Is it possible to leave gasoline in a trimmer. Regular service

Storage of lawn mowers in winter. Conservation of motorcycles, benzotrimermer

Modern garden equipment is reliable assistants to the gardener and summer resident, allowing effectively, with the lowest loads and saving time to care for the garden or summer cottage. At the same time, she can let us down at the most inopportune moment, in the spring, when the “hot” days for the preparation, landing of planting material, garden chores, and spring grass grows rapidly and violently. This can be the fault of the improper storage of a lawn mower in winter, and a benzotrimer conservation is not fully performed for long.term storage. Consider the general advice on conservation of lawn mowers, motorcycles, benzotrimer for winter storage. These recommendations will be fair for preparing for long.term storage of any gasoline garden technique.

This question is in many aspects controversial. A considerable number of gardeners are of the opinion that branded garden equipment, when using high-quality fuel and lubricants, does not require preparation for winter storage. And in the spring, after the tops and pumping of gasoline or fuel mixture, without any problems will continue its work.

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At the same time, the conditions for storing garden equipment are completely different. Someone can afford to store it in a warm room, and someone will lie in the whole winter in a humid and frosty shed. And the concept of “high-quality fuel-lubricants” we have a rather vague.

My opinion is this if you can avoid moisture (dew) when storing a gasoline engine, then the conservation of cylinders and elements of garden equipment for the winter is not required. It will be enough just to drain and develop the remaining gasoline or fuel mixture. The appearance of moisture can be avoided in several ways: store the engine at room temperature, or ensure high.quality thermal insulation of the motor, for example, store in a dense box, upholstered in mineral wool.

Storage of lawn mowers in winter. goals and objectives.

Proper storage of the lawn mower in the winter consists of several preparatory stages. The main of them: Preparing the motor motorcycles for long.term storage in winter. It will prevent pressing the rings in the piston, relieve the consequences of the oil hardening, the condensation of moisture on the internal details of the motor with subsequent corrosion.

  • Clean the gasoline braid from dirt.
  • Pour gasoline or fuel mixture from garden technology and tighten the gas tank cover. I do not recommend, in the future, to use a merged mixture as a fuel for technology. How much can you store the fuel mixture for two.stroke engines read here.
  • We start a lawn mower and wait until at idle revolutions the remains of gasoline in a carburetor, primer and fuel supply are developed. There are not a few residues and the garden will not work for a long time, before stopping, the engine will slightly increase the speed, due to the depletion of the fuel mixture.

Motokosa conservation. engine cylinder processing.

  • Remove the oversight.
  • We unscrew the candle. Check the gap and its general condition.
  • Using the syringe, spray through the candle hole in the cylinder cavity 2-2.5 ml of oil, which is designed to manufacture the fuel mixture of your garden technology. You can use any anti.naking, anti.corrosion agent, ideally, a specialized tool for internal conservation of motor engineering engine.
  • Using a manual starter when the ignition is turned off several times, turn the piston.
  • We twist the candle.
  • We put on the overseer.

Attention. If you accidentally pour oil, and in the spring your garden technique will not want to start. First of all, unscrew and degrease the candle.

possible, leave, gasoline, trimmer, regular

What gasoline can be poured into a trimmer for grass?

Before determining which gasoline can be poured into a trimmer for grass, it is necessary to determine some concepts used.

  • Trammers for grass can be with four.stroke or two.stroke engines. Four.stroke trimmers for grass are the most powerful and complex in design, the lubrication of the parts of its engine is carried out due to the oil pump. The engine is working on clean gasoline. For two.stroke units. simpler. it is required to prepare a fuel mixture consisting of gasoline and oil. Here due to the amount of oil that is in the fuel, and the rubbing parts in the cylinder of this engine are lubricated.
  • For the preparation of the mixture, gasoline of a certain AI-95 or AI-92 brand is required. The brand of gasoline depends on its ignition rate. the octane number. The lower this indicator, the faster gas is burned and its larger consumption.

Many models of benzos have two-stroke engines operating mainly on AI-92 gasoline. Fuel must be mixed for them yourself. It is better to pour gasoline of the brand that is determined for it by the manufacturer, otherwise the trimmer for the grass will fail faster. For example, with gasoline AI-95 gasoline, the engine will quickly overheat, and when choosing AI-80, the fuel mixture is very low, so the engine operation will be unstable and with low power.

