Is it possible to cut a mirror with an angle grinder?

Can I cut a mirror with an angle grinder

How long to wait for drying? In normal conditions, you need to wait 4-8 hours, and you can run to mount wallpaper.

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Under the watery wallpaper in the main are used the following primers: Acrylic. the most balanced option. It is characterized by easy application, quick drying, even coating. Deep penetrating. perfectly absorbs into the substrate, after drying it forms a strong moisture-proof film.

Where to use the angle grinder

I got a little distracted from what I wanted to write. What you can and cannot cut with an angle grinder. And what else you can use an angle grinder (angle grinder) for.

Angle grinders are used for cutting and processing hard materials, as well as for grinding and polishing surfaces. Special attachments are used for this. Few people know that there are bits for grinders, with which you can cut round holes, for example in ceramic tile.

In finishing and repair of apartments, most often used angle grinder for cutting materials. Also, it’s a great tool for sharpening drill bits or other cutting or cutting tools like axes, knives, and chisels.

How to cut a mirror without a glass cutter

Surrounding mirrors: in the car, bathroom or lady’s cosmetic bag, they are regular glass with a layer of metal on the back surface. Cutting glass with a mirror coating, practically does not differ from the usual glass and can be done with a regular glass cutter or by the methods given above. When you don’t have a special tool at hand, the most effective cutting tool is a file or a diamond disk. Let’s consider in detail how to cut a mirror at home without a glass cutter, using improvised means.

First of all it is necessary to prepare a work surface: wash, degrease and dry. The mirror should be clean, without stains and strong streaks. Otherwise, the trimmer line may be twisted and the bevel will be uneven. The working surface where the cut will be made must be flat and not very hard. You can put a thick cloth or a piece of linoleum on the table.

Having prepared the material and the workplace, mark on the mirror the line for the trimmer of the future cut. It is better to lead straight lines on a ruler or rail with a height of at least 5 mm. To prevent the limit stop from slipping, you can glue a strip of duct tape to its underside. Then we take a file, an angle grinder or other tool and make a cut on the marked line. A more detailed process of the different cutting methods is described above.

Cutting an aquarium in half with a angle grinder ��

When the cut is ready, it remains to chip the mirror in the right place. To do this, you can put a small object (match, pencil, nail) under the cutting trimmer line and press lightly on both sides. You can chip the glass on the edge of the table or gently tap it with a small metal object (a drill or a spoon) from underneath. If the glass does not break, you should not apply too much pressure. It’s best to make the second cut a couple of centimeters away from the first.

Well, let’s start another lesson on the Better Homes blog with a little commonplace truth. “a job can only be done well if a good tool is used”. Undoubtedly this truth is also true when cutting mirrors, and we’ll talk about it today. There are two types of glass cutters: diamond and roller, and you can cut the mirror at home with both. The diamond cutting part is a piece of technical diamond, and the roller cutting part is a wheel made of a special high-strength alloy.

Preparing the mirror surface

First, the entire surface of the mirror should be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed with a soda solution. If there are traces of stains, it is not bad to clean such areas with alcohol, otherwise the fishing line for the cut trimmer can “go” sideways, and the glass will be spoiled. The place on which the cut will occur, must be flat, so that the mirror will fit snugly over the entire surface. Besides it shouldn’t be hard. it is better to put some soft cloth on it. After that, the cutting line is marked.

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Then it is necessary to put a ruler to the line, preferably a metal one. For greater accuracy it is necessary to prepare a ruler. To its ends (for example, with adhesive tape) two erasers (school eraser) are attached. This will raise the ruler slightly above the surface of the mirror. This method allows you to control the correct position of the cutting part of the glass cutter and ensures that the glass cutter does not jump off this line on the ruler.

Cutting the glass

It is clear that the cutting element must be placed strictly on the marked line and perpendicular to the surface of the mirror. With a little pressure to the glass, it is led towards “yourself”. You should not hurry. The pressure and movement of the glass cutter must be regular and steady. If everything is done correctly, you can hear the sound of the cut glass, it cannot be confused. Creaking indicates either the tool is unsuitable, or the wrong position, too much pressure. If cut correctly, a thin white line for the trimmer will remain on the surface of the mirror.

When the line for the cut trimmer is ready, the mirror lies on the edge of the surface (table, workbench, stool). Place it so that the line for the trimmer just over the edge. After that, holding the mirror with one hand, you need to press down a little with the other. the cut part has to come off. If this does not work, then a small hammer should be tapped from the bottom of the line, moving the hammer from the far end of the line towards yourself. After that, if the piece does not come off, the cutting process should be repeated.

