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How to choose the best circular saw?

The circular (disk) saw is used for sawing wood, plywood and wood-based stove. In this article we will figure out what circus are, their areas of application, and also what you need to know when choosing.

  • Hand disk saw compact and comfortable. Useful for small home repairs and cutting a small number of parts. allow you to start the saw from the middle of the workpiece. As a rule, the casing completely closes the cutting disk. Suitable for processing the edge or creating grooves. Fixed and massive. Copes with wooden slabs and boards. Most often used in the workshop or on sawmills.
  • In the hypoid circular saw, the teeth of the engine gear are located curvilinean, which increases the torque. Come in handy on frame construction.


  • Light (from 400 to 1000 watts) is useful for a cut of plastic and wooden blanks.
  • Average (from 1000 to 1500 watts) is almost universal, optimal for repair or processing of solid wood.
  • Heavy (from 1500) will cope with the cut of thick wooden bars or steel sheets.
  • The start fixer will protect against randomly launching a saw. To turn on the circular saw, you need to simultaneously squeeze two buttons.
  • Smooth start protects against jerks when turning on and voltage jumps. Extends the life of the instrument.
  • The crumbling knife will not allow the disk to get stuck in the workpiece. Will reduce the load from the cutting disk during longitudinal sawing. denotes a trajectory on the workpiece along which the cut will pass. Increases the accuracy and accuracy of the cut line.

best disk saws

Those who had to work out for several hours with a hacksaw, do not need to explain the advantages of a disk saw. it will be able to directly and smoothly cut the sheet material or thick boards at such a time, for which hacksaw she will only start washed down. However, such a tool will be useful not only in professional practice, and the demand for amateur disc saws confirms this: a good inexpensive tool will not burden the budget, but it will always help out in work. It is also important that manual disk saws are safer than ordinary circulars, safety precautions when operating which you need to know like your seven fingers. The best disc saws 2021. early 2022 are presented in our ranking.

The main areas of application of disk saws:

  • Finishing and carpentry work: cutting sheet materials (laminate, wood-based stove, OSP, plywood) and thin boards (platbands, lining, block house, parquet).
  • Plotnitsky construction work: transverse and longitudinal sawing of boards and timber up to 100 mm.
  • Heavy work (construction of a house from a beam, woodwork): transverse and longitudinal sawing of the beam and logs with a thickness of 100. 200 mm.

Therefore, today we will interfere with a review of several market segments at once. from compact models with a low cut depth to professional models that can cut a thick beam with minimal time spent. What to choose bypassing the shelves of tool stores in 2022?

Rating of the best disc saw

Category place name rating
Best compact disc saws
The best disk saws for a disc up to 190 mm
The best disk saws for large diameter disk
Best Battery Disco

Diold DP-0.55 Matt

The disco saw from the “Chinese-manufacturer unexpectedly reached the first place in this rating, although it would seem that it has many eminent competitors. However, in practice, most branded saws for small wheels (they are also rotorizers) are battery, so when choosing a network disc saw, we actually sort out exclusively amateur models.

Well, in terms of the ratio of “price-quality-functionality” this is a good disc saw. Of course, the manufacturer was not particularly bothering with ergonomics, but in operation it is quite convenient, and the power of a 550-watt motor for disks with a diameter of up to 85 mm is enough normally. The cut depth can reach up to 25 mm.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not provide for speed adjustment. Therefore, when working with materials that give fine and light chips, it is worth immediately providing, otherwise the impeller of the high.speed collector engine will scatter the dust throughout the district.

The gearbox at Diold is a worm, which is preferable for a budget segment is preferable to a belt. The main thing is not to forget about high.quality lubrication and do not overload the saw so that the worm and the gear given to it do not suffer.

Great assistant “for inexpensive”. When repairing a mini-cycle, it came in handy more than once, and she definitely repulsed her money.

Dremel DSM20-3/4

Continues our top of the best Dremel DSM20-3/4 disk saws. At the first, and at the second glance, “Dremel” is conceived well: the eye does not cling to the fire deer flaws, the saw case sits well in the hand, the spindle clamper is conveniently located, and the equipment in a regular suitcase is good. The 710-Watt engine promotes the spindle up to 17 thousand revolutions per minute, so that 77 mm discs will be cut quickly, but.

These “but” this saw came out a bit too much, so we cut her rating decently. A powerful motor is good, but when turned on, it gives a strong jerk. “Eryulumous” discs during work just due to the aforementioned high revolutions are mercilessly dusting, and the full.time dust science can only be called “it seems to be, but it seems to be not”. Without a vacuum cleaner, dust flies anywhere, except for a pipe, with a vacuum cleaner, it is inconvenient to use such a “baby”. It’s better not to work on wood at home. get a lot of dust climbing into each gap, which certainly will not be a pleasure.

Sprinking depth adjustment (up to 21.5 mm on standard disks). a flag on the right side. Because of this, working with smooth immersion along the course is inconvenient-you have to intercept that just the depth of the current installation on the scale next to the flag will not be seen. In addition, this flag itself is weak, with strong pressing the depths established by it, you can knock down the most.

