Installing an oil pressure sensor on a diesel single axle tractor

How to disconnect the oil pressure gauge on a power tiller

Oil level sensor for Lifan engines in single axle tractors. Suitable for engines Lifan 160F, Lifan 168F, Lifan 168F-2, Lifan 170F, Lifan 173F, Lifan 177F, Lifan 182F, Lifan 190F, as well as the engines Greenfield, Lianlong, Agromotor, Honda GX, and many others of similar design.

oil level sensor on a power tiller ensures the impossibility to start the engine if there is no engine oil in the crankcase (on dry run), or its insufficient level, thereby the sensor allows to avoid engine failure in consequence of oil starvation.

In industrial plants of all kinds and in cars of all brands (Audi. BMW. Renault Megane. renault megane, Opel Zafira, BMW, Mercedes w202, mitsubishi, Toyota, Citroen, Honda Accord, vw Passat b5, Passat b5 and bora, Hyundai Porter, Yamaha, and many others), are used oil level sensors to monitor the engines, we suggest you consider their location, and principle of operation.

Theoretical concepts of level sensors

Oil level gauges can range from a simple, float-type oil level indicator in the complex, to devices equipped with a laser indicator or with the presence of an alarm.

The mechanical sensor is the simplest and most widely used display device. The principle of operation of magnetic, mechanical, cable or other level switches, which have a float type of operation, involves opening or closing a mechanical switch, either through direct contact with a switch or a magnetic mechanism.

Mechanical oil level sensors

With magnetic actuated float probes, switching occurs when the permanent magnet is inside the float, it rises or falls to the actuation level. With mechanical float actuation, the switching action is the result of movement of the float against a miniature (micro) switch. The choice of float material also depends on temperature changes in density and viscosity; such changes directly affect buoyancy.

Do not use float style sensors in very viscous (too greasy) oils, and in environments that tend to form a film or slag, heavily contaminated oils. The technologies listed below are used for these areas.

oil level gauge in your car

Regulators with this design are used in a variety of applications. For example, in measuring the level of water-oil liquids. You can use a double float, with one side equipped with a special weight to match the specific weight of the oil and the other side with the weight of the water. Another special application of the float meter is the installation of temperature, oil level or pressure sensors to create a sensor with several parameters. Magnetic sensors are very popular because of their low cost and ease of use.

Specifications Weima WM178FS Diesel Engine (6 L).с. gearbox 1800 rpm)

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Diesel single-axle tractor Kentavr MB 1080D mill from the factory

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Free delivery home MB 1080DE ☎ 097 831 19 59 ☎ 095 721 81 32 Without prepayment. By address. New Post. Manufacturer’s warranty 24 months.- Techsupport 5/7 from 9-00 to 18-00 Select equipment tel:

The main advantages of the motor-block Kentavr MB 1080DE:

  • Rugged 8L diesel engine. с. Effective water cooling system.
  • Engine frame mounts on 5 bolts.
  • Multistage air filter with transparent cyclone.
  • Gearshift transmission (31)×2 with easy-to-operate shifting pattern.
  • Three drive belts on the main gear. Metal guard on the idler pulley.
  • Additional outlet on the drive pulley to connect the working elements of the attached equipment.
  • Two-disc normally closed clutch by locking system when engaged.
  • Transmission of torque to wheels via gearbox.
  • Ability to disengage clutch on each wheel separately for turning.
  • Transverse PTO at the side of the gearbox, oil pressure gauge “mushroom”.
  • Three-point handlebar mounting, metal crossbar increases handlebar stiffness, rubber non-slip grips.
  • Fitted with direct-drive gear-driven tiller.
  • Fuel tank has a sealed lid, a filter screen with maximum fuel level marking, and an outlet filter.
  • Fuel filter with stopcock, paper element and robust metal bulb.
  • Universal reinforced trailed implement, steel bushings on trailed implement.
  • Cast iron crankcase and covers, front bumper with carrying handle, folding front support.
  • Pneumatic transport wheels 6.00-12 “herringbone”, steplessly adjustable track in the range of 700-900 mm.
  • Solid (not welded) clutch lever, springs on steering levers, metal throttle lever.
  • 12-volt electrical generator, bright headlight, front reflectors.
  • Muffler guard against possible burns, high removable cover for stowage compartment.

