Making a crosscut saw from a handheld circular saw

Surface cutter based on angle grinder

An angle grinder is often used for the task at hand. It is ideal for making your own end facing machine for machining end surfaces. Homemade version of the design will have the following specifications:

  • RPM of the disk of the angle grinder should not be less than 4500 rpm;
  • Length of cut is 350 mm. It should be noted that this index is significantly higher than that of the factory tool, which belongs to the middle class.

The design makes it possible to remove the angle grinder from the table and use it as an ordinary tool.

When considering how to make such a version of the design, let’s note the following points:

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  • Cutting tool is installed on the axle, which is represented by a car wheel. This feature determines the possibility of facing at an angle. A 150 millimeter diameter bearing is used to secure the swivel mechanism. To fix the angle grinder uses a special mechanism that is attached to the rotary axis. After a certain time, it is recommended to lubricate this axis, as there is a possibility of squeaking;
  • to fix a certain angle in the manufacture of the machine, special ears are welded on the outside of the bearing. Fixation is carried out with a screw, for example, M6. It is necessary to conduct the attachment of the lugs so that there is not a large distance between them. Otherwise, there is a possibility of a strong backlash, which will significantly reduce the accuracy of machining;
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The last stage of production can be called the creation of a shield for the saw. This element allows to exclude the probability of ingress of foreign bodies into the cutting zone. Your own trimming machine can be used in the home.

However, the design in question has significant disadvantages that should be considered. These include:

  • A crosscutting machine, made by your own hands, is very noisy. This is due to the peculiarities of the angle grinder. There is noise during machining, which is almost impossible to reduce;
  • Trimming machine is used for high-quality processing of end surfaces. That’s why quite a lot of attention is paid to the accuracy of the location of the angle grinder with a disc relative to the workpiece. To adjust the position of the angle grinder with a disc, the cuttings of the bars are used. The guide bar should be secured with a bolt, after which machining can be carried out.

The drawings of the crosscutting machine determine that it can be installed quite easily in almost any workshop. Keep in mind the fact that the design is small, and the workpiece can be quite large. To eliminate the possibility of loss of accuracy during machining, the construction should be secured to the base plate.

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Particular attention is paid to the type of disc fitted. Originally, the angle grinder was designed for processing metal, which determines the availability of a large number of discs for metal. But there are also discs for woodworking, which have their own peculiarities.

Note that there are quite a few drawings that can be used in the creation of a crosscutting machine. Some are simple enough to implement, while others are complicated in execution.

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making, crosscut, handheld, circular

Types and characteristics of angle grinders

Trimmer saw will be indispensable tool when it is necessary to make

precise and accurate cuts. In most cases, such a tool is used by professionals in carpentry workshops, in the manufacture of furniture and in interior decoration. For this kind of work a clean and even cut is a prerequisite. Trim saws can be divided into two main categories. The first category includes a single end piece without any additional extensions. The second category is combination saws.

The difference between the two types is that the combined has an additional sawing table on top. It allows you to use it not only as a face saw, but also as a small stationary circular saw. The price of these devices is noticeably higher than the versions for home use.

Combination saws are mainly used by professional carpenters and builders. For home it will be optimal to buy a face saw of the first type and a circular saw, moreover, the table for the tool with their own hands can make almost any home craftsman.

The logical continuation of the video Ruler for the hand circular saw or how to saw smoothly. The handheld chisel.

This design has two main disadvantages:

  • To adjust the accuracy of wood sawing with a broach machine, you need to use scraps of wood. After that, the rod can be firmly fixed and work normally;
  • Such a homemade machine with a broach when sawing pipes and working on metal makes a lot of noise, which can have a negative impact at least on the mood of your neighbors.

Wood trimming saw from a circular saw with their own hands: tell us about it in order

The design of the trimmer is similar to a circular saw mounted above the work table. Its main advantages: compactness and light weight. Due to this saw is used not only in workshops, but also on construction sites. Unfortunately, self-made tools are quite bulky and heavy. It is convenient to operate them in stationary mode.

Trimming saws are designed for the only task. trimming the ends of lumber at different angles. Thanks to the fact that the workpiece is stationary on the table during cutting, the cut is neat and clean. Masters who deal with woodworking, give preference to this tool. And saws, made by their own hands, have been successfully used for years.

Grinding unit from angle grinder

Technical specifications of the cross cutter with a broach assembled by my own hands:

Disc speed 4500; cutting length 350 mm (much higher than a mid-range factory tool).

The tool can be removed from the table and used as an angle grinder for normal applications.

The turning device of the tool is installed on the axis of rotation of the car wheel (pin), it is held in place by a ball bearing 150 mm (if you can find more. will do). On the outer side of the bearing weld lugs for fixation on the base. It is fixed by means of screws M6. For protection against chips the battery casing is covered by a box. We make the tensioner from the shock absorbers from the truck (broken ones will do). Oil is poured out of them, holes are drilled for ventilation, which should be tightened with a grid against dust and shavings. To avoid jerking when starting work, the saw is augmented with a soft starter that slightly reduces the rpm. The last stage of the work is to make the blade guard.

it is very noisy; to adjust the accuracy of wood kerf cuts, you use a bar trimming, after which the rod is fixed rigidly and you can work cleanly.

