Installation of a plow on Champion cultivator. Adjustment on heavy motoblocks

School for a walk.behind tractor what is it and how to install how to set up and adjust your sonnik with your own hands

In addition to a good cultivator, the summer resident will need to purchase various additional attachments, which is also presented with a wide range, so everyone will be able to choose the necessary mechanism, ranging from the plow and milling and ending with the trailer and the snowman.

Consider the varieties of the plow and milling on so popular with consumers of the motorcycle unit as Neva.

Snow gate

installation, plow, champion, cultivator, adjustment

The Neva MB-1 Unoa Tractor is equipped with an American Briggs Stratton RS950 engine, the power of which is 6.5 liters.With., or Japanese Subaru Exr16 from 6 liters.With. Suitable for processing sandy, sandy and loamy soil, can be used to transport goods and cleaning territories. Provides for the possibility of using a plow, cutter and other attachments. It is advisable to buy a supporting wheel for this motor cultivator, the presence of which will facilitate the loosening of the soil, since it will not allow the unit to “explode” the unit in the ground. For its mass of 70 kg, this is quite maneuverable and efficiently performing the apparatus assigned to it.

Neva MB-2 has a mass of 98 kg, an electric starter and headlight is installed on it as additional equipment on it. The milling cutters included in the set consist of 8 mechanisms.

MB-23 is the most powerful apparatus included in this group of motor blocks. Its mass in 105 kg allows you to perform the most difficult work using a plow.

installation, plow, champion, cultivator, adjustment

MB-23SD-modification of the previous model, but with a weight of 115 kg and power depending on the installed engine. The kit has mills and plows.

Neva with a multi.agro multi gearbox, which has more gears, engines have less power, but at the same time it copes with traction functions, has a smaller turning radius, there are internal ribs on the bodyblock body.

MB-1 is equipped with a Japanese Honda engine of 5.8 liters.With., either American Briggs Stratton with a capacity of 6 and 6.5 liters.With. Has 1 back and 3 front gears.

The Briggs Stratton or Honda with a capacity of 6.5 and 5.8 liters is installed on MB-2.With.

For each Neva motornote described above, you can choose a plow, mills and other attachments.

Plug for Neva

Varieties of plow for the Neva motornote. To save cut and save them in working condition for a long time, you will need to purchase a plow.

Next, we will consider in more detail which plows can be installed on the one.based tractor Neva.

The plow has a geometric shape of a steel plug and the so.called heel for loosening virgin. After its use, it will be necessary to additionally walk along the soil by the cultivator.

Today, 3 main groups of this attachment equipment for the Neva motornote are presented on the plows market:

  • One.horsepower. Equipped with one plunder and designed for light soil. In the process of working with such equipment, the soil is discharged to one of the parties, so to switch to a neighboring series you will need to go to the beginning of the furrow.
  • Motoboblock. The plow is made in the form of a pen, so this model is suitable for soil soils. One of the popular models is Zykov’s turning plow, which has a left- and right-handed corps, equipped with a sip and a dump that allows you to turn up and grind the soil.
  • Rotary, having somewhat placed on one axis of the workers of the strangers, having a curved shape. In the process of plowing, he rotates and throws the soil.

In order to determine which plow is better, you should evaluate the quality of the soil on the site.

To correctly attach the plow on the uno.legged tractor Neva, you will need to contact the instructions for using a walk.behind tractor.

Consider how the plow is set up. It must be connected to the hitch and then attach to the one.axle tractor. To start using a cultivator with a plow attached to it, it is necessary to change the wheels to the soil. The coupling has a special bandwagon, so using additional tools is not required. It is worth installing soil.spaces so that as a result, its narrow sections are located in the direction of the cultivator.

After its attachment to the walk.behind tractor, the plow should in no case move and bend down. In this case, it may be necessary to change the depth of the propaganda, for the adjustment of which several holes are located on the rack.

