Husqvarna 135 Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment

Lightweight, reliable and durable in operation, the Husqvarna 135 chainsaw is one of the new developments known for the quality of its assortment of the European brand. The technical equipment of an affordable model of a household class meets the level of modern standards.

Husqvarna 135 Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment

Photo: Husqvarna 135 chainsaw

Scope of application

In terms of productivity, cost-effectiveness of maintenance and operational safety, the 135th model of the brand in its category is at the level of the best world developments.

The functionality of the Husqvarna 135 saw includes the ability to work with medium-diameter wood.

The tool can be used effectively:

  • for clearing areas from old trees and shrubs;
  • decorative pruning of branches;
  • logging;
  • the construction of wooden log cabins and building structures for general and special purposes;
  • the length of the 16-inch headset allows you to work with fuel or construction wood with a diameter of more than 300 mm;
  • the compact dimensions of the tool determine its suitability for working in hard-to-reach places, transportation in the trunk of a car or in the presence of a cover. in public transport.

Operational capabilities

The performance of this model allows you to perform significant amounts of sawing work with low labor time and consumables.

This is facilitated by stable traction characteristics of the power unit, modern ergonomic design and balance of the tool itself, high quality and wear resistance of removable headset elements.

The performance of the new brand model has been improved through the introduction of new technical solutions.

Its design used economic and environmental opportunities:

  • X-Torq technology;
  • Smart Start quick start systems;
  • schemes for two-stage air purification;
  • Advantages of one of the best Zama EL 41 carburetors in its category.

Why did this model gain the trust of users?

Saw Husqvarna 135-16 with domestic status, equipped with a 2-horsepower carburetor engine and a productive 16-inch cutting headset for many working capabilities meets the characteristics of semi-professional chainsaw equipment.

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The simple design of the model enhances its maintainability. Spare parts available in a wide assortment allow you to quickly fix the malfunction or perform the necessary repairs yourself.

Information support

The instruction manual attached to the tool provides detailed recommendations for preparing the tool for start-up, ongoing routine maintenance, and self-resolving possible failures.

Consistently supplied information will help to correctly adjust the carburetor and the chain tension, in a short time to master the techniques of different types of sawing and other useful skills.


With a dead weight of 4.4 kg, the tool body can be called compact and ergonomic. This is facilitated by the compact placement of internal equipment, fuel and oil tanks.

Model 135 is equipped with a carburetor push-pull power unit, with a volume of 40.9 cm3 and a power of 2.0 hp. The fuel is a precisely dosed 50: 1 mixture of gasoline and engine oil for two-stroke air-cooled high-speed drives.

Video: Husqvarna 135 Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment

The advantages of the engine supplemented by the X-Torq function:

  • 20% less fuel consumption in relation to the same power units and a 50-70% reduction in the emission of toxic compounds;
  • semi-automatic carburetor shutter control;
  • manual starter with quick start system;
  • quick-detachable air intake filter;
  • the presence of a priming primer pump;
  • minimum indicators of vibration and working noise;
  • the use of forged steel for critical components and mechanisms of the engine and the application of wear-resistant coatings that extend the engine’s life by an average of 30%.

A sealed ignition coil provides stable sparking on the engine spark plug while the tool is operating in difficult weather conditions.

Carb adjustment

Traction parameters and the efficiency of the power unit depend on the correct tuning of the fuel system. The work involves preliminary cleaning of the air intake and warming up the engine to operating temperature. The carburetor is adjusted in a predetermined sequence by rotating the quantity and quality screws.

The factory setting is made according to the averaged parameters, therefore, taking into account external factors, it needs to be adjusted. A properly adjusted engine is characterized by good throttle response, stability of revolutions in all modes, and the absence of increased smoke and detonation noise.

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If the adjustment does not give the desired result, you should make sure of the quality of the fuel, the absence of water condensate in the carburetor, the cleanliness of the nozzles, and the presence of the gap recommended by the instruction in the spark plug.


The list of removable cutting equipment includes a proprietary 14 or 16 inch guide rail and a wear-resistant Husqvarna H45 saw chain with a 3/8 inch pitch, driven by the crown of the drive sprocket. The clutch mechanism of the saw provides a smooth, direct and reverse transition to the operating and idle modes.

When choosing a headset of another brand, you should take into account the engine power, pitch and number of links, the configuration of the crown of the drive sprocket. The price of the kit, taking into account the quality and durability of operation, can vary significantly.

Lubrication and safety systems

The design of the saw provides for lubrication and cooling of the headset by supplying oil to the working area. Chain oil enters the pump inlet with a constant capacity of 13 ml / min from a 250 ml tank located in the body of the pump.

The lack of automatic dosing is compensated by the simple design of the pump and its virtually trouble-free operation.

If the saw is thrown away or a traumatic situation occurs, the chain movement is blocked by the inertial emergency stop mechanism.

The brake is activated by moving the protective barrier in the forward direction. The working wear of the chain is compensated by a tensioning mechanism with a convenient lateral arrangement.

Advantages and disadvantages of a chainsaw

The advantages of this model:

  • high quality of used materials and factory assembly, contributing to the development of the assigned resource with minimal operating costs;
  • optimal ratio of weight and power;
  • balancing and comfortable grip;
  • a sufficiently powerful and economical engine for its cubic capacity with a substantial reserve of torque;
  • comfortable levels of vibration and noise, allowing the operator to increase the productivity of sawing operations by reducing the time for rest breaks.
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The cost of a new saw in the central and remote regions differs slightly. Recent prices are fixed in the range of 12,400-13,000 thousand rubles. Demand for used counterparts is relatively small. The cost of a used saw in good technical condition and a 50% reserve of the resource starts from 6000-7000 rubles.

Private offers for the sale of spare parts at a discount of 15% of the base cost are more popular.


Owner reviews

It seems that the advertisers of the 135th model a little praised. The new tool for exhaust noise is at the level of Chinese consumer goods, I had to urgently buy headphones. Starting the engine from 2-3 attempts, it keeps revs well, but so far it is very hot. Inconvenient access to the filling necks does not give rise to confidence in the reliability of the tensioner.

After many years of operation of the Husqvarna chainsaw and lawn mower, the level of confidence in the products of this manufacturer has increased significantly. Competent use and qualified service, refusal of fuel and lubricant substitutes is the key to the failure-free operation of not only professional, but also household equipment.

A neighbor bought a new Husqvarna 135 chainsaw in a 26-degree frost, it started on the first try and at one go sawed in half an oak block with a diameter of about 30 cm.These were the most convincing arguments in favor of choosing this model, so for the second week now I have been in the status of owner. The saw is characterized by a comfortable grip, smooth start and chain travel. The brake switch, in my opinion, is too tight, but it works instantly. The tank lasts for 35-40 minutes. This is not bad, but chain oil is quite expensive, and the pump drives in excess. Fortunately, this problem has several non-standard solutions.
Ivan Nikolaevich