Jigsaw Makita what best to choose

What is the best Makita jigsaw? The Makita 4329 Kx1

The top 10 jigsaws opens German model Bosch PST 700 E, which can be safely attributed to the class of universal solutions. The fact that the jigsaw has a good cutting capacity with a cutting depth of 70 millimetres. Great for trimming boards, panels.

You can use as a household helper to create decorative accessories, toys. In general, the scope is vast. The only problem is that the developers didn’t pay enough attention to working with metals. At best it saws aluminum up to 4 mm thick.

If you want to buy a jigsaw with an ergonomic shape and comfortable handle, and do not plan to overpay for it. Bort BPS-650. We are talking about the most comfortable jigsaw in its range.

The rubberized handle, durable motor and improved grip are just a small list of the advantages of the model, which is attractive for its reduced vibration level and extended service life. The device can handle workpieces up to 6 cm wide.5 centimeters.

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Quick-action chuck for tile fixation is installed. It is worth adding that the manufacturers have paid due attention to almost every detail: from the clamps to the fixation of the spigot. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not consider it necessary to work on the spring-loaded screws. Model begins to make noise, according to customer reviews, 3 months after purchase.

We are talking about a good Russian jigsaw, the power of which is 710 watts. This is quite enough for a smooth, stable operation of the machine when interacting with different materials.

Best suited for wood (cutting depth of 8 cm). For steel, the cutting depth is 1 cm. There is a guard, simple frequency adjustment. According to customer reviews, the product has good blades and easy operation.

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All parts are made of quality materials. However, this product is designed for simple tasks. not suitable for professional use!

Perhaps the best budget Russian jigsaw, which has a powerful motor. Developers also took care of installing a good turning mechanism. Can cut wood, metal, plastic at a 45-degree angle.

Fitted with a universal clip for various blades. A nice addition is the rubberized handle, which is pleasant to hold in your hand. Also has a protective visor for rod protection.

In spite of low price, includes additional protection in the form of a dust adapter. Among the variety of reviews, reasonable Комментарии и мнения владельцев that we pointed out the obvious disadvantages of the model, there is no.

The best budget jigsaw. the model Bort BPS-500-P, created for home use. In spite of the low price, suitable for a wide range of materials including ceramic, metal, plastic. Compact power tool is equipped with a stable motor, the power of which is equal to 400 watts.

Secure grip thanks to elastic grip plate and ergonomic shape of the product. Suitable not only for cuts, but also for sawing wooden sheets. It is worth mentioning that the developers also took care of the presence of a good “start” lock.

Consequently, you don’t have to keep your finger on the button all the time. The angle of cut is adjustable in the range from 0 to 45 degrees. For such a price, no disadvantages revealed!

One more model, representing a “German quality” class, completes the jigsaw rating. It is a reliable product of Bosch PST 900 PEL series that is characterized by low vibration and noise level.

jigsaw, makita, best

The developers have equipped the device with good saws, a reliable engine and an anti splinterguard. For obvious reasons, it is very easy to achieve a smooth surface with this jigsaw. But, as you know, a lot depends on the skill of the user and the ease of use of the device.

And here, not everything is perfect. Already after a few uses, the cut starts to be sacked to the side.

Powerful model designed for accurate wood and plastic work. It is less productive with metals because the depth of cut is only 1 cm. Based on the customer reviews, the power is equal to 720 watts. At the same time, the maximum stroke value is 2.6 cm.

The professional jigsaw weighs only 2.4 kilograms. Not enough for a product with this kind of motor. In addition, the developers have equipped the machine with a molded support base, which allows you to make high-quality oblique cuts without worrying about damage to the tool.

It is worth adding that the declared characteristics of the manufacturer fully correspond to reality!