Installation of a soft start on a miter saw

Best deals for Metabo KGS 254 M

Metabo KGS 254 M

  • Miter saw
  • power 1800 W
  • disc diameter 254 mm
  • weight 16.3 kg

Reviews of Metabo KGS 254 M

The assembly is of high quality, the laser and the illumination of the desktop are networked, the bearings are of high quality, the disc brake is good, I like the tool. 3 year warranty.

Excellent machine. Powerful. there is a laser and illumination, a clamp is included.
the degrees at the school are clearly set. at corners 45 and 0, the notch will not miss a millimeter.

I see one disadvantage is the lack of a soft start, with a soft start, they cost other money.
You can put a smooth start yourself 🙂

At the dacha, we are building a bathhouse ourselves, and when the interior decoration began, we decided with my father to take this particular trim. Sawed platbands. skirting boards on the floor and on the ceiling, all corners converge clearly. For the sake of interest, from a piece of platband they assembled a square of all 4 saw cuts exactly 45%. We connected a vacuum cleaner there is almost no debris in the workplace; without a vacuum cleaner, little gets into the bag 50/50. The standard disk is quite good, I do not plan to change it yet.

Works in small carpentry. Ok, but so far new.

It has not yet been identified, but according to primary sensations, it is possible very soon.

Before that, I had been using the same model for almost three years, but with a German assembly. This assembly is Chinese and the difference was felt as soon as it was taken out of the box. Some metal parts were replaced with plastic, the bed and the saw blade broach became 2 cm less. The weight has also decreased. Feels more flimsy. Then time will tell.

Sharp fast cuts even with a native disc

First I made goats for the table. I liked the convenience of work. Started cutting 45 for platbands. This is where the problems started: the angle does not converge by 90. Then I found out that there is a deviation of 1 mm for 30 cm of the cut of the right angle. I gave it a week ago to the Metabo service center on Birch Alley. returned today with the same deviations. The master told me: this is not a measuring instrument, it does not have an accuracy class, deviations are possible. Push the handle more to the left. the cut will be more accurate. In general, I am shocked by both the tool and the service.
Add-on from 01/24/2019: I applied again to the same service, this time with an official claim. After adjustment, we looked at the cutting angles together. both at 90 and 45 degrees. gives a deviation of up to 1 mm by 30 cm. It is critical for me to cut door frames, so I asked to write a Non-Repairable Act, with which I left. Since production takes place in China, such cases are possible. someone is less fortunate.

This tool is not recommended for purchase if you buy. then check carefully.

Lived up to my expectations. Easy to operate, safe, excellent cutting quality.

I haven’t identified any shortcomings yet.

The impressions of the product are very good: outwardly elegant; burr-free platform, perfectly processed; the laser line is clearly visible. Thank you!

Power, precision, laser, light.

Light and laser buttons without protection

The saw performs all that was required from trimming. Saws quickly, at exactly the right angle. And all this is out of the box, without dancing with a tambourine and adjustments. The problems with the laser and illumination, voiced here, have not yet touched me. But they grow from “quality” power buttons. They become clogged with dust, because there is no protection. Therefore, either prevention with a vacuum cleaner (frequent, you can even without removing). Or replacement with similar ones with a silicone cap (there is a video on YouTube).

Even those who have never sawed can do it. Rich functionality. Best for the price

This is the third trimming. and I can say. that I had nothing better. and the laser is there. where the dust does not fly and the sparks do not fly when braking. backlight how i used to work? I recommend both price and quality

All flimsy. All this Chinese miracle consists of small backlashes. The laser is not precisely tuned and, in principle, useless, since after the first saw cut it becomes covered with dust. than one value of the angles will not coincide, both horizontally and vertically. No soft start, it’s goodbye bearings that cost horse money. Consumables and spare parts are unrealistic to find.

I didn’t think that having bought such a saw for such horse money, I would get a frank China of an average hand. In general, we forget about even cuts and get used to the constant feeling of cheap Chinese. Our brands for 8-9 tr do much better, at least they do not slap.

Laser, price, easy to carry and a bunch of bells and whistles.

heavy, no soft start, but already used to without it.

How to check

At home, before assembling an angle grinder with a soft starter, it is a good idea to check it for an open circuit. The following video tests a device with three pins. Usually there is a wiring diagram on the body of the starter. There are two mains wires, one goes to the electric drive. If you assemble a circuit with an indicator lamp, turning on the starting device, then it is possible to determine a break in it by lighting up / not lighting up the indicator lamp.

Operating principle

The soft starter in the factory-made angle grinder is located inside the housing of the angle grinder and is connected by contacts with the power button and the stator windings of the electric drive. It takes a certain time for the angle grinder to reach the nominal mode and the electromagnetic field created by uniformly increasing current and voltage through the stator windings forces the armature of the angle grinder drive to gradually gain speed.

For an angle grinder, where such a device is not provided by the manufacturer, usually in very rare cases it is possible to hide it under the case of an angle grinder. Most often, it is performed in the form of a separate unit, equipped in the break of the power cable circuit. However, the principle of operation does not change from this.

Starter block based on LM358 microcircuit

In the next video, the author shares his experience of self-manufacturing a soft-start block board according to a scheme taken from the Internet, based on the LM358 microcircuit. The author made the case for the board from a shampoo box, which speaks of the rich imagination of the masters of amateur creativity. The author not only blindly copied the circuit from the Internet, but modified it by replacing the characteristics of some of its elements: transistors, diodes, resistors. The radiator for cooling semiconductor devices is taken from a tape recorder. In order to be able to place the soft starter unit inside the housing of the angle grinder, and not as in the case of the proposed option, a smaller board was developed.

