Is it possible to put another tire on the chainsaw

How to choose and use tires and chains on a chainsaw

How long can a chainsaw tire last??

The service life of the tire, as well as the drive sprocket, depends on the operating conditions. If you rarely use a chainsaw, it will probably take many years to replace the tire and sprocket. Under these operating conditions, even a chain can last for several years. But a lot depends on whether the chain is properly secured. Even a new saw head will break quickly if installed incorrectly. In this case, the pressure pins and the tension screw are often broken. Care must be taken to ensure that the tension spike fits into the holes on the tire. Check chain tension. Insufficient tension, the drive sprocket wears out quickly.

Tell me which tire is the maximum length you can use with your Husqvarna 365 saw?

The manufacturer did not indicate any length restrictions, the main thing is to understand that the larger the tire, the greater the saw power loss.

What is the brand of gasoline, why does the Husqvarna 365XP engine heat up??

Gasoline 92. The engine heats up for all tools.

Tell me, what manufacturer is the tire and chain for the Partner P340S model? Oregon or not? Rolling chain included?

Manufacturer chains Husqvarna.

Please tell me which engine and chain oil you need to buy for Partner P340S?

Suitable chain oil: Makita, FAVORITE BAR, CHAIN ​​LUBE, PATRIOT. Engine oil: 2-stroke HP, Husqvarna.

The first start of the Makita DCS4610 saw was successful (I read the instructions beforehand), started with 10 jerk. Now starts with 2-3 jerks. Gasoline 92nd, oil. Makita. The mixture was made with a large syringe (250 cubic meters), measured exactly 1:50. There is practically no smoke. Question: how to prepare it for long-term storage (conservation? The engine is especially interesting, because with the chain it is clear what to do.

Gasoline is completely drained from the saw, then the saw starts up and gasses until it stalls (drive out the remaining fuel in the CPG) and put it away for storage.

Please tell me why the chain on the Makita DCS4610 chainsaw often weakens? Have to tighten every 10-15 minutes.

The chain tension bolt is loosened.

Why do you need a chain brake and how does it work?

Kickback may occur when using the chainsaw. uncontrolled, sharp backward movement of the tool. In this case, the rotating chain can seriously injure the operator. The purpose of the inertial brake. stop the chain at the moment of kickback. It can work in two ways. The operator can press the lever and manually apply the chain brake. Automatic triggering occurs when, due to inertia, the protective shield is pushed forward. The brake can be released by pulling the lever in the opposite direction. to the operator.

Please tell me if it is possible to put the tire on the Patriot PT 4518 at 16 instead of 18?

Chainsaw Patriot PT 4518 stopped flowing oil for chain lubrication, what needs to be done, tell me?

The best solution. will contact the service. There can be many reasons, ranging from the use of used oil as a lubricant or a clogged oil line, to a warranty case.

Chain oil drips on a Patriot 6220 chainsaw at idle, is this normal? (When turned off, nothing drips).

Oil is being supplied, no big deal.

Saw Patriot 6220 comes with which chain originally?

Groove width, mm 1.6. Chain pitch, 3/8 inch. Number of links 72. CHAIN ​​PATRIOT.

Please tell me how the oil supply to the chain is regulated on the Carver PSG-45-15 chainsaw, if there is no adjustment bolt and is it possible to install this bolt in the service?

If it is not provided for by the design, then it cannot be installed.

  • Chains, tires and fuel
  • Recommendations for the use of chains and bars
  • Recommendations for use
  • Choice and technical capabilities
  • Maintenance recommendations

Is it possible to put a 40 cm bar and a chain with 57 links on the Carver RSG-52-20K chainsaw?

Tire. code 13913276, chain to it. code 15385421. When buying, be sure to compare with the shank of the old tire, the oil channel must match.

