Is it possible to cut the wood -fiber plate covered with glossy. Why do it?

How to cut a wood.fiber slab panel at home?

The easiest pvc cutting tool. But an unusual kitchen or boot, here you need only a molar knife.

His blade is still new, very thin and sharp. And when it is stupid, the blade can be replaced at the moment. Bite off part or inserting a new. An ordinary knife is inconvenient, it cannot be sharpened quickly. And also, he will not be so thin.

Molar knife is limited in capabilities. You can cut the panel only along. Of course, you can try to make a cut and across. But nothing good can work out of this.

How to cut panels along? Within the framework of the article, it is difficult to explain. However, the basic principle will be described.

The blade extends at a short distance of 3 mm.

On the back of the panel, select the place where the slot will be made.

possible, wood, fiber, plate, covered

Then we cut out the strip, from ribs to the rib (we are talking about the inner ribs of the panel). A slot is made near the rib, then a cut is made near the neighboring. We make cuts along the entire length.

A strip of plastic falls, the groove is formed.

Then, from the same back side, you need to make a shallow incision near the desired rib. And break the body on it.

The molar knife has advantages: speed, noiselessness and simplicity. And its disadvantages are that the panels can only be cut along.


This tool can be called the main. A jigsaw well has a minimum of shortcomings. You can cut the panels along and across. You can cut figures with ovals and other broken things.

The jigsaw has a feature. He tears the edge of the panel in places where it remains to cut very little. At this time, very often panels burst (especially in the cold).

Therefore, it is worth using a file with a minimum tooth. For ourselves, we chose a Bosch metal canvas with a tooth of 0.8 mm. This saw will protect you as much as possible from a torn section.

If the jigsaw works at high speeds, you can cut such a file very quickly. This saw for metal, from cutting plastic products, it does not stupid.

The main plus of the jigsaw is universality. Cut the PVC panels, you can both along and across. In any spatial position.

The downside of the jigsaw is weight, the presence of a wire. With an incorrectly selected canvas. torn cut.

There is one secret

When you have to harvest a lot of sticks, frame size. For example, it is necessary to cut off at once 20-30 pieces.

And so as not to cut one piece each time, but increase the speed. You can resort to one secret.

You will need clamps (bench presses) as in our photo. Take several at once, usually 5 pieces. Consider that they do not stick out a friend-drill and clamp them with bench presses. Two pieces on each side of the panel.

And saw calmly. In this way you can cut to 5 panels. You can cut off more, but the Bosch saw does not give such an opportunity.

You will expel the cutting process five times and make your work simpler.

How to cut the stove of a wood.fiber slab manually?

Also cut the wood.fiber plate can be hacksaw on metal. Such a tool cuts carefully and accurately, but very slowly. Therefore, they recommend using a hacksaw when you need to fit something. The corner grinder will cut the plate much faster.

A wood-fiber plate can be of various thicknesses, a thin stove is a wood-fiber slab (up to 3 mm thick) can be cut off with a knife, it is better to cut thicker plates with a saw. The requirement for hacksaws is not large teeth. You can use a hacksaw for metal (a suitable tenture of cutting will not tear the edge of the wood.fiber plate).

How to cut laminated wood.fiber slab?

You can cut an untreated wood.fiber plate on a conventional machine, however, a laminated slab requires a machine with an additional lower saw. This is especially important when sawing plates with a double.sided finish coating. The wood.fiber slab cut can be carried out at home using an electric or manual jigsaw.

  • Knife.hairedwood on wood. It is recommended to take a hacksaw with a small tooth so that the edge is even.
  • Scabble for metal. Cuts accurately and evenly but very slowly.
  • corner grinder. Cuts quickly and accurately but creates a lot of dust.
  • Electric. The same is a lot of dust but you can connect a vacuum cleaner. The best option.

How the wood.fiber slab is cut?

A wood-fiber plate can be of various thicknesses, a thin stove is a wood-fiber slab (up to 3 mm thick) can be cut off with a knife, it is better to cut thicker plates with a saw. The requirement for hacksaws is not large teeth. You can use a hacksaw for metal (a suitable tenture of cutting will not tear the edge of the wood.fiber plate).