Features and service life

In hand-held power tools, such as: angle grinder (angle grinder), circular saw, screwdriver, drill. use collector motors with sequential excitation.
They can operate on direct and alternating current.

For their power supply, in most cases, a normal 230 V 50 Hz power grid is used. Previously, a 380 V network was used for a professional tool. Now, with the growth of consumer power in single-phase networks (offices and the residential sector), professional 220 V power tools have also appeared.

Collector motors have high torque and starting torques, are compact, easily manufactured for increased voltage. The torque is decisive here. With a low weight of the machine, it is just suitable for hand-held power tools. But such electric motors have drawbacks and weaknesses. One of these weak points is the brush assembly.

Compressed graphite brushes with fillers rub against the copper plates of the collector and are subject to mechanical wear and electrical erosion. This increases sparking and increases the fire and explosion hazard of the power tool. The penetration of mineral dust into the interior accelerates wear. Although the fans are designed to blow air out, dust and cement can easily get inside. During standstill, if the tool is unsuccessfully laid down, dust easily gets inside. In practice, this is a constant phenomenon.

Compressed graphite motor brushes

Another drawback of the power tool is the frequent breakdown of the gearbox. This is precisely because of the large starting torque. Dignity turns into a disadvantage. With a breakdown of the gearbox, you have to change the tool, they usually cannot be repaired. Unfortunately, the industry, in an effort to reduce the cost of production, does this at the expense of quality. If you want to use a good power tool, pay a lot of money.

The last drawback can be effectively dealt with by a soft start. Many manufacturers do this, but do not always pay enough attention to it. Not all instruments have good speed controllers.

Starters for bulgariaks with triac for 20 A

Devices with 20 A triacs are suitable for professional Bulgarians. Many models use contactor resistors. First of all, they are capable of operating at a high frequency. The maximum starter temperature is 55 degrees. Most of the models are well protected. The standard design of the device includes the use of three 30 pF contactors. Experts say devices differ in their conductivity.

The minimum frequency of the starters is 35 Hz. They can operate on a DC network. Modifications are connected via adapters. For 200 W motors, such devices are well suited. Filters are often fitted with triodes. The sensitivity index for them is no more than 300 mV. Protected wired comparators are fairly common. If we consider the imported models, they have an integral converter that is installed with insulators. The current conductivity is provided at a level of 5 microns. With a resistance of 40 ohms, the model is able to consistently maintain high rpm.


Schematic diagram of the speed regulator angle grinder So, the regulator diagram.

Microcircuits k1182, LM358

The most famous microcircuit for the soft starter k1182. This microcircuit was created in Soviet times and now it is not so easy to find it. There are other more readily available ICs such as the LM358. Many modern factory-made angle grinders use the LM358 chip.

Connection of control circuits

Starting and stopping the electric motor is carried out by two- or three-wire circuits.

The drive is started by pressing a button. Stop the electric machine by pressing again.

When choosing a three-wire circuit, the soft start and engine braking is carried out by pressing the “start” and “stop” buttons.

The soft starter of this model allows you to adjust the starting voltage in the range from 30% to 75% of the nominal value of the mains. The default is 50%. The duration of the rise and fall of the voltage is adjustable in the range from 2 to 20 seconds. This value determines the time of acceleration and stopping of the electric machine.

All electrical connections are made with cables with copper conductors, recommended by manufacturers of grades and cross-sections. Drive settings and soft starter programming are carried out in accordance with the algorithm specified by the manufacturer. Before a test run, to check the operability of the drive, it is necessary to check the wiring diagram and correct settings.

Smooth start for a miter saw, what is it and how to do it yourself

Expensive tools are not always relevant for home use. But cheaper options are not equipped with special electronic current control boards, so a soft start is not provided, which often causes premature failure of the device. A small do-it-yourself modernization allows you to save electric saws (circular and crosscutting), as well as drills, grinders from overloads, and such a scheme is not so difficult for self-repetition.

Why do you need a lightweight start-up power tool

The soft start circuit is a small-sized assembly of only 5-6 electronic components based on a powerful semiconductor controlled by a microcircuit. The dimensions of such a board allow it to be placed directly in the handle of the power tool, but modernization is not always promising due to the need to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty, as well as the possibility of using such a device for various tools. You can make the launch scheme yourself using several options for drawings from the Internet, but the easiest way is to use ready-made blocks offered for sale for trimming or drilling. They have many modifications, which requires an understanding of the principle of soft start and the benefits obtained.

A slow start is necessary primarily for miter saws that are not equipped with an engine speed control unit. It is advisable to make a smooth start of the tool with your own hands for a number of reasons:

  • Starting a powerful electric motor leads to significant surges in the power grid (peak surges), which negatively affects both the tool and the wiring. Alternative sources of electricity, such as generators and inverters, are overloaded in such a situation and either turn off automatically or may fail. Triggering through a dedicated module significantly reduces the peak voltage surge, which eliminates the possibility of overloading the entire circuit.
  • Trimming without a soft start quickly fails due to the accelerated grinding of the brushes, as well as the occurrence of an electric arc between the contacts, which creates burnout of the armature lamellas and causes a short circuit of the rotor and stator windings. The engine sharply picks up speed, which, with significant saw diameters, leads to large inertial forces that affect the displacement of the tool not only in the hands, but even on stationary fasteners. Such an abrupt start can lead, at least, to cutting the material in an unplanned place, at the very least, to ripping out the trimming from the hands or fastening with the probability of an accident. Installing a small block eliminates such problems.
  • The slower acceleration of the rotor on the miter saw ensures not only its safe operation, but significantly extends its service life, since shock loads in the mechanical part of the tool disappear at the moment of starting. Gears in gears do not beat each other, and the torque is correctly distributed without destructive consequences, which significantly reduces the mechanical development of the unit.