The length of the tire for the Soyuz PTS-99520T chainsaw in the description is 45.5, and the chain is offered to me 50 (Chain (20″; 0.325″; 1.5 mm; 76 stars) for the Sturm SC32515CRT-76 chainsaw). It is right ? If not, which chain is suitable ?

Parameters of a suitable chain: Number of links 76 Groove width, mm 1.5 Chain pitch, inch 0.325.

I want to change the tire on the Soyuz PTS-99452T chainsaw for a tire “UNIVERSAL” type 2 (0.325″; 0.058″; 16″) Bison 70202-40 and put the chain on 66 teeth. Is such a replacement possible? Now the native is installed with parameters: 16″, pitch 0.325, shank 1.5 mm, number of links 64.

Such a replacement is possible.

How long should the fuel mixture be stored and why the old one should not be used?

The fuel mixture must not be stored for more than three months. It is better if the newly prepared mixture is used within 2 weeks. A mixture of gasoline and oil, even when stored in a tightly closed container, changes its properties over time. Gasoline oxidizes, the amount of oil decreases. If this mixture is used, the engine will wear out quickly and parts may become clogged. Low-quality fuel is the worst tolerated by professional-grade chainsaws. Inexpensive household tools are more durable in this regard, since their parts are manufactured with large tolerances.

Is it possible to install a bus and a chain for the Caliber BP-2600 / 18U model (14″; 3/8″; 1.3 mm; 52 links) Makita 957092652?

In order to install such a tire and a chain, you will have to change the drive sprocket.

Is it possible to turn the tire to a horizontal position for felling wood on a saw Caliber BP-2600 / 18U?

This is not possible, you need to turn the entire saw.

Tell me which tires 35 and 40 cm in size are suitable for the model Caliber BP-2600 / 18U?

Consider these tires (but you should understand that you will have to replace the chain as well): Tire (14″; 3/8″; 52 links) for Husqvarna chain saws 5019592-52. Guide rail 35 cm for RCS36X3550HI Ryobi RAC241 Welded rail (35 cm; 1.3 mm; 3/8″) for chainsaws Stihl MS 180 14 Rezer 353 L 9 K.

Why does the Echo CS-350WES saw during work lead to the side (to the right), even if you saw boards, or even a log? The tire and the chain are dear.

Check chain tension.

Can you please tell me what is the difference between the low-profile and regular chains for the Echo CS-350WES saw? Which is preferable to use?

Depends on the chain model, some have low vibration, others have a soft cut, some models have a carbide tooth (cuts longer without sharpening).

If the pitch, groove width, number of links coincide, then joint work is possible.

We bought a PATRIOT 862381364 chain for a Husqvarna 450 saw.It fully matches the parameters, but in fact the chain turned out to be longer, what to do?

Different lengths since the step of the standard chain and the PATRIOT chain 862381364 is different. The regular chain pitch is 0.325. I bought a chain. 3/8″. You will need a chain for example: 15″ 0.325″ (64 links) Husqvarna 5018406-64, Chain (15″; 0.325″; 1.3 mm; 64 links) for Husqvarna chainsaws 5776151-34, Chain 0.325″- 1.3mm-64 CHAMPION B050-LP-64E.

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How to sharpen a chain?

As you know, the best chainsaw. this is a saw with a well sharpened chain. Two files are used to sharpen the chain. Special sharpening devices with a guide are very convenient, at least try to clamp the chain in a vice. Cutting depth stops are located in front of the teeth, they must be sharpened with a flat file. Use the same number of strokes for each incisor. The cutting edge of the tooth is processed with a round file. Move parallel to the edge. In accordance with the direction of the edge, it is more convenient to sharpen the teeth through one, then sharpen the rest. The number of movements for each tooth must be the same.

Is it possible to put a tire from PATRIOT PT 4518 on Caliber BP-2600 / 18U?

No, it will not work, since the saws have different steps.

Chains of which manufacturers are suitable for the saw Caliber BP-2600 / 18U?

