Husqvarna 356w Lawn Mower Oil Change

Husqvarna 356w Lawn Mower Oil Change

Electric saws for repair and construction

The best assistant when performing work related to sawing various materials, such as wood, plexiglass, laminate, plastic, slate, metals is an circular (circular) saw. For this, it is only necessary to install the necessary cutting tool and set the corresponding operating mode on the equipment.
The circular saw appeared at the beginning of the last century and remains in demand to this day. Its advantages: it ensures evenness of the mowing line of the cut, performs a transverse cut and can work with a large number of different materials.
Circular saws are manual and stationary. When choosing them, it is also necessary to take into account what kind of work will be performed by this equipment and in what volume. Electric (circular) saws, mounting (cutting) for metal, cordless, submersible are very popular.

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Mounting saw

Assembly saw. It is a compact machine for cutting metal workpieces. Cutting is carried out both at right angles, and you can change the angle of the workpiece relative to the cutting wheel. Cutting tool. abrasive wheel or carbide tipped disc. Cutting saws for metal differ in the type of drive: direct or belt. The main parameters of mounting cutting saws for metal:

  • Engine power can be from 700 to 2600 watts, which affects the load that the saw is able to withstand. And the electronic speed control system helps to withstand a constant load.
  • Cut depth depends on the size of the cutting wheel and the depth of cut can be from 100 to 140 mm. Cutting depths up to 120 mm and profiles 130-140 mm are sufficient for cutting reinforcement.
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Miter saw

Miter Saw. This is a modern power tool, which is used in carpentry, decoration, construction, installation works. Intended for material sawing at a right, oblique angle and at an angle. The equipment is useful for working with furniture, baseboards, frames, lining, moldings, etc. The device is suitable for materials such as: wood, plastic, laminate, aluminum. Miter saws have a number of technical characteristics that determine the range of possible work.

Power. This is the main parameter of the face saw. The possibility of a long and uninterrupted operation of the tool depends on it. Power determines how big a disk you can use. Also, the weight of the device depends on the power.
– Cut depth. this is the maximum possible depth that the tool is capable of sawing. It depends on the diameter of the disk. The indicator usually varies from 40 to 66 mm.
– The number of revolutions. A higher number of revolutions provides a cleaner and better cut. Some models have a button for adjusting and maintaining speed, which allows you to work with different materials.
– Tilt angle. In some models, the equipment case allows you to rotate the saw in different directions, which makes the work more convenient, and the tool more functional.
– Protection. A good model must have a protective cover. Also, the tool must have a function to block accidental inclusion.
– Dust removal. A useful but not mandatory function that dumps sawdust and dust into a bag or container. Thus, comfortable working conditions are saved on the desktop.

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Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating saw It is considered to be one of the most versatile power tools designed for cutting almost any material. With this saw you can cut metal, wood, plaster, drywall, plastic pipes and metal pipes, brick and even concrete. It will find its application in carpentry, in metalworking, in auto repair shops, on construction sites, etc.

The movement of the cutting nozzle of the saw is carried out by converting the linear motion of the engine into reciprocating. Conversion itself force is carried out using one of two types of mechanisms: crank mechanism or Scottish mechanism (triangular connecting rod).