You can use any tool (angular grinder, jigsaw of any variety, hacksaw, saw), but in order to get without chips and bully, it is better to use a disk saw or circular can try to use a hacksaw for metal (a suitable cutting of cutting will not tear the edge of the wood.fiber plate).

How to glue a apron in a kitchen made of wood.fiber plate on an angle?

Re: How to carefully make a plastic kitchen apron

Thin sheet plastic is perfectly cut with scissors, glued to a universal glue master. The surface of the drywall is smooth, leveling is not required and the plastic will stick well. Plastic panels are better to cut a corner grinder.

Is it possible to paint a film.fiber slab?

We are often asked the holders of kitchen furniture with a film facade. But is it possible to paint the film fabric slab plate into the wisdom of the film? Anyway, how can you paint the base of a wood.fiber plate with milling (that is, with a pattern) on which there is a layer of “thermonuclear” glue.

The best option for painting the facade of the kitchen at home is aerosol paint in spray cans, for example, acrylic or auto-Eamal due to its heat and moisture resistance. Aerosol acrylic paint is durable, not afraid of damage and has many shades.

How to paint the kitchen wood.fiber slab?

For painting stoves of wood.fiber slab, ordinary acrylic or oil paints can be used. Better in quality and more durable. alkyd compositions. The ideal option for the kitchen are polyurethane paints and, in your own polyurethane primer.

Decide which paint to paint furniture from wood-bearing plate. Special furniture varnishes and enamels are best suited for this purpose, but it does not have to be they. In principle, oil and alkyd enamels, including an aerosol, will be well on a properly prepared surface and oxyard.

Advantages of varnishing

The varnish can ruin the coating of the panels (corrodes it). However, with careful application, this method of decoration has a number of advantages:

  • Increasing the strength of wood and steering plates, wood-fiber plate gains resistance to mechanical load, the probability of damage during impacts decreases;
  • The resistance to temperature exposure increases, the wood-fiber plate does not lose its shape, when the value of this parameter increases, due to this, it becomes possible to put hot dishes on the surface of the wood and steering plates;
  • The varnish improves the external properties of panels, there are compositions that allow you to get a glossy surface, mother.of.pearl, matte and other types of materials;
  • Used to finish surfaces inside and out of the object;
  • The ability to maintain the original shape under the influence of moisture is preserved, the panels do not swell;
  • resistance to fungi;
  • protection against chemicals is ensured;
  • The lacquered surface is easily cleaned, partly due to an increase in the moisture resistance of the panels.

As a result, the service life of wood and combustion plates increases. It is permissible to install them even for operation in difficult conditions: under the influence of high temperatures, with an increase in humidity.

Staining process of wood.fiber panels

Before answering the question of how to paint the wood.fiber panel, you need to understand this product. The stove is wood.fiber slab, wall or facade, consists of several layers of compressed paper and sawdust laminated with a transparent or colored film on the front side. Most often, it is the upper layer that is subjected to damage and wear, so when planning to update the wood.fiber plate, you need to prepare the specified types of coatings.

In order to prepare the panels of the wood.fiber slab at home for painting, you will need:

  • Sandpaper to prepare the surface and remove gloss or varnish;
  • Solvent for degreasing the surface from the remains of glue and liquid;
  • Dry rag or other pile fabric.

These materials are necessary for pre.processing panels of the wood.fiber plate for painting and hiding cracks and scratches on the laminate.

All work should be carried out in accordance with the algorithm of actions. At the first stage, you need to grind the panel with grinding paper with a small fraction, this can be done manually or using a pneumatic tool. It is important to observe the technology of varnish, prevent the surface or the formation of large scs of the laminate. The wood.fiber surface is under a decorative film, so when clutching, you need to carefully monitor the thickness of the upper layer so as not to erase it through. After this procedure, the coating will cease to shine and will become rough, slightly bully.

Next, you need to clean all the cracks and chips from dirt and dust, as well as clean their edges. All irregularities, if necessary, are wiped with a special putty, which forms a single whole with the base of the panel, it also needs to be leveled with sandpaper.

After the surface is treated and leveled, it must be wiped with a dry cloth and degreased with a chemical solvent that will displace and evaporate all the water, dust and dirt remove.