Matching chains: Chain (3/8″; 1.3 mm; 64 links) PATRIOT 862381364 Chain (3/8; 1.3 mm; 45 cm; 64 links) for PATRIOT PG-C91VS-64E chainsaws.

When starting the Partner P340S saw (cold start), the chain immediately starts to rotate; during a hot start, this does not happen (that is, it starts on a hot saw at idle speed). That is how it should be? It’s somehow regulated?

If rotation occurs when starting to cold, then there is no malfunction.

Tell me what gasoline Partner P340S runs on?

Recommended gasoline for refueling 92.

I filled the Carver RSG-25-12K chainsaw with a mixture, filled in oil for the chain. Started up easily enough. No oil is supplied to the chain, the chain remains dry. I tried different positions of the chain oil regulator. no result. Tell me what could be the problem?

Similarly, at the first start, there was no oil on the chain, unscrewed the screw to the full, 10-15 seconds at maximum speed and oil appeared, then adjusted it as needed.

Is it possible to put a tire of a different length on the Carver RSG-25-12K model??

Yes, you can put a longer tire, but do not forget, you will have to change the chain too.

What kind of oil you need to choose and what will happen if you use non-branded?

Tell me, do you need to add oil to gasoline for the Makita EA3202S40B saw or just pour it separately? It’s just my first saw.

The engine in this saw is 2-stroke, it is required to mix oil with gasoline.

You can put a shorter tire length on Makita EA3202S40B, for example 35 cm?

Yes, you can install a bar of a shorter length, but you should understand that you will have to change the saw chain too.

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I have an Echo CS-350WES saw. Why does oil flow from the pump when the saw is not working?

A slight leak of oil is permissible, since there is an oil pump in the saws, there will be a slight leak after the end of the work. If a lot of oil leaks out, then you should contact the service center.

Is it possible to use bars and / or chains from other manufacturers (for example Shtill) on the Echo CS-350WES saw?

Tires and chains from other manufacturers can be used, as long as the pitch, thickness and length match.

Please tell me which oil to choose for the Patriot PT 4518 saw? For the chain and for mixing with gasoline.

Suitable engine oils: HP 2-stroke oil, Husqvarna. Semi-synthetic oil SUPER ACTIVE 2T for 2-stroke engines. Mineral oil POWER ACTIVE for 2-stroke engines.

Is the oil leakage from the Patriot 6220 saw on the tire side a design feature? Or you need to carry the saw to the service.

There will be a slight leakage, since after operation the oil is under pressure, but it should be small.

Tell me where the chain oil adjustment rod is located at the Carver RSG-38-16K saw. The instructions say what is below, but where exactly?

On the case, you will have to remove the cover and the bar with the chain.

What are the characteristics of the native circuit for the Union PTS-99452T?

Groove width, mm 1.3 Chain pitch, inch 0.325 Number of links 72.

What is a chain catcher?

The chain catcher is a metal or plastic strip located at the bottom of the saw. The device provides safety and works in conjunction with a right hand guard. A broken chain will not cut the operator’s hand as the chain catcher will cause it to fold in half. If it works once, then it will need to be replaced for further protection. Chainsaw picks are quick when it comes to details. not the best solution. From the description, you will not always recognize a replaceable chain catcher, or you will also have to replace the clutch cover along with it. Usually, professional models are equipped with a replaceable chain catcher.

Fitting the tire on Stihl and Husqvarna

Chainsaw models from the manufacturer Stihl may differ during the assembly process. Step by step guide:

  • Open the wing nut, remove the chain sprocket cover. Turn it on the tire all the way to the right.
  • Place the chain on the bar, starting from the top, the cutting tooth on the top side must point straight ahead.
  • Attach the assembled tire to the chainsaw, pull the structure over the sprocket. Slide the guide onto the shoulder bolt. Close the cover by placing the pins in the holes provided by the manufacturer.
  • Turn wing nut until sprocket cover contacts motor housing.
  • Turn the clamping bolt forward, the drive links should fit into the grooves in the bar. Tighten the wing nut completely.