Before using the plow, it must be adjusted. To do this, it is necessary to combine the longitudinal axes of the cultivator with the plow, as well as arrange it strictly vertically. You can configure this position of attachment equipment after a clutch is installed. Adjust the position of the plow. To do this, place its heel parallel to the ground and fix this position using the bolt

It is important to remember that when carrying out such an action, the walk.behind steering wheel should be placed in the center from the control screw

You can build an alternative to the plow on the uniform tractor Neva with your own hands. Reviews of those farmers who made it on their own, the most positive. This will require a plug of steel, the thickness of which is 3-5 mm, and a dump, as which you can use a pipe with a diameter of about 50 cm and a thickness of the walls of at least 3 mm. Subsequent assembly of the plow is carried out in the same way as described above.


When installing this tool, the depth of plowing is adjustable. To set it, you need to choose a plow stand with a height equal to the necessary depth. In the prerimate season, the recommended depth is from 10 to 20 cm, and in preparation for winter. up to 25 cm. After this configuration, the design of the motor.cultivator and plow is partially fixed by the fasteners. Then the tilt of the tool is adjusted by bolts, in which the heel of the plow takes a position in parallel to the ground.

Now you can adjust the angle of inclination of the dump, which does not have certain parameters. It’s just a convenient position for the user. Clutch fasteners when performing these manipulations should be slightly weakened.

The last step is to establish the position of the handle of the plow, which will fit the user in growth. Then you can tightly tighten the fasteners and carry out a trial plowing.

Plowing land

Despite the fact that this process does not raise any questions among most farmers, there are several important points in the work that will help its quality implementation.

First you need to put one.axle tractor on the edge of the field and turn on the maximum gear. The unit and the user will be easier to move and lay the first furrow. The speed of work should be minimal, which will help immediately assess the depth of processing, evenness and smoothness of the equipment of the equipment.

If the unoic tractor with a hinged unit twitches or does not go deep enough into the ground, then it is necessary to stop the work and carry out additional adjustments.

Setting up settings are arranged, you can start processing the entire area of ​​the site. Each time, upon reaching the opposite part of the field, it is necessary to perform a turn in the opposite direction, and move along the just made a furrow back. For the most effective performance, you need to make each subsequent pass at a distance of 10 cm from the previous.

It is important to know that when processing a solid soil with a plow, the process of plowing is best done twice. If the work involves raising virgin lands, then during the first passage they set a small depth, during the second. a large. The fertile soil layer will be completely mixed.

Typical components

Industry produces simple and complex equipment for motor blocks. Typical components include the simplest hinged elements that are attached to the unit at the sale stage. Or they can be purchased at the time of purchase of equipment for an additional fee. Consider some of them.

  • The mandatory addition to the walk.behind tractor is soil. These are special iron wheels with studded elements that give stability to the equipment during field work. With the help of soil.spaced, the unoic tractor easily moves through any, even complex soils. In addition, they contribute to better soil processing.
  • All.season prefix for a walk.behind tractor will ensure its work on a caterpillar. Thanks to increased clutch, it improves patency in complex soils and snow cover.
  • Typical components include the lifting mechanism of the hitch. It is horizontally the surface in any position of lifting the cargo. The force of the hitch pedal does not exceed 10 kg per 100 kg of cargo.
  • Sweep plane cutters are mounted on a one-based tractor for grinding weeds in the ground. Cut weeds over time turn into humus (organic fertilizer).
  • The mulch on the one.axic tractor copes well with the tops, weeds, weak shoots, but he cannot process hard trunks of corn or sunflower or sunflower.
  • Polelnik or Cultivator of the Hanging Military District can be purchased in stores for agricultural machinery, they are of different shapes and sizes. This is one of the most popular awnings for field work.
  • The press collection for a walk.behind tractor (mourning) forms backed briquettes with hay.

A three.point hinge is installed on a single tractor, but it is important to know the type of structure (plow, harrow, etc. D.). Hedgehogs are discs with spikes of different sizes, they are used for hilling and weeding potatoes. Motoblocks equipped with brushes are used for cleaning sidewalks, roads from falling leaves and snowy sediments.

Preparation of a walk.behind tractor for plowing

Earth cultivation is a technological process that requires special preparation of motor vehicles and plow. First you need to transport the car to the field that needs to be processed. If you use a light one.axle tractor, then you can transport it in a car back. Before the start of plowing, you need to make daily maintenance of the machine and check its performance.