In addition to choosing a brand of gasoline, when preparing fuel shift for motorcycles, you need to use a special oil intended for two.stroke engines. Semi.synthetic and synthetic oils are well suited for benzos. Semi.synthetic oils are in the average price range, suitable for such equipment from any manufacturer, lubricate the necessary elements of the motor well. Synthetic oils are more expensive, however, when using them, the engine will work longer. In any case, when buying equipment, you should carefully read the instructions, since sometimes the manufacturer gives recommendations on the use of specific grades of oil.

If you purchase production oil, then it should be labeling.2t. For the long service of your equipment and its good condition, you never need to use unknown oil oils.

The proportions of the fuel mixture

If the mixture is diluted correctly, for example, in compliance with the instructions below, then the technique will last you for more than one year without serious technical breakdowns. In this case, fuel consumption will be low, and the result of the work is high. The process of making fuel should always be the same and constant. Ingredients are always better to use the same, without changing the brand indicated by the manufacturer.

Do not add a lot of oil, it can damage the engine to work, but you should not save on it either. To comply with the correct proportions, always use one and the same measuring container so as not to make mistakes with the quantity. To measure the oil, you can use medical syringes, but some manufacturers, together with the oil, provide a measuring container with risks.

The most correct ratio of oil and gasoline is 1 to 50, where 50 is the amount of gasoline, and the amount of oil is 1. For a better understanding, let’s explain that 1 liter is 1000 ml. So, in order to get a proportion of 1 to 50, 1000 ml, we divide into 50, it turns out 20 ml. As a result, only 20 milliliters of oil should be added to 1 liter of gasoline. For dilution of 5 liters of gasoline, you will need 100 ml of oil.

In addition to compliance with the correct proportion, it is necessary to observe the technology of mixing ingredients. In no case can you just add oil to the gas tank. It is better to follow the next instruction.

  • To dilute the mixture, you need to prepare a container in advance in which you will mix gasoline and oil. It can be a pure metal or plastic canister with volumes of 3, 5 or 10 liters, so that it is easier to calculate the amount of oil. Do not use drinking water bottles for this purpose-they are made of thin plastic, which can dissolve from gasoline. To measure the oil, use special measuring containers. But if this is not, then, as already noted, medical syringes with a large dosage are suitable.
  • Pour gasoline into the canister, not adding a couple of centimeters to full. In order not to pour gasoline, take the watering can or in the neck of the canister insert the funnel. Then, in a syringe or in a measured device, dial the desired amount of oil and pour into a container with gasoline. It is not recommended to do the opposite. to pour gasoline into the oil.
  • Close the lid tightly with a bottle and stir the resulting mixture. If, in the process of preparing the mixture or mixing, part of the fuel spilled, you must immediately wipe the canister with a dry rag.
  • Be sure to follow fire safety measures. Dilute the mixture away from the fire and in no case leave the remaining fuel and the materials used in free access for children.

And one more important point: it is better to prepare the mixture exactly the amount that fuels in your motorcycle fuel tank. It is undesirable to leave the remnants of the mixture.

The wrong selection of cutting elements

As a rule, owners of gasoline braids are divided into two camps. Some mowing both grass and weeds only with fishing line. Others, faced with high grass, immediately install a metal disk. I belong to representatives of the first camp. On a powerful two-kilowatt lawn mower, I am just scared to put a disk: everything flies from under it like from a gun. And with a worthy power of a braid for grass and fishing line, it easily cuts everything from hogweed to small bushes.

A fishing line for 3.2 mm with a diameter of 3.2 mm is installed on the Safun mower. Even three.month.old weeds on her teeth. Photo by the author

Working with a disk knife. Bad experience

For a very long time, my and I put a disk on a powerful EFCO braid, she chopped bushes as in a fairy tale, which ended in the second season. They tore off the gearbox, and the workshop announced just an indecent amount for repairs. This case proves that the knife is not always the best option. When a metallic disk for a gearbox, an increased load, especially when the cutting part finds a stump or brick in the grass. Here the gearbox is overloaded, up to the breakdown of the teeth or jamming of the shaft.

Which line is it better for a trimmer

With a new trimmer, I began to experiment and tried a fishing line for a trimmer, which will be most effective. The instructions were allowed to install a fishing line for a trimmer with a thickness of 2 to 4 mm. For the first season I tried four species. a square 2.4 mm, a round 2.4 mm and 3.2 mm, 2.4 mm twisted. With this power of the engine, I did not notice the difference. The consumption of thin fishing line was slightly larger, but for me it is not fundamentally. All fishing lines chopped thick weeds well.