Do-it-yourself safe start

To make the most smooth start of trimming, you can use one of the popular methods:

  • Assemble the electronic circuit yourself according to the drawings offered on the Internet. This method is more suitable for lovers of electrical work, since knowledge and skills are required for the selection of components and debugging of electronic assemblies. Parts are purchased strictly according to the required parameters (ratings), and their dimensions are important to minimize the mounted board. Do not forget that the unit will operate under high voltage, therefore, the quality of the soldering and the general installation must comply with the rules of electrical safety. For this reason, the method is not suitable for the average home craftsman.
  • Purchase a specialized soft start unit (BPP) and connect it to the power tool. To ensure a soft start for various household appliances with electric motors, it is recommended to place the purchased unit in an extension cord or carrier. But, it is worth considering that there are several options for factory modules for slower overclocking, and they are not interchangeable.

The described method is suitable only for collector motors, it does not work with asynchronous motors, they have a different principle of winding excitation and a completely different device is required to adjust the start. BPP is designed to connect only one consumer, simultaneous connection of several devices is unacceptable.

Modifications of PP blocks

Delay start electronic assemblies are available in several modifications and with different technical parameters. The current-carrying capacity can be from 10 to 50 A and is selected on the basis of consumer data, while the dimensions of the assemblies differ insignificantly. To modernize trimming with your own hands, it is recommended to use power blocks with a margin, this facilitates the operating mode of the general circuit and makes it possible to connect consumers of higher power. The most common PSUs are considered to be 16 A, suitable for electric motors up to 3 kW. this is the maximum power for household power tools.

BPP differ in structure and connection method:

  • Modification with three contacts (wires).

It cannot be connected according to the above principle, since it has a control conductor, the supply of voltage to which leads to the flow of power current between the other two contacts, which should lead to the start of the engine. Such modules are mounted inside a hand-held power tool (trimming) with a control wire connected to the start button. An attempt to connect outside a household appliance requires the installation of a separate button, and the trigger key on the tool must be locked in the on position, which is extremely inconvenient for use in facing hands. Other connection options do not give a soft start effect, and the power supply unit remains under constant voltage, unsafe and ineffective. Such a model of blocks can be used to adjust the rotor speed, and the control wire is connected through a variable resistance (resistor), which performs the function of a regulator.

  • Version with two wires (contacts).

It is connected to an open circuit, that is, to one of the wires that feed any collector motor. The effect of a slow acceleration occurs due to a short-term decrease in the starting voltage without reducing the passing current, which provides a soft but confident start. It is these blocks that can be mounted both in stationary and portable sockets, and the power button on the miter saw retains its functionality.

BPP with three contacts are suitable only for stationary power tools, for hand-held household appliances, blocks with only two wires for connection are used.

Mobile Lightweight Tool Launcher

The simplest option for organizing a smooth start for various hand-held power tools is to install the BPP into an extension cord outlet, because its quite voluminous body has enough space to accommodate even the most powerful unit. Modernization does not take much time and effort:

  • Carefully disassemble the extension cord case, providing access to suitable wires.
  • The PP unit is connected to the break of one of the wires, which can be done in one of the ways: directly to the break of the wire with the organization of reliable twisting and insulation or to the wire and the contact group.
  • Placing the BPP in the socket housing is recommended at the maximum possible distance from the contact group with adhesive reliable fixation, since there is always a possibility of heating the unit, which reduces the insulation protection and can lead to a short circuit during vibration.
  • The assembly of the case must ensure reliable laying and fixation of the wires without crossing.

All electrical installation work carried out must meet electrical safety requirements, so you should not engage in modernization with insufficient knowledge of electrical engineering.

Inexpensive miter saws

Top 10 best miter saws, how to choose a miter cut?

Today it is difficult to imagine that once people processed materials exclusively with a hand tool. It was a very time consuming and laborious process. Fortunately, nowadays you can find many different devices on sale that can make a person’s life much easier. The miter saw also belongs to such devices. it was created specifically in order to cut wood across the grain. This is its main difference from a circular saw, which, as a rule, is used to cut along the structure of the material.

The assortment of similar devices presented on the shelves is very large, so not only a beginner, but also a fairly experienced master can get confused in it. To prevent this from happening to you, we decided to compile for you a rating of the best miter saws of the year. We have selected the best models on the market, analyzed in detail their performance characteristics, and also decided to give you some useful tips regarding the competent purchase of a similar tool.

Wert MS 1321

With the help of this tool, you can work not only with plastic, metal and wood, but even with concrete, which is very useful in construction and repair work, for example, when chipping walls in order to drown wiring cables there. The cutting angle in the horizontal plane is adjustable from 45 to 45 degrees. a pretty decent figure. The angle of inclination of the disc varies from 0 to 45 degrees. In order for the user to see the cutting line, the structure is equipped with an elaborate dust extraction system. The set includes a clamp that allows you to securely fix the workpiece on the workbench. The body is made of durable and durable plastic that can withstand even serious physical activity. The motor is located underneath it in such a way that access to it is easy, so replacement of the brushes is quite quick.

The double electrical isolation system provides almost complete protection against short circuit and electric shock to the user. The engine power is 1300 W, despite such a low figure, the saw is capable of delivering up to 5500 rpm. The saw blade diameter is 210 mm. The maximum cutting depth for right-angle cuts is 60 mm. The weight of the structure turned out to be quite serious. 7.1 kg.