At the next stage, the primed coating is carried out with special paint, it has a granular texture and can be applied with compressed air or a simple brush. It can be covered with a surface in several layers, with intermediate grinding, until the required smoothness reaches the required.

Next, the main paint is prepared, tinted and thoroughly mixed so that all the elements are mixed with each other. You can paint the wood-fiber plate with a paint panel by hand or a special pneumatic pistol, but this will require a compressor installation and moisture-separator. The composition is applied with smooth movements in two layers: the first. across the main direction, the second. along the entire length of the part. Thus, the formation of subtexts and influx of paint is prevented.

The final step will be the processing of the upper paper layer of the panel with a transparent varnish. This procedure is not mandatory, but after its surface, the surface of the wood.fiber plate of the product becomes glossy, its upper layer seems updated, and the appearance of the entire structure is restored.


This is a more expensive tool, but his choice is the best answer to the question of what is better to saw laminate. The jigsaw should be bought only if the volume of work is too large to cut everything manually or if you do not feel sorry for the money to purchase it.

  • Install a canvas with a reverse small tooth in a jigsaw. If the canvas comes with an expensive and high.quality tool, then you can use it, otherwise purchase it separately.
  • Draw a lamella.
  • In this case, the lamellas must be sawn, putting down the face down and fixed on a solid surface.

Than and how to cut wood.fiber slab?

A controversial question, everyone has their own opinion on this subject.

You can use any tool (angular grinder, jigsaw of any variety, hacksaw, saw), but to get without chips and bullets, it is better to use a disk saw or circular can try. If there is no such possibility, then I prefer an electric jigsaw, and a saw with small teeth to it, but the main thing is. Reliable emphasis. It’s hard to do it right without flaws at all. I did not do such a subtle work like you, with a wood.fiber slab, but you can use a jigsaw, and then still walk on top of a bar to trim everything.

And yet, I did not have to work, but I heard that there are special nozzles with the opposite direction of the teeth, they are developed like a laminated wood-bearing plate and wood-fiber slab.

And the best option. take material with dimensions (or already finished opening) and go to a point with special equipment, this service is not so expensive, the main thing is. deliver a sheet there, if there is no problem with this, then feel free to contact such a workshop

The wood.fiber slab is very convenient to handle the material, so it can be cut by any improvised tool, but if you want to get a very even cut of the cut immediately, without additional processing, then use manual disk saws. In particular, in the picture from below, you can see a disk mini-pilot, with which the worker cuts the panel. The cut is very even, and in the future it is enough to trim it a little with nulevka, sandpaper. To obtain a flat cut, the most important thing is to make a neat and correct markup. For marking, we use roulette, ruler, corner, level or laser leveling. Marking the fishing line for the trimmer of the cut, we put the sheet of the wood.fiber plate on the workbench, where there should be a space under the sheet to pass the cutting edge of the disc saw.

In the photo, the Makita disco is demonstrated even lower. This is a more powerful tool, and such a saw is suitable for both thicker material and for large volumes of work.

In principle, in some cases, when the issue of ease of work is decisive, you can use a special electric saw for plywood, and this is the third photo.

Yes, anything. Any woodworking tool designed for sawing: hand hacksaw (both on wood and metal), electro- or ordinary jigsaw, circular saw, milling mill.

Wood.fiber plate. the material is equivalent, so you can saw it the same in any direction. At the same time, its glossy surface, it is better to hold up so that it does not scratch and not (if the wood.fiber plate is covered with a film) lifted up with the working movement of the saw.

How to correctly cut the corners of the wood.fiber slab?

You can cut a wood.fiber slab with any cutting tool that is suitable for cutting wood. But an electrician with a file for metal or any other saw with a small tooth is best suited. Choosing the direction of suturing the wood.fiber plate, we measure and cut off the panel of the desired length. At the first panel, you need to saw off the spike along the entire length.

Tools and materials, if possible, it is best to cut a wood-cutting stove with a hand mill, using homemade guides. This method is not too convenient when cutting large sheets, because when working with this tool you need a table. In addition, with this method, you often have to change mills.

How to properly connect the panels of the wood.fiber slab?