As a result, the final opinion about this saw still spoils. Dremel do not work better. it is not without reason for graves that the name of this company became the speaker, but the disk saw will have to be brought to mind after buying.

How to choose a chainsaw?

First of all, when choosing a chainsaw, of course, the future “front of work” is taken into account. Amateur chainsaws, usually small working volume and with a short bus, are designed only for episodic use in easy work at home or in the country. Frequent use will quickly exhaust the resource, and the attempt to install the tire will more genuinely lead to a tangible overload of the engine. But such saws are easier (the manufacturer can save on the strength of the nodes), and cheaper. that is, for their task they are just suitable. If the saw is supposed to be used often, then you should already think about the instrument of the semi.professional segment. they, as a rule, are not much different in terms of power and maximum length of the tire from popular amateur models, but they are more reliable: cheap cast.iron sleeves are already replaced by high resource nicalevial ​​cylinders, stronger than crankshafts the bearings are more reliable. such a saw with constant use will not fall apart after a year.

Professional gasoline saws are primarily created for hard work. it is not uncommon for almost a meter long tires designed for firing forests. To match it and engines. powerful and with a very high motor resource, measured by four.digit numbers, but heavy. However, there are more compact models with tires in the region of 40 centimeters in this segment. but they still exceed the resource, not to mention purely “home” models.

The general problem of chainsaws of any class is vibrations: a single.cylinder two.stroke, besides high.speed, cannot vibrate by definition. over, the most acute thing is this problem just for an amateur segment, where the mass of the saw itself is less (and, the more heavier the saw, the more equal weaker vibrations are perceived), and the engine is structurally simplified for reducing cheaper. especially if we are talking about “completely Chinese »Pilas. And the vibration on the handles is a serious thing: the vibrational disease is not pleasant things. over, the traditionally used engine suspension on rubber bushing has an unpleasant feature: in the cold, the rubber “tugs”, and the level of vibrations transmitted to the hands of. Choose a strongly vibrating saw not for one.time work, but for constant use, will be a serious mistake.

Another thing that is useful for the episodic use of a chainsaw is the presence of manual swinging fuel into a carburetor (primer), which may not be on the saw you like. But just with rare use, it will make it easier to run the saw after downtime, quickly filling the carburetor with fuel. Professional saws are not so necessary. with daily use, the carburetor will not have time to dry out, and it is very effective due to a larger volume of gas tank.

Battery Disco

recently, such aggregates seemed to us a real fantasy. But time goes on, wireless technologies go to a new level. The batteries have become so capacious, special engines are so economical, and the charging devices are fast that even for such a powerful tool as circular, developers managed to organize uninterrupted energy supply. We take two modern batteries and a half.hour charging. that’s all, there will be no problems with energy (Makita BSS 610 RFE). It is even easier if your disc saw is equipped with a unified battery of the same manufacturer that the rest of your tools. Power characteristics (output power, torque) of wireless circulars are no longer inferior to the indicators of similar network machines-Bosch GKS 18 V-Li (cut depth 51 mm). Well, as for mobility and ergonomics, then they are beyond any competition, they are especially loved by roofers-operatives working on top.

Makita BSS 610 RFE

The main selection criteria

Power, speed, disk diameter, cut depth

The diameter of the cutting disk (external, not the size of the landing hole). it can be said without exaggeration that this is the main parameter of the circular. Based on it, manufacturers are forced to arrange a specific model. The larger the disk, the more powerful the engine should be to promote it to the desired speed, the more torque will be required to maintain this speed and there is no jamming, the more technologically the stabilization system should be so that there is no beat, vibrations and noise, the harder it is. more overall, it will be more expensive to saw. But on the other hand, large equipment allows you to saw more massive blanks, material of greater thickness.

However, it is not enough just to pay attention to the size of the circle, it is much more important to have an accurate idea of ​​the maximum depth of cut. The developers almost always indicate these parameters in passports, and for both perpendicular and for a mowing cut. There is some conditional separation:

  • Light class (40-50 mm). sheet materials, work “in place”.
  • Middle class (50–65 mm). the most common, universal.
  • Heavy class (65-140 mm). these are massive, purely professional machines.

The convention is that many companies give out their special classification (Makitians, for example, do not release the kids at all and move a little in this matter). It turns out that we, ordinary users, can only listen to our needs, choose priority in the ratio of “maneuverability/universality/strength” based on the specifics of the alleged work. For example, Hitachi C13U (weight 13 kg, 335 mm disk, 2000 watts) and Hitachi C6MFA (weight 3.4 kg, 165 mm disk, 1010 watts). The ratio of the depth of direct cut for these models: 128 mm to 57 mm, respectively.

Left: Hitachi C13U, right: Hitachi C6mfa

I would also like to note that in the case of emergency need, it is possible to cut a very voluminous part by making a drink on both sides (yes, for the correct work, the disk does not have to go through the workpiece through).