Cutting from various scrap metal

It is quite a heavy trimmer on a stationary metal table. To drive it, you will have to make some effort. But as a result, the saw mechanism moves smoothly, without jerks, facing with their own hands is easy.

motor power. 2,2 kW; disk rpm. 2800; cutting depth 80 mm.

Materials and tools needed for assembly:

electric motor power of 900W; metal sheet; metal angle; channel; hinge group; powerful spring; angle grinder; welding machine; file.

The frame is made of adjustable supports, metal angle and posts from the old bed. Work surface. a metal sheet as the surface of the table in which to cut a hole, the edges of their own hands processed file.

Pendulum stand for the saw is welded from a channel set on a sheet of metal, its height is about 80 cm. The stand for the electric motor is made in the form of a movable metal plate mounted on hinges. When installing the electric motor use a spring as a stabilizer. Then you can do without the pendulum and belts. The tensioning belts are adjusted by the usual hinged bolt, the pendulum for the mechanism is also made of metal. As the executive tool on the facing tool is installed disc diameter of 420 mm.

Trimmer saw is a fairly dangerous equipment, assembling it with their own hands, you need to take care of protective boxes and guards. After all, the errors in the work of homemade equipment is much more than the factory one.

Advantages and disadvantages of self-made trimmers

Making tools with their own hands saves money. For example, to refine the angle grinder spent about 500. The cost of homemade table and sawing mechanism is available to most craftsmen; the basic parameters: cutting depth, rotation frequency, disk diameter, motor power, table dimensions, are selected according to their own needs; having assembled the tool with their own hands, the master will easily find the cause of the problem and eliminate it.

The quality of raw materials determines the service life of the tool, and self-made tools are usually assembled from all kinds of junk; home-made trimmers are rarely powerful enough. After all, for the qualitative work of the equipment a careful selection of parts is required; sometimes the money saved on the purchase of factory tools is spent on repairs and modifications of homemade tools; masters often save on their safety, not equipping the table and saw with protective devices; Factory saws are equipped with a graduated scale, indicating the exact angle of wood sawing. It is difficult to build such a mechanism on a home device.

A few more handy and interesting homemades, including a great stationary, mobile and made in a couple of minutes from a few plywood and screws:

Review and comparison of factory models

Model RedVerg RD-MS210-1200 Hitachi C10FCE2 Makita LS1040 DeWALT DW 711
Power, W 1200 1950 1650 1300
Cutting height, mm 55 59 93 55
Cutting width, mm 120 144 95 140
Tilt angle, deg 45 52 52 50
Speed of rotation, rpm 4500 5000 4600 2750
Weight, kg 6,8 11,9 11 20
Dimensions, mm 430527445 460561628 530532476 590620490
Price, 6290 13676 15826 30432

Homemade workbench. the basis for convenient work

For ease of operation should be made facing machine. Preferably a mobile design, if you have to move to another place or directly to the construction site. That’s why the frame is dismountable, for which the tabletop is fixed to the legs with self-tapping screws.

To make the workbench you need to do the following operations:

Prepare the upper frame. It is assembled from a wooden bar with dimensions 40×40. The legs, made of similar material, are screwed with self-tapping screws and spacers are installed for their greater stability. Or strengthen the joints with metal brackets.The table top is made of boards. Its width should be 10 cm more than the length of the end saw, and the length equals the width multiplied by 3.Taking the sheets of plywood (chipboard, fiberboard) prepare and fix the improvised tables, trying to put their surface on the same level with the swivel mechanism.Install the equipment for trimming the ends.

Since it is difficult to make a high quality rotary device at home, it is taken ready-made.

Such sortsovka on wood will be in demand in his shop or during various construction works, which can not do without derevoobrabotka.

If you need to make a machine with a broach, you should take the shock absorbers of the front car struts. Preferably a car saw, because they are too massive from a truck. You can buy them at any machine dismantling center. Before installing shock absorbers to facilitate the stroke of the rod, drain the oil and make “air” holes in the body.

For comfortable operation it is recommended to connect a soft start system. It will reduce the load on the structure during the starting jerk and regulate the number of revolutions.

Trimmer saw, made with their own hands from a circular saw

Circular saw. the same circular cut-off saw based on a regular circular saw. It allows you to cut with great accuracy at the required angle almost all materials. from plastic to metal. Costs such a tool from the manufacturer, that is in a ready-made form, is not cheap, and to assemble it yourself is not so difficult. Therefore, if you have a strong need for a crosscut saw, and your hands grow out of the right place, the following information will be very helpful.

The mitre saw consists of several obligatory elements

Let’s get to the point: you have a circular saw available, and you assemble a homemade mitre saw. The first three points are already present in the circular saw itself, and the fourth may not be necessary if you skillfully assemble the guide bar for the saw.