Makita 18 Volt Screwdriver Review

Company "Makita" was created in 1915. The main office of the company was in the small town of Nagoya (Japan). The founder of this company is considered to be a young businessman Masaburo Makita. Since 1935, he actively began to manufacture transformers. In parallel, work was underway on the maintenance of electric motors.

Makita 18 Volt Screwdriver Review

The advent of the first power tools "Makita"

Since 1958, the company "Makita" engaged in the production of various types of power tools. Currently, there are about 1000 models of this class. Among other things, screwdrivers are especially popular. Specialists in the field of construction in most cases prefer this particular brand. This is largely due to the high quality of parts. Plus, the company "Makita" continuously developing and updating its technology every year. The employees of this company are highly qualified. All this allows you to produce very high quality power tools.

The benefits of screwdrivers "Makita"

Screwdrivers "Makita" differ in big power. On average, the idle speed at the first speed is 2300 rpm. At the same time, there is a large selection of screwdrivers with an impact mechanism. The number of beats per minute is 3200. In addition to the advantages, good torque can be noted. This applies to both hard and soft materials. The compactness of many screwdriver models "Makita" is amazing. On average, the length of this tool is only 150 mm. At the same time, the weight of screwdrivers lies within 1.5 kg. All this makes it very convenient to use the tool for a long time. Additionally, manufacturers took care of installing high-quality pens. All of them are rubberized and hold well in hand. In addition, the presence of LED backlighting in different models can be noted. This lighting system allows you to successfully work in conditions of poor visibility. In this case, you can absolutely not think about using an additional flashlight. It should be noted that the repair of the screwdriver ("Makita") not expensive.

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What are the disadvantages of screwdrivers

Of the obvious shortcomings of screwdrivers "Makita" You can highlight a large vibration. The handle in many models has a good shape and rubberized, but the impact of the shock mechanism is very audible. All this brings some discomfort during the operation of the tool. Separately, mention should be made of batteries that are installed in screwdrivers "Makita". They are not particularly reliable. In this case, the batteries are quickly discharged, and you have to put the device on recharge. All this ultimately takes a lot of time.

Model "Makita BTD146Z": characteristic and price

This screwdriver (cordless) "Makita" today is in great demand in the market. This is largely due to its power, as well as compactness. The idle speed at the first speed is 2300 rpm. In this case, more than 3200 hits are made. The torque on hard and soft material is 160 Nm. At the same time, the LiOn class battery of this screwdriver has a power of 18.0 V. The length of this model is 138 mm, width 79 mm, and height 238 mm. Furthermore, the total weight of the screwdriver is 1.3 kg.

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Screws from M5 to M14 are included with the device. In general, the manufacturers turned out to be a reliable and wear-resistant model. The body in the instrument is ergonomic. All this does not allow dust to enter the device. The case also protects parts from excessive moisture. The handle in the screwdriver is fully rubberized and very comfortable in the hand. Additionally, the device has LED backlight. If you work in the dark, it will be quite enough for lighting. The standard set of the screwdriver includes the device, battery, charger, and a suitcase for transportation. The price of this screwdriver "Makita" is 10,100 rubles.

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Consumer reviews about a screwdriver "Makita BTD146Z"

Among the disadvantages of this model, problems with excessive vibration are distinguished. In pursuit of compactness, manufacturers made a device that, at high speeds, deviates strongly on the surface from its original place. All this brings certain discomfort and inconvenience. Also frustrating low battery. Quite often, you have to get it and put it on charge. This takes a lot of time.

Characteristics of a screwdriver "Makita TD090DWE"

In general, this screwdriver "Makita" Great for home. It is compact and at the same time has good power. The power of the screwdriver comes from a lithium-ion battery. The rotation speed is a maximum of 2400 rpm. Companies "Makita" An 18 volt screwdriver withstands quietly. It should also be noted the average battery capacity at around 1.3 Ah. Full charge time is 0.83 hours. The type of cartridge is classified as keyless. Its diameter is 6.35 mm. Torque control is carried out on a scale in increments of 90 Nm.

Of the features of this model, one can highlight the presence of backlighting, as well as reverse. In general, this screwdriver (cordless) "Makita" able to make more than 3000 beats per minute. In this case, the screws in the kit go from M5 to M12. You should also know that the standard set includes two batteries, a charger, as well as a special nozzle with a diameter of 50 mm. Additionally, there is a convenient case and a compact suitcase for transportation. The dimensions of this model are very modest. The total length of the screwdriver is 155 mm, the width is 54 mm, and the height is 178 m. The total weight of the device when assembled is only 0.9 kg. The cost of this screwdriver "Makita" fluctuates around 9500 rubles.

Screwdriver reviews "Makita TD090DWE"

Screwdriver Overview "Makita BDF343SHE"

This model is classified as a drill / driver. "Makita". Her power comes from a lithium-ion battery. The average rotation speed is 1300 rpm. There is no hammer mechanism in this screwdriver. The total voltage of the device is 14.4 V. The battery capacity in turn is 1.3 Ah, which is quite good. The type of cartridge is classified as keyless. Its diameter is 10 mm.

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Screwdriver reviews "Makita BDF343SHE"

Most consumers find this model compact and very reliable. At the same time, it is possible to work on a wooden as well as metal surface. Additionally, you can use a screwdriver on various fasteners. The ability to change the speed of work greatly reflected on the quality of the device. Consumers noted that the speed adjustment is very smooth. At the same time, many talk about the convenience of a keyless chuck.

In general, this screwdriver "Makita" With a lithium battery, the power is great. All this became possible thanks to the installation of a new electric motor with four magnets. It is also possible to use a spare battery, which is greatly displayed on the operating time of the device. In general, the case of this model is made of high-quality impact-resistant plastic. The handle of the device is equipped with anti-slip elements. At the same time, the grip is reliable. All this allows you to very precisely control the movement of the screwdriver.

Overview of the professional model of a screwdriver "Makita BHP458RFE"

This model is classified as a drill / driver. On average, 2000 rpm is performed. The maximum torque is at 91 Nm. In this case, it is possible to regulate it. A switch for changing speeds is also installed.

The impact mechanism of a screwdriver, in turn, can do more than 6000 beats per minute. At the same time, reverse is installed, as well as backlight. Additionally, there is a battery with a total capacity of 18 V. The tool kit consists of an additional handle, charger, depth gauge, as well as a case for transportation. Finally, we can say that these screwdrivers (cordless) "Makita" The prices are very high. Their cost in the market is approximately 33,000 rubles.