During the plowing of the light and middle class, soil.shouldered are installed instead of wheels. They improve clutch and increase the total mass of technology. Prior to the start of the installation of soil.spaceds, you need to transport the car to an even platform, set the emphasis under the rear coupling and remove the wheels. If on a walk.behind tractor you can replace the hubs with longer ones to increase the track, then replace them. After that, soil.spaces are installed. Please note that the tread pattern on the soil.spaces is directed in one direction. The narrowing of the picture indicates the direction of movement.

After the replacement of the wheels with the soils, you can start connecting and adjusting the plow.

Installation of a plow on a single tractor through a coupling

Before installing the unit, install a beam under the left wheel of a walk.behind tractor to recreate the plowing process. Structurally plows differ from each other, so you need to know in advance the depth of the plow. The recommended depth is usually indicated in the instructions for the device. In summer cottages and personal plots, the depth of plowing is set from 10 to 20 cm.

The unit is hung on a single.point mount and is fixed with two bolts. If the unoic tractor is not equipped with a single.pointing system, then the coupling is attached to it, on which the plow is hung. When installing the device through the coupling, the main thing is that there is a small backlash in a horizontal plane, no more than 5 degrees, because if you tighten the bolts as much as possible, you will have to make efforts to process the soil.

After preparing the machine for plowing and attaching the plow, you can start tuning the device.

How to install and plow with a hinged plow

The main working organs of the tool are metal plunders and dumps. The plunder is plowed: it cuts the upper strata of the soil and directs them to the dump. And the dump wraps the land raised by a piece, crushes it and drops it into the furrow. Thanks to this process, a deep loosening of the soil occurs in which it is saturated with oxygen and gets rid of weed vegetation.

The figure shows what a toleble plow looks like to plow a cultivator or a walk.behind tractor in the garden. Different models of devices for plowing can have differences among themselves, but mainly all of them are arranged just like that.

Before starting to plow the ground with a cultivator or walk.behind tractor, they assemble the removable plow. To do this, take two bolts and use them to attach a hitch to the attachment rack. The assembled node must be attached to the cultivator bracket, slightly fixing, and then set up according to the parameters:

To fit the desired depth of the plowing, the motor-cultivator is rolled out onto the stands with a height of 12-20 cm and put as smooth as possible: the field board should completely come into contact with the surface of the earth, and the stand should be perpendicular to it. The hinged plow is regulated to the necessary position in which it will plow, and then fixed with a screw-adjustor and a counter.

To adjust the angle of inclination of the dump, the cultivator is tied to the side. To do this, they remove the stand from the right wheel (or a lue), leaving only under the left. The nuts of fastening of the hitch to the hitch are slightly weakened, the plow is slowly rotated, giving it the optimal position for plowing.

Changing the angle of inclination of the heel (field board) is carried out by rotating the adjustment screw of the clutch of the cultivator. If it is required to increase the heel of the heel relative to the bowl, the screw is scrolled clockwise and vice versa and vice versa. When adjusting, necessarily ensure that the distance does not exceed 3 cm, otherwise the nose of the plow with plowing in the garden begins to explode deep into the earth and worsen the traction effort of the cultivator, however, like a walk.behind engineer or motorized vehicle. At the end of the adjustment, all nuts are well tightened with a wrench. In more detail, consider the process of setting up the plow for plowing with motorbaceous salutes, Neva and others can be on the video.

After conducting the above settings, the plow is completely ready for operation. you can try to plow in the garden. But before you start to plow it thoroughly, especially the target, they perform a control plow and whether the plow is evaluated correctly, what are the burrow of the groove and the quality of the soil. How to plow the cultivator correctly shown on the video on the example of the Neva walk.behind tractor. You can also watch a video about how the heavy uno.based zirka tractor behaves when plowing virgins. Pay attention to how the plow is buried.