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How to choose an engine on a single axle tractor

single axle tractor. universal type of garden equipment. Most components, including power units, can be replaced if they fail or the operating conditions change. Online stores and retail outlets offer dozens of engine models for power tillers and power tillers. Buying a random motor is unacceptable. Compatibility parameters and the type of tasks to be performed by the equipment are decisive.

Compatibility of engines and power tillers

Let’s outline the aspects that need to be considered when selecting an internal combustion engine (ICE) for a power tiller or cultivator:

  • Constructive compatibility with nodes and units of the device: you need to take into account the overall dimensions of the machine, design features of the transmission and chassis;
  • specifics and number of attachments;
  • operating conditions (summer only, year-round use);
  • the variety of work performed and the estimated number of motor-hours.

The following must be taken into consideration when selecting your power tool. Continuous use at high engine speeds increases fuel consumption and reduces the engine’s service life.

Engine manufacturers for garden equipment

There are dozens of manufacturers in our catalog, here are brief descriptions of the most popular and demanded among consumers brands:

    : brand country. Netherlands. This manufacturer offers for purchase gasoline engines in the power range of 6.5-16 liters.с. Working volume range 196-420 cm³. Designed to use AI-92 and AI-95 fuels. On the most powerful models, the hourly fuel consumption does not exceed 2.5 liters a Chinese company, which produces copies of Honda engines under license. In the sale of ICE up to 20 liters.с. Weima engines come with different output shafts. for dowel, spline or taper. Also, for power units of this brand are available in different types of drives: direct or belt drive, gas, diesel and gasoline engines for power tillers from the Ukrainian manufacturer. Power limit of gas models.13 л.s; gasoline. 15 л.s; diesel. 24 л.с. “The centaurs are designed for ruggedness and economy. Also this manufacturer has one of the widest model line. Manufacturer offers several gasoline and diesel units designed for installation on motor blocks. Range 7-10 liters.с. Belarus company offers the most favorable solutions in the budget aspect and inexpensive models. Range of diesel and gasoline engines from the Chinese manufacturer. Choice of units with water or air cooling, suitable for installation on a motor tractor, single axle tractor and cultivator. Power range: 7-18 hp.The 7 to 18 litre horsepower range is trusted by the manufacturer thanks to its wide range of powerful and reliable power packs for various applications (power tillers, cultivators, motor pumps, generators). Equipped with an air filter, some models have an oil bath filter. This effectively protects the engine from dust. The brand offers affordable gasoline and diesel engines with different types of shafts (keyed, splined) with horizontal or vertical crankshaft, lower or upper position of the valves. Power range 2.5-13 hp.с.
pressure, sensor, diesel, single, axle, tractor

If you are limited in the budget, feel free to choose Chinese engines as a replacement. Chinese brands have already overtaken Ukrainian, Russian and Belarusian brands in popularity. Low cost, high reliability and quality of assembling, excellent performance in our climatic conditions explain the reason of the growing demand for “the Chinese. There is a large selection of available spare parts on the market and in case of a breakdown there will be no problems with repair. Original products are certified in Ukraine and delivered to customers with manufacturer’s warranty for up to 2 years.

Engine selection according to characteristics

If a large amount of work is expected and a significant depletion of motor resources, it is better to opt for a diesel unit. The diesel engine is also recommended when there are a lot of attachments. Pay attention to professional models with a large reserve of motor-hours.

In other cases, you can get by with gasoline engines.

For those who prefer to assemble a single-axle tractor on their own, an engine with a gearbox is ideal.

When selecting power, the area to be cultivated and the type of soil are taken into account. We do not recommend exceeding the load limit for low-power motors, it is fraught with rapid wear of parts and components, and breakdown of all equipment.

  • Light motor blocks for work on the area of 15-25 hectares are equipped with a motor up to 7 liters.с.
  • Power tractors up to 9 liters are used for tillage of areas up to 1 hectare.с.
  • The larger areas can be served by professional quality power tillers, from 9 liters.с. and above.

The old motor can be replaced with a new motor of the same power or can be selected from the table:

Area Power, l.с.
up to 15 hectares 3-6
up to 50 hectares 5-7
up to 1 ha 6-9
1-2 ha 9-12
1-3 hectares 12 and up

If a single-axle tractor is not designed to use attachments, and instead of the wheels are installed cutters, it is acceptable to limit the engine to 8 liters.s, but on the condition that the soil structure does not hamper the tiller’s blade travel. Consumers prefer powerful motors 16-20 liters.с., that can easily “pull” a wheel block equipped with additional equipment.