  • Acceptable cost;
  • Fully complies with all applicable safety standards;
  • Produces a decent number of revolutions with a low power engine;
  • Easy access to the motor for changing brushes.
  • The brand is not very well known among Russian users, so finding a device on sale is not too easy.

How to choose the right miter saw?

Modern models are equipped with sufficiently powerful motors and high-strength saw blades, which allows them to cope not only with wood, but also with materials such as plastic, metal profiles and pipes, and various kinds of composite staves. It should be noted right away that the miter saw is capable of cutting not only at a right angle, but also at an arbitrarily chosen angle. On sale you can also find units where the angle of inclination changes both horizontally and vertically. With this tool, you can even select the grooves.

The main working elements of the products are an electric motor, a saw blade made of high-quality high-strength steel. They are connected to each other using a gearbox with a power button. This entire block is fixed on the bed, where the workpiece is placed. The bed is equipped with a turntable that adjusts the cutting angle, as well as a stop. In the most expensive devices, this element is made from lightweight aluminum and magnesium alloys, which allows you to significantly reduce the weight of the tool without losing reliability indicators.

The functional unit is connected to the bed by means of a pivot arm and a spring-loaded hinge. Expensive models of miter saws are equipped with an asynchronous motor, which has a high level of reliability, does not work very loudly and consumes energy economically, but they are quite heavy and do not have too high power. In terms of the ratio of overall dimensions and power, collector motors are more attractive. they are capable of delivering up to 5-10 thousand revolutions per minute. However, such engines are quite loud and require regular maintenance.

The gearbox transmits the engine torque. In such devices, it is either gear or belt drive. The first type may seem more reliable, but if they fail, the entire gear unit will have to be completely replaced. It is for this reason that manufacturers often prefer belt transmission. It uses a special belt. It can sometimes fly off or break, but replacing it with a new one or returning it to its place is not so difficult, so this can be dealt with at home. In addition, the belt dampens radial and axial vibrations, which significantly extends the life of the engine bearings.

Einhell TH-MS 2112

Equipped with an electric motor with a power of 1400 W, which provides an idle speed of 4600 rpm. The diameter of the circle is standard. 230 mm, the hole for fasteners. 30 mm. The maximum cutting depth is 55 mm. This tool is specially designed for the production of angle, bevel and combination sawing of products from wood of different density, plastic and soft metal. The design and ergonomics are excellently thought out, so the saw can be easily transported and installed on absolutely any surface. The cutting angle is fixed in 5 degree increments. All the necessary operating parameters can be set using the original stepless control system. It also allows you to change the cutting depth.

The work table can also change its position if necessary, as it rotates in both directions. In order to make the corner cut as accurate as possible, the product has special longitudinal stops. For even more precise fixation of the workpiece, there is a clamp, and for convenient work with long workpieces, there are worktable extensions in the design. To keep the workplace clean at all times, you can connect a construction vacuum cleaner or a dust bag to the tool. This not only allows you to see the line of the cut, but also protects the operator’s lungs from inhaling small particles.

  • Very easy to use tool;
  • Sophisticated control system;
  • Reliable items;
  • Advanced adjustment options.
  • There is no soft start system, which is why the tool vibrates noticeably when starting.

Caliber PTE-1400 / 210M

It produces not only cross and bevel cuts, but can also perform longitudinal cuts, in other words, this tool also combines the functions of a circular saw. The power of the electric motor here is 1400 W, it is located close enough to the body, so you do not have to disassemble the saw completely to replace the brushes. you just need to remove the protective cover. The maximum thickness of the material with which the tool can work is 55 mm, this parameter will be quite enough for domestic use. The largest workpiece width should not exceed 120 mm. The saw blade can be tilted if necessary, the working table is swivel here. up to 45 degrees. In order to set all parameters as accurately as possible, two degree scales can be found on the case.

The saw blade is additionally covered with a plastic casing, which will open only when the cutting element approaches the workpiece itself. This has a positive effect on the safety when working with the tool. It is quite natural that the device is equipped with additional stops, with the help of which it will be possible to work with rather long workpieces. There are stops, they are made in the shape of the letter P and do not allow the workpiece to jump off the frame. The tool is equipped with a rubberized handle with good ergonomics. this will not allow the hand to slip off of it during operation.

  • Convenient and absolutely safe tool to use;
  • Long service life;
  • Well thought out ergonomics;
  • Made from high quality materials;
  • Acceptable cost.
  • The belt at the gearbox is weak. it slips regularly, it is better to immediately replace it with a new one.

BISON ZPT-210-1400 L

A fairly compact tool for its specifics, which is additionally equipped with laser illumination of the mowing line of the cut. The device is used to work with workpieces, the maximum thickness of which can reach 60 mm. The saw is quite versatile. it can be used for absolutely all types of cuts. straight, oblique, inclined, combined and even straight. The protective cover opens and closes automatically. The turntable can be locked in any position, the tilt is also adjustable, so you can set the required cutting angle in just a few seconds. The construction is made of a special lightweight alloy.

It provides high structural strength, which also has a positive effect on the accuracy of the cut. The dust extraction works very efficiently here. Extension table supports prevent even a fairly long workpiece from tipping over. this not only has a positive effect on safety, but also prevents fracture at the end of the cut. The engine is very reliable, its power is 1300 W, it is capable of developing up to 5500 rpm.

Handling large volumes of materials with hand tools is tough and time-consuming and does not allow for high machining accuracy. The development of technical progress has given us a large number of a wide variety of tools with different types of drive, which help to significantly simplify the process of material handling.