Install a square fishing line for a trimmer on a “native” coil of a trimmer for grass. Photo by the author

I really felt the advantages of a square fishing line on a less powerful Honda. it cuts grass better at a lower engine power.

Good coil

The native coil of the new braid at first seemed to me flimsy, painfully thin walls! The forebodings did not deceive me: the first holes began to appear at the end of the second season, and finally it was rubbed after the first mowing in the third season. Replacement I found more reliable. The choice was small. you can buy the same, with thin walls, rubles for 300 or look more serious, which will live longer. I bought a more reliable coil with thick walls for 700. Everything is as usual: a good coil is more expensive and lasts longer. And there is no point in saving here.

The complete coil (left) did not last long. The new coil (right) has more reliable walls. Photo by the author

Incorrect fuel mixture

With two.stroke engines, everything is not so simple, they are refueled by a mixture of gasoline and oil, and each engine recommends its own proportion. So, for my Chinese it is 40: 1, that is, for 40 parts of gasoline. 1 part of oil. I tried to pour oils a little more, but the engine began to smoke. I decided to pour oil in my new mower only high.quality: the engine will work longer on a good. The colleague Trimmer for ProCraft grass generally refused to start a mixture with cheap oil (which is quite strange).

A set of fuel mixture for a two.stroke trimmer for grass. Photo by the author

Light-Motoroil of Liqui Moly Light Moly Light-Motorol. This semi.synthetic oil for two.stroke engines with special additives mixes perfectly with fuel and protects the engine from destructive deposits and wear. Buy cheap oil from an unknown manufacturer, in my opinion, dubious savings. I don’t really feel sorry for the new mower, but when you fill the proven oil, somehow calmer.

Remove the muffler. remove the crops. Photo by the author

Poor oil can leave a dozen. The wear of the engine parts may be greater if you pour unvered oil into the tank. A lot of things people write different things about bad oil-I don’t want to check it on the engine of their trimmer for grass. I didn’t.

You can choose high.quality oil for garden equipment with two.stroke and four.stroke engines from the assortment of the Liqui Moly garden program. You will find recommendations for choice in the article what engine oil to choose for garden equipment so that it lasts many years.

Old gasoline. and fresh

All the lawn mowers that I had to face were reluctant to start on the old gasoline, which, for example, stood in the canister winter. I tried the old 92nd gasoline to breed the fresh 95th-the engine began to grab better. But in the end, I switched to the 95th (in the description of the trimmer for the grass it was written that gasoline is not lower than the 92nd). On it the engine develops a significantly great power. It heats up faster, in the summer at 25 ° C in the sun the power drops sharply after 20 minutes of operation. In this case, the trimmer needs to relax in the shade of about 15 minutes. and I can drink tea. Observe the “behavior” of the unit. and be sure to take a break when it is necessary.

If the technique before the start of the season is still stored with fuel in the tank, then before you remove it for a long-term rest, add Benzin-Stabilisator gasoline stabilizer. He preserves the fuel mixture and does not allow it to lose its properties. The product must be poured directly into the tank, then start the engine, let it work for 10 minutes, turn off. After it cools down, you can remove the tool for storage.

Gasoline stabilizer is poured directly into the tank

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How to make a fuel mixture correctly

No wonder the manufacturer recommends a certain ratio of oil and gasoline. It must be observed. Pour the oils. the braid smokes, the soil is formed. You will not get oils-the engine will begin to warm up faster, the wear of the details will increase, which, in general, is not very noticeable, especially when you can’t imagine what a real resource is for the motor. But nothing good in both cases does not have to wait.

I used to dilute the oil using an ordinary jar (800 ml) and an old Liqui Moly oil bottle with a measured cup, I measured 20 ml quite accurately. Mixed everything in a glass jar, while gasoline at each gas station I poured actually by eye.

The oil was measured with an old butter. Photo by the author

At the end of last season, I bought a chemical minzurka on occasion, painfully beautiful and comfortable dishes. gasoline directly from the canister is very simple.

Chemical Menzurka and a syringe for the preparation of the fuel mixture for a two.stroke engine. Photo by the author

On the site of the makeshifts I read that it is convenient to measure the oil with a large syringe. I liked this idea. Now I am measuring a minzurka exactly 800 ml of gasoline. I dose oil using a 20 ml syringe. If necessary, they can be measured both 12 and 15 ml.