If possible, it is better to buy a diamond glass cutter. it cuts better, and its life is longer. When using it, you should be guided by the marks, as it has two corners: an acute one and an obtuse one.

It is best to use safety glasses when cutting the glass. If you do not have them, you should not tilt your head too low to avoid hitting your eyes with shards of glass.

See more details about the process of cutting the mirror on

It means this: A cable duct with electricity suddenly went through the kitchen cabinets with glass shelves. Now, in order to save the said glass shelves, it is necessary to cut a corner in them, or (better) saw a rectangle in the corner.

Already, one might say, has brought an angle grinder with a diamond disk over these glass shelves.

What are the points about it or can you tell me what to do?

Or maybe you should try it with a glass cutter first? Or with a burr on a drill with water? There’s a lot of dust from an angle grinder, and there’s glass, so don’t worry about spitting blood for a couple of months? And if the glass breaks from the angle grinder it will be just a fragmentation grenade

Here, in fact, this development is what I fear. like you’re gonna have to cut in a absorbent cotton jacket. and dust.

No, seriously, they haven’t invented anything better yet, and the dust will wear off.

There is such a thing. a tungsten wire for a hacksaw (you can use a hacksaw for metal). Designed for cutting tiles, ceramics and glass.

I sliced tiles myself, but on the glass did not try. but it should be anyhow better than the angle grinder, it seems to me. And if it works, there won’t be any problem to cut a notch of any shape.

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(And on tile drill bits write that you can drill glass.)

Need to cut drywall or polycarbonate? Do it very carefully to avoid chipping and tearing the material. You need precision if you have to cut a glass mosaic. For example, if you cut extra parts from a glued arch, glue the cut and the cut part with masking tape or construction tape. This minimizes the possibility of cracks and prevents the pieces from scattering on the floor after cutting.


As we said above, the range of applications for angle grinders is incredibly wide. It also acts as a great helper when cutting materials such as tiles or tile. But there is a logical question about the equipment: what is the best way to work with tiles? To do this type of work, you need to buy a diamond grinding wheel and tile clamp. You can hardly work with this material without dust, so take care of a protective mask beforehand.

Let’s take a closer look at the process itself and how to cut tile or tile without chipping.

  • The easiest way. Cut directly. Secure the tile so that its edge stays on the weight along the mowing line of the bevel and get to work.
  • The next method to note is the 45 45 cut. This method is more difficult than the first. First, cut the ceramic tile in a straight cut. Then, cutting the grinder’s disc, point it at an angle and remove the unwanted part. Next, sand the cut with sandpaper.
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How to properly cut a Bulgarian metal?

First, let’s talk about the dangers that await the craftsman when cutting metal with a grinder, viz:

  • Disc fragments, in the event of a tear;
  • Powerful flow of sparks and fine abrasive particles;
  • In some cases, the inability to hold the tool in your hands.

And now some recommendations for working with metal.

If you are inexperienced in this form, you should first practice additional detail. If you decide to change the cutting plane when the disc is inside the workpiece, it will immediately break.

Drives, especially expensive ones, need to be cooled in order to prolong their service life. This is done with water. It is necessary to water the place of the cut. It is preferable that you work with a Rattpeg, which will do all these extra manipulations.

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In addition, breaks of 5-7 minutes every 20-30 minutes of work will help increase the life of the equipment, as well as the tool itself. This rule is especially important when working with household chippers. This will protect your tool from overheating.

Also, don’t forget to press the grinder while you’re working, or it could fail due to overheating or disk damage. If you feel the operation is too slow, try replacing the disk.

Many experienced craftsmen say that cutting wood. It’s a sander. Our opinion: It is true that you can cut wood with a sander but it is extremely dangerous, inconvenient, slow and of poor quality. And here is why.

First, during operation, the disc of the mill gets very hot and becomes incredibly brittle. The slightest misalignment can cause the disc to rupture. You can learn the consequences of this situation from the pictures on the Internet.

Second, when working with a disc equipped with a winning solder, this solder can easily get under the skin. And that’s a straight shot to the hospital, because you can’t deliver them yourself, plus the whole thing is fraught with infection.

Third, when you use the disc on wood, your teeth may grab more wood than you expect, which in turn will lead to this. This crusher will just rip out of your hands. This is very dangerous!

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We hope we’ve made it clear why you can’t use angle grinders for woodworking, and you won’t even try.

But, as practice shows, many craftsmen at home resort to the help of a sander when processing such materials as particle board, particle board, laminate, OSB, board or plywood. This should be seen as accurately as possible and with all safety precautions. Otherwise, you can not only damage the material, but also get injured.

In order not to spoil the workpiece and make a quality smooth with the grinder, you will need to perform a number of preparatory steps, which we will talk about in this part of the article.