What else gives a power supply? If there is a need to compare the two circulars with the same depth. then a stronger motor of one of them will provide better frequency stability, more continuous operation, and will allow more dense material to quickly cut. The watts under the hood traditionally correlate with the diameter of the equipment and, again conditionally, the units are credited to one of the three corresponding classes:

Makita 5143r

Disk rotation speed. what it gives, except for the speed itself? There are two main nuances. The first thing the shaft moves faster, the cleaner the cut (however, cleanliness more depends on the type of disk. the quantity and shape of the teeth). The second, high speed is the opposite of the torque. The third, high speed is high temperature, and some plastics may begin to melt during sawing. If the frequency has become a stumbling block (read the “choice”), then you need to compare saws with the same diameter of the cutting disk. Even better, find a model with idle frequency adjustment.

Electronics guarding order

Advanced circular are stuffed with electronic systems for the eyeballs. This is quite predictable, since this tool is powerful and dangerous. the user needs to help so that the mission is not impossible. If there is a financial opportunity, you should not refuse additional options, there are no unnecessary trifles for the performance and safety.

For the benefit of the correct speed regime, a system for maintaining a constant speed of spindle rotation under load is working, the so.called constant electronics (Dewalt DWS520K). A special controller constantly reads the speed with a local speed fall (for example, when the supply accelerates or when the equipment gets into the compacted material zone), it is stabilized by automatic increase in the outgoing power. The probability of jamming the disk is almost zero, but the cut quality only improves. Obviously, this requires a certain power reserve (this is a prerogative of relatively large machines). Another point is the idle speed adjustment, pre.installation. It is needed for manual selection of process parameters for materials with various physical characteristics (Metabo KSE 68 Plus). Not all models can boast of such an option. And, by the way, the possibility of pre.installation is not a prerequisite for the presence of constant electronics, the only affordable frequency can be stabilized.

Metabo KSE 68 Plus

In order not to overload the network when the tool is turned on, since the starting currents, albeit in a short period of time, significantly exceeds their value-almost all more or less powerful circular launches have a smooth start system. The equipment does not accelerate immediately, which eliminates the leap of the tool and protects the parts of the gearbox from unnecessary shock loads, the aggregate lives much longer (“Fiolent” PD 3–70E).

If the operator is in a hurry to complete what he has begun and does not listen to the “well.being” of the disc saw, then the system of protection against overloads will receive a signal from overheated engine windings or react to a sharp difference in power consumption and turn off the power, maintaining the performance of an expensive tool.

The electrodynamic brake sharply stops the disk after the release of the starter (AEG BKS 18). The system is designed to protect the operator from a possible injury, a part from damage, and the machine from the reverse blow.


Mechanical features

With a deaf jamming of equipment, the motor can fail very quickly, there is a chance of a reverse blow. To protect against such trouble, sliding clutch is used. The working shaft of the motor will continue to rotate even with a fixed disk. Do not worry, the system does not work unnecessarily.

Types of disks

It is not enough to purchase a good electric tool with one cutting circle to work with wood. This ubiquitous material has many varieties. And each of them has its own firmness and elasticity.

In addition, in the process of work, tasks of various complexity arise. And to solve them, an individual approach is required. That is, the use of a certain nozzle suitable for the highest quality processing. Therefore, the arsenal of the master must be staffed for all occasions.

Saw a sawda disklard disk is produced in only two types. The monolithic structure consists of either high.carbon steel or a high.speed. Inexpensive product can cope with any wood. And besides this, polymer alloys can saw.

A good advantage of the cast disc is the simplicity of sharpening. At the same time, it can be done many times and independently. Because of this, the tool has a very large resource of work.

The carbide structure is made of instrumental steel. But its teeth are made of very durable alloys to which tungsten carbide is added. This solution allows you to saw not only the most moody wood, but also process many metals.

In addition, the design with solid attacks has a number of advantages compared to the monolithic:

  • Direct wiring is not required.
  • One sharpening of the incisors allows you to work out the time in which the monolithic analogue will bother several times. Therefore, the resource of the carbide disk is several times larger.
  • Any material passes literally with an ideal pure Reza and spends less time on it.

But the sharpening of a carbide disk for a circular saw at home cannot be performed. This requires special equipment. And the price of such a tool is very high. True, experts say that the disk manages to pay off even before the re.placement. And many masters are not spent on it, but immediately buy a new detachment circle.

In addition to the main two types of discs for the circular, mentioning disk mills should be mentioned. The tool was developed for metal processing, but many wood operations are performed precisely with its help. For example, a cutter is used when you need to choose a groove from a wooden product.

Important characteristics of the cutting circle

We will figure out how to choose a disc for circular wood saw, guided by the main parameters of the tool. After all, it is precisely by them that you can understand whether the nozzle is suitable for a certain task. And knowing even small nuances, you can significantly improve the quality of work.

Disk thickness

Determines how wide it will be cut. This parameter also indicates the strength of the cutting disk. The standard value is 3.2 mm. If you use the nozzle thinner than this indicator, then there is a high probability of its overheating and failure. And too much size leads to an increased consumption of the processed material. As the masters say. “Transfer to chips”.

External and internal diameter

The dimensions of the disc for a circular saw on wood determine how deeply you can immerse yourself in the processed material. But when buying, it is necessary to take into account the internal diameter of the protective casing. Otherwise, a too large cut.out circle cannot be installed on the circular.