I squeeze the oil from the syringe to the Menzurka with gasoline. in principle, the mixture is ready, you need to stir a little. Then pour the mixture into the gas tank.

We collect oil in a syringe, squeeze the contents in gasoline. Pour the finished fuel mixture into the gas tank. Photo by the author

Keep in mind that if you mow in severe heat, then you need to add oils to the fuel mixture exactly as much as the manufacturer recommends, but in cool weather you can pour a little less.

Fuel pouring through the openings for candles

If there is no manual pumping on the engine of the trimmer for the grass and the device did not start, pour a little fuel into the motor itself through candle moves. Make the following.

possible, leave, gasoline, trimmer, regular
  • Check if the fuel level is sufficient in the tank for draining a small amount of it. It takes only 20 ml.
  • Remove the cap from the candle and unscrew it with a candle key.
  • If the candle is polluted on the former use of the trimmer, rinse and buy it. There should not be any deposits on the electrodes of the candle. Do not damage the ceramic insulator of the central conductor. In the new trimmer, check the candles for the factory defect.
  • Return the candle back and check the spark look (category between electrodes) when the starter triggers.
  • Remove the candle again. Using a 20- or 50-cup syringe, pour 20 ml of gasoline into a candle hole from under a candle.
  • Insert and fix the candle by setting the magnitude of its technological clearance at least and no more than a millimeter.
  • Skip fuel using a button (or lever) of swinging. if it is on your model of a trimmer for grass. Press the button every 4 seconds.

Now try to start the motor. Close the air conditioning immediately after starting.

Checking the ignition system

If the trimmer for the grass has already been used, then check the serviceability of the removed (at the moment) candles, changing it places with any other. If, when examining a candle, for example, a ceramic dielectric crumbled, electrodes bent. buy exactly the same, focusing on the product code, knocked out on the parts itself and checked it with a marker in the operating manual of a trimmer for grass. A candle without an insulator and/or with bent electrodes will not give normal sparks when triggered.

If the candles are in order, but the fuel is not observed, check the ignition coil using an ohmmeter (multimeter). Lack of indications (infinite resistance). a sign of a shift in the winding. If it was spent on overheating due to inter-flip circuit, there will not be enough stress for spark breakdown.

Since a very thin wire is used for it, so it converts 12.6 volts from the battery of 30,000, it is very difficult to fix it (rewind) in garage conditions. You will need to replace the coil.

Take breaks

After you correctly put the new garden assistant into operation, you still should not sign up for the Stakhanov team and take increased obligations. Internal combustion engines of common models of garden equipment, unlike automobile, are equipped with an air cooling system.

It is less effective than water, so after continuous operation for some time (40-60 minutes), the engine takes time to cool down. Typically, manufacturers regulate the time of continuous operation of the volume of the tank: fuel dressing is just enough for the recommended operating time at the average load.

Rest and let’s cool down the engine

After the refined fuel is over, do not rush to fill in a new tank. let the engine cool for about 10 minutes, and preferably all 20. Do not forget about yourself to your beloved. rest, otherwise the next day after the shock work you will not be able to raise your hands. And regular engine cooling will protect it from premature wear on increased loads.

Do not work in severe heat

For the same reason. a possible overheating of the engine. do not work in the sun: in strong heat, the engine overheats much faster than the fuel ends. This can lead to damage to the piston group of the engine. And for the operator, the midday heat does not benefit. work in the morning or in the evening.

Overheating of the engine leads to premature wear and breakdowns

Whether it is necessary to drain gasoline from the lawn mower for the winter? Stored in a dry shed

Four.stroke engine (t.e. gasoline separately, oil separately).


You will find the answer to this question in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Tatyana, gasoline for the winter with a lawn mower must be drained. In the spring, on the “old” gasoline, the lawn mower will not either start at all, or starts with great difficulty.

France Khasanovich is right. Gasoline spoils during storage, the octane number decreases. Then problems are possible. Good luck.

Tanya, any manufacturer recommends preserving motorcycle equipment in the winter, including drainage. But to my shame, I never have been doing this.

The fact is that I did not do this last year, there were no negative consequences, I started perfectly in the spring. Later I read somewhere a recommendation that I need to merge. But doubted, For example, the motorcycle is put on winter storage with gasoline a full tank, we never put it with empty or half.empty.

Tatyana, the role is played by different volumes of the gas tank of the motorcycle and the lawn mower. In a huge, relative to the tank of the mowing, the motorcycle gas tank forms a large amount of condensate moisture, if you leave the motorcycle gas tank empty.