At the end of work, check the tension, if the headset does not move well, adjust the tension with a nut. Engage the chain brake before starting.

The Husqvarna saw chain installation algorithm is almost identical. The main difference is that in most models, the tension and adjustment of the position of the headset to the body is controlled not by one, but by two wing nuts. There is rarely a separate adjustment lever on the outer sprocket guard, so the tension should be adjusted using bolts only.

Important! Before starting to work with the chainsaw, you should carefully study the owner’s manual. It describes in detail all the stages of setting up and assembling the instrument.

Saw chain

As with chainsaws, the main working parts of an electric garden tool are the bar and the chain. The performance of the chain saw, the volume of fuel it regularly consumes, as well as the quality of the mowing line for cutting wood largely depend on their quality and technical parameters. In order to constantly maintain the stable operation of a garden tool, its owner must study the rules for choosing, installing, maintaining and repairing a cutting set. This will keep the bar and saw chain in order until the end of their service life.

How to put the chain on the saw correctly

When performing an impressive amount of joinery and carpentry work, a reliable saw is needed, regardless of whether the wood is being cut in the house or outdoors. The quality and serviceability of the tool directly depends on the condition of its main elements: chains and tires. Correctly placing the chain on the saw is the main task facing the user, which greatly facilitates subsequent operation. Practical recommendations will help you perform this action even for those who have never done this before.

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How to install a bar with a chain on a chainsaw?

Often, problems in the operation of a chainsaw arise when the tire is incorrectly installed. This can be determined by the characteristic rattling, vibration and low performance of the saw during operation. The tire is fastened to the body between the outer plate, fixing is carried out with a special bolt.

Popularly referred to as the “engine assembly”, this part consists of a drive sprocket and locking bolts. It is not difficult to install the tire together with the saw. you need to remove all protective covers, unscrew the fixing bolts by a third of the length and put the headset. Then tighten all the nuts tightly, turn the tensioner with a special lever.

How to properly install the chain on the saw

The procedure for installing a new chain has some peculiarities, depending on the type of tension on a particular tool.

On tools with lateral tension, proceed as follows:

  • Release the brake. This is achieved by pulling on the protective strip until it clicks.
  • Loosen the tension. To do this, turn the tensioning screw with a screwdriver, after which the clamping nut will begin to rotate freely.
  • Lift up the cover, under which the saw elements are located. To remove the chain, it must be removed from the sprocket guides (at the same time, the guide bar is dismantled). If this fails, loosen the tensioning screw even more.
  • It is more convenient to start the installation of a new component from the top of the tire. It is put on over the sprocket, after which the tire can be inserted back, focusing on the guides.
  • A tension screw is used to tighten the chain: it should sag slightly.
  • The final clamping of the nut is carried out after replacing the protective cover.

The sequence for installing a new chain on tools with “quick tension”:

  • The first step is to remove the saw from the brake.
  • Open the nut handle until it stops.
  • The purpose of the wing nut in such structures is not only to fix the shield, but also to clamp the guide rail. You need to rotate the nut counterclockwise.
  • After removing the protective casing from the sprocket, you need to move the tire in the opposite direction. This will allow the old chain to be dismantled. The driven sprocket is freed from it first.
  • When refueling a new product, they also start with an asterisk. At this stage, it is important to understand the direction of installation: at the bottom of the tire, its cutting edge should “look” into the tool body.
  • Tension is set by adjusting the guide.
  • After installing the sprocket cover, the fastening nut must be tightened, but not clamped.
  • The wing nut is screwed in by hand at the very end of the procedure, following the tension wheel.

The chain does not spin on the saw. reasons and repair methods

The most common cause of this breakdown is a factory defect or wear on the plastic gear sprocket to which the saw bar is attached. During operation, the drive star is the first to take on the load, which is transmitted by the saw’s power unit. Over time, her teeth lick off. After that, the motor and other important mechanisms of the electric garden tool begin to overheat.