Circular saws and miter saws are used to cut wood blanks. The main difference between a miter saw and a circular saw is the ability to accurately cut wooden blanks across the fibers. Such a saw is structurally circular, but it is securely fixed above the working surface using a pendulum swivel mechanism.

Ability to work with various materials

Commercially available miter (pendulum) saws have powerful electric motors that allow you to work not only with wood, but also with various plastics, composite materials and even metal pipes and profiles. For this, modern models are also equipped with high strength saw blades.

The cutting angle varies in a wide range and some models of miter saws allow you to cut not only at right angles, but also at any angle required by the operator. The angle of inclination can be changed both in the horizontal and in the vertical planes, which also makes it possible to cut the groove. Such angles of inclination allow them to be used for various purposes, for example, for the production of furniture or for installing doors.

Types of electric motors

Not only the cost of the tool depends on the choice of the electric motor. Models equipped with more expensive asynchronous motors have greater power and reliability, do not require periodic replacement of graphite brushes, unlike collector motors. An asynchronous motor does not heat up in operation, which means that it does not require breaks for cooling and works almost silently, but asynchronous motors have larger dimensions than collector motors, besides, collector motors allow you to adjust the rotation speed in a larger range than asynchronous.

For domestic use, an electric motor power of up to 1300 W is enough, such models are classified as low-power. To work with more serious loads, medium-power models are required, i.e. the power of which is up to 1800 watts. Models in which an electric motor with a power of more than 1800 W is installed is considered high-power. Such power will allow the tool to work with ease not only on wood, but also on metal, for example, on aluminum.

Of course, the price of this model of the tool also depends on the power. Low-power models, as a rule, are referred to as inexpensive or budget models, suitable for small volumes of work, for example, with various finishing, during repairs. Medium and high power are better suited for professionals for large volumes of work.

A gearbox is necessary to transfer torque from the electric motor to the shaft on which the saw blade is fixed. There are two types of torque transmission: gear reducer and belt transmission. Belt transmission, structurally simpler than a gear reducer. If the gear reducer breaks down, it will have to be replaced completely.

In a belt drive, to transfer torque from the engine to the torque shaft, a belt is used that is put on the pulleys. During operation, the belt can stretch and fly off or break, but replacing one belt is easier and cheaper than replacing a gear reducer.

In addition, the belt drive allows, in contrast to the gear reducer, to smooth out various axial and radial effects that occur during operation. This extends the service life of the tool bearings. There are also models where the saw blade is mounted directly on the motor shaft.

In addition to power, an important role in the quality of the tool’s work is played by the number of revolutions of the saw blade. For occasional use in everyday life, 3200 rpm is enough, and for professional use it is 6000 rpm. Some models have a soft start system that allows you to gradually increase the number of revolutions. This allows for more precise and comfortable processing of various parts.

The choice of the saw blade size determines the depth of the saw, as well as the ability to work with large workpieces. The vibration force of the entire mechanism also depends on the quality of the saw blade. Trying to save money, many people buy a saw blade with similar characteristics, but such savings lead to strong vibration, which affects the quality of the cut and the durability of the tool.

Miter saw selection criteria


To ensure safe operation, the motor is equipped with a special brake that allows the saw blade to stop in seconds after the power is turned off. The protective cover, which opens the cutting blade only when it approaches the workpiece, allows not only the operator to work safely, but also protects the saw blade from foreign objects.

Top ranking of the best miter saws for 2021

Miter saw design

Structurally, any miter saw consists of the following elements: an electric motor, a gearbox and a bed. The movement of the saw blade is transmitted from the electric motor through the gearbox. By means of a hinge connection with a returnable spring, the electric motor with a gearbox is fixed to the bed.

The bed has a turntable with a stop, with which the cutting angle is adjusted in the horizontal plane. The tilt adjustment in the vertical plane is carried out using the tilt adjustment unit attached next to the swivel joint.

The frame can be steel or made of aluminum or magnesium alloys, which allows you to provide the necessary structural strength with a significant reduction in weight. This moment directly affects the usability of the tool.

To ensure the possibility of broaching the workpiece, that is, moving it along the mowing line of the cut, guides are used. The broach width is determined by the distance that the saw blade can travel over the workpiece. The ability to cut wide workpieces in one pass depends on this parameter. For work on fitting skirting boards, for example, a tool with a broach width of up to 10 cm is suitable.

When choosing a tool, it is necessary to pay special attention to the backlash when fixing the bed when turning it. Loss of alignment during fixation can affect the angles of processing of parts, and lead to breakage.

Manufacturers produce combined models that combine a miter and circular saw in one tool. On the top of these models there is a table that allows you to use such a saw as a circular saw.


The lantern went to the “load”, but without a lantern was not on sale. You should not expect much help from the backlight, but it shines, and when not needed it does not interfere.


Of the obvious advantages, this is a backlight on a flexible wire, which allows you to place the lamp both to the right and to the left of the disk. There is a soft start and a brake, but. Not a bad native wood drive.


Non-standard saw blade.


Makita is not the same! I decided to update my same saw I bought in 2013, today I got it and got upset. Firstly, today is 12/01/2019 and a 2017 machine came to me, and secondly, the quality became much worse, the disk has a couple of dozen axial play from the box, because of this play on my old machine I decided to update and here it is. Thirdly, apparently someone has already tested it before me, since I found not a large amount of sawdust, did they test it in production)), the nameplate is not as usual on the dummy, but just a sticker with drawn dates and not punched ones. I did not return it and left it as a spare only because of the price at which I got it, because otherwise the promotional codes will not be returned. There are no more makita for me, period!