Basically, the dimensions range from 130 to 250 mm. But, if the casing allows, then you can find a disk with a large external diameter. However, these figures do not affect the speed of processing. The importance has the depth of penetration into the material. But the more the thickness of the drink, the stronger the disk will heat up.

It is also necessary to take into account the thickness of the power shaft on the circular. So that the inner hole of the cutting circle will allow you to tightly install it on the tool. The rods on the circular are installed with a diameter of 16 to 32 mm. And some disks models have additional holes for reliable fixation on the saw.

Dear of saw

The number of teeth on the saw disk determines how clean it will be. Their number varies from 10 to 90. And the highest quality of the sawdust can be obtained with the maximum number of incisors. Also in this case it will be easy to work in the transverse direction. And for longitudinal cut, it is better to use a disk with a small number of teeth.

Discs, with the number of incisors from 40 to 50, are considered universal. It is convenient to work in any direction. But there is a nuance. The more teeth, the slower the cut rate. Less than them to cope with work much faster, but the quality of the cut will suffer.

An important role is played by the angle of sharpening. Measure it from the radius of the disk. With a negative inclination facing the back, it is easiest to make longitudinal cuts. Positive (to the back) allows the disk to run into the material and capture it well. This contributes to the transverse cut of the part.

  • universal (standard). from 5 to 15 degrees;
  • positive (aggressive). from 15 to 20 degrees;
  • negative. from 0 to.5 degrees.

But for a better choice, when there is doubt how to solve a certain problem, you need to pay attention to the configuration of the teeth. A flat cutter is suitable for quick sawing of any wood in the longitudinal direction. Marked by English letters FT.

If the incisors are sequentially alternated with an inclination in opposite directions, then the saw will give a fairly clean cut when working across the workpiece. Such a disc is well suited for plywood, wood-bruise and composite plates. Marking the letters of the ATB.

There is a combined appearance when 4 ATB cutters are replaced by one ft. This sequence allows you to process wood in different directions, while solving, practically any problems. Marked with the word COMBI.

An excellent result in sawing gives a sequential alternation of an ordinary ft tooth and higher, but sharpened for trapezoid. This disk can safely saw not only any wood, but also non.ferrous metal. Teeth, in such a model, never break off and do not capture sawdust.

Well, incisors in which the flat peak ends with chamfers (double angle), neither nails nor frozen cement are terrible. Such a configuration is specially designed for deck wood. But it is successfully applied when cutting construction products.

Custores: what is it, what is needed for

Custores are special scissors designed to remove unnecessary shoots at the bushes and trees, wild strokes in the garden, artistic haircuts of shrubs, aligning the green hedge. Using a bush cutter, caring for a garden plot becomes much more effective and easier.

According to the principle of action, by.theishes are divided into several categories.

Mechanical. these are large garden scissors working on the power of human hands. The attached force increases due to long handles.

Suitable for processing small garden plots with a minimum of green spaces.

Electric. the best option for garden plots with an area of ​​2 to 6 acres. The power of black cutters operating from the electric network varies in the range of 500–700 watts. Units are able to cut off branches up to 25 mm thick, quickly and easy to give the desired shape to green bushes.

  • The area of ​​the processed territory depends on the length of the power cord;
  • You can not work during rainy weather;
  • the need for periodic breaks for engine cooling.

In the presence of an extension cord, a compact unit is able to ennoble spacious territories in a short time.

select, wooden, wood, mobile, stationary

Battery. Blojus of this type work from nutritional elements. One battery is enough for an hour of haircuts, after which it is required to recharge.

  • mobility, the ability to work in remote areas;
  • good power, trimming branches with a diameter of up to 20 mm;
  • long work without recharging;
  • Light weight, simple control.

The features of the device are compactness and noiselessness. To work at a height, they purchase a model with a telescopic bar.

Gasoline. the most powerful bushes having engines 750–1200 watts operating on gasoline. The efficiency and high efficiency of benzores are proven on clearing running garden areas. The unit equally easily cuts branches up to 40 mm thick, young shoots and shoots of shrubs and trees.

  • high mobility;
  • a long continuous period of work;
  • independence from weather conditions;
  • effective and neat haircut of any complexity.
  • Light weight, vibration loads;
  • the need to regularly sharpen knives;
  • Light noise, headphones need headphones to protect the organs of hearing;
  • the need to cook an oil-Benzine mixture in a certain proportion;
  • high price.

Gasoline units are capricious in work, require qualified and accurate circulation. Gasoline scissors are great for haircuts of green spaces on the streets of settlements, in city parks regardless of the weather.

Popular manufacturers of black cutters

When choosing a bush cutter, it is recommended to pay attention to the brands of well.known manufacturers guaranteeing work of their products. The following companies engaged in the production and implementation of garden technology enjoyed a well.deserved reputation for consumers.


The homeland of the brand. USA. The Patriot Garden brand appeared in the market in 1999. The range of products includes a wide range of artisans for landscape design professionals and amateur gardeners.


The history of the world.famous German company for the production of garden equipment and power tools began at the end of the 19th century. The priority for the company is responsibility to customers, innovative technologies, products that improve the quality of life.