With the proper adjustment of the plow, the motorigate moves evenly during plowing, without jerking, without burrowing the “nose” of the Leme in the deeper. The furrow furrows are even and do not go “overwhelming” with each other with plowing. If solid soil on the site, then plowing is carried out in two approaches. At the first plowing, a given smaller depth is set, with the second. a large. In the same way you need to plow the virgin. For the processing of small territories, mainly a cultivator and a mill for a plow is used. The average in area is also cultivated by a cultivator, but with the use of a luschik or a light plow, and heavy and virgin lands. using a powerful motor.cultivator, for example Neva, and a hinged plow. You can develop your own method of setting up the plow, which is suitable for your walk.behind tract. Attaching a plow on a single tractor will not be difficult.

With what kind of attachment equipment the one.axle tractor works

Any experienced farmer knows that with the help of a walk.behind tractor, cultivator or other motor vehicles it is possible to mechanize almost all agricultural work: from the cultivation of land to prepare it for crops and ending with the transportation of the collected harvest. Universal motor units became due to the possibility of using a variety of attachments. In addition to dumpy and other plows, such a technique was created for the processing of plowman and cultivation of virgin lands::

The harrows serve in order to plow the virgin lands, as well as for pre-sowing (spring) or post-harvesting (autumn) arable soil to a depth of 7-14 cm. With the help of harrowing by a motor block, a cultivator level the surface, close moisture, destroy weeds. The working bodies of such agricultural guns are metal teeth or spherical disks. On this video you can clearly see how to plow a walk.behind engineer and a home.made harrow. And also from there you can extend the improvement for the harrow.

With the help of the cigarette light, the potato is carried out, cutting the grooves for sowing seeds, filling the planting material, as well as sprinkling weeds directly in the row zone. Fucking devices are single.row and two.row, with a fixed and adjustable capture width, distinguishable both by a constructive solution and in their effectiveness. The video is presented here how the motor-cultivator Neva MB2 is processed with a hinged two-row cigarette and aquatic manner.

Soilofreza can plow virgin ground, conduct pre.sowing and basic cultivation of plowed land. This agricultural gun allows you to milling, cultivating the Earth and qualitatively prepare it for sowing. It is capable of not only plowing the soil, but also mix it with fertilizer, crush large layers, chop the particles of the impact, smooth the sowing area. Soilines for cultivation are of different types, depending on the number of cutting elements. This video shows how to actually plow a walk.behind tract with a mill installed on it, as well as cultivation.

Ploskorovka plane cuts helps weeds and cut the grooves without turning the layer, plow and grind the ground. Flat cutters come with all kinds of capture width and depth of processing, which allows you to choose them for specific conditions for processing agricultural allocations and crops. About how to process the processing with a hinged plane cutter, it demonstrates this video well (for the example of the Dnieper motorist).

In addition to the listed removable tools created, in order to plow the virgin lands and process arable land, rakes, laborers, seeders, grinders, cultivators, rotor and segmented, sprayers, sprayers, brushes, snow.offers, snowpuffs, etc. are used with a motor unit. Having the main set of hinged agricultural guns, you can carry out all kinds of economic tasks with a motor block or a powerful cultivator, in particular, pre.sowing plowing of the earth, sowing and planting crops, inter.row processing of crops, cleaning root crops, seasonal workpiece of green feed.

CHAMPION CHAMPION (Champion) BC 6712. Instructions, characteristics

CHAMPION CHAMPION (Champion) BC 6712 is one of the most popular in the lineup of this manufacturer. The cultivator is designed to work in the garden and garden. In order to avoid oil entering the combustion chamber while working, keep the engine horizontally. Engine slopes over 10 ° should be short.term.

Dimensions d x w x in (mm) in a state of transportation 600x420x740
Dimensions d x sh x c (mm) 1240 x 820 x 870
Knife rotation speed (rpm) 130
Capture width (mm) 300-550-850
Capture depth (mm) 330
Type of transmission Belong
Front/ reverse transmission 1/1
Weight, kg) 49
The volume of oil in the crankcase, (l) 0.6
Reducer gear ratio 30: 1
Model G200f
Type of One-cylinder, 4-stroke with air cooling, horizontal shaft, upper (OHV)
Nominal power (kW/l.With. at 3600OOBR./min) 4.1/6.5
Maximum torque (Nm/ at 2500 hes./min.) 12.4
The volume of the fuel tank (l) 3.6
Fuel consumption (g/kWh) ≤395
Idle./min.) 1400 ± 150
Piston diameter/ move (mm) 6854
Engine operating (cm 3) 196
Compression eight.5
Type of lubrication Spraying
Type of launch Manual
Type of ignition Electronic
Spark plug F7RTC or its equivalents (Champion-RN6YC, NGK-BPR7ES, BOSCH-WR5DC)