Basic price. When starting (smoothly), the saw jerks slightly to the top, it is not critical if you hold the workpiece with your hand, pressing it. “pain” it is screw and in order to press the workpiece you have to turn the lamb like crazy, on 4 workpiece I decided to remove the clamp. There is a slight backlash (less than 0.5 mm) and during the first starts the disc increased the gap in the bed for immersing the disc.

Miter Saw Makita LS1040F


If we compare with LS1040 and LS 1040F, then definitely 1040F, because soft start, brake, “flexible” lamp. I took it for 16 870 rubles, in my opinion it should cost 10 000 maximum!


Sufficiently lightweight, inexpensive and functional design. Saws are lighter and cheaper and may not be considered for serious work. Good saw blade included (versatile, but cuts right).

Angle Grinder Machine

Many people prefer to do their own trimming. Homemade installation has undeniable advantages, which we will talk about later.

Miter cuts can work on wood, metal, polymers and other materials. But the harder the material to be processed, the higher the power requirements of the device will be.

The most popular cross-cut is based on the use of an angle grinder. Almost every master has circulars in the garage or at home, so there will be no problems with the search for the original tool for wood or metal.

If you can get it right, then your broaching machine made from a handheld angle grinder will have the following features:

The rotational speed of the circular disk is 4500 revolutions per minute;
Cutting length. about 350 mm.

Wood trimming device diagram

If necessary, the circulars are removed from the machine and used with their own hands as an ordinary hand tool. A huge plus is that this type of homemade trimming is versatile and easy to disassemble.

The process looks like this.

Place the swivel angle grinder on the pivot of the machine wheel. Its fixation is carried out by means of a ball bearing. Preferably 150 mm in size, but larger ones will also work.
Ears are welded on the outside of the bearing by welding. They will serve to fix it to the base of the machine. Fasten with M6 screws.
It is recommended to close the holder with a protective box, so that when working with an angle grinder for wood or metal, chips do not interfere with you.
The issue with a broach is solved simply. For its manufacture, use another element from a truck. shock absorbers. Even if they are broken, it is not a big deal. Remove all oil from the shock absorbers, make ventilation holes and tighten with a mesh to prevent dust and chips from getting inside.
Install the soft starter module. Due to it, you will not feel sharp jerks when turning on the circular.
The assembly of the machine with a broach based on an angle grinder completes the assembly of a guard that can protect the saw blade.

Depending on the installed disc, the machine from the angle grinder is capable of working on soft wood or metal, cutting off the ends of pipes. But be prepared for the fact that the power of your circular may not be enough for cutting pipes. Be guided by the technical parameters of your hand-held angle grinder to understand whether the machine can cut pipe elements, or the unit is suitable exclusively for woodworking.

This design has two main disadvantages:

To adjust the accuracy of sawing wood with a broaching machine, you need to use wood trimmings. After that, the traction can be firmly fixed and work normally;
Such a self-made installation with a broach when cutting pipes and working on metal makes a lot of noise, which can negatively affect at least the mood of your neighbors.

Miter cut from angle grinder

miter saw from angle grinder

Technical characteristics of cross-cut with a broach, assembled by hand:

disk revolutions. 4500;
cutting length. 350 mm (much higher than that of a factory tool of the middle class).

The tool can be removed from the table and the angle grinder can be used as usual.

The rotary device of the tool is installed on the pivot of the car wheel (kingpin), it is held by a ball bearing for 150 mm (if you can find more, it will do).
We attach the ears to the outer side of the bearing by welding to fix it on the base. It is fixed by means of M6 screws.
To protect against shavings, the clip is covered with a box.
We make the broach from the shock absorbers from the truck (broken ones will do). Oil is poured out of them, holes for ventilation are drilled, which should be tightened with a mesh from dust and shavings.
To avoid a jerk when starting work, the saw is supplemented with a soft start module, which slightly reduces the revs.
The last stage of work is the manufacture of protection for the disk.

works very noisy;
to adjust the accuracy of cuts in wood, trimming of bars is used, after which the thrust is fixed rigidly and you can work clean.


Miter saw Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut 1350 W

Metabo KS 216 M Lasercut

I chose between Makita. The Metaba has a more comfortable working handle and a laser. True, you need to get used to the laser, but it’s tuned exactly. I put a clean disc on aluminum, a saw and pieces of wood. Satisfied, I recommend.

Miter saw Makita LS0714 power 1010 W

the device is made of very high quality there are no backlashes. did not spare a single ruble. transported without any problems in a car, you can carry it in one hand. I saw to her: laminate, door frames, lining. plastic. plinth, moldings copes with everything with a bang, if only a table on top

Miter saw DeWALT DW713 1600 W

Decent saw for the cost of 12300r, took it at a discount. I chose between Bosch, but settled on this model. It’s just that in Bosch, more often the price rises because of the accessories included in them (a clamp supporting long parts of the bar, a laser sight), I like the weight, it is average, I will not say that it is light, it seems to me that this device is light and should not be, it inspires confidence. Made very soundly, I really liked the adjustment at the angles, easy and without any torsion there, like the competitors. Large work surface. I chased the backlit model, and I’ll tell you it was worth it! The first day I worked late on the street, so I practically did not make additional lighting for myself, because the cutting line was always visible! I recommend XPS. Just a wonderful native disc with large teeth! Immediately I bought myself a Bosch disk, for a clean cut of a laminate rolled up in plastic, and so it lost to a clean one! (I had to use it only for cutting aluminum, which he did just fine).