Good afternoon, Tatyana. We have already answered a similar question, but it will not be superfluous to voice again for your situation.

If the tank is metallic, then to exclude the formation of corrosion and oxidation of fuel, the container is filled completely under the lid. In the case of a plastic tank, only the fuel oxidation option remains, of course, if it is possible to drain all fuel, then you can store empty. However, on the technique of this kind, a carburetor is used, remove all fuel, without disassembling it, is impossible. As a result, the remains of the fuel will oxidize, and the processing process will occur, which in turn will score thin channels of nozzles. It is for this that it is recommended to use the fuel stabilizer, it avoids fuel deprivation during long storage.

The correct conservation setting looks like this: to refuel a full tank, add the additive, let the engine work for 5-10 minutes, drown out the engine, block the fuel supply tank, add fuel to the tank to the maximum, twist the candle, spray the internal preservative of the Motor InnenkonserVier. Without wrapping a candle, start the motor, once sprinkle with a preservative, tighten the candle.

All of the above will open the season without resorting to additional funds. Gasoline with a stabilizer will not oxidize and will allow the motor to launch. Fuel will not be oxidized, and the nozzles will be clean.


It should be noted that a gasoline braid for grass is controlled very simply. It is enough to see how other users use this unit to start using it fully. The performance of the main technical functions is intuitive and does not require any difficulties in practice. Correctly driving a gasoline trimmer for grass is also not difficult. over, there is almost no difference between devices of household and professional categories.

The key difference is the type of motor. On technology for professionals, it is more powerful and gives more revolutions. A two.stroke engine is more often used in household models. Four.stroke units are more reliable and give out a greater effort, so they are suitable for special conditions, difficult and overgrown sites.

In addition, we must consider whether there is a cutting device in the supply set.

How to start work?

The literacy of the first launch largely depends on how a gasoline braid for grass will show itself with further operation. Errors can lower the device of the device. The fact is that after starting the moving mechanisms of the working apparatus will be rubbed to each other. Additionally, the skills of using the trimmer are formed. This is very important in cases where they work with this technique for the first time.

Start by examining the gearbox and the quality of the coating with its lubricant. Then the fuel mixture is prepared according to the instructions.

Important: such will come in handy not only when mastering new equipment, but also when preparing a braid for grass for work after winter storage. If the gearbox is not at all or very little lubrication, the gear gear will be subject to very strong friction. Because of this, the gear begins to warm up and washed.

Having noticed a lubrication deficiency or its absence, you need to add a portion of “lithol”. The procedure is carried out very simply: a screw located on the bend of the gear housing is twisted. Through the released channel, 1-2 ml of lubricant is added by a technical syringe. With everyday work with a trimmer 1 time in 8-10 hours, you will have to lubricate the gearbox of the bar.

But the run.mowing is not exhausted only by laying the oil.

Two.stroke engines need a combustible mixture of two.stroke oil and gasoline. It is prepared in the proportion indicated in the guide to the tool or on the lubricant label. The preparation of fuel should be carried out a little so that only one mowing is enough. You need to place a fuel supply in the next container:

It is recommended to pick up oil with a medical syringe. This will more accurately observe the dosage. Sometimes another question arises. the manufacturer of the tool and the manufacturer of motor oils indicate different proportions of the combustible mixture, so it is difficult to decide which instructions to follow.

The output is simple: you need to run into a gasoline trimmer for grass with a minimum possible amount of oil. All the same, the lubricant does not burn out completely, and its excess forms a coke, clogging the piston and cylinder.

possible, leave, gasoline, trimmer, regular

After the tests and pouring of the fuel mixture, such manipulations should be done:

  • put a trimmer for grass on a flat surface;
  • move the lever to the position “closed”;
  • pump fuel to the carburetor;
  • run the ignition system;
  • With smooth movements, pull the launching cord, waiting for resistance;
  • immediately after that make 3 or 4 strong jerks;
  • As soon as the motor starts to work, open the damper.

How to preserve a chainsaw for the winter

Chainsaws. a tool that, unlike many, can be used in winter. At extremely low temperatures, it is not worth using it, but for high.quality chainsaws, the threshold is minus ten degrees.

If you do not plan to use the tool in winter, you should take care of its quality storage, because it has not stable elements for cold.

If in winter you plan to use a saw, then it should be stored with a tanger filled with gasoline (gasoline should be of high quality). The main thing is to remember that after a couple of weeks of persistent frosts, gasoline in the tank will thicken and the use of a saw in this state can disable it. Store the tool in this case is in a warm room.