CHAMPION CHAMPION (Champion) BC 6712. operating instructions download

The official website of the cultivator manufacturer Champion (Champion) BC 6712. http: //

Maintenance of the Champion (Champion) BC 6712 cultivator

To maintain the high efficiency of the cultivator, it is necessary to periodically check its technical condition and perform the necessary maintenance work. Regular maintenance will also increase the life of the cultivator. The table below indicates the frequency of maintenance and types of work performed.

The cultivator gearbox comes from the plant filled with lubricant. During operation, it is recommended to replace lubrication in the gearbox after 150 hours of work. The replacement of lubrication in the gearbox must be done in an authorized service center.

To replace the lubricant, remove the gearbox from the cultivator, unscrew the bolts of fastening the halves of the gearbox of the rice. To remove the old lubricant, rinse the parts of the gearbox with kerosene or diesel fuel. Replace worn and damaged parts. Lay fresh grease, collect the gearbox.It is recommended to use the Champion EP-0 lubricant to replace, or similar lubricants of other manufacturers. The full volume of lubrication in the gearbox is 120-130 g.

CHAMPION (Champion) BC 6712 oil cultivator

The engine comes without oil. Before starting to work, fill out the engine crankcase with oil to the required level. Do not exceed the oil level. Motor oil is the main factor that affects the operational characteristics of the engine and determines its resource.

For operation, it is recommended to use Champion oil for 4-bedtime engines, or high-quality motor oil for 4-lobed air cooling engines similar in its properties, which has high detergents, and corresponding to the requirements of the class SF, SH according to the API classification (oil, SH. Classified as complies with the requirements of the class SF, SH, must have the appropriate marking on the package).The viscosity of the motor oil should correspond to the average air temperature in your region.

Work with low oil level in the engine crankcase or work without oil will lead to engine damage and cannot be repaired under warranty. Before starting work, always check the oil level in the engine. To check the oil level, it is necessary that the cultivator is installed on a flat platform, the engine must be drowned out. To check the oil level after stopping the engine, let the engine stand for 4-5 minutes., In order for glass oil to the crankcase.

Engine When the new engine is commissioned, the first oil change must be done after 5 motorized hours, the second replacement after 25 mothers. Each subsequent replacement of oil in the engine after 50 motorized hours.

Gasoline for the Champion (Champion) BC 6712 cultivator

Use unhealthy gasoline, with octane number 92.Never use old, contaminated gasoline or mixture of oil oil. Avoid getting dirt or water in the fuel tank. The failure of the engine due to the use of poor.quality or old fuel, as well as fuel with an inappropriate octane number, is not subject to warranty service.

Recommended spark plug F7RTC or its equivalents (Champion-RN6YC, NGK-BPR7ES, BOSCH-WR5DC). ATTENTION! The use of the spark plug, excellent in its parameters from the recommended, can lead to the failure of the engine and cancel the manufacturer’s guarantee.

When installing a new spark plug, to ensure the required puff, wrap the candle with a 1/2 turnover after planting the beetle of the candle on the sealing washer. When installing the spark plug in the operation, to ensure the required tightening, wrap the candle with a key with 1/4-1/8 part of the turn after planting a candle of candle on a sealing puck.

The spark plug should be reliably tightened. The spark plug is not overwhelmed by the engine when operating the engine and can lead to its damage. A large tightening force of the spark plug can damage the thread of the cylinder head.

