Husqvarna 5200 Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment

Husqvarna 5200 or ChainSaw 5200?

The article will talk about the Chinese husqvarna 5200 chainsaw, which can often be found on sale at unscrupulous merchants and recessors, often selling confiscated goods. If you believe the official website of the manufacturer Husqvarna, then as such a model with such a number simply does not exist. The real name for this Chinese "brainchild" is ChainSaw 5200.

It will be useful to note that almost all the characteristics, parameters and appearance almost do not differ from the original Husqvarna products.

At first it was proudly referred to as the Husqvarna 5200, but over time, the “craftsmen” began to stick more believable labels, which now indicated that it was Husqvarna 365 XP or Husqvarna 372 XP. An attentive buyer will find that Chinese fakes are not only not like their “Western counterparts”, but their marking is simply meaningless. you can often find two identical chainsaws with different labels or saws can be different, but the label will be the same.

  • Husqvbrna 5200;
  • Huskavarna 5200;
  • Huschvana 5200.
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husqvarna 5200 chainsaw carburetor adjustment


The characteristics of the Husqvarna 5200 gasoline saw, which is made in China, are significantly different from the original. In addition, for Chinese chainsaws, spare parts for manufacturers of components for gasoline powered tools may not be suitable. Husqvarna 5200 has the following features:

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  • power. 2.5 kW;
  • the maximum tire length that can be installed is 45 cm;
  • engine speed without load. 3000 per minute.

For comparison, look at the characteristics of the original Husqvarna chainsaws of this class:

  • power. 3.4 kW;
  • the maximum length of the used tire is 70 cm;
  • crankshaft rotation speed without load. 2700 rpm.

How to make a choice?

Characteristics eloquently indicate that the Chinese “miracle” is inferior in absolutely all respects, but has one significant plus. low cost, which ranges from 3000-5000 rubles (depending on the seller’s “appetites”). Original chainsaws from the Finnish manufacturer have a higher cost, which starts from 10,000 rubles and higher.

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Many people are well aware that buying Chinese fakes they risk money, and only a few come across quality samples of Chinese chainsaws. People who are versed in the device of such equipment will no doubt be able to easily cope with any breakdown of the Chinese “analogue”. by purchasing only the necessary spare parts. And therefore, they can safely buy the Chinese Husqvarna 5200 chainsaw, which, with proper care, will last no less than its “namesake”.

One common malfunction is a carburetor breakdown. Therefore, you need to be prepared to adjust the carburetor of the Husqvarna 5200 chainsaw with your own hands. This will help you in our previously published article on adjusting the carburetor.