Black Decker

The American manufacturer of home and cars, BlackDecker garden equipment belongs to the creation of many inventions in the field of power tools. The company’s specialists were the first to develop and released a battery garden tool.


Champion brand was registered in 2005. Production for the production of garden and construction equipment is located in China. Powerful electrical and gasoline, which are adapted to its climate and operating conditions.


Japanese company Makita. leading manufacturer in the global market of garden power tools. In the product catalog, the entire range. Garden equipment comes to the domestic market mainly from China.

PAUL Wood Scanning System for optimized cross-cutting saws


Worldly recognized leader in the production of garden tools and intelligent watering systems. Millions of gardeners and landscapers enjoy reliable brand technology. Innovative secateurs and brushes of the brand are distinguished by high efficiency.

Criterias of choice

With all the apparent simplicity of the device, the circular saw is a difficult and potentially dangerous mechanism. In addition to the cutting circle and electric motor, the unit is equipped with electronic blocking and protective devices. Their purpose is to instantly stop the tool at the slightest malfunction in work. To choose the right tool, you need to have an idea of ​​what products of this type are. Consider the most common classifications.

The specifics of the design

Separate such types of circular saws depending on the constructive performance:

  • stationary. It is advisable to buy such a tool for large volumes of the same type of work (at enterprises when processing lumber in large quantities). The tool is placed on a frame that requires a separate place for installation, and sometimes the room;
  • desktop. These are stationary saws, only “miniature” installed on the table. They are used in everyday life, when performing significant volumes of handling of lumber (during the construction of a bathhouse, houses, outbuildings, etc. D.);
  • manual. mobile devices that allow you to work even with a small workpiece in different planes. Such a tool is used for sawing blanks not only of wood, but also from soft metal or plastic. The power of circular saws of this category is the smallest and requires periodic rest.

Use intensity

First of all, the amount of work and the speed of its implementation are taken into account here:

  • Professional class tool. It can be used throughout the working day, to work with materials of varying degrees of stiffness;
  • household devices. Their main advantage is universality, but saws of this species require strict observance of the load regime. The average duration of continuous functioning is 15 minutes, about the same amount of time is devoted to a break.

Types of work performed, materials used

The most common type of work performed using a circular saw is sawing wooden elements (individual versions allow you to cut blanks at an angle). There are specialized saws designed for wood or metal. They should have great power and be adapted for functioning with disks: both standard and increased strength.

Submersible saws, manual or stationary, are equipped with movable saw discs. The design features are such that they allow you to cut through the through holes in the workpieces. This type of tool is used mainly to work with sheet materials: plastic, OSB or plywood. Circulars of this species are deprived of the lower protective casing. But the structure of the supporting plate makes it possible to configure the depth of cut to a millimeter. In addition to through, you can make curly slots, gutter, gaps or grooves. The main advantage of such a tool is universality. It is ideal for domestic use.

Type of power supply

Depending on the source of electricity, such types of circulars are distinguished:

  • Network. Household modifications operate on an alternating current network (220 V), and professional stationary versions. from three.phase (380 V). This option has only one drawback: lack of autonomy, attachment to an electric carrot;
  • Battery. The outlet will be needed here only to charge the battery. After that, the tool works autonomously for some time. The advantage of models on batteries is mobility, disadvantage. a large duration of the restoration of the charge. It is many times higher.

The battery saw costs, ceteris paribus, more expensive than network. Therefore, it makes sense to acquire a tool equipped with the battery, only if the work is planned in places and (or) on the site without power supply.

So, the type of saw was determined. Now you can choose the device directly according to the technical parameters and operational characteristics.


As a rule, this parameter directly correlates with the diameter of the working disk. But it may be that tools with the same characteristics can be equipped with motors with various power. The more this indicator, the more stable and longer the tool works. It is also necessary to take into account the frequency and intensity of using the saw, since powerful tools are much more expensive.

There is a classification of circular saws by power (however, quite conditional):

  • up to 800 watts. hand saws used when working with small blanks;
  • 800-1200 W-household models that do a great job with large volumes of work (for example, in construction);
  • more than 1200 watts. professional tools.

Working disk rotation frequency

The more this indicator is, the easier it is to work with the tool:

select, wooden, wood, mobile, stationary

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  • the risk of jamming the canvas in the workpiece is minimal;
  • simpler processing of dense materials;
  • less torque value;
  • Clean fishing line for cutting.

However, with an increase in the speed of disk rotation, the temperature at the cutting site is growing. Therefore, when working with laminated flooring or plastic blanks, the edges can turn out to be melted.

TOP-20 of the best circular saw for home

We will talk about each device in detail, indicating the main technical indicators, advantages and disadvantages, prices. You can also familiarize yourself with the opinion of users who have already purchased these power tools.

Interskol DP-190/1600M

    With the Interskol DP-190/1600m circular saw, you quickly and smoothly saw parquet, sex boards, laminate, plywood and other building materials in the right sizes. In addition, the design of the power tool allows you to adjust the cutting depth, and you can also connect a regular vacuum cleaner to collect sawdust so that the workplace always remains clean. Safety is ensured by a reliable protection system against random inclusion. Characteristics

  • long cord (4 m);
  • smooth start;
  • deep cut (65 mm);
  • It is convenient to regulate the height of the cut;
  • reliable design;
  • functionality.