Champion gasoline cultivators and motoblocks

Among the representatives of the Champion lineup, the most numerous group of technology are precisely gasoline motoblocks. They are popular, loved by many farmers, and also have a different set of characteristics and profitable cost. Let us consider in more detail the power of each model and type of engine engine or motor.cultivator:

  • GC252, power 1.9 liters.With., engine volume 57.1 cm. cube;
  • BC4311, 3.5 l.With., volume 83 cm.cube;
  • BC4401, 4 l.C, 1P61FA OHV. 1 cylinder, four.stroke;. 6.5 l.With.,1P61FA OHV; 6.5 l.With.; cultivator;
  • BC5602, 5, 5 liters.With., cultivator;. 6, 5 l.With., motor.cultivator;
  • BC5602BS, US Production Engine, BriggSstratton 550e Series 140 cm³, 5.5 liters.With;. G210-1HK-Power 7 L.With.;. 7 l.With;. 5.5 l.C, the Japanese engine of the Honda brand, the predecessor of the model is the US6611 unit, whose power is 5.5 liters.With., Its difference is that the Chinese engine G160F OHV is installed on it;. 7 l.C, motor.cultivator;
  • BC8716, 5 liters.C, motor.cultivator;
  • BC8813, Trick Unoine Tractor, 7 L.With;
  • BC1193, one.axic tractor, 9 l.With.

Gasoline motoblocks and cultivators are equipped with collapsible cutters. Additional attachments are purchased by the owner separately.

CHAMPION Unoic Tractor VC 9714 Unoa.based gasoline Champion BC 9713 Unoa.based Champion BC1193 Tractor

Diesel motor blocks “Champion

Diesel models of motoblocks are also popular, but there are only two of them in the manufacturer line:

  • DC1163E, 5.8 liters.C, engine volume 296 cm. cube;
  • DC1193E, 9.5, engine volume 418 cm. Cube is one of the most powerful motoblocks among all positions from Champion.

The CHAMPION DC1163E Tractor Tractor Tractor Champion DC1193E 9.5 liters.With.

Motobobes of this category are equipped with plow and milling. Fuel for refueling: diesel, defend fuel before pouring within 48 hours.

Features of Champion cultivators

The equipment of the American company Champion occupies one of the leading positions in the market of gardening equipment. Motor cultivators are particularly popular among farmers that help to more efficiently cultivate land, saving forces and time.

The recognized brand produces affordable agricultural equipment for both amateur gardeners and professional farmers. In order to reduce the cost of production, the developer resorts to the following actions:

  • applies the latest composite materials, the latest developments in science and technology;
  • installing engines of economical brands;
  • uses an effective transmission in the design;
  • The company’s production site is located in China, which causes cheap labor.

The assortment of the company is quite wide: from the simplest device with a two.stroke engine suitable for processing small areas to a large professional cultivator. Motorized equipment has simple control, so additional training is not required. The completion of the new device always includes detailed instructions.

The Champion brand produces inexpensive motor cultivators working on gasoline. Motorized technique installed Champion or Honda engines. The average power of such power units varies from 1.7 to 6.5 horsepower. The developer produces motor cultivators with two types of clutch: using a belt or coupling. Depending on this, a worm or chain gearbox is included in the design.

The choice is carried out depending on the functional load of a particular model. Powerful devices are equipped, as a rule, with a chain. With their help, you can cultivate the Earth to a depth of 30 cm. Belt transmission is inherent in worm gearboxes, such devices are plowed up to 22 cm. Simple light motoblocks have no reverse, while heavy cars are equipped with them. A pleasant bonus is that manufacturers have provided for removable handles that simplify the transportation and storage of the device. The company has an extensive dealer network in which makes it possible to quickly get advice, repair or maintain maintenance.

In general, Champion cultivators are quite reliable, relatively inexpensive, functional, unpretentious in use and amenable to repair. Users sometimes note some shortcomings explained by the quality of the assembly. Therefore, when choosing, you should carefully check all the unit nodes.

How to adjust it correctly?

The depth of plowing is a distance at which the plow plunges into the soil during operation. You need to set it as much as the bayonet bayonet takes. Otherwise, the following problems may arise.

  • With insufficient depths, a considerable share of roots of weeds will remain under the ground, which will require new forces to eliminate them.
  • If the depth is larger than required, the fertile layer of the soil is mixed with what is located under it, and the vegetation will not have a good nutrition. In this regard, you need to stay the golden mean.

