Lawn Mower Overview

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The device and advantages of 4-stroke lawn mowers

Most units of this type have a simple, reliable design.

The crankshaft goes to the gearbox, then there is a rod with a solid metal shaft inside, connected to the lower gearbox, on which a spool with a fishing line or a knife is attached. On the body there are two separate fillers for filling gasoline and 4-stroke oil. The handle is equipped with engine and gas buttons with a lock for safe operation.

The line is convenient for working in small areas with low grass. The grass is crushed and remains on the lawn like fertilizer. To determine the choice of knives, you should know their capabilities.

  • 2 blades are used for cutting young grass;
  • 3 lobed cut weed hard grass;
  • 4 lobed ones cope with dense thickets;
  • 8 blades are used in hay harvesting;
  • 40 teeth trim tree shoots up to 3 cm;
  • 80 teeth Installed on professional and semi-professional models, they cope with shoots up to 4 cm and shrubs.

Comparative characteristics of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines

Anyone who has ever worked with these mechanisms, even without comparing the technical parameters, will appreciate the quiet operation of the four-stroke lawn mowers and the absence of corrosive exhaust gases.

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However, the 2-stroke engine also has its advantages: it is lighter, does not need periodic timing maintenance and repair / replacement of valves, rocker arms and camshaft chain.

Advantages of a 4-stroke lawn mower

Despite the somewhat higher prices, the useful characteristics of 4-stroke lawn mowers significantly overcome this disadvantage:

  • Less wear on the cylinder walls and piston rings, ensure long-term engine operation, that is, better engine life.
  • A more efficient inlet and outlet valve system makes the engine more economical due to lower fuel consumption.
  • The separate oil tank minimizes the emission of harmful gases while preserving the natural environment.
  • The low level of noise pollution and the absence of exhaust, makes working with the petrol trimmer comfortable and pleasant.
  • The need to mix gasoline and oil in a precisely defined proportion is eliminated, since the fuel and lubricants are filled in separate containers.
  • Significantly less vibration from lawn mowers, which in turn greatly helps the operator to carry out large volumes of work without stopping.

Procraft T-4350

This lawn mower weighs 5.5 kg and has a two-stroke engine with 5.8 horsepower. The fuel tank has a volume of 1.2 liters. The engine is capable of developing up to 9000 rpm. A non-collapsible bar is installed here.

lawn mower overview

Rules for the use of electric trimmers

Electric lawn mowers are relatively new, and many potential buyers are concerned about their reliability and ease of use.

The only nuance is the electrical cable, which should always be behind the device during operation, and before starting work, you must make sure that the cable is in good working order and its insulation. The attachment to the electrical network makes the field of application somewhat limited, but on the other hand, they are more economical. Therefore, most owners of electric lawn mowers and trimmers are satisfied.

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Lawn mower classification

Among the extensive line of lawn mowers, the trimmer is distinguished by high power parameters and performance. This was primarily achieved through the use of two-stroke or four-stroke engine high power.

If we consider the disadvantages of two-stroke lawn mowers, then there are not so many of them and they are enclosed in the intricacies of maintenance: fuel preparation, replacing filters and planned technical activities for service.

Models with a four-stroke engine are the most modern and powerful equipment for mowing lawns. Thanks to the powerful motor, long-term continuous operation is ensured, while the noise level is less than that of a two-stroke analogue.

The disadvantages can be credited impressive dimensions and the weight of the tool, therefore this parameter is very important when choosing a lawn mower.

Basic parameters and features of choice

A powerful lawn mower requires a large fuel tank, which together affects the weight of the device. But even considering these not entirely pleasant circumstances, a liquid fuel tool more practical and convenient for use in the country or in a private household.

The absence of the need to connect to a stationary power source using cables makes the lawn mower as mobile as possible, and the relatively small size of the unit allows it to be transported in the luggage compartment of the car.

When choosing a quality lawn mower, it is important to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. The performance of a lawn mower depends on its working equipment. The main difference between a gasoline scythe and an electric trimmer is the use of steel blades rather than fishing line or plastic knives. Due to this, the cut of the grass is smoother and of better quality, due to which plants of great height and even young shrubs are better removed.
  2. Depending on the equipment used on the lawnmower, the working width parameters of the main working area change. The small diameter blades sharpened on both sides are perfect for mowing grass on uneven terrain. For large areas, it is better to give preference to tools with cutting discs or triangular blades.
  3. The comfort of using the tool is influenced by its ergonomics. On all models of lawn mowers, the handle is different in shape, which determines the load on the hands and the principle of equipment control. Powerful models with heavy weight are additionally equipped with a comfortable belt that is worn over the shoulder.
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Rating of the best lawn mowers choosing a quality trimmer

Every year more and more summer residents and owners of personal plots use a trimmer or lawn mower to restore order on the lawn. Such a device allows you to efficiently cut the grass even in places where it is not easy to do it manually.

With lawn mowers, you can easily get rid of weeds under trees, trim the grass on the lawn, or do hay making. Every year, more and more new models of trimmers appear on the market of garden equipment, and therefore the choice of a quality device that meets all the requirements of a summer resident is very difficult.