Bort BHK-185U

An inexpensive, but good model of a disk saw, has a fairly high power, opens a review. 1250 W is enough to easily and quickly cut even a hard, order of dry wood. It’s nice that the saw is equipped with an additional set of brushes. The weight is only 4.1 kg, which greatly simplifies the transportation process, doing the work really easy and comfortable. The speed of rotation of the disk reaches 5600 rpm, so that even a large number of boards, bars and other lumber can be cut in the very short time. The diameter of the disk is 185 mm, which provides a cut height of 64 mm. In total, all this makes the tool a very successful acquisition. At least if this is not the best budget model of a disc saw, then, definitely, it is one of those.

Elitech PD1255P14

A device for accurate work is suitable. The configuration has a guide canvas, as well as fixers. All this will allow the tool to work on the processed surface. It will also be possible to cut in the intended area. All this is especially useful in the case of symmetrical work.

In size. this is a compact device. The handle is length. Due to this, the unit can be used using 1 hand. Part of the device from the upper part is covered with stripes with a rubber surface. Also in the presence of the second supportive handle.

The engine is equipped. In terms of power characteristics, it is 1200 watts. This is enough to cope with different types of materials. There is a special discharge where you can connect a vacuum cleaner.

  • The casing is made of durable metal;
  • The diameter of the drive is 160 mm, which is enough to perform cuts in a depth of 55 mm and 41 mm with angle;
  • the backlash in the places of the main attachment are not seen;
  • shafts in the area of ​​bearings rotate;
  • The case is compact in size;
  • The size of the disk occurs on the market often, if necessary, it can be easily replaced;
  • 5500 revolutions at 1 minute enough to do the work.
  • high;
  • There is no rubber coating on the second handle;
  • weight 4.8 kg, which is uncomfortable with prolonged work;
  • there is no brake disk;
  • Drinking tires can find a gap that needs ending;
  • 2 m cord, which is uncomfortable when moving in work;
  • revolutions are floating if you change the type of load;
  • lack of smooth launch;
  • An uneven sole comes across.

Bosch Universalcirc 12 0

Before you, of course, is the best battery saw of the rating. Its mass is only 1.4 kg, which allows you to work for a long time, not knowing tired and performing a large amount of work. A disc with a diameter of 85 mm provides a saw 26 mm with a depth. for small work it is quite enough. Drank very even and neat due to the speed of rotation of 1400 rpm. Important additional functions are the connection of the vacuum cleaner, locking spindle and backlight. With all this, the noise level during work is small. about 80 dB. With all this, this saw is one of the best in reliability, after all, Bosch is a really serious company.

Bosch GKS 190

This model of the device is popular thanks to a good ratio of price. quality. Of course, it is expensive, however, the quality of the tool is on top. Great assembly quality provides a long service life, and therefore you will not regret the purchase. A fairly high power of the device with small weight allows you to work comfortably and with pleasure, which contributes to and blowing the working area from sawdust. The function of blocking random inclusion makes the device as safe as possible.

  • neatly drank;
  • excellent assembly;
  • convenient in operation;
  • long cable (4 m);
  • solid cut depth (70 mm);
  • Good power.

Bosch GKS 12 V-Li

Professional saw, which will be required by the master, which is engaged in the processing of the floor. Using the device, you can cut off laminate, plywood, parquet or PVC plates. The saw was made in accordance with the pistol.shaped form. The handle is rubberized. Management is carried out at the expense of one hand. This is quite convenient, because the apparatus is 1.4 kg.

The design is compact. It is easy to perform different manipulations, even if the space is limited. Changing the angle of inclination of the supporting plate is possible due to the screw from the end part. Sawed in depth will be 26 mm.

Which sawing machine is better to buy

How to make the right choice from the presented brands? As you can see, all devices have their pros and cons. The analysis and the rating made will help in choosing the right machine for carpentry and construction work. Much depends on the parameters that are more suitable for your plans.

The sawing machine is a universal tool for creating the necessary and often necessary things. It can be firewood, boards, interior details and wooden architecture, building materials and coatings adjusted for themselves, etc. P.

The quality of wood processing depends on the frequency of rotation of the disk, the presence of stops and pushers, the attentiveness of the operator.

For home operation, there is enough unit at a speed of up to 2500 rpm. professional consume a lot of energy and give out over 4000 revolutions per minute.

There is a significant range of machines in the domestic market of the country. The main criterion for choosing first of all should be considered the sphere of further use of the tool.

Summing up, we note among the models of sawing machines those that have rightfully become leaders in many indicators:

Best Budget Speaking Wooding Wood - Einhel Th-TS 820.

The best model of the desktop saw -metabo TS 36-18 LTX BL 254.

The best sawing machine with a stand - Encor Corvette 13m.

The best household sawing machine in terms of price and quality ratio - Proxxon Fet, 27070.

The best professional sawing machine - Metabo BKS 450 Plus is 5.5 DNB 0104605000.