If you leave a chainsaw for a long wintering, the steps of the preparation should be as follows:

  • It is necessary to clean the tank from fuel. This can be done by draining it, either by starting the work of the saw until full production. Next, to prevent the appearance of rust, the tank must be wiped dry.
  • Filters from fuel and oil tanks need to be removed, cleaned and dried or replaced with new ones, if necessary. A similar operation with an air filter.
  • The chain needs to be cleaned from the remaining waste of saw. After the chain, you need to lubricate and wrap the elements into the fabric, which was previously impregnated with oil. We store the details separately.
  • Store a saw in a dark room without dust and with low humidity.

The main details that need to be paid attention to in preparation for winter conservation. the engine and chain.


They must be prepared for winter with particular care:

  • The first, and the most important point to which you need to pay attention is. humidity in the storage room. It should be low. The second condition is to avoid temperature jumps that contribute to an increase in humidity.
  • If during the season the braid for the grass was often used, much attention should be paid to cutting mechanisms. They need to be cleaned of the remains of grass and related particles. In the same way, all the details in the reach of.
  • With fuel, owners come in different ways. One half prefers to fill the gas mowing tank completely, and this option takes place to be. However, you need to be prepared for the fact that gasoline may precipitate over the winter, and in the spring you will have to clean the carburetor. The second option is considered more acceptable: all fuel from the tank merges, the tank wipes dry, in order to avoid the formation of condensate.
  • The knife needs to be carefully examined, if necessary, repair or replace. If this is not required, just remove it and imprison.
  • The amount of oil must be verified with the instruction manual.
  • The lawn mower should be stored without contact with the floor (can be suspended or installed on a special stand).
possible, leave, gasoline, trimmer, regular

Cleaning a trimmer for grass

Carefully clean the details of the trimmer for grass from adhering grass, dirt and dust. Do not use metal brushes and other devices that can damage the protective paint of the product. The remnants of grass and weeds can be carefully cleaned with a plastic spatula and a brush with a synthetic pile (for example, shoe brush). It is allowed to wipe the surfaces with a damp rag with subsequent thorough drying.

Before laying a gasoline trimmer for long.term storage, it is recommended to conduct maintenance.

Air filter

Air filter maintenance is performed according to the following algorithm:

  • Close the carburetor air damper, setting the lever in the appropriate position.
  • Remove the air filter cover fastening screw.
  • Remove the plastic cover.
  • Make a filter element from the case.
  • Clean the filter element. rinse in warm water with the addition of detergent and dry thoroughly.
  • Clean the inner part of the body and lid of the filter from dust and dirt.
  • Install the filter element in your place.
  • Make sure the filter is installed correctly.
  • Close the body with a lid and tighten the screw.

If the filter element is strongly contaminated, not cleaned, damage or does not stand in its place. replace it with a new. Also pay attention to the body and the air filter cover. there should not be cracks, chips and other damage on the details. Replace if necessary.

Spark plug

The spark plug should be turned out, after removing the high.voltage wire from it. If the Electrodes of the spark plugs visually look damaged (melted, burned). this is a sign of engine malfunction. Contact the service to identify the reasons. Further operation until the malfunction is not allowed.

Inspect the electrodes for the presence of soot and, if necessary, clean them using a wooden pointed stick. Do not use metal tools. Rinse in clean gasoline and dry thoroughly.

Using a set of probes, believe the gap between the electrodes of the spark plug. The correct value corresponds to 0.6-0.7 mm.

Worn details

Carefully inspect the details of the trimmer for grass for wear or mechanical damage. If necessary, follow their replacement or contact the service.

Puncture of screws and nuts

Check all the screws and nuts for the mounting of the nodes on the trimmer and, if necessary, make them tightening.

Corrosion CPG protection

To protect the cylinder.piston group from corrosion, it is necessary to make a lubricant as follows:

  • Remove the spark plug.
  • Pour 2-3 ml of pure oil for two-stroke engines into a cylinder.
  • Close a hole under the spark plug with a clean cloth.
  • Smoothly pull 2-3 times by the starter handle, which will allow lubrication evenly distributed along the walls of the cylinder.
  • Remove the fabric from the candle hole.
  • Watching through it the piston, install it in the upper dead point and leave it in this position.
  • Plunge the spark plug without installing the cap back.

After that, you can lay a trimmer for the grass for long.term storage, observing the recommendations below.