If several moto-hours are produced during one fieldwork session, it is better to give preference to a liquid-cooled power unit. If field work does not require a significant motoresource and pass in basic mode, it is acceptable to be limited to more budget versions with forced air cooling.

Top gasoline engines

Sadko GE-200 PRO. Improved version of the popular GE-200. Professional assembly 2000 hour moto life, 3.6 l tank. 4-stroke single-cylinder engine with a keyed shaft. Automatic oil level sensor that is triggered when the level reaches critical levels. Started by hand starter.

Bulat BW192F-S. powerful Honda counterpart for 18 liters.с. Keyed shaft, 25 mm. High capacity gas tank of 6.5 liters. Equipped with oil level gauge and air cooling system. Other manufacturer’s model, BW170F-S/20, 7 hp. 20 mm dowel rod.

Belarus 177F. 9 л.With 6-litre capacity tank, air-cooled, keyed shaft.

Belarus 170F. universal engine 7,5 liters.с. on a single-axle tractor, cultivator, electric generator, motor pump and garden equipment. Equipped with oil-type air filter, output shaft under the key 19 mm, tank volume 4,5 liters.

Centaur DVZ-210B. Reliable engine with 7.5 litres capacity.с., with low fuel consumption and tank volume of 3.6 liters. Equipped with a horizontal shaft under the key, and an air filter in an oil bath. Compact unit with compact size and free hand starter.

Weima WM170F-S. 4-stroke single-cylinder engine, overhead valves, keyed shaft. Compact and lightweight model with 7 liters of power. с. and 3.6 liter tank volume. Economical choice for long life.

The second model from Weima WM190F-S with 16 litres.с. and shaft under the key 25 mm. Equipped with low oil level protection sensors and automatic speed regulation depending on the load level. Cooling system. air. Operates excellently in tough conditions.

Iron Angel Favorite 212-T. Perfect assembly, produced under Honda license, same as GX 210 motor. Single-cylinder, air-cooled 7.5 HP model. Shaft slotted to 20 mm. Oil level protection, easy to start with the manual starter. Manufacturer’s warranty. 2 years.

Top of the line diesel engines

Weima WM178FE. 6 liter single-cylinder four-stroke engine.s, shaft. spline 25 mm. Reliable, high-performance motor with air cooling system. Able to withstand heavy loads and continuous operation at maximum speed of 3,600 rpm. Fuel tank capacity of 5,5 l, diesel consumption at maximum load is 285 g/kWh. Either with manual or electric starter. Robust and user-friendly model. Equipped with oil level gauge. Fitted on small tractors, tillers, snow blowers, snow blowers, cars and trucks.

The more powerful Weima model. WM188FE 12-liter.с. A semi-professional engine for garden equipment and a displacement of 438 cm3. Increased tank capacity (6.5 l) and reduced fuel consumption (274 g/kWh). Starting system. Manual/electric starter. The system is protected from overheating by forced air cooling and an automatic oil level sensor, and works reliably in dusty environments thanks to an air sump filter. Withstands high and continuous loads without interruption.

What is an oil sensor

The oil pressure in the system is ensured by the engine and all mechanisms of the vehicle. It is the oil sensor that circulates the lubricating elements and keeps them in contact with all the parts that work to ensure complete lubrication. The oil level is usually determined by the dipstick, but the pressure can be checked by gauges. The quality of pressure control in the system will depend on the error-free operation of these devices. If they break down, the driver loses the opportunity to check the oil condition and therefore the quality of lubrication of all important mechanisms.

Subsequently, it is fraught with problems with the functioning of individual units in the car, including their failure. That is why timely replacement of faulty alarms is one of the priority tasks.

So, the lubrication system performs many important functions:

  • protection of the engine and its separate elements;
  • prevention of corrosion;
  • cooling of the engine surfaces;
  • cleaning of friction zones from combustion products and mechanism operation (from carbon deposits, soot, small metal chips and the like);
  • participation in the gas distribution, regulated in the hydraulic tensioners and hydro-compensators.