TOP-10 best budget circular saws for the house

Bosch PKS 55, 1200 W

Bosch PKS 55

German circular saw, which is assembled at Chinese factories and is equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of 1.2 kW. Will please with high.quality assembly, affordable price and standard details that can always be selected in the nearest store. A drive with a diameter of 16 centimeters rotates at a speed of 5600 revolutions (per minute). The depth of the drain of 55 mm indicates the tools of the tool to household varieties that will help make repairs or quickly deal with simple tasks. It is allowed to use the apparatus with industrial vacuum cleaners, there is a spindle lock and parallel emphasis.

Inexpensive low.power disc type for manual use when working with wooden blanks. Despite the power of 550 watts, the disk has a good speed of rotation, it makes 4500 revolutions in a minute. The device is compact and light, is good to control, provides a clean and even cut. The depth of drank here is only 25 mm, the disk has a diameter of 85 mm. To connect to the network, a two.meter cable is used in a dense braid, the cord does not twist and does not interfere under the feet when working with the tool.

  • Type of structure. manual.
  • Pilage power, Tue. 550.
  • The maximum depth of the cut at an angle of 90 ° is 25 mm.
  • ∅ disk/holes for planting, mm. 85/10.
  • The speed of the saw canvas per minute is 4500.
  • Type of power. from the network.
  • A pipe for a vacuum cleaner (industry.). missing.
  • Design weight, kg. 2.

BlackDecker CS1550, 1500 W

BlackDecker CS1550

The budget model of the circular saw, which, despite the low cost, is able to surprise with optimal power indicators and performance. An industrial vacuum cleaner is allowed to connect to the tool. The diameter of the disk reaches 190 mm, this provides a quick cut to a depth of up to 66 mm. Spindle blocking guarantees the safety of storage and operation, the saw will not turn on without the participation of the operator. In the kit, in addition to the saw blade, you will find parallel emphasis, the device is easy to control, the weight of the model reaches almost 4 kg.

  • Type of structure. manual.
  • Pilage power, Tue. 1500.
  • The maximum depth of the cut at an angle of 90 ° is 66 mm.
  • ∅ disk/holes for planting, mm. 190/16.
  • The speed of the saw canvas per minute is 5500.
  • Type of power. from the network.
  • A pipe for a vacuum cleaner (industry.). Yes.
  • Design weight, kg. 3.9.

Interskol DP-190/1600M, 1600 W

Interskol DP-190/1600M

A worthy model of household saws, which in many ratings earned the title “Choice of Buyers”. Inexpensive, compact and light, with high.quality assembly and a reliable electric motor, the power of which is estimated at 1.6 kW. The sole here is stamped, but moderately thick and durable, the tool will last a long time. The model works from the network, with a 190 mm disk. The cut depth reaches 65 mm, there is enough power to work with wood and for composite materials. Separately, it is worth noting the presence of a smooth start that removes the load from the engine and electric networks at the time the device is connected. There is a spindle lock and electronic engine protection from overheating. It is convenient that the length of the network cable reaches 4 meters, which does not constrain movements during operation and allows you to use the saw at a considerable distance from the outlet.

Hyundai C 1400-185, 1300 watts

Hyundai C 1400-185

Electric disk saw with a proprietary engine with a capacity of 1.3 kW, which is considered an optimal indicator for solving household problems and simple repair. The tool works with a disc with a diameter of 185 mm, thanks to which the cut depth is achieved up to 65 mm (at an angle of 90 degrees). The saw canvas makes 5,000 rpm per minute, there is a spindle lock and a reliable protective casing. An anti.slip coating on the handle, which allows you to get even cut and convenient control for the operator. The delivery set includes parallel guide and hexagonal key, the cable is long and is not collected by rings underfoot, interfering with the work with the device.

  • Type of structure. manual.
  • Pilage power, W. 1300.
  • The maximum depth of the cut at an angle of 90 ° is 65.
  • ∅ disk/holes for planting, mm. 185/20.
  • The speed of the saw canvas per minute is 5000.
  • Type of power. from the network.
  • A pipe for a vacuum cleaner (industry.). No.
  • Design weight, kg. 3.5.

WHICH DP-160/1300, 1300 watts

WHICH DP-160/1300

select, wooden, wood, mobile, stationary

Reliable circular saw from a domestic manufacturer, which will be a good option for household use. Equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of 1300 watts, works with a dial with a diameter of 160 mm, which provides cut up to 52 mm. Easily copes with soft and dense wood species, is often bought for harvesting firewood or small construction in a summer cottage.

A saw canvas per minute makes 5500 revolutions. There is a spindle lock and engine protection from overheating. Rubber overlays on the handle exclude the slipping of the tool during control, the level of vibration is minimal. There is a saw from the network, the length of the network cable reaches two meters.

