Makita electric screwdriver how to tell a fake

makita, electric, screwdriver, tell, fake

Makita 2470 how to tell a fake

A Makita electric screwdriver should be purchased only in specialized stores at the price quoted by the manufacturer, which can be found on the company’s website. This is the only way to buy products of the Japanese brand without doubting their origin. In other cases, you have to make sure the product corresponds to the marking.

It is important to understand that quality items can not be sold at too low a price. Therefore, you should not believe the sellers in the market and online services about stock sales or seasonal promotions, thus explaining the understated of Makita brand products

It is necessary to check the package of documents attached to the product. If a fake is supplied only with instructions in English, then the original device will be attached:

  • The passport for an electric screwdriver;
  • The passport for the charger;
  • quality certificate;
  • Operation manual in English and Russian.

You should also take into account that the branded product is never part of tool kits, and you can only buy it as a separate device. The original equipment is always sold in a carrying and storage case. Before buying check the characteristics of the original packaging: color and shape of the case, quality of workmanship, the presence of markings in certain places, type and manner of application of the brand name.

makita, electric, screwdriver, tell, fake

The item must be unpacked and carefully inspected. Signs, allowing to detect a fake, are quite a lot. The presence of even one difference from the original is reason enough to discard a dubious purchase.

The main sign of any branded product is the quality of workmanship. Screwdrivers and torches of Japanese brand are characterized by absence of defects and flaws, quality plastic without unpleasant chemical smell. The tool body and case have a certain greenish tint. All the lettering is injection-moulded. The Makita typeface has exactly the same size letters with no gaps between them.

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Where Makita power tools are made

Because Makita brand products are made under license in several countries, you need to know how to identify factory production by the number on the tool and distinguish it from the work of a private entrepreneur. The country of manufacture will be indicated on the nameplates affixed to the tool body and storage case

Makita does not manufacture tools in the CIS.

Original marking and countries where Makita factories do exist:

Marking Country
D Germany (Deutschland)
E Japan
G Great Britain (GB)
R Romania
Y/K China

It is generally believed that the majority of counterfeit devices are made in China. It is true, but the screwdrivers, made under license in Chinese factories, are of high quality and are considered to be original products. Their main difference from the products of European manufacturers is the absence of dual quality control.

Now you can find “gray” models of appliances on the market. They are original, but not all markings are present. The main difference is that such “Makita” tools are imported into the country illegally. Even in spite of their authenticity, these models are not supported by the manufacturer. Therefore, there will be no warranty repair.

Makita 3.6V drill/screwdriver set

How to distinguish the Chinese Interskol from the original?

Makita has long been the brand for professional tools. Blue and blue colors make the tool recognizable everywhere. whether it’s a construction site, an auto repair shop or an ordinary residential apartment.

To summarize

When buying any power tool, including a reputable brand like Makita, be sure to check it before you buy it.

Knowing distinctive signs of counterfeit power tools, you can independently expose unscrupulous sellers.

This is unlikely to help stop the flow of counterfeit products. But you can at least protect yourself from the risk of working with a fake torque wrench.

What kind of power tool do you use?? How do you feel about Makita products? What tools of this brand have you bought?? Have you ever come across any fakes??

Now we are waiting for answers and personal stories.

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What is a quality electric screwdriver?

Category Location Name
The best networked screwdrivers 1 DeWALT DW269K
2 Metabo DWSE 6.3
3 Makita TD0101
4 Enkor DShE-2 350ER/10
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Production, depending on the type, models, market characteristics is carried out at various plants in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, China, Germany, Britain, Italy, the Czech Republic. Brand owned by Stanley Black Decker.

makita, electric, screwdriver, tell, fake

Battery pack

The battery of the fake has striking differences from the original, so it is quite easy to identify a replica by this part.

Makita brand electric screwdriver is equipped with a 10.8 volt lithium-ion battery. A fake with a similar capacity of 1.5 A per hour is 18 volts and has the appropriate marking.

The battery from a fake electric screwdriver will definitely not fit into the original, because the battery of the latter has a seal on one of the screws and a different location of the sockets.

The branded battery is only supplied with the control unit, if we talk about the stuffing. In the replica you will find the control board and charging unit right in the battery itself.

makita, electric, screwdriver, tell, fake

Capacitive cells in Makita are made by Sony or LG, as indicated by the marking. On similar elements of the replica there is an identification which corresponds to the batteries in household flashlights.

Fake Makita

Buying from an official dealer, you are insured against counterfeit.

Dear customers, we would like to inform you that counterfeit Makita machines. no relation to our company’s products. have appeared in the Russian market.

DTW285 Makita Fake Vs Original

We want to explain a few distinguishing features of these tools, by which you can recognize a fake. At the moment we have information about three models these are 5704R, HR2450 and 9069.

Here is a fake Makita 5704R circular saw
On the left is the original body and on the right the fake one, with the nameplate upside down on the fake saw.
The Makita lettering is on the original handle and the fake one is not.
On the right side of the fake anchor is a very rough and uneven balance, also there is a primer on the anchor with blue lacquer, which Makita never had. The brush holders also have a difference: on the fake one they are glossy, i.e.е. shiny and slightly different shape. Fake brushes are not marked 303, these brushes are installed on this model.
The fake impellers don’t have any writing on them, but the original ones do.
This photo is a fake HR 2450. Visually, everything is the same, but you can immediately pay attention to the non-standard cable, we have never had a plug with an extra rubber band. The handle on the original is rubberized, and the fake has just black-painted plastic.
No CE mark on the nameplate, which is also not compliant with European standards.
The year of manufacture of the tool is missing on the nameplate under the button. We have two of these peorators and all have the same serial number 0093508 Y
The switch wires should be of different colors, but they are white on the fake one. There are no markings on the carbon brushes.
The barrel is not even sanded after milling.
Anchor is also fake, we never had this balancing.
The rubber ring on the striker is green while ours are all black. Upon closer inspection, you can see that all units in this fake are copied very crudely and do not match our quality.
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Recently counterfeit Makita tools assembled in Russia have appeared in the markets! Be informed: Makita is not assembled in Russia!

WARNING. These counterfeits will not be serviced by Makita Warranty and Post-Warranty Service Centers and each authorized Makita service center may issue a written report to the affected party stating that the product is a counterfeit for further proceedings against the supplier.

What is the danger

The consequences of using fakes are plentiful. So I do not advise to buy them and use them for repair.

Buying a genuine Makita takes these problems away. Plus you can count on the warranty repair.

Have you ever come across a Makita power tool? What was your impression? Have you ever fallen for fakes and how do you know about it??

That’s all for me. Thank you for your attention!

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