Both overpressure and underpressure have a negative effect on the engine, in both cases forcing the driver to check many vehicle components. Excessive pressure leads to such problems as:

  • increased oil consumption;
  • Seal integrity is compromised;
  • Problems with idle speed regulator;
  • failure of an air sensor in the system;
  • destruction of piston skirts;
  • engine malfunctions with typical knocking noises in the valve trains and compensators.

Low pressure indicates insufficient lubricating substance in the engine, which may cause failure of crankshaft and other important components.

How to check the oil sensor: Advice from the experts

The easiest way to check is to use a built-in sensor. These devices can be:

Most drivers use an alarm, usually in the form of an illuminated oil can icon on the dashboard. It shows only two states of the oil system: normal oil pressure and no pressure. This device signals only a critical drop in pressure in the lubrication system, allowing you to avoid only the most serious problems. For example, it alerts you to a breakdown that will happen in the coming hours or days if you don’t check the pressure and adjust it to normal.

The principle of operation is based on a diaphragm mechanism. When the ignition is turned on but the engine has not been started, the oil pump is also not running and the sensor contacts are in the closed position. Indicator light illuminates. as soon as the engine is started, the oil pressure increases by flexing the diaphragm and acting on the pusher, which in turn opens the contacts in the circuit. the light goes out, indicating that the pressure is normal. Once the pressure drops to a critical value, the diaphragm returns to its original position, closing the circuit and causing the indicator light to illuminate.

Additional sensors, more complex in design, are used to continuously and accurately monitor the lubrication system. It has a dial plate which shows the exact current pressure in the oil system. This makes it possible to check the oil system continuously, thus extending engine life to the maximum.

Such indicators come in two types:

Mostly used by owners of older cars. These gauges consist of a body, pusher, diaphragm, slider, and a nichrome coil. In addition to these elements, there are additional small parts that force the instrument to show incorrect data when these parts fail. In operating mode the position of the pointer is determined by the slide on the plate with the nichrome coil. When there is pressure, the diaphragm flexes and acts on the pusher, which transmits the pressure to the resistance change mechanism. The final pressure information can be checked on the dial with an arrow indicator.

Used in modern vehicles. Converts the mechanical effort into an electrical signal which is then processed by the onboard computer system.

This type of alarm is less prone to breakdowns than a mechanical one, because its structure is much simpler. It consists of a housing, a diaphragm, a pusher, and contacts connected to the mains, into which the built-in oil pressure switch is also included.

The principle is the same. when the engine is switched off, the membrane is in a “relaxed” position and the circuit is closed. When the ignition is turned on, the alarm indicator light will be on. starting the engine generates pressure in the oil system, which stretches the diaphragm and opens the contacts in the circuit with the pusher. When the pressure drops, the diaphragm straightens again, the contacts close, the indicator lights up, signaling to the driver a fault in the oil system. a lamp also lights up in the event of a malfunction in the gauge itself, giving reason to check it.

The changes in the indicators in the additional sensors are as follows. the pressure of the lubricating oil deforms the diaphragm while pushing the slider along the resistor with the nichrome winding. There is a resistance change in the circuit and the gauge will respond accordingly. Depending on the amount of change in resistance, it will indicate the current oil pressure.

Some automakers equip cars with two types of devices simultaneously. in case one of them fails.

How to check if the oil pressure sensor works

In normal mode, the pressure gauge warning light should come on when you turn the ignition on, and go off after you start the engine.

pressure, sensor, diesel, single, axle, tractor
  • If the light does not come on after you turn the ignition on, you need to check the sensor. most likely it is defective.
  • The indicator stays on after you start the engine. most likely the oil in the system has overheated. In order to check this, you need to depress the gas pedal pedal. If the light goes out, there is nothing wrong with the grease.
  • When the icon remains illuminated while accelerating and during driving. it is a signal of either a dangerous drop in pressure in the oil system, or a fault in the electrical wiring, or the sensor itself is defective. You need to check each of these assemblies.

Signs of sensor failure and its diagnosis will depend on the type of device.

Before you check the oil pressure gauge you need to prepare the pump and the multimeter. It is advisable to have a pumping device complete with pressure gauge. Set the multimeter to open circuit test mode. The device to be checked is disconnected from the car and connected to the pump, the multimeter should also be connected to it.

The best way to check the pressure being applied to the pump is to use a pressure gauge. Monitoring is necessary, since at excessive pressure there is a risk of putting the electronic alarm device out of operation. After connecting all the diagnostic elements to each other, check that the dial indicator is at zero on the dial.