  • Type of structure. manual.
  • Pilage power, W. 1300.
  • The maximum depth of the cut at an angle of 90 ° is 52 mm.
  • ∅ disk/holes for planting, mm. 160/20.
  • The speed of the saw canvas per minute is 5500.
  • Type of power. from the network.
  • A pipe for a vacuum cleaner (industry.). No.
  • Design weight, kg. 4.4.
  • Rating of the best circular (disk) drank for the house at price, quality and reliability

    Bosch GKS 190, 1400 W

    Bosch GKS 190

    A popular house.type household model operating from a network and equipped with an engine with a capacity of 1.4 kW. The depth of cut from this tool is 70 mm. To work with the blanks, a disc with a diameter of 190 mm is used, the size of the landing hole is 3 centimeters. The disk is made of carbide material, well withstands the load and rotates at a speed of 5500 rpm. The model is equipped with the engine braking function, there is an adapter for connecting a dustwall that allows you to maintain the saw.

    The saw will delight an affordable price, the package includes parallel emphasis and key. The ergonomic handle does not slide in the palm of your hand and provides easy control, allowing you to achieve an accurate result. The entire structure weighs 4.2 kg, when registering a purchase on the manufacturer’s official website, he provides two years additional guarantees.

  • Type of structure. manual.
  • Pilage power, Tue. 1400.
  • The maximum depth of the cut at an angle of 90 ° is 70 mm.
  • ∅ disk/holes for planting, mm. 190/30.
  • The speed of the saw canvas per minute is 5500.
  • Type of power. from the network.
  • A pipe for a vacuum cleaner (industry.). Yes.
  • Design weight, kg. 4.2.
  • comfortable, easily controlled;
  • even and pure cut, you can connect a dust supply;
  • when turning on, there is no strong jerk;
  • Reliable assembly.

Makita DSS610RFE

Makita DSS610RFE

A popular model of a disc saw that works from a voltage of 18 in a voltage of. Two power sources, a charger and a strong plastic case that simplify the storage and transportation of the tool. The ideal version of the tool for trips has a strong and light body, there is a backlight and the ability to use the device along with an industrial vacuum cleaner.

The depth of cut at right angles reaches 57 mm. The batteries used provide an output capacity of 360 watts, the disk rotates at a speed of 3700 revolutions per minute. The low weight of the case allows the tool to use the tool with one hand, on weight, for a long time and without fatigue.

  • Type of structure. manual.
  • Pilage power, W. at the output of 360 watts.
  • The maximum depth of the cut at an angle of 90 ° is 57 mm.
  • ∅ disk/holes for planting, mm. 165/20.
  • The speed of the saw canvas per minute is 3700.
  • Type of power. from the battery with a voltage of 18 V.
  • A pipe for a vacuum cleaner (industry.). there is.
  • Design weight, kg. 3.2.



Battery Disco.Free Daw, which uses power supply sources of 18 V and has an output power of 460 watts. The disk with a diameter of 165 mm makes 3700 revolutions, drinking can be in depth of up to 55 mm. There is a backlight, safe engine braking after releasing the activation button. The speed is regulated by the operator, a smooth power set allows you to quickly adapt to different types of materials from which the blanks are made. You can connect a vacuum cleaner. There is no battery in the kit, it will have to be purchased separately.

  • Type of structure. manual.
  • PILL power, WT. Output 460.
  • The maximum depth of the cut at an angle of 90 ° is 55 mm.
  • ∅ disk/holes for planting, mm. 165/20.
  • The speed of the saw canvas per minute is 3700.
  • Type of power. a voltage of 18 V a voltage.
  • A pipe for a vacuum cleaner (industry.). there is.
  • Design weight, kg. 3.8.

Dewalt Dwe560b

Dewalt Dwe560b

Household circular saw with an output capacity of 850 W, equipped with two saw discs made of carbide material, parallel emphasis, key and adapter for connecting a vacuum cleaner. Works on the network, the speed of the saw disk. 5.5 thousand revolutions per minute. Model from a popular manufacturer, which is highly appreciated by buyers for high.quality assembly, affordable price and pleasant equipment.

A unique strain blowing system helps to maintain the working surface clean and receive an even cut, with a cut depth of 65 mm. The engine is equipped with an air filter that protects it from overheating, the device can work up to four hours with short breaks.

  • Type of structure. manual.
  • Pilage power, W. 1350.
  • The maximum depth of the cut at an angle of 90 ° is 65 mm.
  • ∅ disk/holes for planting, mm. 184/16.
  • The speed of the saw canvas per minute is 5500.
  • Type of power. from the network.
  • A pipe for a vacuum cleaner (industry.). there is.
  • Design weight, kg. 3.7.
  • value for money;
  • optimal equipment;
  • convenient management;
  • holds the load well, strong discs in the kit.

Makita HS0600

Makita HS0600

Another rating participant presented by Makita, which is famous for the quality and reliability of its products. This is a network tool, is equipped with a long cable in a dense braid that does not blow in the cold. The engine power is estimated at 2000 watts, the device is used both in everyday life and professionals. The depth of cut at an angle of 90 degrees reaches 101 mm, a disc 270 mm with a diameter of 270 mm for work. The tool will cope with any materials, including metal.

The speed of the disk reaches 4300 rpm, there is no speed adjustment. In the kit you will find an adapter for a vacuum cleaner, but there is no backlight or parallel stop, unfortunately. But by weight the tool differs from analogues, it is easier and more compact.