Installing A Cutting Disc On A Patriot Trimmer

lawn mowing, or trimmer. a tool without which it is difficult to do in the public utilities and on a personal plot. Lightweight, convenient, mobile. a loyal assistant in cutting grass and shrubs, in the destruction of weeds. This article will provide the reader with a rating of the best gasoline lawn mowers.

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No. 1. Stiga SB 250 D

Installing A Cutting Disc On A Patriot Trimmer

The leader among lawn mowers is the Swedish company Stig, which has long and very successfully been providing garden equipment to world markets. In the kit, the beloved Stiga SB 250 D model has both a fishing line and a steel knife for cutting not only fresh or dry grass, but also weeds, shrubs and even a young undergrowth. the power of a two-stroke engine is enough for such work.

A convenient bicycle handle and a belt are attached to the straight bar, which removes part of the load from the spine of a working person. An anti-vibration system and an easy start are provided. Today it is the best petrol lawn mowing, judging by the rating among users. Very attractive and catchy yellow-black brand design, American assembly.

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No. 2. a lawn-mow on MANNER 411MA gasoline

The rating of gas mowing gasoline continues the German-Chinese company Manner and its most popular model MANNER 411MA. As with all high-quality units, the handle is comfortable. a bicycle, and cutting tools are represented not only by fishing line, but also by a knife. quite thick and with three blades.

No. 3. Hitachi CG27EAS-NB

The Japanese and their best petrol lawn mowers today in third place. The Hitachi CG27EAS-NB is equipped with a dual bicycle handle for more precise tool control. There is a three-point suspension, which makes it possible to fix it most conveniently on the operator in order to reduce the load on the spine.

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The protective cover made of plastic does not allow the release of grass on a working person. The indisputable advantage of this model is the ability to work both on the right and on the left side, that is, both right-handed and left-handed people can easily cope with a lawn mowing.

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No. 4. a lawn mower called HERZ BC-28

The German company Herz continues the rating of the best gasoline lawn mowers on the market of garden equipment. HERZ BC-28 lawn mowers include all the best from this segment of tools: a bicycle handle. the most convenient to use, a knife in the kit. for cutting very thick or hard grass, a shoulder strap for operator convenience and weight reduction. The model is optimal for mowing a small lawn and care for the adjacent territory.

No. 5. HUTER GGT-800T

A relatively inexpensive lawn mower from the German manufacturer Huter. HUTER GGT-800T. The standard bicycle handle makes it possible to work in different positions, the set includes a fishing line and a knife, the tool copes with hard herbs and even raspberry thickets, has a nice design.

No. 6. Husqvarna 128R

The Swedish Husqvarna does not leave the rating of the best gasoline lawn mowers. The Husqvarna 128R model weighs only 5 kg, and they are not palpable by the operator thanks to the suspension, which fastens comfortably like backpack straps on both shoulders. Haircut is made by fishing line, installation of a cutting disc is also possible. The plastic shield is attached at hips.

The handle is a bicycle type, but asymmetrical and can be moved around the bar to fit a specific operator. To prevent a person from accidentally touching hot parts, the muffler is covered by a casing. On the carburetor cover, the manufacturer pasted instructions in pictures showing the sequence of starting a cold engine. for especially forgetful users.

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No. 7. Patriot PT 2540 gasoline lawn mower

It should be noted American-Russian-Canadian brand Patriot. The Patriot PT 2540 trimmer is the best gasoline lawn mower of this manufacturer, which is in demand among the Russian user because of its cheapness and ease of handling. Has a bent folding bar. For work on a small suburban area. ideal.

Of course, the presented rating of gasoline lawn mowing is not a final and undeniable option. The assortment is constantly expanding, models are being improved, and in the future, the preferences of customers may also change.

Video about the secrets of choosing gasoline lawn mowers

In this video, the host will tell you what elements and details of the lawn mowers should you pay attention to, choosing the model that is ideal for your case: