Jigsaw Saw Crookedly How to Fix

A power jigsaw can cut any material. stone, metal, wood. The electric-powered saw performs straight, oblique and round cuts. How to learn to saw with a jigsaw evenly?

Why jigsaw cuts crookedly

Jigsaw Saw Crookedly How to Fix

Initially, the jigsaw was designed to cut patterns and circles. The straight saw function is not available on all models. The price of such an instrument is many times higher.

You can achieve a direct cut with a conventional jigsaw. To do this, use the ruler, which should be included. To control the sawing process was easier, you need to lower the speed.

Beginning masters often encounter a problem: an electric jigsaw when cutting takes to one side, and the cut is obtained at an angle. To cope with this, you need to study in detail the process of correct and even cut.

There are several reasons for an uneven saw:

  • the saw is dull;
  • too much pressure is used;
  • there is a cross-section in wood.

One reason for the cut curve may be too thick material. As a rule, thin wood is sawn easier and easier. A jigsaw may have poor mechanics. in this case it needs to be changed. You can check the quality of the jigsaw by moving it from side to side. If he hangs, then this is a cheap tool for rough work. To get an acceptable result, you should saw with a margin, and draw the edges with a hand milling cutter.

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Another effective way to learn how to saw straight with a jigsaw is to draw on the workpiece not one fishing line, but two parallel. So the cut will be smoother.

Some recommend using the pendulum function. You do not need to press on the jigsaw. it must go on its own. You can try changing the modes.

The technique of direct cutting: the nuances you need to know

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To achieve a smooth cut, use additional tools. Before starting the file, you need to fix the material well. The working surface must be stable. Experts do not recommend sawing wood along the fibers. It will be difficult to achieve an even cut. It is better to use a circular saw. If it is not, you can apply a parallel emphasis. One edge is fixed on the product, the second leans against the tool. Thus the cut is leveled.

If you need a circle, first a small hole is drilled in the middle. They attach a jigsaw to it, moving along the contours of the marked lines. When a rectangle is required, the saw is directed forward, around the corners, and then shaping them.

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To make the move easier, use engine oil. They lubricate the file. To avoid overheating, you should sometimes stop. After the saw you need to clean the jigsaw and moisten it with oil.

Rules for a flat saw with a jigsaw

  • For a perfectly smooth saw it is necessary to use a device with an increased frequency of movement of the blade. It is better to choose a large file. A board is suitable as a guide. Pre-prepare 2 clamps with a workpiece and a guide. To the jigsaw was freely located, it is placed on a dais. Measure the width of the material with a tape measure, draw notes, make one line out of them using a ruler.
  • The guide is placed a few centimeters from the cut. It is attached with clamps. The jigsaw is attached with the cutting part to the cut line. Connect it to the guide, attach it with a clamp. You need to make sure that she does not move.
  • The same manipulations are done from the other side. So that there are no defects left on the tree, it is necessary to clamp slightly.
  • The next stage is the transition to the first clamp, checking its stability and clamping. After that, turn on the jigsaw, setting the highest speed. The number 2 is set on the pendulum. The saw is set along the cut line. The guide is pressed to the side of the platform and begin to saw.
  • By controlling the position of the platform, the tool is moved forward. When there is just a little left to the end, the sawn off needs to be supported so that it does not break off. The cut pieces will be perfectly flat.
  • To make the saw slide smoothly and easily, some use a removable plate. It comes from different materials. It is fixed on the support sole of the saw. The tire and adapter ensure even cuts.
  • Some materials require additional cooling. When working with them, you need to keep a bowl of cool water near you. It can be installed on a support sole.
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Jigsaw. a universal tool, indispensable in the household. Knowledgeable people say: dexterity with him comes with experience. The more you train, the better the result.