When the first signs of a saw malfunction are found, the sprocket should be replaced immediately. To do this, you need to disassemble the tool and carefully remove the worn part. Then you need to clean the place under it from the remnants of the old fluid, and install a new star. At the end, the part will need to be abundantly greased with thick oil.

In some cases, it is not the built-in asterisk that fails, but the elements located next to it. High stress components include clutch cup, spring, bearing and cam. As a rule, these parts cannot be repaired, so the operator will need to replace the defective parts without waiting for the other parts of the saw to fail.

In order to prevent increased wear of the drive parts in the future, you need to constantly monitor their condition and the amount of lubricant. The user of the garden saw must inspect the gear and gearbox at least once a month and, if necessary, clean them and change the lubricant.

Tips: how to quickly tension the chain on the saw

A mobile device for cutting wood is an indispensable attribute of almost any summer cottage or private house. Saws are especially popular in this regard, making it possible to work both outdoors and indoors. In order for the tool to work efficiently and properly, from time to time it will be necessary to tighten or change its chain.

How to fit the bar to the saw

Which bus is better to install

It is quite simple to answer the question of which tire is better to install on a certain model of a chainsaw. It is worth installing the model recommended by the tool manufacturer. As a rule, leading chainsaw companies, in parallel with the production of the tool itself, are engaged in the production of consumables that are specially designed for their tool.

Accordingly, the choice of a tire for a chainsaw, it is better to make in the direction of products designed specifically for your model and made by the manufacturer who assembled the saw itself.

If this is not possible, a good choice is chainsaw tires, made by leading chainsaw and chainsaw tire companies such as Oregon.

Reasons that lead away from a straight cut

Sometimes there are situations when it is almost impossible to make a straight cut with a chainsaw, the tire goes to the left or right. The reason for this behavior of the tool may be the following:

  • Incorrect chain sharpening. The teeth of the chain are sharpened more on one side than on the other. You can fix the problem by sharpening the chain correctly.
  • Uneven wear of the chain links, the support pads of the chain links on one side have a large output, because of which the chain tilts slightly and it is no longer possible to obtain a straight cut. The problem can be solved only by replacing the chain.
  • Last but not least, uneven wear. As in the previous case, for this reason, the chain will change the slope and it will no longer cut exactly. The problem can be solved only by replacing the tire.
possible, another, tire, chainsaw

The inability to make a straight cut with a tool is a sign of increased tire and chain wear, which in turn is worth looking for its cause. Eliminating the effects of wear by replacing consumables will not bring the desired result, because in case of not eliminated malfunctions of the lubrication system, after a while everything will be repeated.

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Chainsaw manufacturers, for each specific model, recommend using a saw bar of a certain size and technical parameters. For the right choice, it is worth considering these parameters and then there will be no problems.

Chainsaw tire

The tire for a chainsaw is a very important component of it, if for some reason it is faulty, the operation of the tool is not possible. There are many reasons why it requires replacement. We will try to figure out in which cases a replacement is necessary, and also consider the question of how to choose the right saw tire for a chainsaw. Let’s start with the most important thing. choosing a headset.

  • Choice
  • Main settings
  • Which bus is better to install
  • Why does it wear out
  • Reasons that lead away from a straight cut
  • Why is it heated

Why does it wear out

This is one of the questions that chainsaw owners are constantly asking. The answer is easy. Friction occurs on the surface of the headset, which is the cause of wear.

Contact with rubbing surfaces of dust and dirt, increases wear of parts.

There is another pressing question: why does a tire wear out prematurely? You can answer it if you study the design of the tire and the principle of operation of the lubrication system, which we will try to do.