The next step is to apply the minimum pressure to the device through the pump, when the diaphragm will act on the pusher and will open the circuit. this can be seen by the deflection of the arrow in the direction of increasing. Then apply the maximum allowable pressure to the sensor, checking the pressure gauge on the pump, and thus verify the correct reading on the gauge at the maximum pressure.

Diagnosing a mechanical device is like checking an electronic model. The mechanical detector can be tested by using a pump with a manometer and a piece of rubber hose. The unit to be checked, with the pointer, is disconnected from the vehicle and connected to the pump by a hose. It is important to make sure the connection is hermetically sealed. A certain pressure is then applied which is recorded on the manometer and sensor. In addition to the pressure, it is necessary to check and fix the resistance.

This should be repeated at varying pressures. the results are compared with a table of ideal values which is usually enclosed in the service manual of the vehicle. If the table is not in the documentation, it is available on the Internet for your vehicle make.

Cultivators and power tillers: Kentavr MB1080DE (single axle tractor)

Structurally, the models of water-cooled Kentavr diesel power tillers are almost the same, the difference. Their engines are available in 8, 10 and 12 liter capacities. с.) and how to start them.

Models with index “D” have only manual engine start. Models with the index “DE” are equipped with an electric starter, which greatly simplifies starting, especially at low ambient temperatures. In addition to the electric starter, the electrical equipment includes a battery, ignition switch, ammeter, and ground switch. The power unit is mounted in a robust metal box mounted on the handlebar of the power tiller.

Scooters with manual start can be independently re-equipped and installed on their electric starter. However, this operation requires not only additional financial investments for the purchase of components, in particular for the replacement of the flywheel, but also sufficient technical qualification of the installer, since a partial disassembly of the power tiller is required.

The main advantages of the model Kentavr MB1080DE (single axle tractor):

  • Robust 8L diesel engine. с. Equipped with electric starter Efficient water cooling system.
  • 5-bolt engine frame mounts.
  • Multistage air filter with transparent cyclone.
  • Three drive belts on main gear. Metal cover on the idler pulley.
  • Digital voltmeter on battery box.
  • Rubberized control rods for wheel clutches, hand throttle and clutch.
  • Additional stud on frame for tension adjustment of drive belts.
  • Soft rubber non-slip handles. Three-point handlebar mounting. Metal crossbar for increased handlebar stiffness.
  • Shift transmission with easy to operate gearshift pattern (31)×2.
  • Auxiliary output on drive pulley for the connection of implements.
  • Double-clutched, normally closed clutch with latching system when engaged.
  • Transmitting torque to the wheels with a gearbox.
  • Possibility to disengage clutch on each wheel separately for turning.
  • Transverse PTO at the side of the gearbox. Mushroom oil pressure gauge.
  • Possibility to mount a direct-drive mounted tiller.
  • Universal heavy-duty tractor with steel bushings.
  • Fuel tank has a sealed lid, maximum fuel level labeled filter grid and outlet filter.
  • Fuel filter with stopcock, paper filter element and robust metal flask.
  • Protective muffler guard against accidental burns. High removable cover for easy access to spare parts.
  • Cast iron crankcase and covers. Front bumper with carrying handle. Tiltable front support.
  • Air transport wheels 6.6,00-12 herringbone wheels. Infinitely variable track width adjustment from 700-900 mm.
  • Solid (not welded) clutch lever. Metal “manual throttle” lever. The springs on the handlebars.
  • Electric generator 12 volt. bright front headlight. Front reflectors.

Features of the Centaur MB1080DE model:

  • The reliable gearbox with a simplified downshift and upshift;
  • double-disc clutch for more reliable and softer starting;
  • a four-strand pulley to ensure maximum torque transmission and reduce slippage of the V-belt transmission;
  • Increased track width. 740 mm;
  • smooth track adjustment, which allows you to adjust the single-axle tractor to different conditions of use (for different row spacing of crops);
  • cast-iron crankcase cover;
  • five-point frame fastening;
  • a metal sump for fuel;
  • Reinforced peorized radiator grille;
  • comfortable and soft handlebar grips;
  • extended zip.

Characteristics single-axle tractor Centaur MB1080DE (single-axle tractor)