Which nozzles are suitable for working with wood

And yet, manufacturers produce several variants of accessories for the angle grinder, which are able to work with wood. These include:

All of them will help to solve small issues with sawing wood. However, masters are advised to work with a suitable device for this.

Cutter or chain saw

This option is quite expensive, but has in its structure a special mechanism that will prevent the tool from knocking out of the hands. It can be rotated when jamming the wood. It has a diameter of at least 23 cm.

Saw blade with a small number of teeth

This wheel is usually used for sawing aerated concrete blocks. Also suitable for wood. A special sticker is marked by the manufacturer. On it you can learn the maximum RPM and adjust the work of the device.

Made of tungsten carbide

A robust universal disc that copes with all materials and does not break out even at high speeds. The price is often “biting”.

Sanding accessories

The machine is designed for sanding, so there is no problem with the operation. Simply mount the sanding head and abrasive wheel. The grit size should be chosen accordingly.

Can I use an angle grinder to cut wood with a metal disc??

Often ask the question: “Can an angle grinder to saw wood with a disk on metal?”. Certainly can, but not recommended. The wood will simply begin to smoke, there will be an unpleasant smell. It is better to use dedicated discs for this.

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Increase the depth of cut gradually, don’t try to cut everything in one go. Never remove the protective cover! Wait for the disc to stop when you are finished. do not throw the “angle grinder” with the rotating disc. Do not grasp the tool immediately after stopping it, so as not to burn yourself.

Preparing glass and tools for cutting

The preparation process will depend on what kind of workpiece you will be using for cutting. If the product is new, it is enough to wipe it down with an old newspaper.

Glass that has already been used will be a bit tricky:

  • It should be thoroughly cleaned. A special glass cleaner is used for this purpose.
  • It needs to be degreased. Use kerosene for this.
  • Dry it indoors.

You also need to prepare the cut for cutting. When working with such material, it is impossible to avoid waste-free production. Especially if you planned to cut a shape of irregular shape. To minimize waste, it is necessary to make a blank and cut a figure according to it. The resulting cuttings do not need to be thrown away, they may be useful for creating other products.

For cutting you need to use special tools:

  • Diamond glass cutter. Glass cutter with beveled blade for home use. It can withstand up to 10 km of cuts. Glass cutter requires more frequent sharpening.
  • The roller glass cutter. It is an element that holds from 1 to 6 rollers, made of a durable cobalt-tungsten alloy.
  • Oiled glass cutter. Similar in structure to a roller tool, it differs in the container with oil. From the container the liquid is fed to the surface. The tool is ideal for working with thick glass.
  • Tools for cutting circles and ovals.

It is also possible to cut glass tiles with scissors.

Glass prep

Often, many people simply forget about this important point. But quality glass cutting with your own hands is impossible without its preliminary preparation. The new glass must be wiped down with a damp cloth. After it has dried, wipe with a dry.

Some experts recommend using newspaper instead of a cloth. It will not leave lint on the glass, which can interfere with the movement of the glass cutter.

Glass, already used, cut much worse and need more thorough preparation. They are washed with special detergents, and after drying degrease with turpentine or kerosene. In the process of drying it is necessary to avoid dust on the sheet.

Cutting glass with a grinder

How to safely cut wood with an angle grinder

If you need to dissolve the board into thin slats or cut a piece of plywood, with an angle grinder, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • Wood grinder should only be used with a special disk designed for sawing wood. Do not cut boards with an angle grinder, metal cutting wheel;
  • Need to keep a confident angle grinder in the hands and steady on his feet. Do not cut workpieces that are directly on the ground. Be sure to put something under them, so that there is space from below;
  • You cannot literally cut trees with an angle grinder. The wood is wet and the moisture only hinders the movement of the blade. That’s why at any moment the disc can get stuck in the wood and the angle grinder can be ripped out of your hands. I do not need to say, than all this can end;
  • It is better to use a small angle grinder for sawing wood. It is much easier to hold an angle grinder with a 125 mm wheel than with a 230 mm disc;
  • While sawing the wood the workpiece should be well pressed by a foot or firmly fixed in a vise.

Cut wood with the angle grinder should be slow and accurate, making sure all the time that the disc does not jam. Often when cutting boards and plywood, a lot of acrid smoke is released, so the place where sawing work is done should have good ventilation.

An angle grinder, even with a wood disc, cannot be used as an electric jigsaw. That is, if you need to dissolve a board or cut it, then you can do it. You should always remember that the angle grinder. it is a very dangerous tool, and it can easily break away from the hands when jammed disc. You should not neglect safety precautions.