champion

Do not try to reel in as much material as possible, otherwise the reel may not fit and you may have trouble reattaching and securing the cover. It is better if the bobbin is filled with wood so that it does not go beyond the dimensions of the piece.

In addition to mechanical double-blade scythes, there are also single-blade models. They differ in that the cutting line comes out on one side only. The reel in these types of scythes may not have a central partition, instead of it a slit in the lower flange is used to install the nonworking end of the thread, in the upper flange there is also a slit for fixing the working end.

With the replaced scaffolding you can start working. Do not mow thick weeds and brush twigs. this is not a job for a grass mower. To prevent injuries and line breakage, do not let stones and branches get under the mower.

wind, line, correctly, champion

For mowing lawns one filling of a spool of reinforced line is enough for an area of 400-600 m2.

After the cutting filament is worn out as a result of operation, turn off the mower and remove the cover on the mowing head. Pull the line out of the kerf by pulling it to the required length, and reinsert it in the kerf. The amount of material wound on the spool is enough for 5-10 cycles of work, depending on the model of the device. When you will install the lid in place, look carefully to see if the grooves where the clips are inserted, if they are clogged, then carefully clean them.

When the line wears out, you need to disassemble the mowing head again, pull out the spool and rewind the working line on it.