The necessary depth is regulated by means of bolts that mate the castle and the supporting part of the plow. Therefore, when moving the plow up and down, this debugging occurs. Inspect the design of your plow: if there is only one bolt ligament in it and, therefore, the only hole, regulation on this modification is not feasible.

Attack angle

For the one who already owns the practical skill of plowing the soil with motor vehicles, explain what and how to perform at this stage is not necessary. Further information is given for introductory purposes to the one who is faced with this case for the first time. The tilt of the angle of the attack is or, as it is still called, the slope of the angle of the field board is a slope that shows the height of the plane of the opening in relation to the flat plane. Settings are carried out using a screw handle.

  • Put the unit with a plow on the supports, which have already been mentioned earlier;
  • Turn the settings to the limit to the limit so that the field board completely subsides on the soil, without cracks;
  • Start rotating the handle in the opposite direction until the back of the board rises above the ground by 2-3 cm.

If you make a miscalculation, the following unpleasant consequences will appear:

  • With a large coal of the field board, the plow will become an anchor. the unit will begin to regularly slip and move forward with a strangle;
  • with small coal. the necessary soil layer will not be removed.
  • To control whether everything is correct, you can only plow stages. the unit should not resist or move excessively freely.

Preparation for plowing

Before plowing, you need to perform a trial opening and find out the quality of the plow settings.

  • find out the features of the dump and the depth of the furrow;
  • control the movement of the plow in the furrow;
  • trace the dimensionality of the movement of the unit and the load on the hands of the plowman;
  • Install the loading of the unit.

If all the above points are satisfied with you, you can start plowing the plot of the site. If not, you must again set the plow.

Test opening of the site is performed as follows.

  • We put the unit on the edge of the cultivated plot of the Earth.
  • Set the first speed and carefully press on the adhesion handle. It is extremely important that the steering wheel of the unit is parallel to the plane of the earth, so that the unit does not dig into the ground, but does not rise above the soda. When opening, the employee does not need to burn on the steering wheel and too diligently pushing motor equipment, since this agricultural machine itself will perfectly manage its own duties without auxiliary efforts.
  • After receiving a trial furrow, you must certainly measure the depth of the plow. To do this, use roulette or ordinary ruler. If the dimensions are converged with the initially installed, then you can start the main job.

Heavy aggregates regulation

The technology for adjusting light motor vehicles was described above, which is mainly used in summer cottages. But there are heavy modifications. Their main difference is that the heavy more powerful and massive other models. In addition, they are equipped with diesel engines. This choice is explained by the fact that with an equal number of revolutions, the diesel engine has a large rotational moment than a carburetor. Installation and adjustment of the plow for this type of technique do not at all differ with the above. The only thing to indicate is to adjust the 2nd workers due to the fact that the mass of heavy units sometimes exceeds 200 kilograms.

  • The first and very important rule is the implementation of safety precautions.
  • Competently select the size of the wheels with soil.bearing. It is not necessary to chase the diameter, otherwise the linear speed will be excessively high. Ideal diameter-460-500 millimeters.
  • The dimensions of the plow depend on the mass of the tractor, this indicator should also be taken into account. The largest plows are installed on motor vehicles weighing about 100 kilograms, with a capture of 23 centimeters. For units weighing up to 75 kilograms, plows with a capture of 18 centimeters are best suited. A plow with a capture of 13 centimeters is suitable for lighter units.

EIGHT YEARS I HAVE MAKED A HINGE. What is not ashamed to show people

Here they also make a mistake at times. they acquire a relatively lightweight unit and install a large plow on it. If such a “duet” also try to use on rough soil, the effect will be completely predicted. “does not open”. But the point is not in the qualitative characteristics of the plow, but in its incorrect selection and/or adjustment. In general, the design of the unit is simple and understandable. But under any conditions, as well as for any other technique, it requires care, timely maintenance and change of consumables. Use exclusively high.quality spare parts recommended by manufacturers.

About how to properly adjust the plow on a walk.behind tractor, watch in the next video.