The connection is carried out with the help of a spike and a groove, each of the panels of one side is pointed, and the opposite is bifurcated, thus, having instructed the tip into the groove, the prefabricated structure is obtained.

You can cut a wood.fiber slab with any cutting tool that is suitable for cutting wood. But an electrician with a file for metal or any other saw with a small tooth is best suited. Choosing the direction of suturing the wood.fiber plate, we measure and cut off the panel of the desired length.

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Answers to questions about the cut of laminated woody stove

In this section, we publish answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding the nuances of the cut of wood-brown plates (wood-bearing stove), the manufacture of parts and semi-finished products for furniture, with various decorative coating.

How to cut a wood-piece plate without chips at home?

There are several ways to avoid chips when cutting a leaf of a laminated woody boat:

1) For non.real details, it is enough to glue the masking tape on the back of the cut. it will hold the laminate. it will be smaller before the cut.

2) Put another piece of black woody plate under the part and cut both parts together, tightly pressed to each other. On this principle, the work of machine tools is based, cutting several sheets of laminated wood-based stove at the same time.

3) when cutting with a jigsaw, leave the allowance of about 3 mm (if the saw leaves chips more than 3 mm. most likely it is dumb). and polish it with a tape grinding machine called the “tank”. Also, this grinding machine will help to accurately adjust the details to the irregularities of the walls. This method is most often used by professional installers of furniture.

Why I Have C Clamps On My Saw Cutting Teeth

4) when cutting with a jigsaw, leave the allowance of about 3 mm. and finish it using a milling cutter. In the production, curved parts are made precisely by milling by, but it should be borne in mind that the laminate has very high hardness, and ordinary cutters will quickly dull, which, again, leads to chips on the surface of a laminated wood-based stove. It is better to use professional machines for sawing. Professional cut of the wood-based slab Read more

If you urgently need to make furniture. How quickly you can saw parts from wood-bruise?

We can make details according to your sketches on the day of circulation. You can pick them up after complete gluing the edge with the end of the wood-based part of the part. Otherwise, claims on the quality of the manufactured parts will not be accepted. Other parts of the furniture, for example, an aluminum profile for a cape doors can be sawed in one day.

Is it possible to make a wood-based plate part with Egger decor, which is not in the catalog on the website

We provide such a service. The customer’s wood-and-piece stove was cut (it is understood that the wood-brown slab is provided with you) is possible by prior agreement. However, the wood-based slab The kit reserves the right to refuse to provide services in case of inadequate quality. Also, the deadline for the execution of the service may be increased, during the period of high workload.

Coaling Panel Cooping

Before repair work, the sheets must be unpacked and left in the room for 1-2 days. Be sure to fold in such a way that there is free air access to the ends of the panel. When laying or finishing, this should be taken into account: do a few millimeters from each other around the perimeter.

The oehored wood panel is made for painting, finished with laminate, foil or veneer.

Is it possible to paint the oenpeed hdf panel?

Before you figure out how to paint the oenic sheets of the CDF, it is necessary to prepare the panel. Before painting work, you should install it in a horizontal position, treat it with a primer. Thanks to this, the main layer of paint will fall more evenly and will stay much longer. After the soil dries, you can apply paint.

How to paint the hdf panel?

It is better to give preference to a water or oil base paint. For a more bright color, experts recommend applying 2-3 layers. For work, it is recommended to use a spray gun or spray-painting.

Is it possible to cut a sheet of the oeinated XDF?

HDF is cut using a circulation saw in the production of HDF. Installation of grilles can be performed independently, since cutting the XDF panel and installed at home simply. Cutting is recommended on the front side.

Than to cut the HDF?

It will take a hacksaw (it is better if it has small teeth) or an electric jigsaw.

Is it possible to bend a sheet of the oeinated XDF?

It is not recommended to bend the oeiral Lit of HDF, as it can be tough enough and can burst when bending.

How to combine the oeinated panels from the CDF among themselves?

The oeinated panels are attached to the wall or other basis for the mounted frame. When combining the gratings, it should be left tolerance in width and length of 0.7%, in thickness. up to 15%, otherwise, with changes in the moisture content of the grate, they are deformed.