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How often and how much to water seedlings of peppers and tomatoes at an early age? | Topic Author: Igor

Cyril The main thing here is not to overflow.

Olga As the soil dries up, it is better to spray. periodically add a horse stimulant, e.g. Kornevin

Valentine shove a cucumber, bite and feel the power of the earth

Yana as the soil dries.

Lyudmila If the soil in the cup has acquired a grayish tint, then you need to water it. if black, do not. Watering is rare, otherwise all plants get from the black leg.

Peter generally depends on the composition of the soil. but it’s better to water a little and how the top layer of the earth will dry

Natalia So far, I rarely water small seedlings, but I loosen the earth with a fork; after all, it’s dry from above, and damp at the depth, if watering again, the roots will rot.

Konstantin Earth should be wet And how much to water depends on the humidity in the room I have batteries "to fry" and the tomatoes live in a basin. I pour water in there and they drink as much as they want. They themselves are in milk bags at the bottom of the drainage and in the hole package

George Once a week, as in the exhaust gas.

Vladislav I water once a week abundantly, not paying attention to the fact that Peter was dried up from above.

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When you need to do the first watering of tomato seedlings (tomato). We monitor the growth of seedlings. March 28

How To Wrap Fishing Line On A Trimmer Farm

How often to water tomato seedlings? | Topic Author: Piggy Bank

How often to water tomato seedlings? Watering for a tomato is necessary, as nutrients can only get to the plant with water. Therefore, it is very important to understand how to water tomatoes properly?
In order for this vegetable to develop normally, it is necessary to maintain soil moisture within 85-90%. To check the moisture, you can take a handful of earth from a depth of about 10 cm and squeeze it into a lump. If the lump turned out, and when pressed, it easily disintegrated, then this is the necessary soil moisture for growing a tomato.
Before the first true leaf appears, the moisture supply in the soil must be constant. Therefore, it is best to put boxes with seedlings of tomato in pallets and add water there as needed. It is best to water the seedlings in the morning with warm, settled water. Watering with snow or rain water is very useful. Alternatively, you can water it after thawing ice from the refrigerator. Tomato seedlings are watered with so-called “living” water, which is prepared in a special way. Water is poured into the pan after the ice melts, heated to a hot state (until steam appears), covered with a lid and quickly cooled under a stream of cold water to a temperature of about 25 ° C. Now you can water your seedlings.
How to water tomatoes after a dive?
After the first real leaf appeared on the shoots of a tomato, it is dived, that is, transplanted into larger dishes. When picking, you need to try to transplant the plant with a lump of earth and not damage the small roots of the seedling. Transplanted seedlings are watered on a tray and placed in a place shaded from direct sunlight.
Watering tomatoes is rare, but plentiful. Otherwise, when watering frequently, but scarce, tomatoes will develop poorly. Excessive watering can lower the temperature of the soil, which will adversely affect the fruit ovary. Therefore, the best option for watering a tomato is quite plentifully once or twice a week, avoiding flooding. over, watering also depends on the phase of plant development. As a rule, tomato seedlings after planting need to be watered frequently. At the time when the fruits are tied, the soil should also be sufficiently moist. But in the period from flowering and before setting the tomato, as well as during their ripening, the humidity of the earth can be moderate.
The method of watering this vegetable is also important. Avoid getting water on stems, leaves or fruits. You need to pour water under the root of the plant or in the furrows made between rows of tomatoes. Such irrigation will moisten the soil without increasing air humidity. During rain watering, drops of water remaining on the leaves can cause leaf burns and even contribute to the formation of late blight. But watering under the root should be very careful so that the stream of water does not erode the ground and expose the roots of the tomato.
In summer, in hot weather, the best time for watering is in the early morning or about two hours before sunset. At this time, the water does not evaporate immediately under the scorching rays of the sun, but is gradually absorbed into the soil. In cloudy weather, you can water at any time of the day. And after watering, it is advisable to mulch the soil under the tomato bushes. How to properly water the tomatoes. To do this, you can use a special film, straw or compost. Loosening the earth after watering is not necessary.
Now you know how to water tomato seedlings, and now we will find out why seedlings are sprayed with copper sulfate? Before planting seedlings in open ground in order to prevent infection with fungal diseases, you should spray tomato seedlings with a solution of copper sulfate. To prepare it, you need to dissolve 5 grams of vitriol in 3 liters of hot water and use this solution for spraying.
By properly watering tomato seedlings, you will get an excellent harvest of these wholesome and delicious vegetables.

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