Miter saw Makita LS1018L power 1430 W

It smells very much of cheap Chinese, but I bought it at Makita-online with discounts for 26 tr (sanctions, damn it). Visually. low quality of manufacturing of the aluminum body of the broaching mechanism (cast, processed with a LARGE file and painted, the paint does not hold well, peels off on a new tool). The turntable is flat, milled, but where it is painted, the story is the same. Not exposed to 0 and the angles, as well as the laser (I had to myself, lost 15 minutes). Corner setting scales are PRINTED AND ADAPTED as on the Riobe. some of the sticker is removed from the box. Not compact. takes up more than a meter (1080mm) space in transport condition.

installation, soft, start, miter

This is my first experience with such a tool. I set the corners in 5 minutes using a regular square (on the forums they scare that you have to level the guides in inexpensive models with a file). And then work began. I am quite satisfied with the purchase. If not for the laser, there would be 5.

Review and comparison of factory models

Model RedVerg RD-MS210-1200 Hitachi C10FCE2 Makita LS1040 DeWalt DW 711
Power, W 1200 1950 1650 1300
Cutting height, mm 55 59 93 55
Cutting width, mm 120 144 95 140
Inclination angle, degrees 45 52 52 fifty
Rotation speed, rpm 4500 5000 4600 2750
Weight, kg 6.8 11.9 eleven 20
Dimensions, mm 430527445 460561628 530532476 590620490
Price, rub 6290 13676 15826 30432


Homemade workbench. the basis for comfortable work

For the convenience of work, a cross-cut machine should be made. It is desirable to have a mobile structure if you have to move with it to another place or directly to the construction site. Therefore, the bed is made collapsible, for which the table top is attached to the legs with self-tapping screws.

To make a workbench, you need to do the following:

Prepare the upper frame. It is assembled from a wooden beam with dimensions of 40×40. Legs made of a similar material are screwed in with self-tapping screws and spacers are installed for their greater stability. Or the joints are reinforced with metal corners. The tabletop is made from the boards. Its width should be 10 cm more than the length of the miter saw, and the length should be equal to the width multiplied by 3. Taking sheets of plywood (chipboard, MDF), prepare and fix improvised tables, trying to position their surface on the same level with the swivel mechanism. butts.

Since it is difficult to make a high-quality rotary device at home, they take it ready-made.

Such wood trimming will be in demand in your workshop or when carrying out various construction work, in which you cannot do without woodworking.

If it is necessary to make a machine with a broach, then for this they take the shock absorbers of the front pillars of the car. Preferably a passenger car, because they are too massive from a truck. You can buy them at any car disassembly point. Before installing the shock absorbers, in order to facilitate the stroke of the rod, drain the oil and make “air” holes in the body.

For comfortable operation, it is recommended to connect a soft start system. It will reduce the load on the structure during the start jerk and regulate the number of revolutions.

Do-it-yourself miter saw for wood from a circular: we tell in order

The miter structure is similar to a circular saw mounted above a work table. Its main advantages are: compactness and low weight. Thanks to this, saws are used not only in workshops, but also on construction sites. Unfortunately, DIY tools are quite cumbersome and heavy. It is convenient to operate them in stationary mode.

Powering multiple tools with a single soft starter


The miter saw is designed for a single task. trimming the ends of lumber at different angles. Due to the fact that the workpiece is stationary on the table during cutting, the cut is neat and clean. Craftsmen dealing with woodworking give preference to this particular tool. over, hand-made saws have been successfully used for years.

Trimming from various scrap metal

the frame of the trimming is made of metal

This is a rather heavy bevelling on a stationary metal table. It will take some effort to manage it. But in the end, the saw mechanism moves smoothly, without jerking, do-it-yourself trimming is easy.

electric motor power. 2.2 kW;
disk revolutions. 2800;
cutting depth 80 mm.

Materials and tools required for assembly:

900 W electric motor;
a metal sheet;
metal corner;
hinge group;
powerful spring;
Angle Grinder;
welding machine;

The bed is made of adjustable supports, a metal corner and racks from the old bed. The working surface is a metal sheet like the surface of the table, in which we cut a hole, we process the edges with our own hands with a file.

The pendulum stand for the saw is welded from a channel mounted on a sheet of metal, its height is about 80 cm.
The support for the electric motor is made in the form of a movable metal plate mounted on hinges. When installing an electric motor, a spring is used as a stabilizer. Then you can do without a pendulum and belts.
Tension belts are adjusted with a conventional eye bolt, the swingarm for the mechanism is also made of metal.
A disc with a diameter of 420 mm is installed on the facing as an executive tool.

A miter saw is a rather dangerous equipment, collecting it with your own hands, you need to take care of protective boxes and covers. After all, there are much more errors in the operation of home-made equipment than factory equipment.

Assembling a complex machine

There is an option with a more complex and heavy construction. She will definitely cope with cutting pipes. At the same time, a self-made installation does not require the use of a circular as a component of the machine. But for certain stages of work, it is better to have a circular on hand.

Depending on the components you choose, you can get a higher power machine. To assemble the machine with your own hands, you will need:

Electric motor with a power of about 900 W. If you have to cut pipes regularly, you can choose a more powerful electric motor;
Metal sheet;
Metal corners;
Hinge groups;
Angle Grinder;
Welding device;
Spring of impressive power.

When everything you need is assembled at the workplace, you can start assembling the miter saw with your own hands.