The lubrication system begins with an oil tank, where oil is filled and then, using an oil pump, is transferred to the point of contact of the tire shank with the chainsaw body. To adjust the oil supply, the tool pump is equipped with a special screw. There is a special slot in the place where the tire is installed, which coincides with the hole for receiving grease on the tire. The cause of premature wear may be insufficient lubrication of rubbing parts, which in turn occurs with the following malfunctions.

  • excessive contamination of the oil filter (the first thing to pay attention to);
  • contamination of the oil supply channels on the headset or on the instrument itself;
  • incorrect adjustment of the oil supply by the pump;
  • malfunction of the pump itself;
  • the use of low-quality lubricants or oil that does not meet the requirements of the chainsaw manufacturer.

To increase service life, manufacturers recommend the use of special oils with high adhesion.

The choice of the original chain oil is the choice of real men!

Thanks to this property, at high chain speeds, the lubricant is distributed and retained throughout the tire, and not only on the upper part of it, as is the case with conventional oils.

Millions of chainsaws are sawing crookedly from this. TOP bus and circuit faults

It is not permissible to use it as an oil for lubricating used oil from a car engine. In the development there are metal impurities from the car engine, which, falling between the rubbing parts, act as an abrasive tool, and significantly increase wear.

Main settings

When choosing, consider the main five parameters, these are:

  • Length.
  • Guide groove width.
  • Tire sprocket pitch.
  • Number of chain links intended for it.
  • Shank type and models of chainsaws on which it is permissible to install it.

Depending on the power of the chainsaw, it is permissible to install a headset of different lengths on it, which allows you to adjust the performance and load on the saw. Manufacturers can indicate the length both in centimeters and in inches and, as a rule, this is not the entire length of the tire, but only a characteristic of the length of its working part. Choosing the right tire for your chainsaw should start with studying the instructions for your chainsaw and finding out the permissible length for your particular model. For example, for the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw, the recommended lengths are 14 or 15 inches.

When choosing a headset, you should not neglect the instructions and use longer components. this can lead to excessive stress on the engine and its premature wear.

The width of the guide groove, like the pitch of the sprocket on the bar, must correspond to the same parameters of the saw chain, otherwise the installation of the chain on the bar will not be possible. The groove width for household chainsaws is 1.1 and 1.3mm for professional models 1.5. The most common sprocket pitch sizes are 0.325 and 3/8 inches.

When choosing, remember that the pitch of the chain sprocket should be the same as the pitch of the leading sprocket of the chainsaw, respectively, when replacing the tire and the drive sprocket in the kit, you can choose these parameters as you wish.

Depending on the type of shank, the tire can only be fitted to certain chainsaws. This is because the chain lubrication hole on the tires for certain brands of chainsaws may be located in different places. For example, a tire from a Stihl chainsaw cannot be installed on Husqvarna and vice versa, be sure to take this into account when choosing.

A high-quality video description of the selection process can be seen below. In this video, a gasoline tool sales specialist talks about the main characteristics of the saw headset, its types and sizes.

Why is it heated

In some cases, during operation, you may notice that the tire is overheating, there are two reasons for this phenomenon. The first is a factory defect. In such parts, low-quality bearings are installed, which heat it up during operation. The defective part will warm up and nothing can be done about it, only a replacement but a new one.

The second reason is, again, not enough lubrication, or its complete absence. If such signs of overheating appear, such as the paint melting at the tip of the tire and its strong smoke, it is worth stopping the operation of the tool and contacting the service center.

This is what an overheated circuit looks like.

The choice of a tire for a chainsaw largely depends on the characteristics of the chainsaw itself. It is worth choosing only the components recommended by the manufacturer, taking into account the pitch of the drive sprocket, the width of the groove for the chain and the shape and size of the shank. The guarantee of a long service life of the saw headset of the chainsaw is an uninterrupted supply of a sufficient amount of lubricant of the appropriate brand. Excessive bar and chain wear and heat are signs that the chain lubrication system is not working properly. We have highlighted the main points of the choice, remember them and take them into account when buying, and then you will definitely buy what you really need.