A homemade bed can be done by hand using adjustable supports, metal corners and bed racks.
A sheet of durable metal acts as a working surface. In this table-sheet you need to make holes and process them with a file.
To weld a pendulum rack for a future machine, use channels and a welding machine. The structure is installed on a metal sheet. Approximate rack height. 80 centimeters.
The support for the electric motor is made of a metal sheet in the form of a fixed plate. Be sure to install the stand on the hinges.
The stabilizer of the electric motor of the miter saw is a powerful spring. If you managed to find one, it is quite possible to refuse from belts and a swingarm.
Using the eyebolt, you can tension and adjust the belts. The pendulum can be made of metal to make the structure reliable, durable.
Select the disc of the required diameter with the operating tool. For domestic purposes, a saw blade with a diameter of 400-420 millimeters is usually sufficient.
Be sure to provide for the presence of protective covers, since the assembly of such a machine is accompanied by a certain degree of danger.

Choosing the option of assembling the machine with your own hands, and not buying a factory trimming machine, you need to understand that there will be a rather serious difference between them in quality, accuracy and error in processing wood, pipes, metal and other products.

Main selection criteria

power. Affects performance and speed of work. With its increase, the weight and cost of the tool grows. Household cutters consume less energy than professional cutters; disc size. The depth and speed of the cut depends on it. Also find out if there are removable discs on the free sale for the selected tool model; cutting parameters. Angle, width and depth. The saw should cut the workpieces at the angle required for your purposes, preferably in both directions. The manufacturer also indicates the maximum depth of cut when working at an angle of 45 and 90 degrees to the surface. The function of limiting the cutting depth is important. It is used when grooving and processing workpieces by thickness; Setting the angle of the presence of a broach horizontally. Allows you to increase the kerf width by moving the cutting part in the horizontal plane. A wide enough workpiece can be cut in one pass. Affects the cleanliness of the cut and makes it possible to work with hard materials. The number of revolutions from 4000 and more is a very good indicator. Engine type: collector. It is necessary to check the armature regularly, but such a motor has more torque; asynchronous. Quieter and longer; transmission type: cogged. No slippage under heavy loads; belt-operated. It makes less noise and dampens vibration, but the belt breaks more often than the teeth of the gears wear out; straight. There is no gearbox, fewer rubbing parts, but lower torque; swing system design. It should: have clamps for frequently used corners and clamps; pivot at different angles. Specify the angles; adjust without backlash; Swivel system with a safety clamp. The miter saw must have components that ensure safe use: a system that automatically closes the working disc with a protective cover when lowering onto the workpiece; Protective shroud for the splitting knife. Protects against disc seizure; soft start. The engine gradually picks up speed, you need to let it accelerate and wait a few seconds. Without this option, exceeding inrush currents knocks out the automatic switches and quickly destroys the tool motor and gearbox; electrodynamic brake. It stops the working disc quickly and smoothly; blocking accidental activation with a latch that prevents the shaft from rotating. Convenient when replacing discs; bag-shaped dust collector. Attached to a special pipe. You can connect a vacuum cleaner to it.

Installing the soft starter in the Metabo KGS 254 M miter saw

28 Replies to “Installing the soft starter in the Metabo KGS 254 M Miter Saw”

Could you show in more detail how to connect this block. there are several wires coming out of the engine and I can’t figure out which way ?

Could you show in more detail how to connect this block. several wires come out of the engine and I can’t figure out which way ?

There is a top view in the second minute. You can see everything there. take a freeze frame and everything will become clear to you.

Hello, it is not clear what the environment is connected to. Black wire, please tell me

but how to choose a soft start block, for example, for a 1600w end saw!?

This unit is suitable up to 2500, I have a saw for 1800 watts, so there is enough stock)))

Vadim Plotnikov means fit?

The warranty after installing the soft starter will fly?

Sergey Zhuk I think yes. I don’t really hope for a guarantee. after a month

two get out all the problems. then you just don’t need to rape her hard.

It has been working for six months already. But it was not with me. I’ve been with me for a month. There are a couple of points. 1. When I put a workpiece 50 mm by 20 mm on the end of 20 mm. then a cut at 90 degrees of some kind of curve and there are semicircles at the places of the cut. When the workpiece lies on it, the cut is clean. It seems to hold 45 corners. 2. In a wide workpiece, when sawing at 45 degrees, a small arc appears, as if inside the workpiece. The disc is native

change disc, buy something good. smt or freud, etc. but pay attention to the number of teeth and for which saw they are designed. do not throw out the old one, it will come in handy to cut wood. I have already sharpened it twice)))

CMT stands like a trimming floor.

Yes, but you will be using it for a long time, and this diameter will suit you even in a table saw.

I was told, and there is a video, where they say that after installing the soft starter, you cannot use the laser and backlight.?

Sergei beetle don’t listen to anyone. I’m fine. I inserted it into the chain between the motor and the start button. And those who say that you cannot use it mean that if such a unit is placed in front of the saw, then when the light or laser is started, the unit will start up full current and there will be no smooth start

I forgot to write that in front of the saw. I have a drink under warranty. Then everything is correct. I’ll put it in front of the saw, I’ll shine a lamp.

Sergey Zhuk this is your only way out for today.

Repair of the illumination of the Metabo KGS 254 M miter saw
Link? V = mS6ZcZokXW4

Ah. be sure to screw this block into the saw body. Wouldn’t it be easier to equip an extension cord with this block.? And connect an electric tool through this extension cord. Do not?

Alexander Sprutov no. You need a backlight and a laser, if you turn it on, the soft start will not work.

My laser is shitty (weak), I started to change or cheto can be done

Andrey Nikolaevich, I think it’s worth checking it and replacing it. As far as I know, they are not being repaired

NiceTool, thanks, I’ll try to replace how to get it.
For modernization, a separate SPS